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Wystawienniczym "terrorist" in Brussels 3-22

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Number 1: The Indian actress under conditional name Nidhi Chaphekar,

Ostensibly in Indian airlines Jet airwaves. First, points out attention the, that on it virtually there is no blood or traces injuries (even on his stomach there is no nor scratches, although with it ostensibly blown it off jacket precisely in this place). Second, according to "eyewitnesses" (more precisely other actors) in place where occurred explosion was very it's dusty in (this same us incidentsand media), however brush its hands utterly net.

For comparisons I godu to its the image a picture of an from Twitter Lady Gaga, that for any show of make up now and the far better. Under this in sight, that technology the spraying Grima roughly one and the same (means the easy gray "dust"), but in case with "Indian" actress time, apparently, was less, so brush disguise not typically recognized. Although, Lady) and looks even more "dusty surrounding" and its can be was even with large success to issue for sacrifice terrorist.
Also is worth pay attention on the, that its jacket much in short standard jacket the stewardesses Jet airwavesHis ostensibly which, but then why under the jacket it nothing there is no?
Jacket dressed on "classic body", unlike dark 'blouses, which wear real the flight attendant's this companies
Ah and of course, classic genre - empty profile in Facebook, in which we have uploaded 2 photos (onekind of cloudy, another at all in dark glasses), under this on page referred, that she "worked", not works in specified higher airlines.

Also it reveals a such a same a strange girlfriendwith an empty account, but, which under this grieving about catastrophe Airlines Flight FZ981 in Rostov. Seems, this something rebuilt when on page have "bot" - those of victims present each, a grieving on Different mock events.

p.s. All the rest photos this "the flight attendant's" we have uploaded in network already with hand media and on greater their parts of again depicts woman in solnezaschitnykh glasses - times, two, three


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Number 2: Unknown with "a stabbing" right-wing foot. And in airport Brussels and near with-house Malbec prominently in eyes images men with "a stabbing" right-wing foot, differences only in color trousers, but "wound" the identical, under this alongside "the wounded men" there is no nor breath blood nor on kafelnom gender airport, nor on) tiles about subway (in airport there is no even blood under find a bloody hand). Apparently, actor wash their hands in airport, then dressed and delivered already to station subway. Both snapshot made on remove (that seriously impair "any eyewitnesses" approach the take a closer and do more clear cadres. On this snapshot of from airport also points out on themselves attention, that man lies under player lands on an, this one squarely on him, as if would specifically focusing attention precisely on offense. Auteur first snapshotGeorgian journalist Ketavan Kardava (precisely it belong photos majority actors in bryusselskom airport). The author second snapshot - local journalist Pauline ArmandetSkyfall Kardave (which clearly she was involved to easily described, unattractiveness "accidentally" in the right place and in right time) has here is such a photographWho any knows that this for gesture (typical Masonic whether or kabbalicheskiy) and that he means? The all-seeing an eye? And there is whether sense in its 4 rings on unmarked because right-wing hands? About it same already emerge razoblaschayuschie video on YouTubeand here in the best as awages total RUR 3,300 let me give you exile on a picture of an with Georgia Russian site sovawhich, too, clearly "in game", because precisely on it, slightly whether not the first, was a finely selection of "media strips bare" from airport. Note on the logo site
Information about owner, site can be penetrate herethis journalist antirossiyskoy better targeted Vladimir Unanyants (Kardava also has obvious antirossiyskuyu dimension - supports Savchenko, dissent--online antirossiyskie shares in Europe, serves in support NATO and the EU camping on To, on address registration site (Tbilisi, the Muslim Zubalashvili str., 23) non-registered company and this media region-cubiclesAlso Unanyants has attitude and to site New Nottinghamshire

#2: " ""

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#p61933, wrote:

Auteur first snapshot Georgian journalist Ketavan Kardava (precisely it belong photos majority actors in bryusselskom airport).

In this photo provided by Georgian Public Broadcaster and photographed by Ketevan Kardava two women wounded in Brussels Airport in Brussels, Belgium, after explosions were heard Tuesday, March 22, 2016. A developing situation left at least one person and possibly more dead in explosions that ripped through the departure hall at Brussels airport Tuesday, police said. All flights were canceled, arriving planes were being diverted and Belgiums terror alert level was raised to maximum, officials said. (Ketevan Kardava/ Georgian Public Broadcaster via AP)


This, too, ostensibly its work. Replaced by would better fotoaparat, management Krashena … de-7621061

Normally very polished, from Left Kardava, and right the kind American, that shot in direct live in 15 year
Virginia, murder of in direct live
Alison Parker, you same killed :confused:



Ketavan star YouTube

And this video, too, Kardave attribute

Canal have Kardavy mraziyno-an appropriate
Proved in right time in the right place. She in bryusselskom, and Olga Solvyova in Rostov-na-Donu airport. Increasingly skladnenko



Rarely where seen by frame actors have buildings on address Rue quo la Loi 85 (precisely there and were removed all the actors "terrorist" in bryusselskom subway). Faces some closed towels, blood there is no, traces burns there is no, dirt there is no, have men on center net shoes, if he not wounded - why him towel? If he wounded and him need towel - the why he such net?


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6 … pravy_khor

Every tragedy has the right its own symbol of. For terrorist in Brussels has become one photos a goddamn woman in Yellow bag has burst. With horror expression of waited explosion in airport Zaventem, Belgium Among the other Wounded, to help, so that she has caught the artist Ketevan Kardava. Now we know, who podvizhnogo girl - its name is Nidkhi. Now its knows the entire Mir.

Naked woman. Interestingly, in India this a picture of an can be show?
Tolerant photograph:



Sebastien Bellin injured in Brussels Airport attack
The European professional basketball player has undergone two surgeries since the bombing



Plastic child in the hands of have Crisis actor

Crisis Actor Mormon Mason Wells at Brussels Bombing

Brussels Attack Hoax! Hear comes the crisis actors



"" Ketavan Kardava survived, not though, that proved between the two bombs.
What only not think of next, srervyatniki.

Photograph more than confusing … de-7621061
Alison Parker.
Its same shot :huh:. Means survived, management Krashena



Aktrisa- "'m Hindu"froze, and we in whomafter as had an injured pace :) apparently, more we its living not will see. Although, the Indian media times of India in the same day reportedthat with it increasingly in order.
Actor award-Frenchman- the only wounded from the entire this huge crowds clean and healthy people. Under this on personified by there is no nor single scratches or traces burns. In the crowd nor on whom there is no traces even dust.
this final-the actors- teenagers and pensioners under the leadership dire thick aunt's fading from seats installation, some even forgotten to lift clean gloves off :)
At 1-51the are asked not sack actors in airport. Until this in the frame - niei?u clean, serene wystawienniczym (including classics genre - woman with child and ortodokasalnogo Jew), no one not wounded, there is no dust, there is no damage clothing.
actors-government employmentprepare something unload from ? (apparently, this not fire machine, and the usual a truck), one of them nervously can look back ago. Cadres the paper trail ends on point that before the onset of the unloading.
"the wounded" - wystawienniczymblood virtually no one there is no, as there is no and neryashlivoy or of burned clothing. Hands have "media strips bare" and "its members" - clean, on them even dust there is no, not to mention blood. Approach to shooting chessboard of guards soldiers, which arrived for my military was, not policeman (as military have been able to come faster police and intelligence. WAMENA Arrivals military ?.
actors exiting from subway- all clean, only one wounded (which here same, why something, taking someone not in in together, and in what something ???? near with-house).
All video with English mrazokanala sky news go not in direct live, and in records.
On the strange "chance" precisely journalist sky news - Alex Rossialso accidentally proved in airport Brusselsand kept made there direct broadcasts. Under this, on his own words of, he was literally in several metres from explosion (but he as and transposition also ostensibly nakhodivshayasya in several moves from "bomber" - journalist ???? Kardava, too, proved not wounded). Precisely heconveyed news about how, that "blowup" preceded shootings (where same then modicum one shell casing?) and that he understood, that this terrorist attack on so much gut-level :)
Alex Rossi says he "instinctively" knew it was a terror attack when he heard two blasts metres away from him in Brussels airport.

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#p61949,Dmitry" wrote:

Alison Parker.
Its same shot :huh:. Means survived, management Krashena

Like would - thisnot she. Photos with pages Kardavy in Facebook



To other actors 3-22 in Brussels I even return, but to not forget want to share portion photographs actor under a code name Reda Kriket, which appointed an "terrorists", implicated in to 3-22 (???? and to airport and to subway) and ostensibly "got shot." He same ostensibly already was contributed to Belgian terrorist networks (as and all other wystawienniczym 3-22 designated "terrorists"). Photos have as usually with cameras from the surveillance in bad as a, and as usually the first to published a take pictures "bomber" Associated press. Allegedly wounded "a terrorist"after "anti-terror" operations in Brussels the 25th of March. Blood there is no, no traces moreover, that he wounded, too,, man simply Kamenyuki for a holiday :) Skyfall By a we can circumstances near proved journalist British mrazogazety Telegraph (precisely she yielded zhzhenuyu grass in Donetsk area for place of start-up of missiles from SA-N-Dr.-Ing.), which toldabout shoot.Shooting on "terrorist" and about how, that on place his detention ostensibly there was a several bombings. For make life more interesting effect to "terrorist" massagedrobot on Secretary explosive devices. "A terrorist" on-akterski holds in drawn backpack (for sure with "bomb", and with than same even :) Video and filmed so, to the viewer, above all, drew attention on backpack. ???? on accountmrazosmi Associated press police first asked his roll back backpack in side, that he and made after what police opened the fire (reportedly, that two bullets are trapped in him). Also ostensibly have him was posobnitsa - girl(not laugh). Which, of course, not engulfed in frame cameras. Its ostensibly already was detained, so that, apparently, soon will see even one was trained as an actress.
That even photographdelayed look "bomber" people in plain clothes
That they his dragged offblood there is no.
Note, that have "policeman" which is to us its back on right-wing drawn - Orange dressing. These orange gnomes flashed everywhere from "terrorist" in airport Brussels until, on seems, postanovochnykh turmoil in the center of the Brussels, that followed the them. Bioinformational abilities if man policeman in plain clothes and his task Catch criminal, then why him wear around policeman (and also mask)?
Another an interesting frame"policemen" (but why something already without Rebellion) toured on civil machine audi (numbers of course not in sight, after all cameras surveillance in Brussels based in as a in a spirit of cell phones the mid-'s most likely), but again same in masks. Such a sense of, that frame clearly a mock. Other snapshot, too, in bad as a
And here isvideo with "witnessing", which says about two "shots fired" call on "terrorist", one of whom ostensibly marked in pace (on photo higher in sight, that have "bomber" its feet not damaged). Also he suggests, that the police arrived on two "special cars", that same this for special auto, if on photo us show civil audi from-for which and "blasted away" snipers about which says "an eyewitness to"? In short, all of this only a new part of vistavi Brussels 3-22.


13 … s2000t.jpg



Terrorists incidentally played brothers Tsarnaev,
Here even to doubt not account for



#p63150,Dmitry" wrote:

Trap incidentally played brothers Tsarnaev,
Here even to doubt not account for

Gloves off same assessment on leftist drawn both have?



Another clear teenage "terrorist attack" in bryusselskom airport: Interesting fallacy of composition snapshot - on photo teenage without signs of any damage, why something sealed all the way round in sogrevayuschuyu foil, near, on seems, collaborators security services airport in prominent blue 4.In gloves (already figurirovavshikh in a whole a number of fake terrorist attacks), these "guards" perfectly they are mowed and combed and here same why-military policeman with automation manager. Again as and in case with Fake a terrorist attack in Oslous show military police, which already traditionally slightly whether not the first Comes on place feykovogo terrorist, apparently, for moreover, to catch up lot more much on "(military produce more ustraschayuschee impression, than collaborators Special, which, if am not mistaken so and not came until Brussels airport or ordinary policemen).
But, interestingly and another - the author this snapshot the artist Emmanuel Dunand from mrazo news agencies France Presscollaborators which always the first to (on a par with mrazyukami from Reuters and Associated press) it turns out on places fake terrorist attacks of in France and Belgium. This same the artist the return of the then and snapshot have subway Maalbek, where photographed pseudo firefightersand pseudo doctorsWhat you attention that have extreme right women again closed one eye, as and have "survivor's"in "Kerri" in airport which pieces posobnitsa mrazyukov - Georgian "journalist" Ketevan Kardava. Yes and at all, that this for a laughable group doctors? Two aunt's clearly for 60, grandfather such a same age and some Arabic on forefront. Average age mentioned above are pseudo firefighters roughly, too, for 50. Compare their photo with typical the Brussels a fire teamIlly another exampleaverage age, judging by to individuals not older 40 years maximum.

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#p64548,Vladislaw wrote:

gloves off same assessment on leftist drawn both have?

Knots hand "Jahar" photoshopped onto records.
Likely image of the fully product of Photoshop and heads Tsarnaev simply slapped new layer by layer

of Belgium police reported names two of three figures suicide bombings, the perpetrators of self-sabotage on the eve: They were called the brothers, Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraui, natives Belgium. The first committed terrorist attack in airport (in the center of the on photo), the second in subway. Through some time was established also the second suicide bombers from airport them proved Moroccan Nadjim Laashraui (from Left on photo). The third man, caught in field of view cameras airport together with Ibrakhimom El Bakraui and Nadzhimom Laashraui initially not was established

-argues, that these young people bread not feed, let-someone kill price his life.
Immediately in sight, scenario wrote morons from Israels which have in anybody "the Arab the threat." They on full serious believe, that else humanity come in this neskladukhu, however of hunger can be can even and not such a's good stupid, believed.



#p67519,Dmitry" wrote:

Immediate, in sight, scenario wrote morons from Israels which have in anybody "the Arab the threat"

Not denying footprint Israeli intelligence in this easily described, I would not was so adamant specifically in this case, because precisely Israeli site about had posted critical comments Debkaimmediately same told, that on his data no suicide bombers on fact in bryusselskom airport not was. However ,-vovresya've come to your senses and deleted this article with site Dabkey. But, its replicatessurvivor on other resources.
And even an interesting moment - upon the aforementioned the artistEmmanuel Dunand - it turns out not ordinary photo correspondent, and as Arabtec his profile on linkedinranks an important office in coverage EU institutions and NATO (Benelux, NATO and (Institutions Kinsale Photographer). The Presents he priori entree and stems with these supranational structures.

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"", - - ( , ), , 42 .

, .

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, , "" , :


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