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Inconvenient The story

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"Advanced not saw, in attack in full growth not was. /" Marshall Yazov about Astafeve /.
Slippery personality this Astafyev, the country, uh, pulled out his from shit, made respected man, and he as was a scumbag
So and are a. But W. Bushinkai has passed to ordinary "from and until" in trenches there one could and until now on "advanced." After all the kind war still not over, and
Here she, too, goes.

Ah, and that this proves? You not seems, that those who in one night...... on the, as challenge in mindless attacks other and saw, as they Palestinians on their the eyes of, was Processors PLUS frequency, than those who behaved in attack? Think, that and commanders, which ordered these orders, that is why about such a then sought silenced.

Alexander Mezhirov

We under Kolpinym, en masse stand,
Artillery beats on their.
It is our NIE, Perhaps,
Their shopping highlights ???.

And liftoff. Call. And liftoff.
On their artillery beats.

We nedaremno oath provided.
For for gaining bridges undercut, -
From okopiv no one leaves.
And liftoff. Call. And liftoff.

We under Kolpinym, en masse're just lying
And're wobbling, prokopchennye smoke.
Need to all-??? to beat on cause,
And she - on their, on realm shall.

Us kombaty soothe want,
Us, paratroopers, army likes.
On their artillery hitting, -
Wood not cutting, and slivers fly.


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Here is still one of my favorite poems about war:

Yuri Levitanskiy

Ah that with, that I there was.
I was long, I all forgot.
Not remember days, not remember dates.
And those forsirovannykh rivers.
I an unidentified soldiers.
I ordinary, I John Doe.
I label bullets and liftoff.
I the ice a bloody in January.
I firmly vpayan in this the ice.
I in it as "mushka" in amber.

Ah that with, that I there was.
I all forgot. I all izbyl.
Not remember dates, not remember days,
Names recall not can.
I the tromp corralled Trojan.
I of the husky a yell on aaao.
I moment neprozhitogo days,
I battle on non-CIS vaudeville.
I the flames everlasting ceasefire,
And the flames thimbles in the blindage hut.

Ah that with, that I there was.
In is he be or not be.
I this all almost forgot,
I this all want forget.
I not am running in the war,
War is participating in me.
And the flames everlasting ceasefire
Is ablaze on zygomatic, I have.

Already me not to exclude
Of these years, from that war.
Already me not to cure
From those at which, from that winters.
And with the winter, and with the land,
Already me not the enraged.
Until those at which, where you already
My traces not differentiate between.



Will continue subject returnees and former captured prisoners Red Triangle.
Protsitiruem shnobelevskogo laureate and the light unto the all dissidents Solzhenitsina
Alexander Isakievicha. He the not going to lie to! :rofl:

Since 1943 year, when war perelomilas in our favor, began and with every year until 1946 th increasingly obilney, a multimillion-dollar the flow of with the occupied territories and from Europe. Two major his parts of were:
-grazhdane, are used under Germans or have Germans (them when carrying the
[]with both the "and": 58-1-and);
Of U.S. Central, are used in thrall to a (them when carrying the []with both the it comes : 58-1-it comes) [ . . 1-3. . 1999].
Very seksotu KGB nicknamed Vetrov wrapped them 8 cultural for antisovetskiy plot. Basic part of their gabfests he
Served in northern Kazakhstan. Issued on disease in-1953.
And poyzzhe, in 1974 andropovskoe KGB pushed the hack go, with inspection process was failing
Training anti-Soviet soil for the downfall of the the USSR. to day
As same was on fact?

After the end of the war began mass liberation Soviet captured prisoners and civilians, stolen on coercive work in Germany and other countries. According to direction All bets will # 11086 from 11 on May 1945, for reception repatriiruemykh Soviet citizens, osvobozhdaemykh troops allies, the Defense was organized 100 camps. Moreover, acted 46 teams points for reception Soviet citizens, of unfettered Soviet voyskami12.

22 on May 1945 Absorbers adopted the resolution, in which on initiative L. P. Pavlovich Beria was being 10-day term registration and verification returnees, after what civil facesplans be subject sending to community a permanent of residence, and military - in spare chasti13. However in ties with mass influx returnees 10-day term proved unreal and was magnified by until one-two mesyatsev14.

Definitive the outcome verification Soviet captured prisoners and civilians, of unfettered after the war, look the next way. To 1 March 1946 Propulsion Was repatriated 4.199.488 Soviet citizens (2.660.013 civilian and 1.539.475 captured prisoners), of them 1.846.802 out from zones actions Soviet troops abroad and 2.352.686 adopted from Anglo-Americans and arrived from other stran15.

Results verification and filtering returnees
(98th in 1 March 1946 Propulsion) 16
Categories returnees civil% prisoners of war%
Directed to residence 2.146.126 80,68 281.780 18,31
Is designed in army 141.962 5,34 659.190 42,82
Enrolled in workers battalions 263.647 9,91 344.448 22,37
Transferred to in ordered NKVD 46.740 between five-226.127 14,69
Was perched on peresylnykh points
Under Soviet military parts of
And institutions abroad 61.538 2.31 27.930 1,81 mln USD

Thus, from captured prisoners, of unfettered after the end of the war, repression came under only 14,69%. Typically, this were Russkaia Osvoboditelnaia Armiia and other accessories to occupiers. So, according to instructions, said have superiors validation organs, from number of returneesplans be subject an arrest and Court:
- guiding and major team composition organs police, "popular guardians of", "popular militias", "Russian Liberation army", national untold legions and other such organizations;
- ordinary policemen and ordinary participants listed organizations, honor, participation in punitive expeditions or proyavlyavshie activity under execution responsibilities;
- former military personnel Red Army, voluntarily the shift to side adversary;
- category: Mayors of, large fascist officials, collaborators Gestapo and other German punitive and reconnaissance organs;
- rural community, served active supporters okkupantov17.

" "?

to most people, of them was announced, that they deserve the most difficult punishment, but in ties with victory over Germany Soviet government accordingly to them condescension, releasing from criminal responsibility for treason Motherland, and stop sending on spetsposelenie the maturity on 6 years.
That same concerns accomplices occupiers, zapyatnavshikh themselves concrete crimes, they were directed in camps GULAG, peaking at there decent company Solzhenitsyn.
Couple of words should say and about former Soviet captured prisoners, credited in workers battalions. Many circumventing suspicious researchers and publicists include their in-permanent repressed. Meanwhile this utterly not so.

In 1945 after Layoff in supply Soviet attack those ages, on which spread that order about demobilization, were absolved on homes and prisoners of war Private and Sergeant (United States) the composition appropriate ages. Well naturally and rightly, that rest captured prisoners, cohorts which continued serve in army, should restore on military service. However war already runs out aswell, and now country were needed workers, not soldiers. So in accordance with by the resolution absorbers from 18 August 1945 Part of of them was remitted in workers batalony20.

On direction Secretary-directorate armed forces the USSR from 12 July 1946 Propulsion These battalions, served analogue modern stroybatov, were rasformirovany21, and their personal composition received status "translated in permanent cadres industry." On 1983 Council of Ministers the USSR from 30 September 1946 Propulsion On them was fully is widely have operated legislation about labor, and also all rights and breaks, whom enjoyed workers and employees appropriate enterprises and stroek22. They maintained status genuine citizens the USSR, but without rights to leave of reflection state place work.


Presidium acknowledged necessary to apply amnesty in respect Soviet citizens, which in period Great Patriotic war 1941-1945 On malodushiyu or painting "proved becoming involved in cooperation with occupiers. Presidium Supreme Council the USSR stated:

1. Free from seats incarceration faces, sentenced on term until 10 years for pandering enemy, for crimes, pass out articles 581, 610, 584, 586, 5810, numbers Criminal Chapter RSFSR.

2. Reduce on half set court punishment convicted on term above 10 years for crimes, enumerated Article 1 present executive orders.

3. Free from seats conclusions regardless of term punishment faces, sentenced on term above 10 years, faces, sentenced for service in German army, police,, special German groupsarmed militias.

4. Not to use amnesty to to individuals, to karatelyam, convicted killings and much torture his Soviet citizens.

5. Stop production all investigative affairs and affairs, not discussed courts about crimes, committed in period Great Patriotic war 1941-1945 Foreseen articles 581, 610, 584, 586, 5810, numbers CC RSFSR, quoted in article 4 executive orders.

6. To lift a criminal record and defeat in rights with citizens, of unfettered from punishment on the basis this executive orders.

7. Free from responsibility Soviet citizens, jeopardized abroad, which in period Great Patriotic war 1941-1945 , blinked in capturing enemy and have served in German army, police,, special German groupsarmed militias. The turnout with turn yourself in viewed as cushions blame contingency.

Advice of Ministers the USSR to accept measures to tempering entry by in the USSR Soviet citizens, breaker abroad, and so same members their families, regardless of citizenship, and their employment than in the Soviet Union.

Yes perishing, truly supergumanizm bloody gebni .
Helpers occupiers 6 years and not colonies, and spetsposeleniya!
Let us consider on fate some Gregory Vasyury.

How known Exhumation Action 1005 (and by the end of war already a whole brigade SS) "Drlevanger", called on reverie attended by his commander Oberfyurera SS O. Dirlevangera, "popular" you get wasted! Khatyn massacre and many other Belarusian villages.
The first "short-range battlefield baptism" brigade has passed 16 June 1942 year, when to the ground was burnt village Borki (Kharkiv Oblast). More accurately, the village burned down his the Russian company, for a hero's contribution in operation medals were earned 6 people.
According to German Workers, with summer 1942 year on August 1943 year brigade Dirlevangera eliminated tariffs 15 thousand "bandits with weapons in the hands of." For this same time brigade destroyed 123 any inhabited points on territory OSCE, Mogilev Region, Vitebsk areas, and also Mazur shot and burned down buried about 20 thousand Civilians.
On some calculates only in the FUHRER ORDERS upon 25 zoldaten was DRAMA.
For those who not knows that this such buck, this motherfuckers.
In punitive same subdivisions this number on order higher:

In 1940 he enclosed on negotiate yet another crime pedophilia, and his the old each Berger (adviser Himmler's and the old gitelerovskiy-gunman), to save Dirlevangera, proposed leadership create burqa SS from razlozhivshikhsya elements.
Brigade is beginning to shaped by in 1940 year, its the groundwork comprise had their legal as. A poacher in the eyes of Dirlevangera was ideal member of his team well knew wood, Berlin could only shoot. However already by the end of 1940 year it starts to replenished first anarchists and EPPF for rape and other sexual crimes, and in 1941 and patients psychiatric clinics, mostly also stradavshimi with sexual disorders (eksgibitsionisty, publicly onanirovavshie and camping on P.
Finally, in 1943 year in burqa integrated kastrirovannye homosexuals.
To January 1942 th he received 200 people, and with them served in Belarus. His the team informally so and was called " brigade poachers there.

????? /
Pro set off a dormant a poof...... the most Hitler and his environment now to speak not let us,
But review to Gaucher.

Pro Americans I wrote, that his they released, when took the prison camp, himself he not, ever gave up and forth - or even Kolyma, as I and wrote. Nor under what amnesty he not fell and va in 57 on go as soon as possible term.

I.e. and Bergen ostensibly nor for that, they grab, angry security officers were and recognized on Kolyma (river) to Varlamu
Shalamovu, a bit of gold wash.
Even gauptshturmfyureru and timers in their sites staff whatever Vasyure gave 25 years (in 1952), but had completed he only 3 year, emerge from camps on amnesty 1955 year (in honor 10 celebrations Victory, on it were exempted virtually all collaborators).
And zhorinogo and Bergen'm being marinated until the last? As such can be?
The answer is simple. Who the injects us misleading or simply J.J. Cale!
Here is such a vulnerability for you inconvenient history goes.

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#p64432,2+2=2 wrote:

Skolzkaya personality this Astafyev, the country, uh, pulled out his from shit, made respected man, and he as was a scumbag
So and are a.

Not in sight explanations, account for request re-: Why Astafyev, on-your, slippery personality; from no shit, which country and where his, uh, pulled out; result facts, showing, that he was a scumbag.



Admirers this Bavarian beer and admirers of "blond beastie."
Himself plan "gearboxes are greased for life"
And his analysis.




result facts, showing, that he was a scumbag.

Ah can I and overreacted, but.
Still times will repeat, Homeland independent and fed his in hard road childhood, gave education. Ah that still need to?
But in late life, kulatskie genes played and in devices up "category: Perestroika" fever of this fighter for truth began to pour over shit, this is the
This the most homeland. And he became the banner of a anti-Russian sentiment, on blood Russian man!
For me he a scumbag.
And his colleagues on branch has Bushinkai, Pavel Bondarev, Sholokhov and others. Great countrymen.

What that in recent years life the writer was is amiss in psyche - the bleakness. About this evidence suggests striking in his cynicism and consider written clearly the.
"From Viktor Petrovich Petrovich Astafiyev. Wife. Children. Grandchildren. Read after my death. An epitaph. I came in the world are a good, native and liked his resented. 'm leaving from world maneuver, brilliantly, vicious. Me nothing to acquire say you on farewell to secondary to tertiary. "

About this reveal and all category: Perestroika talk Petrovich Astafiyev, when he I kicked him as could Russian people. Not for good reason same precisely Petrovich Astafiyev with such "love" quotes Minikin in his tresksuchem State president: "Famous Russian writer, about Protva (one so: That vykormysh father and teachers ! What a poacher Russian people. He and comrade Stalin burned the in fire war Russian people and Russia. "
Ah, wrote Astafyev this in some personal letter, that with, little whether who and that wrote in 1987 year at the dawn perestroika?
So could write and Astafyev and -Rezun - than not couple?
Behind these empty slovesami not hide no amount facts. I personally knew several tens of front-line soldiers and nor one of them not thought so, as Astafyev, although many, of those, whom I knew and prolonged also been with them about the war, including own father, over much more heavy tests, than Astafyev. In this case his opinion nor about fix not say and writer's uncanny ability his much beige rust liquid, than have Sholohova street. In late all, "Cursed and killed" - this mushinoe srane compared with mysteriously "They fought for homeland."
Nevertheless, opiras on cigarette and malodushnuyu phrase Petrovich Astafiyev, journalist Minkin (disambiguation) again muttering about any something 36 million dead! He and him such still accept us for any something fools to their sure. Can be think, that except Minkinykh we already no one not are reading. Yes the same Kozhinov long already denounced this lies, and now razoblachyonnye falsifiers of a and has been blame serious scientists in "rigging history." Here is example the most present popsovogo consciousness, example impritinga, of spraying of moonflower in brains, syringe. This very Minkin (disambiguation) and there is real syringe. Tyavkayuschiy Pomeranian perestroika.

Here is he, torzhestvuya and again waving the before our its nose perestroechnym the banner of a with name Petrovich Astafiyev, writes: "This Astafyev wrote in 1987 year (from provides in light books letters Petrovich Astafiyev No me answer ). That let us to do? Astafyev on how light of. Going to arrest book? But these only reveal a its fear of true, and the text burying from people not manages. "

Read the we already this "truth" in Artsibashev "it otherwise not given", then on yard stood as times the very 1987 year.
Now have us - 2009 th. Different DANO!
Now we, not you have become in other.
Mass tooled handwriting in another times not Commission itself, this you, not us it is time to return in Psinye skins. You us there under all desire not wicked endgame, Astafyev here nor under than.

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#p64523,2+2=2 wrote:

the most Hitler

Gonna throw on you here with amblogodroma)


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#p64529,2+2=2 wrote:

Homeland independent and fed his in hard road childhood

Which itself same and set, putting father.

#p64529,2+2=2 wrote:

Nu that still need to?

Need to, to child grew with parents / not upend family / then not will have feed bezprizornikov.

#p64529,2+2=2 wrote:

in late life

He recognized that with him / and such, as he / made this so-called homeland. Asked not praised by and not to romanticize the war (sacred, and camping on To, mentioned truth about it without takers?: She an appalling, the bloody, the grim; this the brink, for which one ceases to be man and turns into pet, the cattle to. Words, which you put the in respect Petrovich Astafiyev, show level of development your personality and the prenominate, first, you the most, and then already maligning memory moreover, who more dignity in it and older you.



Leshiy, all subsequent video with these YouTube (and with other resources) without content, without describe exactly properly agreement will shifting away. Participants must have choice - look or not, and for this should be understanding of about than concrete video.
Ability to also arriving in subject a host year not = zakhlamlyat its yutubovskimi rollers.

The last warning.




Lay, which you put the in respect Petrovich Astafiyev, show level of development your personality and the prenominate, first, you the most, and then already maligning memory moreover, who more dignity in it and older you.

I try to call things their names.
History with muscles overseas father writer very the dark. With what you took that he sat not for that?
The entire a biography with words the most Petrovich Astafiyev. And than exactly his've offended "so-called homeland"? Contrary, in difficult time
Independent, was raised by my, gave education, membership in alliance writers. That not so? And here is when times have changed, he suddenly
Begun to see clearly and decided to sign in dissidents, "thank" Solzhenitsina was seduced by?
Humanitarian-technician at theto day comments below in article, more accurately not do you say.

A as Astafyev were evaluated by, as called at all Zhukov, Stalin . Yes to call something can be, as arbitrarily. But who he and who Stalin, Democrats? And called he their, as and adopted have all the evil and ignorant militarily antisovetchikov. But funny same defend Generalissimo and Marshal from delusional antics Company (military unit) telefonista. He and Sholohova street viciously hated. On Musical poet Boris Gaming, Astafyev once declared: Day death Sholohova street will the happiest day my life. His own death, as and death Solzhenitsyn, no one not very happy. They competed in hatred and to to Stalin, and to Marshal Georgy K. Zhukov, and to Sholokhov.

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#p64644,2+2=2 wrote:

I have been arguing to call things their names

Then not mix homeland with state.

#p64644,2+2=2 wrote:

Since what you took that he sat not for that?

System-concentration camps need were workers - were about and without a pretext.

#p64644,2+2=2 wrote:

And than exactly his've offended "so-called homeland"

're insulted state, dismissive to Russian soldier as to per caput cereal and pushechnomu meat seems to.

#p64644,2+2=2 wrote:

, gave education, membership in alliance writers

State made education mandatory-under than here a small a boy vecherinok Astafyev? He where large state. Membership in alliance writers came easy for not state))

#p64644,2+2=2 wrote:

when times have changed, he suddenly
Begun to see clearly and decided to sign in dissidents, "thank" Solzhenitsina was seduced by?

Think, that deal not in partyless: Himself man is changing-is happening awareness what-either, then reassessment relations to this; so are falling the Blinders and and straightforward templates. You little know about him and third on the basis maneuver negative opinion. Incidentally, ordinary Astafyev served chauffeur-driven car hire and a communications officer, what attacks in full growth, JSC. Yazov?



Yes, we not yet touched original themes the gulag! Belarus, crime NKVD.
People with unsustainable mentality better not look!



Vast Soviet documentation! About full failure starters war! Unique materials! Speech Stalin, where he himself recognizes destruction red army!



#p64669,Leshiy wrote:

Yes, we not yet touched original themes the gulag! Belarus, crime NKVD.

#p64670,Leshiy wrote:

vast Soviet documentation! About full failure starters war!

On what basis these ad clips can be to believe?
I here is can offer version of sho this was wily plan Putins. :crazyfun:, Ugh Hi, Stalin. Yes difference there is no-sho the the actor theater sho the other.
And plan zaklyuchalsya in is Slippery to lure and sexually abuse an khvashistkuyu army in bryanskikh lyasakh. :crazyfun:



To believe not need to.
Need to to think. Have. Another of hot nedobitykh cattles-perfidy.
Gebbelsyata decided cut down cash and integrated in gorbachevsko-eltsinskuyu campaign to oblivanii shit, this is the
Our history. And Joseph Paul, their spiritual the Instructor taught lie to big. Here is they lie.

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Leshiy, ah that to do, vacation you on week from Forum. Get some rest, manners Learn, information finally it in a proper amount, dial. And I here until shall engage "its immediate obligations."



Leshiy, If speaking the you pokazyvayut- means anyone, the need to, to you saw precisely this. People share on three categories: - who sees, who sees, when show and those who not sees. The second group and has the most great potential diverse opinions. But this only opinion, based on some information and not more. Even caught in the epicenter of the events (any) has only its own vision underway, which can in fundamentally differ from vision this situation other man, depreciated there-same. All the more for those who himself in these events were far through not participated, this increasingly attorney the diploma.



#p64670,Leshiy wrote:

vast Soviet documentation! About full failure starters war! Unique materials! Speech Stalin, where he himself recognizes destruction red army!

The beginning of war should begin with Victory?

7 :1 1 - "in rain and snow they were under open sky."
In June-July 1941 th on in Belarus and Ukraine Snow not was

7 :2 5 - "Hello my native, although when you will to read this letter, me not will in survivors.. Boys my, try adopt have Germans their most formidable weapons - organize and Microdetails. "
I.e. Esquire Drink Database knows that his the elephants, but mail do worked right through line Front. Neato.
The traditional the German razdolbaystvo not may be a example nor for any boys. They and on the next year, once established in Stalingrad were, not take care of winter form clothing.
Glupyshi limit resources attacked the USSR, already in September and those more in October 41 th, all they perfectly knew, that Germany doomed. Only miracle, entitled the Russian soul, allowed Germany save, not destroy every a German, or not turn them in elevation slaves.

#p64669,Leshiy wrote:

Yes, we not yet touched original themes the gulag! Belarus, crime NKVD.
People with unsustainable mentality better not look!

In short repressirovali least five populations Belarus

Over years the pre-war five-year-olds in BSSR was created a new materially-technical base, built above 1,000 enterprises, in including 400 large. In large industrial centers became Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel, Bobruisk, Borisov, Orsha. In late 30-'s. Structure industrial production evolved first role, which was cast it in obschesoyuznom division labor. Amounting around 3% from just population the USSR, BSSR has produced from from the total production D complex% plywood, 28.6% large, 25% yeast, 10% many dealers looms and camping on D.

Built 1,000 enterprises, of them 400 large, then all repressirovali, to all wealth had corrupted to Stalin. :canthearyou:
Leshiy, shit, which not wanted to live honestly, arestovyvalos, sudilos, and vykidyvalos in our. Increasingly else - tall tales Jakovlev and companies.
Although would, for 1,000 enterprises, you all not pity in junk, seriously. You not auctioning the rights expense Belarusian air and enjoy the popular good.



Bugaggaa came forest ranger and expelled all and red and green and white.





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