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Facilities openings missiles

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Запуск Ракет - постановка

Ракета пролетев определенное расстояние и после того, как запуск скрыли от глаз обычных зрителей, начинает падать, оставляя дугу, если ракета уходит прямо в космос, как показывают официальные съёмки, почему дуга не является прямой, а если это сброс лишних ступеней, разве следы не должны быть двойные? Один от ракеты - прямой, другой от ступени, след, который и идёт в низ.

Любительские съемки ракет - … ket+launch
Видео обычного гражданина, ракета снова падает.



North Korea launched satellite in space)

Cyber this reports in Tuesday, 9 February, Reuters with refers on source of in Washington, is handing “ ”
In the same time, as is supposed to, satellite still not is handing any data on Earth.
Recall, as incidents “Comments ”, previously channel broadcast CBS reported with refers on American military sources of, that satellite is incapacitated: He“ 's tumbling on orbit ” and not is handing signals. Deduced in space apparatus, according to station's, weighs about 100 kilograms. He is on perform well about 300 miles (480 kilometers) from the surface and is moving almost strictly with north on south. However his Apophis is unstable.

And here is and video stingy event — see:

The first firmly already through 3 of seconds after launch!
Ah nothing for primer directors staging can get away

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Like traveled (0 :3 0), and there who its knows, can for gorochkoy landed or in South Korea - like some kind part of its (missiles) found.
# [뉴스특보]북한 장거리 미사일 발사 실패 가능성



Interesting video.
In really the early said that all here in zero g jet without green screens.
Until 2 :0 5 not observed nor one compile many, so very it seems, that video from mks and vast also is deducted in jet, and technology already have 30 seconds free fall



#p55552,7onn wrote:

Until 2 :0 5 not observed nor one compile many, so very it seems, that video from mks and vast also is deducted in jet, and technology already have 30 seconds free fall

Yes, so and based, and in moments set of Heights make hanging out flying objects until the next 5m. contaminated this clip starred under I might go down under angle 45 grad, i.e. some pressure down all same there is (notebooks fell down on 0 :3 2 for example). For full imitation complete with jet should move strictly down with traction, compensating the air resistance.I made principle simulations complete with, slightly brightened. Climb with accelerating until 2G under angle 45, hail hail (+ /, on perform well about 8500 disconnected traction and further fly on inertia shifting in fall on ballistic trajectory. In this case still business - flying objects must hanging out and neotvisat under 2G. On expense of, that can be achieved and more, than 30 seconds, then certainly can be - start level out not on perform well 7,000 flushed, but on perform well 1,000 forge the Then time the fall of the in 8 kilometers will last 40 sec, plus 10-15 sec set of Heights, 760.46 can be survive until minutes. But as demand equalize it jet on perform well 1,000 flushed, then already not interestingly.

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The first start with Launch East delayed on clock. According to experts, abolishing launch not connected with infrastructure Launch. Now both of reasons, why for 1.5 minutes until start occurred his avtoostanovka. … hinam.html

Too many press that's out there was attended, Perhaps. Wait, when pooblachnee will.
And their dashcam 4k quality on board not fate establish, to skeptics type me shut up! Shut up. Or he many is worth? Budget same gutted



On information, published on site Roscosmos, today on the morning in 05 :0 1 searched successful launch of missile carrier "Union-ST" with SC "Lomonosov", "Aist-2D" and "SamSat-218" with Launch East.

Looked video launch.

Look with 3 :0 8.

. And me not convinced the.
Believe feykom.

When will learn simultaneously show video with several cameras. As have ChOPovtsev on monitor.
On time 3 :5 8 at all rocket turns into Mirage? Sun in desert)
In 4 :3 3 she is said on backdrop of marked bodies (perhaps moon), under slow-( kh0,25) speed very unnaturally forks this body.

Yes and a light off of you race. The most spectacular cadres have squeezed.



Video launch virtually copies launch modern Olympic ceasefire in space.

Look with 9-oops minutes.
Can be zaparallelit both video in two windows. If would not Long and clouds, calculated would carbon copy video old launch. And German slightly differs.

Me seems because and silent pro launch, more say about how, whom spin wildly staged a and what reproved declared. In the news subject particularly not mulsiruyut. Although event not garden-variety narcotics-. There is than be proud of. Me for example carryover on one day not embarrasses, and technical Simbiotel, too,. This better, than got ganked would gadget on start. And so, can be was would and spirit of raise. If suddenly we here to discover involves forging, then on days can be wait large PE, which diverts public attention from such a inconceivable forgery.

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Yes and Smokey in the coalmine under start engines reminded scene from chase in movie Ronin. A good the film, but such trashy combined emki podbeshivayut. In sight same, that smoke from wheels not real.

Сцена погони из фильма "Ронин"

Look with 0 :0 7-0 :1 2

So and here with missile in, has experienced a sense of "vu."

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Here is almost full official video with "continuation of" withdrawal of Sputnik’s (ah their like 3, although started with 2 big and 3 small.

I so understand, that on video with universal republic » rocket already not vertically flies and so degrees 50-60 to Earth. (Judging by wedding of the flame)

And here is interesting video start

Itself rocket (more precisely its footprint) with 9 minutes, the bottom info line there is that when is separated :)
And in the first minutes legend moreover that will, more accurately as will happen conclusion satellites. (54 sec)

The first launch with Launch East. Kind of from Propulsion The free.

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Here is good video
Since Launch East searched launch missiles-iineoaey “Union-ST ”

Putin = flight a normal,
-for missile in a trace not visible
In difference

Here photo
There is 19TH large Since East!

Still video
Roughly coincides with video with Putin
stopped! Baikonur "East" the first launch missiles!
Being published: 27 Apr. 2016

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#p65737,Wind wrote:

Kick-Ass, freaks-konspirolokhi)) The missiles there is no, East there is no, Earth declaring the, reptiles a-rockin '

Compete coloring missiles from 25 th number of
"Baikonur East. Exports with Union-ST with SC Lomonosov, Aist-2D, SamSat-218 "

And the contestant which escaped. Thinking for couple of days its cleaned?



"Baikonur East. Exports with Union Soyuz 2-1a with SC Lomonosov, Aist-2D, SamSat-218 "
Flew of

Hence until launch
Photos still … iew/949459
Still video assembly
Baikonur East. With Union ST - liquidity-preference how in Micke
Provides video
the first ione with Launch VOSTOChNYY in 2016

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Different missiles

I visual, and likely so and there is. Missiles on launch make 2. If one specifically zaglyuchit its based and instead it instead it enable spare.
This is important on economic reasons (observance terms, weather conditions, townsome location Earth on orbit, commercial launch, cash settlement for revenues lost, insurance and other knickknacks. nice)

Yes and at all, all there is done with a double reserving (the main + spare on the principle of N + 1. No mystery in different better missiles here there is no. Philistines this not explain, but engineers must understand and understand.

One of missiles the spare.
Prepare to flying both, then one choose on start (draw that whether Being thrown. But obviously 2 absolutely same assessment missiles (mechanically and electron) do cannot be (ah there is no 2kh absolutely twin mikroelementa on scheme, vybrakovka a serious and of course elements in "walking" were otbrakovyvayutsya). So rocket, which closer is coming to specified parameters too on outcomes diagnostics the contestant and enable.

Sometimes trial vykat missiles on with start-up the table make on atack for verification work FHU personnel and mechanisms crucial “shovel.
In case eastern bloggers here is here write that rocket on evaluation protruding eyes was the real.
Not it is important who J.J. Cale. Fact missiles was 2.
And incidentally, something in documentary pro Queen Drie Stoepen as the main designers in movie discussed launch reserve missiles (camping on E. On launch first Sputnik’s and Gagarin and not only, but on all facilities openings was the spare rocket) name movie not Drie Stoepen.

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#p65786,Иван М wrote:

to need to to throw in hangar and to dismantle a compartment Sputnik and establish on second.
Here is clock and it took. Can and less, but the entire timing of on hours already rebuilt for cubicles and public.
Here the all as times clear.

President popiarit. Ione missiles should come at the sake of one - achieving meet the scientifically-technical goal (as she zaznacheno in project and tekhdokumentatsii) Wu us same ione not only for scientifically-technical goal, but for PR President - double cream muster, to nothing not has ever been missing.
The first ione - purely PR - the creation incident for issuing Aoyama in spots, itself rocket, as and Baikonur is of secondary significance, importantly - show philistines President as face consistent with the and an expert absolutelyin all industries science, technology, medicine, religion - the formation way of. That us and demonstrated.

But on fact film directors simply've sprained their the plot, created pause, between the first startup and second, for advertising insert with Danubian President and for "collection crop"... of emotions and "zombiefication." Srezhessirovali, to President could mouth makes word as "the Massachusetts General on lovers ("

Sputnik’s, too, two. 2 izedeliya. Fully the main and backup.
Let, we are talking about systems with a double (-blue,) reserving. If any automatic withdrew from by building and not worked good its honor, nothing terrible not is happening, simply insurance is the spare (yes she even not insurance is, both system, and the main and reserve immediately included). This system with as least a double reserving in regime active-active. They immediately ON - ON, broke, the main or reserve, system has become OFF-ON. But in end she ON - rendering it.
Dual redundancy, applies and in more ordinary systems. And here a host ione missiles. Such system pridumyvayutsya so, that nothing not can influence its launch if ordered to (Whilst and say, that Baikonur civilian, have us for any civilian product are worth military, here, too, military same stood in basis of amp; D - dual appointment). Yes essentially, even a significant weather advisory, so. Negligible factor. If will ordered to launch (say nuclear weapon) ah what can be budgetary subterfuges: Have us here automatic a bit has??

I not NOT, I engineer, for me this obviously.

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I not NOT, I engineer, for me this obviously.

And I develop a and this for me, too, obviously.

Ranging with 2.00 mines and forth it seems on cartoon.
Who me the specifics where has been conducted semka of last stage on the end rate?

Свернутый текст

the MINEX, 29 Apr — RIA News. Court sentenced Igor Nesterenko — CEO seacoast mostostroitelnoy companies, stroivshey Baikonur East — to the three years in prison freedom on trial about fraud, told the in more Committee Russia.

And three years, not race will and without seize? Will "sit" as Shulgina? Again public're such a fucking.
Himself Baikonur -pole nepakhannoe, infrastructure zero! Shameful 4 dozen spotlights on 2 oil rigs..., nor of black asphalt nor walkways.
With other hand if there indeed "that that matter not so", then without installation raze not indispensable.
Image, Boyd of our perizidenta should not be zamaran in the run-up coming election.

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#p65799,2+2=2 wrote:

Ever since 2.00 mines and forth it seems on cartoon.
Who me the specifics where has been conducted semka of last stage on the end rate?

This computer animation, public the, that see officially impossible.



First ione missiles with Launch East been brought forward on clock from-for mistakes roadblock as measuring technology. About this told President Russia Vladimir Putin on meeting with Council legislators in St. Petersburg.
“First ione was postponed for clock, as it turned out, not because of the most missiles, she was in full order, and from-for roadblock as measuring technology, which gave mistaken signal about what refuelling there is no, and she, it turns out, was ”, — quotes President“ Interfax. ”
He stressed, that “question in an elementary, as this often have us case: Either in cable, either in welding, or in the most the ion. ”“ Yes, that gave people tinker still times, worked entire night perfectly, and decisions were taken the right, and ione the favored By ”, — concluded the head of state.
Much detail on PBOC provide:



If gray, this footage, then why before startup its have torn off not entire?
During of start-up of not have shown far precisely drive off empty tin the bucket has, which covers up missile.
Ione - rocket traditionally too quickly devolved in horizontal flight and somewhere in Pacific ocean, to no one saw.

Baikonur East. Exports with Union-ST
Baikonur East. Ione with Union-2.1a.

Baikonur PUSK, Video,
Front written that this 27 April (California time)
Ione By 28 April in 5 :0 1 on Moscow Daylight Time
Video perezalivalos 29 April in 11 :0 7
MediaInfo (Year bought social video: UTC 2016-04-29 08 :07: 00)
Noticed any mistake, perezalili video on the same worded through clock.



Someone feel hot became in toy "pedestal"


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