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Ministry of Emergency Situations

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the Department to create emergencies
Or, Army New Deal the World of the Procedure for
Symbols not matter only for fools


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Rescuers flew of to rescue whom? They there flew of his slippers on seek? In Egypt that, their miners there is no that whether his slippers on something seek?
La brigade MAC and workers kairskikh the morgue somewhere, more there no one not need from-for nenadobnosti. So why same collaborators Ministry of Emergency Situations flew of in Sinai and then on treatment in S. Petersburg? Be preparing playground for shootings, and then to participate in as a actors, more there to do nothing to acquire.
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Nor one sane over here actions "staff Ministry of Emergency Situations" in November in frame so not --something. In all cases this was or an open durakovalyanie or glaringly-Filthy game on cell.
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In media were given also scenarios on s means of delivery in Egypt technology, which there in desert no one was not need a.
KAMAZ delivered, would delivered, A software're right, who yourselves THEY ARE THEM to where the others delivered? Purely for finish posing, defiantly-foolish.
This such a same saw, as hard time delivering from home town of Dnipropetrovsk in Lugansk two the BMP on jet, this not simply indefensible costly, this shameless stupidity and abuse over common sense.
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Masterpiece of idiocy, on a range of with "drowned because in sand", became referenced by in scenario plane-generation amphibious. Where in desert water reservoirs?
Perhaps, universal plane EMERCOM-200, can to land in the Sinai desert, perhaps yes, but in my even children understandable, that such plane there need as-park in roadside teahouse.
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The second film crew brigade Layfnyus from skin ??? ?? ? ? comes out,’ll make yourself scenes pro Russian heroes solving. The residential advantages will predict, then mark admiration Egyptian colleagues foreign mchsom, then cuisine will reveal, then food. The pro rift, the pro mountains, then pro knowing the unbearable weather, then pro data transferring facilities riot gear. Fantasies had run out of on first same marriage, and they increasingly would write and would write, until themselves in sight not became, that look complete look like idiots.
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The lion’s share production test cadres "rear plan", made with Indian actors Ministry of Emergency Situations. All these cadres were dealed face all telekompaniyam just World, and those of them did shell and were for its.
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Cell get fool me, she sees, that all these suckers not can to portray useful work, however cell don't care on this. Notorious another, that deception not sees a herd on this side on a screen.
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Chief of pulkovskikh and of all the Russias psychologists have discovered, Yuliya Shoigu, has accounted for them of Economic channel about encourages work.
For the first clock-placed in:
Cases individual aid - 50
Cases information-psychological support - 250
Clustered on phone hot lines - 1,500

And that, sake of proiznosa these three moronic empty figures need was fly in Pulkovo?
Or can be center psychological support Ministry of Emergency Situations on this the basis will ask even 18 lliardov from budget?
These ghouls get bullied over people have all on the eyes of, tell stories about some vysosannoy from finger psychological support, getting dry-humped with state in three skins nor for that as for something important.

A badge of apocalypse, triangle,
And here is you and another little fork on



Nudak! Them it why? Pattern any. They defend humanity in global scale - an asteroid the danger



#p57196,горожанин wrote:

Nudak! Them it why? Pattern any. They defend humanity in global scale - an asteroid the danger

At all jerkiness is, here can be gender budget under rally zagrebastit, after all the danger same.
Navalnomu need to was article pro this to do, pro open theft.
He there something pro house kruglo-tuvinskoy jurnalistki Sergeevny on philosophical for 18 million $wrote, and pro a descending asteroidal the danger not wrote.)) here is where RosPil so Rospil.



#p57195,Dmitry" wrote:

Israel pulkovskikh and of all the Russias psychologists have discovered, Yuliya Shoigu, has accounted for them of Economic channel about encourages work.

daddy Shoigu, has marched daughter in hole wanting to moreover that on his a crooked view is - with happiness :crazy: on it the most in sight that psychology it not helped

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7 1 August 2015
Cameras surveillance was caught on bandits, izrubivshikh Ministry of Emergency Situations-inductors in Moscow

Cameras surveillance managed capture bandits, which attacked contractor Ministry of Emergency Situations. About this reports press service GU MVD on Moscow.
Incident occurred in Solntsevsky district cities Moscow in night with 1 on 2 August. Criminals attacked civil servant, pre makes customer satisfaction as a machetes. They wanted chop off man head, however to commit respect them not managed, because a man Mexican hand under blow. Instead heads bandits emptied sacrifice brush, after what Sassanid lost consciousness and came in sense of in Decoupling hospitals. To injured proved Yevgeny Nikulin, which arrived in the capital on oath to friend.

Bystanders massacre here same summoned the carriage “the emergency aid ” and naryad police. Let's note, that criminals curtailed fellow and part of its feet, leaving in the midst of the streets, however on time podospevshie doctors managed restore the lower finiteness of docking. On this moment look for criminals Hypnotizes police. Supposedly, attacker were under impact narcotic substances, after all have Yevhen from pockets nothing not the establishment.

The that this shitty the excerpts, in sight from "cameras surveillance" (of course plural).
As always accurately on center there, is happening not Partzuf what

Cpasatelyu Ministry of Emergency Situations machetom curtailed hand and pace before camera surveillance | Moscow
Mrazokanal 375,000 Stark

In infomatritse this news distributed on standard tsekhovym rules.
Name guglitsy: pickled of pro in Solntsev ’ s: A gang of migrantov- “Myasnikov ” chopped off employee Ministry of Emergency Situations brush hands and foot
(And even mistake in authored “Solntsev about”, dynamite connection to the Shop token)
At all not accidentally, word “flushed untangledownright slick ”, it seems on word “ flushed Idownright slick ”




Aerobics would glad – prisluzhivatsya sick to the!

“During the the first global his grandfather narrowly escaped in result of an armed clash red and white. As still infant, he firmly slept in his a Moses basket, podveshennoy for ceiling drifting away Russian cottages. When battle in flux, and to the just busting a gut over mother has rushed to his child, she saw, that on Son there is no nor't have a scratch on. But headscarf, bound Factory No.9, was the entire riddled with bullets …. ”
So Vyacheslav Eglit is beginning to its presentation on site GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area. And this nothing, that in First global (1914 Propulsion – 1918 g, in which participated more 30 countries world, “belyaki ” with the Khmer ” shooting at each other raze could not, so as order about creating Red army was signed same person as Leon Trotsky in late 1918 year, after the signing peace treaty. Yes and ceiling “drifting away Russian cottages ” (miraculously“ podveshennoy for ceiling on ”), on territory Ukraine and Belarus, theater military action the Russian empire in 1-defective the global sounds perishing painful for absurdly, but so perishing General wanted, and censure itself in encouraged either chief'm a rescue swimmer Irkutsk area'm out of practice already long. If anything, so argue co-workers General Eglita, ready to bear burden office responsibilities, but not wishing to service “a general's crime as ”, back, on their their political leanings, has become in recent years Basin General public office.

“I'd have turn to you at the request staff the Chief governance Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk areas that not can tolerate lawlessness, self-policing up and arbitrariness, which is happening in GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area. ”
So begins statement former contractor Ministry of Emergency Situations W. W. Sharova, aimed them in worded President trades abroad D. Medvedev, series of power agencies and the rate recorded Sledstvennym by enterprises under Prosecutor trades abroad Irkutsk area. In statement, podkreplyonnom numerous files, contain facts allow to imagine real the scale of kaznakradstva and corruption in GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on Irkutsk area, and so same schemes and ????? phased-General-a lifeguard in purposes not expedited nothing in common with ministry state. Propose readers themselves assess courage and being Vyacheslav Eduardovicha, parking statement with minimal haircut.
“By service in this subdivision we in good faith treat many years, but with the arrival on Liaoning GU Ministry of Emergency Situations general-Zhovtevyi Eglita W. Dora, style work in GU Ministry of Emergency Situations sharply has changed not in better side, so as these General set their arrangements and, far not always appropriate Constitution trades abroad and Code honor contractor Ministry of Emergency Situations. Under rubbing shoulders with subordinates (not despite gender and age) them are not observed elementary ethical norms, apply hoarse unqotable expression as under personal rubbing shoulders, so and in the presence of other officers and even senior public officials. Under this he often threatens to dismissal immediately underling, sometimes it is emblematic incarnating threats in life ….

Currently general continues to destroy people him not who please or those who not wants to provide his welfare — “Money there is no, where like it or, there and look — Webb studied jazz guita, get it out ” - so he turned staff Ministry of Emergency Situations in“ name this ” and “had been bugging. ” If one polled personal composition firefighters parts of Irkutsk of the garrison, then will become clear, than Hypnotizes leadership party instead enforcement their officials responsibilities.

Trying fires not fits were far normative Workers, professional preparation personal the composition extremely low, time arrival firefighters calculations is corrected by deputy chief GU Nelyubovym W. BC Personal composition of the garrison Irkutsk and Irkutsk area not knows normative documents, regulatory activities services, fire-extinguishing, classes with personal composition ???? formally either not ???? at all. Fire technique and banks-technical weaponry in most cases not respond demands technology security. Facilities burning of the until founding, and government employment only and concerned that whitewash yes piyasada. Outrage civilian population is growing.
Performance a activities not fit fact. Is happening concealing fires, dead, the traumatized in a result these these arsons, i.e. “adjustment of a ” indicators to levels, flashing improvement environment in area, and respectively,“ a good ” work Eglita W. Dora Hide real picture leadership und (Argunov N. P., various W. W., Nazarov I. W.
As can be reduce the number of deaths more? - only if their show first traumatized, and then “forget ” translate in-permanent dead. But about fires and to speak nothing to acquire.
Assessment activities GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on outcomes Moscow verification (April 2010.) – “unsatisfactory. ”
Currently, with 15 on 18 February 2011 on territory Irkutsk area worked Commission Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia in ties with Liquidity Providers complaints on General Eglita W. Dora (“stared scaling it up ” on complaints, however it turned out, that“ ``debriefing ” kept from meeting Commission and respectively after good meeting emerged only desirable for General outcome).
On outcomes verification Commission has carried meets with personal composition GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area, outsiders in building on str. The one-, 15, inviting on this meets only elected faces, close to General, and pro the rest of personal composition GU Ministry of Emergency Situations recall not have become, although this more 3.5 thousands of people.
On manners and methods work Commission all it became clear – “We're here to rescue General Eglita. ” Why spent public money? Staged a something in assembly spied a, appointed an pro, from speeches which should, that all complaints, received is on General, proved false and not deserve attention. And statist mouthpieces – this those people, whose reverie attended by are indicated on first pages orders about ??. Enough only read orders about ?? for 2010 year – undoubtedly can be done conclusion about range cronies. Bonuses paid on 50-80 thousands of rubles, and the and higher, that not is spreading on ordinary staff, which have is breathtaking, when they see sums bonuses immediate entourage General. And order on the results of work for 2010 year at all not show no one – fear that ordinary government employment simply will scatter, if see sums, which them and for 5-10 years not earn. Dispatched whole lieutenant colonel to collect signature in favor of General – he and brought together their have “their. ” Bonuses such sizes elude CC trades abroad, as abuse of (overstepping officials authority).
Went members Commission not with empty-handed, their baggage averaged more 120 kg on human, that easily establish in ticket office airport, so as hrs over this baggage was made provozhayuschimi!
General-Major Eglit W. Dora Arrived for further passage services from Republic Novolipetsk. Surprises the fact, that so high office, ranks man, previously publicly culprit in a scam to embezzle public assets (community previous seats services), namely — privatization a apartment, contracted expense of state. Fact of naming cash had place (in the form of of naming apartment), but reaction Ministry of Emergency Situations trades abroad so and not was followed by, moreover, By read more General in Irkutskaya Oblast ', area, that gave new massive field activities General.
In 2007 SibRTs GU Ministry of Emergency Situations is incurred expense of budgetary funds apartment salient 198,2 square M. In an elite sale companies “New city ”, in as a misconduct housing (the cost of apartment on moment purchases accounted for 5 million rubles). In thereafter specified apartment devolved in property Eglita Vyacheslav Eduardovicha.
On today’s day for the same scheme acts and his the first deputy – Omeliantchik S. A., which resigned with his office for obtain certificate on purchases of apartment, has acquired apartment and safely recovered in his office, under this fact passage VVK Omelyanchikom S. A. Causes doubts, so as the latest not knows location tables doctors VVK and with hard named a even worded location VVK.
In 2006, when in the process reorganization provincial institutions on issues GO and emergencies and rescue-rescue services area were turned over to in operational control over governance GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on Irkutsk area, target General became chief Center for GO and emergencies Smirnov, with enormous experience work in area GO and emergencies. General by any means and methods that withdraw with office Smirnova “their own volition ”, using suboptimal charges on neispolneniyu rulings and orders. Intrigued by goal was achieved in end, after what he (general) put on this office pleaser him rights.
Center GO and emergencies was released to the public an open letter appeals with request protect their employees from action Eglita W. Dora (AU “Baikal TV ”, 20.04.2006 g, Tatiana Klimova, site in Internet In same year Center GO and emergencies was reduced and instead him rates new, sensing General income institution “Regional Chaw a fire safeguard ” with annual budget in one billion seven hundred thousands of rubles.
Much of budget rastrachivalas on device personal prosperity General — establishing worker cabinet, repairs and environment apartment, purchases of costly motor transport (Toyota and used, 2006 W. - state Number E 001 of RA 38, the Toyota a promise Cruiser-100, 2006 W. - state Number Wu 001 OT 38). This fact confirms grasp prosecutor Irkutsk area # 7-05-2008 from 10.11.2008 Propulsion, where referred, that the Treaty Argentine Ministry of Emergency Situations and Governor of the Irkutsk area should be used on good population Irkutsk area, and cash means spent on trying fires. Eglitom W. Dora Cash means spending for his personal good. The cost of quoted in representation prosecutors hyphenated, provided would 2-3 government employment parts of fire safety equipment, but all of this “which went in pocket ” General, provincial money were used not on to target appointment.
Leadership regional party under threat Layoff ausubt all whim General. So, under undertaken with 29.01.2008 Propulsion On 17.03.2008 Propulsion Tested targeted and effective use of funds regional budget OGPS Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area, according to Information # 18-11 / 9 review leaders use budgetary funds, namely:
- holding repairs, in including’plumbing communication and device shower cabin in job office General Eglita W. Dora, on amount 125 thousand Rubles;
- in December 2006 and in June 2007 OGPS in violation of st.38, 70, 163 for the Budget code trades abroad were contracted expense of regional budget new cars began production “the Toyota and used ” and“ Nissan X-Trail. ” In fact this official motor transport was exploited GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area and was in disposal chief GU Ministry of Emergency Situations and his first deputy according to fiat from 21.11.2007 Propulsion # 620 “Cyber organizations exploitation misconduct motor transport in subdivisions GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on Irkutsk area, content which solution.National roadsteads obligations federal budget. ” In violation of articles 38, 85, 161 BK trades abroad, on content quoted vehicles written down mis-targeted spending on amount 134 fiine...... Br (setting on accounting, insurance insurance, fixation alarm, MOVIE, booking glasses, recalls).
- on orders OGPS Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area from 07.12.2007 Propulsion With # 124 on # 131, on the basis attacks reception-transfer of facility basic funds from units was obtained costly furniture, through expense of funds regional budget, and established in office premises, holding Eglitom W. Dora, on amount 941991,44 rubles. Moreover, expense of funds regional budget OGPS Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area contracted costly objects (the price higher market) and set in a service outlet at office Eglita W. Dora On amount 467197 rubles.
With 2007 to 2009 year General spent ennaya sum regional budget not on to target appointment. This also confirms letter, chief GUVD Irkutsk area General-Lieutenant Antonova A. A. From 2010.Sofia Propulsion # 16 / 24-4827. Did about such securities Eglita W. Dora Not was known leaders SibRTs?
And currently Eglit W. Dora Tries to convince governor Irkutsk area, that all appointments on guiding posts in Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University Irkutsk area should be coordinated with him, and also and ???? cash means. If that happens, Governor area become poorer as on many millions of rubles, and defenses area, cover territories in sphere Ministry of Emergency Situations so and will remain petty problem Irkutsk area.
News blackout imposed Eglitom W. Dora Personnel parade after the other led to, that in violation of position about the services and other normative documents, basic services GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area head personally committed him and his wife collaborators, not akess basic education:
- N. P. Argunov – chief of UGPN Irkutsk area, deputy chief GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk oblasti- Colonel domestic services – on education who;
- W. Sochi Six – deputy chief on GPS trace (services fire-extinguishing). - Colonel.). SL. – on education wide on-service aircraft;
- O. Vyunova – chief of governance cadres – Colonel). SL. On education a female teacher in of physical Nourishing.
Have General in 2006 strange ways emerged shiny new car the Toyota Land Cruiser - 100. Car taken Verkhnelenskim bank for patronage on territory Propulsion Ust-did with Coot and Ust-Kutsky cleanup. With goal legalization this car, planned transfer of his in lease OSI VDPO on Treaty the lease from 19.11.2006 Propulsion Up documentation was prepared, but Chairman OSI VDPO Ukhanov I. P. Refused from participation in this machinations and subsequently was cesspits with this office not without participation General. In end car was transmitted in temporary owning and operating GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on Treaty possession TS from 19.11.2006 Propulsion # 547.
The indication Eglita W. Dora From 04.12.2006 Propulsion # 38 / 4-378 this car was put on balance GU PTTs FPS on Irkutsk area, his exploitation of fully has been expense of federal budget. On content this avtomoblya from budget GU Ministry of Emergency Situations spent means in size 900 thousand Rubles, that can be test on bookkeeping specific features set forth Workers. On alone only “on lips ” a promise-speed cruiser was spent 160 thousands of rubles federal money and budget PTTs. As and on that for year on care a new car (2006 issuing) perhaps spend such a amount? In 2008 this car moved in property General and governs on sluzhbu face (in the chart 2008, falsified 1 st deputy Omelyanchikom S. A., this car already there is no). All of this easily can be to know in the DMV Vehicular Propulsion Irkutsk (state Number Wu 001 OT 38).
In DIU governance Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area, with formidable financing, causes separate interest activities financial Office, upon General. So, currently and for a long time in firefighters parts of and other subdivisions GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Irkutsk area ???? repairs, but realistically cash means on these goal decriminalization GU Ministry of Emergency Situations not stand out. Construction and finishing materials superiors these parts of formed have entrepreneurs “in debt. ” Similarly produced renovating a fire the automobile technology. Is missing also and procurementand units roadsteads materials, necessary for work - staff bath accessories, paper and camping on P., not are bought from office appliances, and which there is - be acquired and sacrificed from workers personally, so as currently impossible work as usual, but and’t get cash means go in “black ” cash office GU Ministry of Emergency Situations, holder of“ drop bar ” - conjures term’in this case whatever the cannot be - is chief an accountant Golub I. M. Either in period its absence of – Sukhanova O. B. Under this in various organizations are directed letters with bones of: “… money there is no on needs Ministry of Emergency Situations, help who how many can! ” Although organization is fiscal and all spending are planned in advance.
For 5 years leadership Eglita W. Dora Bogu Ministry of Emergency Situations on Irkutsk area have lost a long good, skilled officers, which not have become go on about “voracious ” General. For 5 years “activities ” General, government employment forgot how to fires, with morning until the evening all dye their and belyat, and bosses firefighters parts, to not fall into“ black list ” mainstreams General, shut out on this eyes.
Ranging with 2006, General was developed and successfully acts the next scheme obtain cash. To individuals, near to General then substantial cash bonuses. Circle confined, number of bonuses and their the size of the is determined by General. Telling example can serve two orders # # 751, 750 both from 15 September 2010, in which referred, that people General received on these orders more 150 thousands of rubles. Such orders hailed with regularity not ostentatious than every month (sometimes and on two orders in one day, as vysheukazano). Grounds for publications orders and award shows confined laid legitimate. So, one of orders from 15.09.10 Propulsion Should for ensuring is conducting 6 th hearing economic Forum, but faces, pooschrennye for this not had immediate relations to conduct Forum, that can be test, comparing order about ?? # 751 from 15.09.2010 Propulsion And order about conducting and securing security Forum. There are and other such orders: # 711 from 06.09.2010 Propulsion; # 413 from 26.05.2010 Propulsion; # 189 from 10.02.2010 Propulsion; # 92 from 04.02.2010 Propulsion; # 542 from 01.07.2010 Propulsion; # 957 from 19.11.2010 Propulsion; # 874 from short! Propulsion And so on.
From bonuses, Philadelphian data staff, 50% intended in “black ” cash office, that this mirror has reflected in appropriate of. Collecting fees cash and wage “black ” accounting analyzed chief of enjoy GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Chumachenko (Golub) I. M., have which in Eckerbichl and were stored all documents and money.
The main same Fund “black ” till is shaped expense of availability of order 60 of positions on Irkutsk area, on which stand out from budget cash means, but people on data office not promised. For a long time chief of Office cadres Vyunova O. W. Deters order 60 of positions, in fact people on them not appointed, but panel show different picture. Can be ask for details form of 2-personal income tax Vyunovoy for 2009 year – 2 million rubles!
Incidentally, in’s findings about income, officially outstanding on site's, Vyunova O. W. For 2009 year prodeklarirovala 1.6 million Rub. (This 133 fiine...... Br In month!) – but and this in three times more income staff, ranking such office. Similar sums (according to data about income on site Ministry of Emergency Situations) received: Omeliantchik S. A. – six feet million Br; Sochi Six W. BC – 1.62 million Br; Gogolev E. I. – 1.5 million Br; Golub I. M. – 1.5 million Br; Anikeyev D. A. – country’s 1.15 million Br; Nazarov I. W. – 1.54 million Br; Razumnov W. S. – 1.4 million Br; Surykova N. W. – 1.1 million Br Himself same general in 2009 earned even less his deputy – the 1.65 million Rubles. In 2010 this circle “elected ” still widened, and sootvetsveno and material position General has improved.
Thus, for year “shadow ” turnover cash comprised millions of rubles. With 2008 Ministry lifted restrictions on workouts cash bonuses, after what their the size of the was magnified by until 200-400 fiine...... Rubles on contractor. Now already 70% from input bonuses intends to in “black ” cash office, turnover“ shadow ” cash rose until tens of million rubles in year. For restrictions the Imperial bonuses, departing from such collections, the first deputy General Omeliantchik S. A. Accused superiors units in ostensibly unsound spin a large number of staff on encouragement moneyed awards. Number of staff, regularly receiving bonuses good sizes significantly diminished and limited until 15-20 people, which and comprise this scheme (obtaining, receipt in documents and a return).
Currently the entire readiness of the up documentation and itself “casava ” is in Eckerbichl, directly in office have chief enjoy, duties which pokupaete Sukhanova O. B. (on period parental work vacation Golub I. M. Itself Golub I. M. Even before on year withdrew from parental work vacation – “need to same on something build on cottage, ” about than it had temerity displaying on negotiate yet another party, would you.
All cars governing the composition GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on Irkutsk area are and zapravlyayutsya “on were ”, applying principle“ kryshivaniya. ” These relations are executed in the form of free obtain fuel on of OJSB cards, creating goal legalization this business (Eglit W. Dora, Nazarov I. W. Have cards OJSC “Kraysneft ”).
Wife General also secured by ICE automobile and personal drivers, formally ustroennymi in Ministry of Emergency Situations (camping on E. Working as personal drivers physical faces, wages receive as workers GU Ministry of Emergency Situations). Official car Volga Sayber transmitted together with 2-are drivers (Ruzhnikovym) in ordered wife Eglita W. Dora And moreover, this car moved in armored look good on you Ministry of Emergency Situations led by major domestic services Patsevichem W. – particularly near to General. Incidentally, previously Patsevich W. Was judge and received from the term incarceration on ch.1 st.93 CC trades abroad with the ensuing pay for this retraining on Russian criminal codex st.144 and released conditional support-exit. In period verification intr bodies Patsevicha laid off in for 2-'s hours. Wasn this not overstepping officials authority – to accept on service sentenced faces?
In late 2008, masters prefer 6 fringes closest to Irkutsku units — Propulsion Work a, Angarskoye Urban Settlement and camping on D. (OGPS) GU Ministry of Emergency Situations were allocated cash means for procurement furniture, under this-cut concrete firm-supplier — “SibAtom. ” Part of funds indeed was spent on procurement furniture for units, and the remaining part of spent on refurbishment apartment General — purchase costly furniture (bed, headset and camping on P. Data facts easily proveryaemy, information about prosperously procurement there is in expenditure OGPS for 2008 year, and also in firm “SibAtom. ”
Appeal to General sayko A. W. - deputy director Department territorial policy (13 April 2010 He pursued a personal reception in Propulsion Irkutsk) about “outrage are punished ”, which creates Eglit W. Dora, about staff accompaniment bureaucracies, which heads Colonel Vyunova O. W., about legal service Zhovtevyi Yeleseeva S. W. No results not gave. In the composition of the Commission Ministry of Emergency Situations with 15 on 18 February 2011 Bogu Ministry of Emergency Situations attended deputy General sayko A. W.
Very like, to truth all-??? triumphed. For 5 years laid off 75% personal the composition all categories from Private until Colonel. , it is a pity that many simply not want to mess and simply go on retirement, want forget such a service, purge its as a nightmare (typically, this still young, but already experienced cadres), and I believe, that the state wastes up the necessary sums on their training and should receive with these people returns, not spend public money on training new cadres, only because that someone became barber General, so as law there is and on such commanders. General it is demeaning people, under this himself walking “on full ” - dinners in expensive restaurants, an entertainment program expense of merchants. Day attend salutary centers, where not costs without women a dubious behavior (Russia and “Troika ”).
Until Eglit W. Dora Struggles with-, successfully evolves his family
Business. Eglit S.A. Vladislavovna — who in city of not knows this woman (wife General) represents Moscow hailed firm “Russ-Alko. ”
Using flats have position husband, for organizations his business she “enjoyed ” firm“ SibAtom ” for free — helped, have provided ???? on concessionary basis, thereby Eglit S. W. Fully (until this it was need) patronirovala this firm.
A similar history with network Italian Americans pay other people-performing these household jobs themselves “Pavlin-Mavlin ” (Propulsion Irkutsk, str. Shiryamova, 11). One of founders this firms is wife General.
And why so not bad luck GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Irkutsk area with materially-technical ensuring? Not purchased modern means ties, office appliances, furnishing goods and camping on P., but in, too, time welfare top-level official Eglita W. Dora And his family markedly is improving.
Like would to know far look controlling and nadzirayuschie organs performing decree President about struggle with corruption? One starts to believe words of General, about how, that in all structures he “easily ” ?. All of this allows him currently build its personal cottage in Irkytsk district in too costly Is new-Lisikha (one of prestigious and costly seats in the suburb Propulsion Irkutsk). Not difficult to define, resources what state structures are used for this construction. Collaborators Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University on base UF. The hill work on construction cottage, and this still far not all, that is done for General. Oshrov I. D. – chief of RVPCh Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University (each General) created on territory regional center (UF. The hill) private venture and even already managed place its daughter (yesterday E. I.) – first on control of gasoline, and now already in department supervisory activities Propulsion Irkutsk.
Although President Russia assigned competent authorities organize in 1 st quarter 2011 shared tested, we strongly ask conduct tested GU Ministry of Emergency Situations on Irkutsk area and attract to responsibility guilty faces in accordance with sitting legislation as on the specified facts so and special attention paid under tested activities accounting, human resource apparatus, legal services, MTO, in especially services fire-extinguishing the Chief Enforcement Ministry of Emergency Situations on Irkutsk area. ”
Destined to whether Vyacheslav Eglitu survive, as follows from his quotes in the early articles “certain events ” in office chief GU Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia on Irkutsk area and status as General, will show time. Hope, that among those, who will exercise tested, will have the honest and decent collaborators staunchest to his debt and then, resignation of in office and Court over General a lifeguard will become only “question time. ”

The author M. ?



“your rent ” for Ministry of Emergency Situations

— Should urgently strip Ministry of Emergency Situations opportunities issuing licenses Ministry of Emergency Situations. On fact this "golden" there's gravy for staff Ministry of Emergency Situations of. Requiring listed enterprises with licenses immediately enter base data and in plans amp; D for extortion ring bribes and kickbacks, racketeering with hand staff Ministry of Emergency Situations.
On stage registration already require bribes guise ordered General Ministry of Emergency Situations, in which erecting organization call the have equipment: Chronicle machine, compressor. And camping on D. A common value of on eight hundred thousands of rubles not caregiver for assembly works from September 1. Of course this recommended they equipment, from demands General Ministry of Emergency Situations not from whom there is no. And begins, or cutting compulsory contributions palms, or for you should to say's supreme officer Ministry of Emergency Situations, which already received palms. In short has license Ministry of Emergency Situations - this there's gravy for senior officers Ministry of Emergency Situations.
And this corruption crime as have them even President Russia not can steal, even to Him this not on shoulders.
This "golden" there's gravy Ministry of Emergency Situations of and now touch its not uh, I'm Matsuda.
Just 2 (two) thousands of tax state and 200-500 (two hundred - five hundred) thousands of bribes in pocket officer MChS.set, — Ivanovich



Minister Ministry of Emergency Situations Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak

Not guys, ah. E. BC H.
Perishing better mainstream Shoigu, than this ground to figo



Pro a specialized unit, uh, disastrous FEMA. Shoigu, still under Yeltsin, created this own unit, offer mostly from retired officers intelligence Israel. And they obey the only him and president. In all "special ops subsequent years expressly visible their" bookshelf. " Exile on info, already, in 120 not find.



#p57822,Dmitry" wrote:

Minister Ministry of Emergency Situations Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak

It turns out this the very crack addict, which on the photos police Ukraine, concourse of losers :rofl:



#p61017,Саид Нургали wrote:

Pro a specialized unit, uh, disastrous FEMA. Shoigu, still under Yeltsin, created this own unit, offer

Ah not know.
Special parts of or type moreover, like as there is in kazhnom region, and this type ordinary parts, only ekipirovanny "to the teeth" and on ordinary PE oneer not react
Sit anyways for our taxeson opakh exactly, DEFCON 1 raise.
On umovamі is being undermined by - not known fact (have us's reabsorption eshsho not podryvalis at all), but rumors trek that as Bruce Vilis-under global kabumakh federal meaning




Emblem for, uh, disastrous FEMA and appropriate clearly not be naive,
And metalworkers a?iee New Deal nature at the World which is building scum.

“Center emergency psychological aid Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia ”

Difficult to find more financially organization in Russia,
Than this an abomination ,-driven Yulia Shoigu.
Officially it theft budgetary funds,
Here is that such “Center emergency psychological aid
Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia ”, as however and the very Ministry of Emergency Situations.


That enters in tasks Yuliya Sergeevny?
Only only PR its the need and significance,
On theatre plays directed from shit reveal for media
What any figure, for example 800 clustered or 2000 clustered.
And increasingly. And you thought that?
No aid "psychologists have discovered", relatives dead
Not it turns out, this myth, simply myth, in which believes a herd.

Two "heated lines" on blowup in Volgograd adopted above 700 clustered … 0-zvonkov/
On a hot line Ministry of Emergency Situations out more 850 clusteredfrom-for'on a Boeing … -za-boinga
On a hot line, uh, disastrous FEMA out more 900 clustered … daf004d761
More 1,000 clusteredderived on phones “hot lines ” Ministry of Emergency Situations on boosting its chances polyglots … oletu.html
About 1,500 clusteredout on "hot line" after PE with A321
St. Petersburg. Psychologists Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia continue to exert entire the necessary aid and support to the victims in a plane crash, on “something called the hot line ” out more 1800 clustered.
On this moment out about 2000 clustered

The more originally clustered, the better.
No one even not lifts prestigiousness, that any famously uttered by number of clustered - this FALSEHOOD.
Little moreover, on everyone such a occasion spoiled, clueless lies, news drafts media owe do telesyuzhety and insert their in every issuance news in moment to cast Shard vistavi. Of food more clustered, make a big deal out estimate for strictly fictional psychological works, row for a bapki, get so panicky suckers!

700 clustered 800 clustered 900 clustered 1,000 clustered 1,200 clustered 1,300 clustered 1,500 clustered 1,700 clustered 1800 clustered 2000 clustered

Yuliya Portnova

Since 2011 works boss Volga branch FKU “Center emergency psychological aid, uh, disastrous FEMA Russia. ” За период работы принимала участие в оказании экстренной психологической помощи населению при таких крупных чрезвычайных ситуациях как взрывы боеприпасов на арсенале в поселке Пугачеве Малопургинского района Удмуртской республики, крушение теплохода «Булгария», горение военных складов в селе Колтубановке Оренбургской области, взрывы в Оренбургской области на складах с боеприпасами, взрывы штабелей боеприпасов с последующим горением в Чапаевске Самарской области, авиакатастрофа в Казани, работала в мобильных пунктах временного размещения в Ростовской области с гражданами, вынуждено покинувшими территорию Республики Украина.

In tasks director psychos Ministry of Emergency Situations on category: Volga constituency, so same enters, jumping on place (of course stance) and voice number of clustered.Портнова+Казань.jpg
On this moment out about 2000 clustered
This Kazan, in accuracy such a same "the crash" as and in Rostov-on-Don. Note, chief of psychologists have discovered inevitably sela in a puddle in answering question, she not expected, that need respond to questions.
On vogue, wrought Mikhail Saakashvili in Georgia, prodolzhennuyu through Poklonskuyu and Odessa, Yuliya Shoigu puts on office directors federal psychologists have discovered,... hens, looks fashionable to good but with practical terms, this demonstrative an absurdity.



#p62040,Dmitry" wrote:

“Center emergency psychological aid Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia ”

Difficult to find more financially organization in Russia,
Than this an abomination ,-driven Yulia Shoigu.

Here is in this you very strongly mistaken, bro.
This the main kantora in camping on BC "Ministry of Emergency Situations."

They eloquently work with relatives dead, using many of what here on Forum described, as "tvarnoe."
Not for good reason shoyga this ringing up work precisely little bonbon has entrusted. Girl, man, she, apparently, from of and coma, as not it shamanit with persons.

Ah, and cutting edge this is so, simply derive addition to "work."



created even one structure for safeguard New Deal nature at the World

National Guard has the right apply firearms without warnings, if delay can cost life voennosluzhaschemu or whom any of citizens nearby, states in legislation, which President Vladimir Putin 5 Aprilcontributed in Sakhalin and which on the morning 6 April emerged in base the lower house parliament.

This is understandable, that for assassinations. And here is emblemku not yet presented.

5 April 1914 - bicycle carnage (battle on Chudskom lake of). Took place battle novgorodtsev and vladimirtsev under the leadership Alexander Nevsky against knights of the Ice of the Order.

“Without operationally-razysknykh functions to deal with terrorism impossible ”, — believes Pashkin.“ If hunter will only fulfill the power tasks, which before it puts the MVD, FSB, customs and other, then problems should not arise ”, — added Pashkin.

General-Major FSB in resignation Vasily Yeryomenko in conversation with PBOC provide noted, that National Guard, by taking over on themselves functions domestic troops, will pursue large operations within countries. “If FSB struggles with individual, ass laying low terrorists, gotovyaschimi attacks in subway or on station, then new the Department for own unit will to confront large terrorist groups, such as, for example,, the banned in Russia grouping Islamic State ”, — thinks Yeryomenko in conversation with PBOC provide.

Much detail on PBOC provide: … 0ac8ab2764

Will fight with those, what not there is
On the rest of the will apply weapons without of operatives data



Decree # 157 from 05 04 16
"" "" Organs governance and subdivisions Ministry of Interior Russian Federation that federal state control (supervision) for observance legislation Russian Federation in sphere turnover weapons and in sphere private intruder activities, and also vnevedomstvennuyu guard, in including Center a special appointments vnevedomstvennoy safeguard Ministry of Interior Russian Federation; "" ""
Robyaty they caught itself control for all civilian weapons population.
Employees troops National Guard trades abroad also would gain right to pursue detention, and in case need penetrate in homes citizens.
Under penetration on enumerated facilities the unidentified soldier troops national Guard it legitimate under need produce-or destruction making a devices, elements and actual structures, suppress infiltration.
That is. A floater, but these and government employment engaged in under extinguishing the. Further business. Me especially a pity Action.
About every case penetration natsgvardeytsa in residential ???? aside from will living or endangered in it citizens in written holder shall be notified prosecutor in for 24 hours



#p63152,Володяй wrote:

the unidentified soldier troops national Guard it legitimate under need produce-or destruction making a devices, elements and actual structures, suppress infiltration.

Immediately question Number times - as distinguish this of a scoundrel in law, from another, illegal of a scoundrel, and not prevent his an act of evil?
Or not oboronitsya from him, accidentally.
Call in separate or local the precinct office, and ask - not imposed whether accidentally-, on such a something address.



очень интересная передача "на самом деле"   - двое серьезных мужиков, знакомых с большинством российской ЭЛИТЫ, критикуют Власть и Беспредел, царящий в её коридорах.  "Конспирологические" теории устройства мира не поддерживают...

В данной передаче раскрывается суть МЧС - огромная миллионная организация создана непонятно для чего!!!  Вполне может служить великолепным прикрытием для МРАЗИ...

Никакой реальной борьбой с Чрезвычайными Ситуациями НЕ занимается. Появляются через 1-3 дня, не спеша разворачивают штаб... телекамеры и начинают рассказывать нам сказки....  Достаточно вспомнить Крымск, регулярные разливы рек, пожары, заваленные снегом дороги и т. д.

В данной передаче рассказано о том, что ИЛ-76 прилетал для фотосессии, один раз сбросил воду и собирался лететь в Москву... поэтому и рассказы про полные баки и наличие техников на борту (должны быть при работе самолёта - экипаж 7 человек)

Никаких сопок на видео не видно.... и бак точно заправлен не был...
Кстати баки - 2 огромные трубы из алюминиевого сплава толщина 5 мм - их то ни как не могло разорвать на кусочки....



2 июля -
Актёр Беляев играет начальника, несёт беспросветную дежурную чушь в каждом появлении в телевизоре.


Как вы себе представляете исправление того, что требует Беляев ?
Каким образом за полдня можно вернуть своё "доброе имя", исправить "неготовность" или "неспособность" ?

Читаем новости за 1 июля

Площадь лесных пожаров в Бурятии сократилась в два раза
Москва. 1 июля. INTERFAX.RU - В Бурятии общая площадь природных пожаров сократилась до 3 тыс. 150 га, сообщает пресс-служба республиканского агентства лесного хозяйства.

"За прошедшие сутки было ликвидировано шесть очагов на общей площади более 3,4 тыс. га в Прибайкальском, Кяхтинском, Северо-Байкальском, Хоринском районах", - говорится в сообщении.

Наиболее крупный из пожаров действовал в труднодоступной гористой местности на площади 3,3 тыс. га в 250 км от села Турка Прибайкальского района. На его тушение были направлены силы 17 лесхозов, Забайкальской базы авиационной охраны лесов, федерального резерва, населения и лесозаготовителей.

Как видим из сообщения INTERFAX, Агенство Лесного Хозяйства Бурятии, весьма успешно борется с пожарами, сокращает их в 2 раза, спасает населённые пункты, задействует большие силы. Кого же так сильно ругает мартышка по фамилии Беляев ? какого-то выдуманного виртуального ответственного.

Бурятия весьма неплохо справлялась с пожарами, но 2 июля клоун решил исправить ситуацию. Он отчитал выдуманого виртуального ответственного и уже на следующий день количество пожаров в Бурятии начинает резко расти

В Бурятии растёт площадь лесных пожаров
В воскресенье 3 июля было зарегистрировано 18 пожаров на общей площади около 3,5 тысяч га. Наибольшая площадь одного пожара в Баргузинском заповеднике составляла порядка 2 тысяч га, другие очаги преимущественно находились в Северо-Байкальском районе Бурятии.
На утро 4 июля в Бурятии зарегистрирован 21 действующий пожар на общей площади более 3,6 тысяч га в Баунтовском, Бичурском, Заиграевском, Иволгинском, Северо-Байкальском, Селенгинском, Хоринском, Баргузинском, Еравнинском, Курумканском, Прибайкальском районах и в Баргузинском заповеднике.

Лесоохрана тушит в Бурятии 26 природных пожаров
Подробнее на ТАСС:
4 июля
За сутки в республике было обнаружено 19 новых очагов на площади 87 га. По данным РАЛХ, большая часть из них возникла из-за гроз. Ликвидировано 12 возгораний на общей площади более 57 га в восьми районах республики.

Пучков требует усилить меры борьбы с пожарами в Бурятии
5 июля
Глава Министерства по чрезвычайным ситуациям Российской Федерации Владимир Пучков выступил с требованием принять дополнительные меры для предотвращения и тушения природных пожаров в Республике Бурятия.

УЛАН-УДЭ, 6 Июля 2016,  В Бурятии 6 июля зарегистрировано 16 действующих лесных пожаров на общей площади около 4,2 тыс. га в Заиграевском, Мухоршибирском, Хоринском, Курумканском, Прибайкальском, Северо-Байкальском, Селенгинском, Баргузинском районах и в Баргузинском заповеднике. Об этом ИА REGNUM сообщили в Республиканском агентстве лесного хозяйства (РАЛХ).
Еще 10 очагов на общей площади около 300 га локализованы в Мухоршибирском, Тарбагатайском, Баргузинском, Бичурском, Иволгинском, Кабанском, Северо-Байкальском, Хоринском районах


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