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Rostov FZ981 Boeings-737

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In Russia crashed Boeings

In airport Rostova-on-charges of fell Boeing 738.
All 61 man, savagely on his board died.

"At plane board plane were 61 people. All they died, "said the interlocutor agencies.

By crash, on a data, led bad meteousloviya.
"From-for complex meteoconditions - low semblance - jet not was able to land with first times and is gone on the second circle, and then crashed under re-you access on landing within zone its airfield," said source of.
After collapse emerged a strong conflagration.
Jet "fell in conditions bad semblance further left than that in 50-100 metres runways the landing swathe of", noted source of.

"The Wreck of happened in 3 :5 0 minutes Moscow Time (2 :5 0 on modern - REM. Operative also came information about how, that in airport Rostova-on-charges of under landing occurred the accident plane "Boeings-738", letevshim from Dubai in Rostov-on-charges of, "said the interlocutor agencies.

Video with yutuba already would delete

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#p58244,SSerega wrote:

Video with yutuba already would delete

Would delete which some asshole launched before than fell plane, this simple practice, because now have them) according, need to increasingly have time terms of global on sites and information agencies

Plane only that crashed, but on mrazokanalakh already is full display.
Not sleep people, know where video seek and where putting.

In Rostov crashed civilian Boeing

And even on English so
Watch!! CCTV of Boeing from Dubai crashes in Rostov on don, Russia
e news online

And even and even and even
And in makes headlines already the kind information, which not yet sound on media

will such a large number of Mrazokanalov ???? ?????????? ?? video
With CCTV (the camera. Surveillance), if plane only that fell?
Options until only two:
1) In Rostov not was widely seen as falling no plane
2) media knew where and when he's value will decline



In Rostov crashed civilian Boeing
Under you access on landing in airport crashed jet "Boeings-738." On his board was 61 people, including crew. All they died
MediaInfo: Date social: UTC 2016-03-19 01 :58: 12 … lane_crash

Skyfall data site, jet Boeing 737-800 with registration number A6-fd lens mount entered exploitation slightly more five years ago. The airline flydubai was his the only operator.

Date social video: UTC 2016-03-19 01 :58: 12
Moscow's city time UTC + 3. Video being published in 4 :5 8.
Normally work Mrazokanaly, operationally, with pretty chipper this morning, beat already entire page on search "Rostov Boeings" and this) when all people even sleep.

The BBC even steep. Know increasingly about jet, increasingly about passengers, increasingly causes, phones, governor, children, but not know the most the principal - precise time crisis engulfed. Wasn such perhaps?

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Already all lament their nations , buy tyulpanchiki and bears of
Group renamed and in entire shparit billets
Plane only that fell, and already increasingly is prepared, increasingly other media zatvarivanie and with time, in all media and nedosmi

Of course already is ready page in Wikipedia, she already overrun by all necessary modules "Kvant
It was a disaster Boeing 737 in Rostov-on-Don charges of



Wikipedia writes

Reuss Flydudai 981 should was serve out his from Dubai Municipality international airport in 1 :4 5 on local time (UTC + 4) and arrive in Rostov-on-charges of airport in 4 :2 0 on local time (UTC + 3) [4]. Plane left Dubai in 2 :2 0 [4]. The first attempt to landing in Rostov-on-Don charges of proved failed, and plane spent as a child in zone expectations more hours [5]. During the second attempts of call on landing under unfavorable weather conditions, plane crashed [1][5]. The original information indicates, plane failed ruin in Template :C onvert / - from Left from runways the landing swathe of [1].

The BBC writes

02 :0 2
In Rostov-on-Don charges of crashed civilian "Boeings." On a data, on board were 55 man, all they died. The Russian service the BBC dissent--online events in regime real time.
02 :5 1
"Boeings 737-800" tried to to land in airport Rostova-on-charges of more two hours, follows from data portal
According to them, after unfortunate first of call on landing jet 2 hours 9 minutes was in zone expectations airport Rostova-on-charges of, above than to commit second attempt to to land, which ended the collapse of.

Nor those nor other not wrote in how many crashed plane.
Wikipedia refers on exile 4, which simply nesuschestvuet

In 2 :0 2 the BBC reports, that plane crashed, and Wikipedia says, that in 2 :2 0 he has fled Dubai.
How many hours he flew and how many hours spun around in a circle?
Air Force time on GMT as would


Photo brought with groups vkontakte Rostov-on-charges of | the Massachusetts General

Photo devices

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14 of Sep. 2008 - 82 passenger 6 h. Represent - It was a disaster Boeing 737 in Perm
17 noyab. 2013 - 44 passenger 6 h. Represent - It was a disaster Boeing 737 in Kazan
19 March. 2016 - 82 passenger, 6 h. Ecki. - It was a disaster Boeing 737 in Rostov-on-Don charges of

Cameras video surveillance well over a plane crash Boeing 737.
Cameras video surveillance well over a plane crash Boeing 737.
Cameras video surveillance well over a plane crash Boeing 737.
Need was write not "cameras", and "numerous cameras", to the excerpts more cheerfully was



KIEVSKII Boeing crashed in Rostov-on-Don charges of

This news from 4.23
Ruin prepare In Rostov-ON-charges of 04 :2 3, 19 March 2016
and were also, causes catastrophe could become the bad appearance of and a strong wind, pomeshavshie pilot of to commit landing.

Weather in Rostov-on-Don charges of
Will have cloudy weather, rain
Wind 10-11 meters in sec

At all ritualyat on chernomu-
Egypt, Turkey,
People came sprinting in Dubai, here is you and Dubai

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Birth to a litter of found same missiles in civil jet.

In jet in Belgrade found heading in the US missiles



Online live broadcast on PBOC provide

In night on 19 March in airport Rostova-on-charges of failed ruin Boeing-737 airlines FlyDubai. On a data, died 62 human, in including 57 passengers. Preliminary cause of plane are called bad weather conditions.

07 :1 0

On board that crashed Boeing were tourists, otdykhavshie on to the voucher whole families, told source of Interfax in aviadispetcherskikh services

Later and a half clock after collapse aircraft lists dead until not appeared.

07 :0 8

Among dead could be three citizens Ukraine, one citizen Uzbekistan and one citizen India, declared TASS in Russian Genkonsulstve in Dubai, asking me, that this preliminary data.

07 :0 6

According to, uh, disastrous FEMA, on board were 11 foreign citizens: 6 members crew and five passengers. On information source RIA News, on board were two citizens countries Far Abroad and three citizen of Ukraine.

07 :0 4

Flights, sent in airport Rostova-on-charges of from Pragueand Turkey, evacuated in airports departure, informed the head Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkovu on 67 meeting, is handing Russia 24.

07 :0 2

Airport Rostova-on-charges of, where crashed Boeing FlyDubai, has passed reconstruction. And expert Volgin state of runways the landing swathe of as good, told Valery Golubev in live Russia 24.

07 :0 1
Voeing fell, not doletev until runways the landing swathe of 250-300 meters, told journalists the head of the Rostov area Vasily Valery Golubev, is handing RIA News.

06 :5 9

Airport Rostova-on-charges of abates work not previously, than through clock, is handing TASS words governor Vasily Golubeva. Now all flights communications are forwarded airports Volgograd and Krasnodar, reported in direct live correspondent Russia 24.

06 :5 3

Two flight number, which must were to land in Rostov-on-Don charges of in night on 19 March, dispatched in Krasnodar in ties with bad meteousloviyami, reveal data FlightRadar24.

One of them - flight "Aeroflot", which flew from Moscow

06 :5 2

Mistake pilotsalso is viewed in as a version of collapse Boeing, declared in direct live Russia 24 press secretary Minister transport Zhanna enterosgelya.

06 :5 0
Sunday, 20 March, will declared day mourning in Rostov area, told journalists governor Rostov area Vasily Valery Golubev, is handing TASS.

06 :4 9

Until is viewed only one version of collapse plane - bad weather conditions, is handing TASS words governor Vasily Golubeva.

06 :4 6

Minister transport Maxim Sokolov and the head of the Volga Alexander Neradko zwabial in Rostov-on-charges of, reported TASS press secretary Minister Zhanna enterosgelya.

06 :4 3

Consulate General to Russia in Dubai gotcha Buachidze arrived in local airport, where goes work on instrumental in drafting lists passengers Boeing. About this Buachidze told RIA News.

06 :3 8

Governor Vasily Valery Golubev mention any country by, that among dead were also inhabitants Rostov area. About this he told in live Russia 24. More full information about dead he promised in closest hour.

06 :3 5

Most dead passengers were residents Rostova-on-charges of, told chief of Southern regional center Ministry of Emergency Situations of Igor or. On his words of, in jet also were three foreigners, is handing Interfax.

06 :3 3

On board plane were 55 passengers: 18 men, 33 women and four child. In the composition of the crew plane was 7 people. About this reported press secretary governor region Irina Chetvertakova, is handing Interfax.

06 :3 0

In moment collapse Boeing (03 :4 2 minutes Moscow Time) impulses wind in Rostov-on-Don charges of times reaching 22 flushed / sec, behaved weak rain. About this reveal archive data meteosvodok, reports RIA News. High the lower borders cloudiness accounted for 540 flushed, horizontal appearance of - 6 km.

06 :2 8

Under re-you access on landing Boeing-737 fully has broken up just, told chief of Southern regional center Ministry of Emergency Situations Igor or, is handing TASS.

06 :2 3

Airport Rostova-on-charges of temporarily has suspended work from-for collapse Boeing-737. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Vladimir Puchkov, assigned organize transport corridors for delivery passengers in other airports, is handing RIA News.

06 :2 0

Media give controversy information about passengers Boeing-737. According to source RIA News in emergency services region all passengers were Russians.

However source of Interfax in aviadispetcherskikh sluzhbaz says, that on board were citizens series of foreign states.

06 :0 8
This the first disaster in history Flydubai. The only incident with-plane-airlines occurred 26 January 2015, when liner, on board which were 154 human, fell under ognestrelnyy the fire on final approach to airport Baghdad. Jet successfully landed, no one from passengers not it took medical aid.

06 :0 5

According to Ministry of Emergency Situations, on board plane was 61 man: 55 passengers and 6 members crew. Jet crashed under you access on the second circle, specifies agency

06 :0 4

The airline FlyDubai officially confirmed information about the crash his for. Speech goes about flight FZ98 Dubai - Rostov-on-charges of. The Carrier began investigation reports. Information about dead companies not specifies.

06 :0 2

RS began dosledstvennuyu tested on fact collapse Boeing-737 in Rostov-on-Don charges of. About this heartfelt reported representative Southern Investigation governance on vehicles RS Oksana Kovrizhnaya.

Number of dead oscillates from 61 until 63, crew the 6, then 7 people. Video cast with monitor (camera have mrazyukov is), somewhere a similar already was, only not remember where, can who it will remember?



#p58257, wrote:

Video cast with monitor (camera have mrazyukov is), somewhere a similar already was, only not remember where, can who it will remember?

And dick his knows. You perhaps increasingly himself coined :D or partition of not read (even this page not read)
When event present, cameras his based so Cameras wash their hands biker, responsible for race in airport Ekaterinburg
Or here is so: Here is so even better:
PE on ground power front page

We're watching it on the quality of cameras CCTV and able slyunki

He's been drinking again the passenger, magnifying with Airlines Flight before your departure, stole minibus with runways the landing swathe of in the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo. About this in Sunday, 3 January, reports channel broadcast LifeNews.
Incident with the participation ties Rostov area occurred day 1 January. After landing on board 24-year-old man, which should was fly in Rostov-on-charges of, began behave inadequately. Brawler wash their hands with Airlines Flight and wanted deliver in separate police. However, come with the landing bay., a man ran on runways the landing front page to the VW van, to transportation passengers business class. Northern drive cars, he removed a clause and traveled with territory airport.

Mrazokanaly as something grudgingly supported the spread of this video, perhaps in ties with those that: )event present



Skyfall data, uh, disastrous FEMA, on board were 11 foreign citizens: 6 members crew and five passengers. On information source RIA News, on board were two citizens countries Far Abroad and three citizen of Ukraine.

Need to foreigners immediately take on he,
Joints with them more climbs out.



Flaydubaevskuyu page, on that invoked Wikipedia, restored after editing.
In during couples hours she was ??
Vrikipediya i with references, time departure it is unclear, time catastrophe as not was so and there is no.
Time departure on exiled - NO. Vrikipediya's lying in eyes, this is called Khutspa

Accident involving flydubai FZ981

Last updated: 19 March 2016 07 :5 6
flydubai regrets to confirm that flight FZ981 crashed on landing and that fatalities have been confirmed as a result of this tragic accident.
More information
Flight FZ981

Last updated: 19 March 2016 07 :3 6
We are aware of an incident involving our flight FZ981 from Dubai to Rostov On Don.
More information

Currently again changed number of passengers 55 + 7



#p58258,Dmitry" wrote:

:: :    :: ( ), - , , ? ...     ( )

, , , , , , ... . .



#p58263, wrote:

Dmitri, me seems, that similar video I already saw long, only was with monitor, monitor so same under angle and video is, simply not can recall, that for only was and you for good reason are you laughing at. Stuck find video. But can I and am mistaken.

Page this learn. I'm laughing not over your memory, and seething over those, that here increasingly written and referred and you spats organs is - By A inquiry A N density get, newcomer.
The crash in Kazan: Moment the fall of the we 737

These video non-. This feyki salmonella on mouse.
Perm-Kazan-Rostov - THAT ALL FEYKI, FALSE earlier FLAG
location times: Video MUST VYGLDET thermal fluid SO thermal fluid OTHERWISE USE:, if not, the this most possibly false, the Mrazokanalami


Hence 5 second of

It seems on fall helicopter, likely burning, like visible loop



#p58265, wrote:

So far on fall helicopter, likely burning, like visible loop

It seems on popular creativity. As SHOP.
This you moment; Bid for... painted that whether?
And prikin as you with Central bankshighest channel similar, you arrows, and they circles.
And even can be recall "In Luhansk cameras surveillance well over fall Ilyushin Il-76", not remember there that was, like red tiles

Me here is now interestingly "in play water" will this same or a new hire will, to pro the strobe of hunger that were pumping?



Vnimanie- wanted the over the wreckage plane
Location collapse plane. 19 March 2016. Rostov-on-charges of … f1aa484924
With Rostov groups

"Many its members it turned out on flight" - on Layfe said

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#p58268, wrote:

vnimanie- wanted the over the wreckage plane
Place collapse plane. 19 March 2016. Rostov-on-charges of f1aa484924

"Many its members it turned out on flight" - on Layfe said

On page video VK > > Share > > Export > > Code for insert > > code you're copying in First list videokhostingov in-year window messages … Lzrn00.jpg
Yes ushsh) as such can be was photograph?
The artist decided to burying conflagration for a speeding fire truck?
Idiots:canthearyou: :canthearyou:

however,. And that now, CU to speak? That can risk burning simultaneously yellow on "betonke" and on back have firefighters machines?



04 :12: 50
Civilian jet Boeing 737-800 crashed under landing in airport Rostova-on-charges of.

The chronology here
When Boeings flew not report.

The missing without to wage Andrei Andreev not works whether now on place in Rostov? :suspicious:


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