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Rostov FZ981 of Visualize back

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21 Today in Kazan and its memory victims collapse Boeing 737 in airport cities … enie-v-ki/ an Airplane Air Force the US What, did it The Wreck of In Kirghizia (6 Photo)



Rostovokazansk chief
Time the publication: 23 :2 5 Upon Propulsion Kazan
Photos 19 March. 2016 Rostov-on-the-on charges, almost Summer





, devour up solving from Rostov-on-Don about the crash plane in requests... video chat
Rostov-on-Don solving not aimed a on the WFP. There were only wystawienniczym tsekhoviki and vultures with cameras.
Doodles girls decided that they Moscow and that their ostensibly someone floated.
"They first have made partitioning, increasingly were checked, and then were machines."
This masterpiece. In, uh, disastrous FEMA hens instruct to do partitioning, and not to save people.
And why same their there were, no? Who Needs required pozharki on could scavenge?
Only "world news" for zatvarivaniya herd,
Other reasons - fundamentally are lacking,
Even if teenage Puchkov comes up with the gift of deniability.
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, Donetsk 2013 - … es/414793/
Kazan 2013 -




[video2=640|360]// =f alse&autostart =f alse&originalSize =f alse&startWithHD =f alse[/video2]
It was a disaster "we": Airport Rostova-on-the-on charges 19 March fully closed

Both text're made up. All 100%, every proposal, every word, increasingly suppresses that difference..
On single lekalu comprise texts for korrespondentok,
Which proved as always for 12 minutes until events in place events.
You exagerate what on stilts she gorodit, this standard on stilts.
As and Yuliya, Time "What concerns." "That same concerns." "" That same concerns. "
Ranging with 17 :0 3, "Russia-24" rotates your photos with of activists vistavi and with Donetsk catastrophe Ahn-24, issuing both for Rostov.





In night with 19 th on 20s have dug out ??? out a hole lot more.
Photo with air, 19s March 10 morning

the Big authorizationNajdi a gopher'd on November.

Large authorization … 028083.jpg
Large authorization

Boeing FlyDubai killed air shears

Dont air, and pneumatic



A masked expert Vadim Lukashevich (disambiguation) narrated by catastrophe on rain



great photograph Reuters. 20 March
In short notice swivelling dovezli on next day. Broke a a bit rzhavenko.
Nor Flughafentransfers Shemetova nor Reuters, not warned, that photographed need, thinking-ass head.
Osi ransom gazorezkoy



Frames with seats plane in Rostov on-the-on charges
RT on Russian

1 :3 2 -

Investigation collapse Boeing 737-800 in Rostov on-the-on charges.
0 :0 8 -

Two twin video. Seemed would, that here such a?
And what this another disclosure mechanisms work pulsating.
First video different, glued from fragments that, which were distributed on all telekompaniyam all countries World.
Here is that under video writes RT:

Published: 19 Mari. 2016
In networks appeared the first cadres with seats collapse Boeing in airport Rostova-on-the-on charges. Jet airlines Flydubai fell further left than that Pena Centerline Lead-On Lights under landing in conditions bad semblance.

and we think. That this quote mistakenly is taken with previous frank video, and perishing this video accurately was photographing operator RT.

And here is that under "their" video writes TASS

TASS / Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia / Video Ministry of Emergency Situations Russia
Marks, that jet in complex conditions not was able immediately go on landing and went on the second circle, under re-you access happened ruin.

Cameramen receive big video, then budo alongside kendo their on fragments-pieces of,; their in heaps in order and make as would its the commercial. This the commercial come on, then usually in background regime, until kommentatro-a leading news, reads zagotovlennyy the text, i.e. hangs soba on ears.
Sense in is, that these video not have no relations nor to RT, nor to TASS, nor to Ministry of Emergency Situations. This shop video. And even sense in is, that so is happening in all plays directed. During conducting vistavi, no competition between television networks, that us lulled, not there is.



Note, on here is this video what pictures of the behind have Trukhanova.
Still Anti Spyware Coalition all time pro 11 passengers foreigners,
And behind have this Comrade pictures of the New Yorkers until 9 / 11, with two towers still.

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At place collapse Boeing in Rostov on-the-on charges work representatives




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Signs and symbols (vehicles)


Ukrainian gives interview calicos
5 :5 5 -
Says the edited version of

9 / 11 2001, all bystanders, which proved in Manhattan and which "saw" airplanes,
Proved either employees media, either close relatives staff media.
All they poured in direct slots on the telephone on central American channels.

3 / 22 2016 Georgian journalist Ketavan Kardava, proved between the two explosions in bryusselskom airport.
It managed do all centers photos terrorist
And give the main testimony European and American media.

Increasingly equally, nothing on large thirteenth time not is changing, and crowd so and bezmolvstvuet, thinks that this simply coincidentally.

:canthearyou: simply coincidentally, that all cameramen just World, only on global plays directed, enjoy low--as and those same video, low--as and those same vbrosami, articles, interview.
Looks so same foolish and absurdly, as would ministries propaganda IIIReykha and the USSR, exchanged mediamaterialom in August 41 th.
After Russia crash, sorrow and questions
DW (English)


Alina Shulgina, this simple Alina, which likes gulyat on airports on 12 seconds, and then home.

First video the wreckage of the that crashed

You 35 or 3 on 12?



deflection attention

To propaganda, as and any other species manipulation, important task is suppression of psychological resistance human, suggestible. So, by most accounts specialists, any propaganda must be combination of entertainment, informational and ubezhdayuschego components. Under entertainment is understood any a means, which but interest to account and in the same time masks his the true sense, stymies appear as perception.

In the 1960s years was detected, that messages, aimed against any opinion or installations, find themselves more effective, if in moment their transfer of divert attention recipient from content messages (for example, PRS popular musical a melody). In this case makes it difficult for to conceptualize a information recipient of and asserted them kontrdovodov basis resistance, suggestible. Research 60s have raised effectiveness manipulation in press and on television. Newspapers have become apply kaleydoskopicheskoe location material, diluting important messages gossip, contradictory rumours, Dashi, colorful photos and an advertisement. Television became on a new combine aeaai?ya, accurately Kirchners macroeconomic attention images. Today all news TV programs represent kaleydoskopicheskiy set of attractive visual images and information messages about raze not associated between themselves events. In this has its grains logic. When diverse information too many, man it turns out not in able its intelligent process. So account for Gorski Hotel reception its itself in consciousness as a single entity, camping on E. Perceive its uncritically.
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