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Babysitting shakhidka

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#p56903,Goodwin wrote:

Everyone those same tattered stamps.
Siviglia bear flowers and toys to home killed nanny girls

This instead of urgently skalachivat’s army and keep combing all areas on subject bearded and writes odd.

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#p56914,tort5 wrote:

Video interrogation nurses ,-mo who killed 4-year-old girl
Why something assays them pro husbands, about motivation issues apparently there is no.

Pravookhranitelnye organs Uzbekistan informed Russian colleagues about available mental disorder have Gyulchekhry Bobokulovoy, development in the murder of child. About this reports “Interfax ” with refers on source of.

That and catches in eyes.



#p56835,Деревенский wrote:

on arena circus artists Orcs.
Blockbuster with trepanatsiey skull and aaaea-jaga with skull on black hat.

Another knows with skull on chyornoyshapke
trend however:huh:



, the people

BBC Russian

"Why Russian TV not tell about it murder of child in Moscow?"



Policemen have entry in the subway see subject "terrorist" near and Harbor Bridge. As and taking or someone near.
This even not doll or mannequin with, and subject, only edict a similar on its head. Cabbage-head cabbage any or in this kind. Until full fufla-rolled down.

shakhidka with head child / Oktiabrske field 29.02.16



Mrazokanal RUSSIAN EPIC, the quality of 360 pixels

Canal BBC, the quality of 240 pixels and here at all on 100% pulling. Shoe-shining effect, on moonlighting chief Stopkhamovets proved in right time in the right place and shows stop sign frame from another video.

Mrazokanal Angliyskiy bush), the quality of 240 pixels
. And THAT is what MORE.Video full of the, but all nor about fix or grant clowns.

Near subway was staged the spectacle. Increasingly in sight.
Station have closed, place have cordoned off, after what in during two minutes wash their hands played a sketch.
No one from outsiders nothing photograph simply not managed.

Actress, absolutely leftist, waving at mulyazhom, which on kind of weighs in 2 times easier a real heads 4 year-old child.

Operators mrazokanalov are worth on-circle (4-6 trends and edges of), all as on picking the, based in as a 240-360 pixels, that paranoiac though with giblets on holidays.
For those who get back a little udarennyy about on the door frame, recall, that now any video camera in any smartphone, absolves by default tertiary quality, 1920HD or there 1080HD pixels. And forth is poured on Tosh 2.0, by default, in the best as a 1080HD or 720HD.

In media immediately same was instance Hysteria, about what ostensibly some media have broken off ?. Saw a piece of crackpot. Here contrary need judge for demonstration such a material in media, and they contrary'd flip over a. The concert limit is called, bid wrote the most dumb this. This, too, most, if accuse "Rossiyu24" for what they have broken off about 50 dead on roads countries.
Remember in day vistavi on running the Boston the long, one human rights defender (like Latynina) bitched about what Russian television networks not suspended their timetable when in Boston detonated a firecracker.

Category: Ethnic Uzbek people such nonsense not smorozyat. Personally know two, one heals a her teeth, pros extra-class (nor in what comparison not is faring with Jews, which krivozhopyat in private clinics), another incredibly discourse a janitor (works in 10 times better ordinary). Both shy, modest, nor about any shakhidkakh speech be not can, there utterly a different philosophy.

This is Chechen any, which against Yeltsin in 95 year shouted




Options full of the, all are loaded on Mrazokanaly
Setting 100%

They so promise, that increasingly mixed up.
Mrazokanal "Sergei Jasinski" gave video station's "Zvezda", which refers on Mrazokanal "Ilya Kabatov"
But if lead the in the search for Ilya Kabatov, then Tosh 2.0 paranoiac Mrazokanal "Today Online" and there another video with this actress. And on Mrazokanal Mirozdanie and again the other option.
Such Canal indeed there is, Ilya Kabatov … 0ErThASp-w but on offense there is no video

And deal in is, that such a Mess have them on each easily described in those or other options.
I still not understand, why tens of million Internet users not've been found out, that such Mrazokanaly, than they live and for what are being created.



Quite perishing any full cheap. I pro material side "vistavi with head."
"Head" - clearly not law has, otherwise would modicum slightly-slightly better have shown. But replicas like IGILovskogo props money are worth, and have "shakhidki" at all traits knows that. Basic dissaving - on flowers on and and new bears with candles, yes and this under desire not dissaving. Flowers on and can be modicum from Nemtsov, modicum from any memorials steal, new bears-candles modicum with Dutch embassy carrying.

Impression from vistavi - full cheap, on spend almost zero.
Or shakhidskoy American proposal to allow of workshop ,-facing the capital, financing were all sliced off, or this at all any "s five-work" candidates in-on subject "How can be without financial spending information reason hook up."



Ministry of Emergency Situations tushivshee conflagration writes


4 human rescued under extinguishing the fire on address: Street People militias, house 29 Corps 1
29 February 10 :1 5

29 February 2016 in 9 hours 30 minutes in operational s cozy service Center for governance crisis situations the Chief governance Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Propulsion Moscow out message about igniting on address: Street People militias, house 29 Corps 1.

Banks-rescue subdivisions operationally profits on specified address already in 9 hours 38 minutes. In apartment on 5 floor 10 storey residential homes was happening sunbathing personal things and furniture in one of rooms and in the corridor on a common Tiananmen about 20 square meters. In the course 64B fire and conducting rescue-rescue and other immediate works firemen was rescued 4 rights. Thanks to better co-ordinated work firefighters in 10 hours 05 minutes conflagration was liquidated.

Unfortunately, in a result fire there are affected.

There is affected (not victims. Perhaps error from saved or mchsnikov.

One source ofagencies "dlya"in emergency services cities reports, that during 64B ceasefire government employment discovered burn body child with someone's decapitated head. On preliminary information, child was assassinated, and apartment - set ablaze.

Video ostensibly interrogation at all a piece of crackpot on stilts. Circus nor about than. This "a criminal" as the not quite realizes that its was detained for such the most fiendish murder of and now its awaits an appalling retribution Lord and not only)

Video have subway with head such same a stupid. The text learned poorly. Some kind rambling Brad is obtained, and with improvisational quite progress has been slow. Organs are worth and stupidly look, what be raze could not. More it seems that they exit from subway guarding from outsiders.

Comes the question "and was whether a boy?"

Sands overnight ostensibly said PBOC provide (and can and not ostensibly):

This is themselves channels not have become show purely lunatic. But we their support

Very it seems that the entire "ruck" for such headlines (on example PBOC provide):

The subject about the surrender -mo who killed child nursesCourt will in environment

Police monitor come so prepared to a flourishing xenophobia after killings nanny child

And so on.

But then why Sands by not said that not was no killings with separated head? Or why on fact with member channels not have shown the plot about this (Internet the be the have collapsed)? With any this since cubicles works on good people and not helps stir?

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Holds "head" for the handle or for knot, so same as hold the bundle, huh or package.



29 February
Clowns. Russian television networks not yet typically recognized show twiggly-wiggly stuff, and have "Stars" there are already shootings cameras surveillance from Owl.
And have mrazokanalov there are already shootings cameras surveillance around the circle, which were directed on about the penny.
La brigade again blew all records. Or suckers or traded records under aid Layfnyus-applications on the ruble twenty-.

Perishing not the whether this camera, which pieces famous vdolpodezdnyy Passage why it in neighboring district and spectacle have Owl in Biryulyovo? :flag: on extremely least the quality of coincides :whistle:



The typical Mrazokanal "304 the world / Interesting world"

Video all bathed in in 17 :4 3 on minutes Moscow Time.
Of course Mrazokanal not believes please point to source of video. On fix the disobedient such video are worth, as their so quickly can be to purchase and on what Exchange one in?
Note, that have him already there is video selection of and the text news,
100% comments bots without avatarok.



Goal event — see, as me seems - provoke ethnic massacre between nemusulmanami (predominantly Russians) and Muslims. I would on your place from Moscow left

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#p56947,Александр_ wrote:

Since any this since tv works on good people and not helps stir?

The plot a small, content race, so have come up with another paragraph in bringing up.
Shakhidka, conflagration with three pittance, bystanders, opinion Muscovites, even times opinion Muscovites, further flowers on and-new bears. And that further?
Have come up with paragraph: Media not have shown the plot about shakhidke, media strongly incensed these circumstances, they, pages, with opinion Muscovites, which, too, sharply denounce Balkaria Republic (KBR media.
Ah and further on hill from there, opinion experts, opinion of Human Rights, opinion Dorenki, opinion psychologists have discovered, not prejudging ordinary passers-by, reaction initiative Shchukino District and most important role, opinion Dorenki second days. (Increasingly in quotation marks of course.
Bitch, and no one sees that their level as suckers on market, all denounce enemies Israel’s or Mossad, or CIA, Islamic State or someone of them in dependence from version of. The right to think-ass head voted experts and politologoanatomam.


This erysipelas here not for good reason :D
Market for Lemons, internationally the, they let, Sverdlov (disambiguation). Who of them founded Kentucky Frayd Chikken?



#p56951,sirius wrote:

“event — see, as me seems - provoke ethnic massacre between nemusulmanami (predominantly Russians) and Muslims. I would on your place from Moscow left

There is no such a goal. This the usual dumb ritual in leap day, for them with the importance of.
If they need to someone provoke on ethnic zataptyvanie, then can be was hire a hundred actors Islamic State and ambush shooting of in subway on road in Mnevniki District on any zhertvoprinosyaschiy celebration Bayram Kurbam.



Postanovochnost this installation simply even decisional laziness to discuss. But after all for something same its pulled off



shakhidka with disconnected head child threatens to an death. Video
In Web appeared video (the author: Ilya Kabatov) women in the black near station subway in Moscow, in the hands of shakhidki (judging by its speech) was otrezanaya head small girls.
As previously already spoke
The reference talks the on Canal "Ilya Kabatov" … 0ErThASp-w
On offense there is no nor one video.
Many media on him allege.
This being welcomed they did and before. Almost all the authors such video any installation - fabulous.

Here is example in describing states "Ilya Kabatov" without klikayuschey exile. Channel broadcast "Zvezda", too, gave "Ilya Kabatov", but video was another. Your time at the wheel as always.



38-year-old a native Uzbekistan Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, obezglavivshaya child in Moscow, in moment committing crimes has been in able drugs influence intoxication. About this TV “Zvezda ” told source ofin law enforcement organs the capital. Investigators heard a, that in Moscow woman has arrived from the Samarkand area. … 7-cjba.htm

Modicum would times have made program about their sources :glasses:

Incidentally wanted to find the plot "Stars" with other video Ilya Kabatov / YouTube, however like would they increasingly already would delete, not though, that Google offers options:
Insert in search string Google:

илья кабатов site:



Clean good for a laugh
There was a normal photo camera, but proved not in the time, not during those "alarmed 60 minutes"


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