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Space. ISS

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International Space the station

This that for sources of of light? And lyuministsentnaya lampЛюминесцентная_лампа
But on the LEDs or super secret technology money lacked? But about fragility and so all know (under cyclical upswing same strains will)

That use the cosmonauts? Sublimirovannuyu food?
How many is worth every kilogram on orbit to withdraw, so they on holidays this use the

Has notebook not the trouble female will fix on cheers (a good slogon)
This small in several pieces able, not works
Smiles here
Admit its mistake, this constructive feature of
Thank you

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Кирилл wrote:

has notebook not the trouble female otremantiruet on cheers (a good slogon)
This small in several pieces able, not works

And with what such conclusions?

solo is, too, is not devoid crafts - under open seals, she folds it back on 5.5 degrees, providing comfortable sloping.
Under need downcast rychazhki near hinges display, can be return klaviture horizontal position. With the closure laptop this will happen automatically.


The market for United States laptop computers, used in space, on 100% belongs extremely IBM Thinkpad X41.
They set on all reusable space shuttle NASA and on ISS.

NASA purchased more 500 laptop computers IBM Thinkpad X41 series of 750 for AP qualifications, amp; D software and training carriages. Notebooks are used on assigned shuttle and on International cosmic station, however these notebooks several initialized from-for environment in which they operate … _v_kosmose

So that. This constructive feature of. And not blocarea)

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tort5, effect Dzhanibekova — unsustainable rotation around axis, which fits the average largest moment inertia bodies.

Video: the stoning send us your sketches(2 :1 1)



swed.loki wrote:

tort5, effect Dzhanibekova — unsustainable rotation around axis, which fits the average largest moment inertia bodies.

Video: The stoning send us your sketches (2 :1 1)

Here is the best explanation.

illustration volatility of rotation of solid bodies around axis inertia with invariably recycle importance moment inertia (moment inertia bodies relatively axis, around which is happening rotation, less maximum and more minimum chief moment inertia this bodies).

To system immediately "plummeting has" from position unsustainable equilibrium had to in ADAMS etc add a small primary the passage some angle irons onto the speed



Is the spaceman here from Kazakhstan going to fly on ISS instead behest of the ensemble or

In mid-on May British performer renounced space travel for Family circumstances
Moscow. 22 June. Their quantity can reach 600,000 - Kazakhstan female Aydin Aimbetov included in composition expeditions on ISS, told Ambassador at special assignments - the official representative foreign ministry Kazakhstan Altai Abibullaev.

"Solution interagency Commission Aydin Aimbetov included in composition the short expeditions on ISS. His gearbox position (- female Prokopev ", - wrote Abibullaev in had in Monday,.

As reported, Nutrition Commission in the early this weeks must terminally to approve a new composition crew startuyuschego 1 September manned ship "Union TMA-18M", after, as from by air refused British singer Sarah ensemble or. About addressing ensemble or became known in mid-on May, his cause of were called the family circumstances. Later some media wrote, that singer refused from-for problems with sponsor.Skyfall informal information, singer must was pay for 10-day flight to ISS more 50 million dollars.

Some media wrote, that instead ensemble or can fly its Japanese gearbox position (Satoshi Takamatsu, but in Monday, became known, that he postponed flighton International space station on few years,

Previously the first Vice prime Kazakhstan organizers are Sagintaev told, that "thanks to re agreements between presidents Kazakhstan and trades abroad in any time soon with crucial“ shovel "Baikonur" going to fly already the third turkish high female. "

Until now in space flied two also-They: Tokhtar Aubakirov (in October 1991 in as a also-the stranger on "Union TM-13") and Talgat Musabaev (three times - in 1994 in as a board-an engineer on station "Mir", in 1998 and 2001 - in as a commander ship on "Mir" and ISS).

Two Kazakhstani candidate in cosmonauts they directed Aymakhanov and Aydin Aimbetov in 2007 finished coaching received in Russian public the center of the training astronauts on a behalf of Gagarin. One of them should was fly to ISS in the composition of the international crew in 2009, however flight was delayed the Kazakhstan side indefinitely from-for cuts financing.



tort5 wrote:

from by air refused British singer Sarah ensemble or.

ponder about.
Sarah ensemble or, was born 14 August 1960 year (54 year. Refused. Means, initially drove forward. o.O
Recall demands to phys virility astronauts on a. Centrifuges and strains will.
So, okay, good laughing at nothing! On ISS should fly "Progress", is true? source of without ceremony
Yes what the difference. Progress, shuttle, Ikarus or a suburban commuter train. Sarah strains willthe funer!
Sarah must was begin. To take (Karl! (After pre-menopausal women, • • • mother).
Wu it simply family problems!

Soon in the news:

Through year. Instead Ozzy Osbourne, as well flies Marilyn year. For him voted in had.
Through two weeks popravka- Wu Manson monthly. Going to fly David up (after seventh’s hearts and cycle training facilities in contests town). ???? going to fly immediately on Mars. Technology await-with!
Have us after all not Regulations ” media. All of this write people, Hiawatha Bray on competency.
I not rights?

Вынос мозга выглядит так:

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Ah there have them stars, ah what are to do. Nor excerpts, nor focus, nor stars. Recognized any black loophole us surrounds. In short crusade we all in strong loin. After. Pichal). Even EESA nathin 'not in space. Okay nasa Hollywood, but these.: '(



Than not be satisfied with "drawn" stars on 1 :0 8?
Their albedo does not Earth 35 - 40%, this means that illuminated side Earth "shines" (over-reflects) slightly less than half sunlight, have moon their albedo does not 12%, a tenth of the of light sun. Many stars in sight about moon in http? And if photograph, to irregularities moon were are visible, will are visible stars near?



In the last time "cosmonauts" nice have. Here is current.
First time in history on International cosmic station of a rip the flower. About this in his Twitter wrote American astronaut Scott Kelly.

This Kelly - known, it turns out, female-the artist. Kelly lives and works over the Earth on board cosmic station (ISS), performing scientific quests on serving year. Traveling on world on distance 250 miles over the Earth with speed 17500 miles in hour, he skirting around around planet more ten times in day and committing us these remarkable take pictures.
(Take pictures from VK)



#p32636,Val wrote:

A in case with wet towel have improved record and fell in freefall more 1.5 minutes (0 :0 7 - 1 :4 5, further went compile many,

Firmly on 49, old Pudge. Thus whole complete with - 42 of seconds



#p55151,7onn wrote:

firmly on 49, old Pudge. Thus whole complete with - 42 of seconds

do the math here compile many and time between them



Why the all his movement remind manipulation magician's professional illusionist



#p55152,Val wrote:

do the math here compile many and time between them

The crux of the messages in than?
Those same the most compile many, only a bit at the other tayminge



0 :0 7 - 0 :4 9, 42 with, although I see "skleyku" accelerate (all moving elements are within boosted departures, not moving elements not changed his position), not let us sharpening.
0 :4 9 - 1 :4 6, 57 eth. That would still more announced 25 - 30 seconds imitiruemoy complete with. If suggest, that pilots masterly created imitation of free fall (under falling compensated for resistance air adjusted for neodnorodnostey sparse for obtain credible complete with), then for 57 with jet Kolkevich (fell on) 16 kilometers and had the speed 2000 kilometers / untangle, this not given time exit on regime, after all weightlessness "insurance is" not instantaneously, polyglots need to change direction by air and repay horizontal component speed.



. The biggest an altitude chamber 90 flushed one forge the
. In such big chambers during gets the create pressure 10-4 but / house (10-6mm human. MTM, that fits razrezheniyu on perform well about 330 kilometers over Earth.

This you enough for imitation ISS?



#p55195,SataNasa wrote:

this purpose establish you enough for imitation ISS?

No, in altitude chamber there is no prolonged the fall of the, there not non under otkachke air - gravity same this not iaaieoiue. There can be imitating explore to the moon, the stoning pen and hammer on the moon and removed any such, inspect the same Heat transport (disambiguation) in a vacuum space.



I think for these 45-50 years progress not stood on place. And special effects, too,.



Goes, on this moment the only video podtverzhdeniyami space are only vidosy from complete with? Complete video, ranging with departure with land, forth doleta until station, docking and 25,2t people and cargoes in it - are lacking?



Here is still interesting))
Russian female made a selfie in an open space
Sergei Volkov during works on ISS on would sticky Turing, destined for repairs foreign the surface station, made a selfie in an open space. Snapshot he posted on its page in his social media to “tank. ”

However, this is not the first case, when crew a visual of the ISS makes kosmoselfi. In the past year, 17 August Roscosmos published self-portrait Gennady Padalki, salmonella them during the tenth exit in open space.


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