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In any staging a plane crash, butafory do over the wreckage, on which a herd,
Can on their own determine, that this was precisely the plane, about which say.
Under this butafory "forget" make the "the rest 90-99% cladding plane, on which there is no identification in the form of Numbers, logos, original colorize the. Who their knows, can have them time there is no, can cans of aerosol for colorize the. And can simply decisional laziness.



New York. September 11, 2001.

Ur, now official version of theory! :flag:

In that day flight UAL175 committed Boeing 767-222 (registration Number N612UA, factory 21873, serial 041). The first flight committed 27 January 1983, the, 23 February the same year transmitted airlines United for. Is equipped with two engines Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D. On day terrorist committed 17569 cycles AfterBurner-landing and I flew over 66647 hours



Kazan. 17 November 2013.
Far else happened to,?

Butafory inaccurate produce fragments, but this no one particularly not worries



Lugansk. 14 June 2014

A rare channel broadcast not showed this frame:
You not see here 100-ton plane? And for good reason.

And why showed it is this frame?
To crowd on their own watched the, that this precisely Ukrainian naval transport aircraft.
And already if and Igor Strelkov (officer) with Valtsmanom simultaneously confirmed that so it and there is, then increasingly, question closed, this precisely Ilyushin Il-76 with flown in.

Crowd never zadastsya more important question: And who made this frame and as him managed his spread on all cameramen World (and their and your)?



Ruin Airbus-330 with citizens the Netherlands 12 on May 2010 in Libya in eve "Libyan war"

But as even prove, that plane was?
And here is so:

Had only those fragments, on which can be identify plane

Still dont believe? Ah then even times with another center. Now have us already two recently, both photographer. Photographers after all not can lie to, they same after all such independent.



Surabaya Singapore
28 December 2014
AirAsia QZ8501, Airbus-320, somewhere have Indonesia

Tail belongs precisely this aircraft. As you dare to doubt? Color something coincides.
Corpses, which not typically recognized food crabs, found here same.
Curiously, that representatives Botany and fauna, no one asked question on distinctions between yavanskimi and sakhalinskimi crabs.
(In 1983, crabs ate people fully)




White krasochka podtekla. Nothing terrible, this just-only shortcomings, and from whom their there is no)



17 July 2014

Far gone, then the rest the tent? Damn it his knows.
Importantly, that present identification. This well enough for evidence.

Oops what luck. Rocket torn apart the hull directly on personally identifiable calligraphy.
And that, you say not case?



Only 17.07.2014

Balustrade said that this "Tail worth roughly $", crowd believe.
Balustrade not said, that this only part of tail. If there is part of, means and the rest parts of must fall here same, but. Here there is no other parts.
On "Tail" the logo airlines "17 for." Means? There is no, not 4,000,000,. This props.
For persuasiveness before cleaning the wheat near this props in armored crowds photographers, like aim is a Duzhinski.
"Tail" has lain even 4 month. To no one not begun to doubt, that here fell Boeings.



Disaster A320, D-AIPX in France
24 March 2015 under fascinating Tinker Bell-unt-Ben
Proper pieces of with different parts of plane, proved in one body ?, which their dumped the in gap.
Not can be? Ah after all dissimilar same. :flag:

Here is even masterpiece.
Plane there is no, but there is slice of, on which identification the writing is directly on his center.
Coincidence? Even would. Of course coincidence.
Setting those and differs, that during its conducting, number of similarities hike for all conceivable the limits.



Rostov-on-charges of19 March 2016
And development experiences from dissimilar, almost
[video2=640|360]// =f alse&autostart =f alse&originalSize =f alse&startWithHD =f alse[/video2]



Disaster ATR 72 in Tapei - disaster plane ATR 72 TransAsia Airways, 4 February 2015.
Plane ATR-72-600 local airlines TransAsia Airways with aboard number B-22816 nurturing domestic flight 235 from airport Songshan administrative center islands on archipelago Ku-ning-tou in the Taiwan Strait.



TU-154 in Smolensk the - disaster, one that occurred a in Saturday 10 April 2010.
Presidential airliner TU-the Sea flight PLF 101
In catastrophe died all savagely on his board 96 man - 88 passengers and 8 members crew, in their including President Poland Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria Kaczynska, and also known the Polish policy, almost increasingly tertiary military command and public and religious figures



14 or 17 July 2014
14 July
17 July
And, without difference. Queuing up diddle diddle confuse want



A321 Kogalymavia Air Company
31 October 2015 over central part of Sinai
Flight 7K-9268
Onboard Number Hey! "-ETJ
As aptly ruptured the fuselage



Still of the palatine of Smolensk cube correct
This picture it seems cut out from the other, for visibility

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Patients of the Leningrad hospitals, those killed in a result German artnaleta.
Nikitin W. " blockade. Leningrad 1941 1944: Photo album

Theme important, it already not one dozen years.


18 … tion-fuel/
0:58 :



7 2016
ATR 42 Pakistan Airlines
PK-661  AP-BHO




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