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Rostov FZ981 Flood victories.

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Now need to his pressing world and to prove to "Russian footprint." Them would still more nothing with which engage. But they of course this to do not will - clowns are at only imagination. Essentially same is true - "disaster" designed our power.



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Under a fire the lagging takes, but in this case was explosion and the lagging should was to remain entity.
As example ruin ayrobusa in the Alps … 238#156235

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And I found reaffirming the that track on,15/6 can be rig. publication even with 2013.


Yesterday on hacking conference Hack in the Box 2013 in Amsterdam big interest public summoned report Hugo Iteso people (Hugo TESO), practitioner information security from companies N.Runs Professionals on subject “practical hacking incarcerated. ”

The author studied, what computer systems are used in aviation and how can be to scan these system on subject vulnerabilities. He mentions two major technology:

Ads-B (Automatic bedroom odern followed a-broadcast) — automatic subservient surveillance-issuing broadcast, technology for sharing information about movement air courts and obtain of air navigation information.
OOOI data (construction Communications addressing and Reporting Gecko) — system exchange text messages between plane and by ground its likes on radio or the satellite ties.

Hugo Iteso people fashioned an analysis security protocols Marine Corps Base Quantico-B and OOOI data — and found, that they extremely loosely protected from external machine intervention. Protection extremely is weak, and jobs simply is missing, so that Hugo calculated appropriate be characterized situation term “the wall-face ” (when term’hand-face ” already lacks for regulating voluntary active however).

Theoretically, with the help means of software related get the radio transmitter working the cracker can contact with computer system plane (FMS, Flight Management Gecko) on protocol OOOI data and upload there arbitrary data. To find vulnerability, Hugo Iteso people bought several copies different FMS on Internet auctions and've tested their in laboratory conditions.

For tests exploits he developed framework SIMON and program PlaneSploit under called, which was sending messages in onboard computer.

Results experiment proved highly disappointing for aircraft industries. Hugo Iteso people has found vulnerability in FMS different producers, was able send false information and through Marine Corps Base Quantico-B, and through OOOI data.

There is even such a publication, on English - Hugo Teso - Aircraft Hacking - Practical Aero Series.pdf

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#p61134,Суровый Скептик wrote:

Nu this - Most def!

And here is here I disagree - you stupid, hatchet work, in sight have them there, too, with financing quite poorly became, because writers-lurks-singers are reneged on increasingly just hand that shit as, later sleeves, without enthusiasm, without game mind. Type "and so a redneck eats!", and that it's a shame - it seems these 86% indeed what's up now and not choking

Me seems not with financing, and over time the problem was
Have them was only 2 hours time on training, precisely these two hours and "twirled boying"



#p61462,valdebaran wrote:

This is I to what you here conspiracy theories here conspire to the Schlumberger Tool Company, and real passengers from-for you realistically 4 hours time lost. And is unknown - how many the nerve.

Listen here plot pro Rostov, not pro Kiev winos, and please explain as from for us passengers 4 hours lost?
Can simply you to have a snack and go walk in another place?

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#p61457,Tema wrote:

How example ruin ayrobusa in the Alps … 238 per person # 156235

This bad example
It was a disaster A320, D-AIPX in France

#p61453,Tema wrote:

What do you mean: Mastication-wa nepadeniya boinga are based on coverage of the story lzheSMI, and truth not can be is based on in iniquity. A lie media - proven. Fall / nepadenie plane - no one has the right argue. Mastication-in not see, only assumptions.

And at all until videotape layouts aviamusora not will provide, ruin present. Ah or although would document what any.
You incidentally whose signature need a, to not discern the absence of plane?

#p61468,VictorIya wrote:

have them was only 2 hours time on training, precisely these two hours and "twirled boying"

Such a sense of that some people have revisited also usually, and themselves not organized no action, when actions several man need unite for the common affairs (I pro working activities) time moves away abound, and here for several raid hours (output days) have, Lukashenko and's been activated hundreds of people, provided transport, at the footage of and camping on P.
To quote Dmitri, have him well is obtained.

#p61371,Dmitry" wrote:

Если самолёт только что кем-то там сбит где-то там в другом месте, то Мразоканалы не будут готовы давать сотни копий видео "с камер наблюдения" в разных раскрасках и габаритах; корреспондентка России-24 не будет находится в аэропорту ; обломки не будут готовы вовремя ; сотня бойцов цеха не будет находится в Ростове для позирования журналистам ; не будут готовы фальшивые аккаунты в соцсетях ; к часам 9 утра "Комсомольская правда" не успеет написать статью с фотографиями и биографиями погибших, с их историями о том, как они любили путешествовать, любить, заниматься спортом и так далее и так далее. ; не будут готовы к событию сотни и сотни сайтов СМИ, министерства ; не успеют найти грузовики для доставки заранее нарезанных и раскрашенных обломков, и много много ещё чего.
Version of, for konspirolukhov and the slow ones among you, their now model not in popad squarely on your the eyes of. ??? ?? ? ? already and bomb in Kyiv laid the.
This increasingly fodder for the government and other "type this jackoff from Omaha.
Perishing that that, and what be could not, explain can any man, if well enough jumped into it in subject.

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#p60659,Викула wrote:

You can same calculate, will be whether tornado from strike 90-ton plane about the concrete the WFP, under speed 350-400 kilometers / untangle, street corner attacks 70 degrees, pikiruyuschego with Heights 200 meters, purely with perspective physics. With topping materials design plane. That would assuage doubt those who thinks that plane increasingly such crashed and listening anymore Shariya.

And what plane weighs 90 tons?
Tornado will 100%, and its dozen can be calculate under aid tremendous computer programs, which will account for simultaneously thousands of data about hundreds details plane. This work NDІ, not Forum.



#p58989,SataNasa wrote:

"It is pleasing to realize, that all more surrounding trust your collective of inquiry. Interestingly to know have of the staff site geography and polovozrastnoy criterion visitors for yesterday and today.

I.e. you like it or say, that under registration, too, pointed out its geographical place, gender and age?



#p59001,aks wrote:

an Airplane crashed from-for about that weather phenomena "shift wind" and faint Heights. … ?from =m ain
When there is such phenomenon, lifting force wing is changing on "opuskatelnuyu" force and jet falls. Alas alas.

So perishing recognized all and are falling :flag:



#p59597,sailor wrote:

There about the disaster or not catastrophe in Rostov on charges of, that I has found and has combined:Катастрофа-Boe … 440081128/

This cores very.
Need normal articles with normal pictures on human chessboard of, and not on a gay Facebook



#p59920,джон wrote:

for foreigners -Indiya - show another picture - huge parts of fuselage. Where this?

This is Taiwan, goddamn theater. This stop sign frame with's Taiwan TransAsia Crash … -official/ … o-1043199/ … -elsewhere … ed-as.html
Of references full of the. All media - one thing whole Yellow shit.

john,, learn to to read rules on references and images



#p59959,Muller wrote:

Bortsun with the regime, specialist Rostova Vdadimir Golyshev, too, version of has advanced:

That wait, honey, Since plane?
Think, today with enough high share likelihood can be said, that plane crashed and passengers died in some other place.
Until no traces there is no, will have imagine anymore on an even place. That could happen? Where, and at what reason plane fell?
I have there is only one a plausible version of.
Place the fall of the - Iran (in his the sky proceeded much of bombers).
Reason - or Man-portable, or bomb on board.
Goal - plane should was fall on territory Iran’s, that worsen inter would bilateral relations (plus relations Iran’s with the Arab world).
Who priest - notions not mean.
If this is so, then understood all shoals - had to improvise. Time on delete, Ally not was - need was immediately same start to act. … 2855436485

Man-portable or RPG, likely RPG-7



#p60612,Володяй wrote:

There on the sly moves away in full Flud. If there is opportunity never mind all, without hundreds of messages to 19 March days on 5. I understand that this work and time.
Foundation. Crying soulgudmana turned forum in session jury with right voices from status on Forum.
All in think and seek the intel on 5 days.

Cannot be, gav can not understand



#p60755,trixi wrote:

“I don’t seems, or too many new users with shablonnymi messages?" Read (and) you 3 days, are registered (of the United Nations) and decided to (and) write. I itself live there something, but here is my friend lives have airport, and nothing not heard. But he has neighbor, who heard, and have him there 8-10 man known in the air flew. "

You saw only 10 percent of them. As something efforts.
Moderators missed, and I usually simply their deleted to not be bothered.
But compared with the Sinai assault this simply triviality.
And on the rest of the, that whose something "opinion" it for a gift no one needless,, the more here.
Need a the-fact-argument- and logical conclusion if are lucky



#p63099,JackHerer wrote:
#p63011,горожанин wrote:

At trees still there is green leaves, the grasses the entire going to hear live - and pyreynaya, and pines.
Thank you.
Think, that thanks to these when comparing with genuine geolokatsiy can be considered amply proven podlozhnost this "photo from 17 December."

I the not against, that account can be so much fake-ass. But must be accounted for climate. This not Chukotka. The grasses green entire winter. And after correction in qualify to, or filters, especially. Snow was two times for winter, December was warm. Photo done judging by around the on zerkalku, and not on phone. Such photo, day in day, rarely enter his social media to. It is unlikely. Such option, too, ruled out cannot be

Discarded, that leaves in Krasnodar 17.12.2015 could be Greens.
Climate - climate engineering, but I give exile on archive weather, where every 3 hours weather fixed on 25 parameters tooАрхив_погоды_в_Краснодаре,_Круглике. The overnight temperatures has become tumble down below zero still with 5 December. 17 December in 6 morning was minus 5.3 degrees. This fully excludes green leaves on trees. And be photoshopped green leaves all the more there is no sense. Tvortsyam account should contrary zafotoshopit these leaves to damn grandmother, the more that in account living girlfriends real take pictures for 18’s the number of with nature, appropriate that day. They forgotten this do. Karavantseva not had been this Instagram. With big likely on reason moreover, that its not was in survivors.

There is also archive weather airport (11 kilometers from cities), where temperatures fixed every 30 minutesАрхив_погоды_в_Краснодаре_(аэропорт),_METAR. There 17.12.2015 in 07.00 was minus 7. What green leaves? Idiots should use parent the brain, propelling old photo on months "virtual life."



#p61011,Ragnar wrote:

the Embassy of the: The US began to help of inquiry causes rostovskogo collapse Boeing
"The seekers from the US in the early weeks profitsin Russia for assist in investigation causes catastrophe Boeing in airport Rostova-on-charges of, told press secretary embassy the US in Russia William Stevens."

“South cleanest ” 10 season 9 a series of 1 :5 3, 2 :0 5 … suare.html



Merely in TAC, here here is it occurs to, on night looking. You himself often promoting a benefit to critical toward information, to logic. And here is that "logic" suggests:
If tsekhoviki have such resources, that without problems organize "informpodderzhku" their prozhektov in any point world and any though (Ministry of Emergency Situations and FSB, airlines and media, and tydyr and typyr. The with as little fuss site 911 at all and administrative "TAC" in particular until now not "eradicated"? Difficult that whether find and close? "Chinese hackers" for 15 minutes this resource obvalyat and to stay. And owner-author at all not will find.
That you on this about thinking? (Do you say. Or 911 this such same project tsekhovikov? Dima, then from what exactly you so studiously us're distracting.
With respect! Dozorka.



Причиной крушения Boeing в Ростове мог стать суперсовременный прибор
К расследованию привлекли компанию-производителя из США

Одной из причин трагедии 19 марта 2016 года, когда в Ростовском аэропорту рухнул Boeing компании FlyDubai, могло стать использование на борту самолёта суперсовременного оборудования. Об этом сообщает «КоммерсантЪ» со ссылкой на источник, близкий к расследованию катастрофы.

Так, кабина пилотов была оснащена системой индикации параметров на стекле перед глазами лётчика — Head Up Display (HUD). Такие приборы стали использовать недавно, и в основном ими оснащают борты новейших моделей — Boeing 787 Dreamliner или, например, Airbus 318. Разбившийся в Ростове Boeing 737-800 в этом смысле был исключением. Компания FlyDubay по собственной воле заказала установку таких приборов на весь свой авиапарк, состоящий из самолётов более ранних версий.

Как отмечает «КоммерсантЪ», практически ни у кого уже не осталось сомнений, что причиной крушения стала потеря капитаном воздушного суда Аристосом Сократуосом пространственной ориентировки. «Вместо того чтобы посадить машину, на борту которой находились 62 человека, он буквально воткнул её в посадочную полосу», — напоминает издание. Однако причиной того, что опытный пилот вдруг перестал ориентироваться в пространстве, мог стать суперсовременный прибор.

«Некоторые участники расследования предположили, что дополнительным фактором, спровоцировавшим потерю ориентировки командиром, могла стать ещё и смена индикации на расположенном перед его глазами HUD. Как поясняют участники расследования, в зависимости от условий полёта пилот меняет режим работы HUD на более удобный. Делается это обычным скользящим движением пальцев по стеклу», — пишет «КоммерсантЪ».

При этом разбившийся в Ростове Boeing — первый в истории мировой авиации самолёт, использовавший HUD и потерпевший катастрофу. Данные с прибора могли бы пролить свет на причины трагедии, однако самописцы Boeing их не записывали. Международный авиационный комитет, который расследует катастрофу, обратился за помощью к фирме-производителю дисплеев — американской компании Rockwell Collins, Inc. Та согласилась помочь и обещала восстановить изображения с прибора, собрав их в видеофильм. Однако поскольку до сих пор поводов для проведения таких работ не было и они выполняются впервые, это заняло очень много времени. С этим и связано то, что ростовская авиакатастрофа расследуется так долго — более полутора лет.

Напомним, трагедия произошла 19 марта около 3:40 в аэропорту Ростова. При повторном заходе на посадку потерпел крушение самолёт Boeing 737-800 авиакомпании FlyDubai, выполнявший рейс FZ981 из Дубая. На борту находились 62 человека (55 пассажиров и 7 членов экипажа), в том числе 4 ребёнка. Все они погибли. Почти все пассажиры были туристами из Ростовской области, возвращавшимися с отдыха в Дубае.

Главной версией первых дней расследования стала ошибка пилотов. Однако после экспертизы, которая проводилась в США, стало известно, что у самолёта был неисправен руль высоты. В конце ноября очередная экспертиза показала, что пилот самолёта потерял ориентацию при заходе на второй круг и не смог адекватно оценить пространственное положение воздушного судна. Последняя точка в расследовании катастрофы до сих пор не поставлена. Власти региона решили установить в аэропорту Ростова мемориал в память о погибших в авиакатастрофе. … bor-_31230



Ростов. Веселей по обломкам ходить в обнимку.
Search for bodies of Flydubai plane crash continues       The Star Online

Напоминают этих двух "друзей"

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#p65178,n.dozorka wrote:

То с какой стати сайт 911 вообще и админ "Dmitry" в частности до сих пор не "ликвидированы"? Сложно что ли найти и закрыть? "Китайские хакеры" за 15 минут этот ресурс обвалят и надолго. А хозяина-автора вообще не найдут...

Форум очень полезен... всем. Здесь получают информацию... все. Зачем бегать и собирать яйца по лесу, если можно их взять в курятнике? ))) Если вкратце...


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