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Inconvenient The story

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Fascism - as counteracting a new world order! Traditional culture against unification and globalization!
Emotions in side, only common sense. In educational purposes, brief historical certificate.

"Fascism, public-political for, sparked in the early 20 digits To him Raba and movement, ideas, and political regimes, which in dependence from countries and kind of could wear various name: Exactly fascism, populist-socialism, populist-syndicalism and others. However all them naturally a series of shared traits.
Occurrence fascist movements. Roots fascist ideas and movements go in extreme European nationalism 19 digits He acquiring the most militant forms in those countries, where, as in Germany and Italy, in force political party creation national state was happening with belatedly, either in national states, negotiate heavy military destruction, as for example, in France after Franco-@-@ Prussian war. The ascent fascist sentiment was stems with conservative reaction on the rapid public change in European societies in the second half of 19 digits –’s industrialization, concentration financial and entrepreneurial ?40 and camping on D. Like traditional then, new nationalist tide to declare its commitment to the idea of existence “natural elites ” and hostility spirit Enlightenment. However, unlike him, they treated to broad masses population. Their social base resided predominantly from public strata, which lost ground in successive the course industrialization and competition with fortunate big in ownership and had a fear of in an orderly workers movement. … 10222A.htm



Communism - as a project globalistov-Zionist!

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All these’(tiled higher) can be boldly call propagondonskimi, (shovel for herd. They nothing not prove and not belie - such same movies, plus nachityvanie a special text, not way of beyond a common concept of, to the same disclosure Czarism might be, Orthodoxy, Church-dogmaticheskuyu ideology.
Javadxan, simply so, for insights people raised their 40 time series, pro "horrors of our socialist town."



#p62852,Pepa wrote:

They nothing not prove and not belie - such same movies, plus nachityvanie a special text, not way of beyond a common concept of, to the same disclosure Czarism might be, Orthodoxy, Church-dogmaticheskuyu ideology. Javadxan, simply so, for insights people raised their 40 time series, pro "horrors of our socialist town."

In principle and one series of lack :rofl:
Since Happy New 1995 year! - City - Political verses cons end up

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Destruction of the Russian Culture! Admirers red regime better not look!



Destruction Institute family, as being bourgeois past!



You miss me? You! Ideas Marx in life! Nothing, nothing, soon you Volodya will remind!



By slaves not can without chains!



#p62865,Leshiy wrote:

Destruction Institute family, as being bourgeois past!

On whom this a-half? On children or fuck-upS?
On the first minute video

Until 1918 year in Russia not was Institute civil marriage, although law from 19 April 1874 year marriages Orthodox Old Believers, recorded in metric conversions books, purchased the in civil respect force and consequences legitimate marriage and were seen by some kanonistami the Russian the Church as marriages civil. [6]Тем, кто не хотел (или не мог) заключать брак в рамках религиозного института из религиозных, антирелигиозных или иных соображений, приходилось жить без юридического оформления супружеских отношений; живущие в таком сожительстве для его обозначения стали использовать как эвфемизм термин «гражданский брак», хотя этот термин имел лишь эмоциональный смысл, такие отношения не подкреплялись никакими юридическими последствиями, включая, в особенности, права собственности при разделе имущества при прекращении сожительства и наследовании в случае смерти сожителя.

Soon after coming to power Bolshevik Party, 18 December (UF. -style) 1917 was adopted a decree SNC’s outgoing “Oh civil marriage, effeminate and about the competence books attacks fortune ”, [7][8]which read, in particular:“ Russian Republic henceforth recognizes only civil marriages ”; church marriage called or come in “private affair the contracted parties ” [7]and've been missing out on legal forces. A decree “Cyber Decoupling church from state and schools from church ” 20 January (2 February) 1918 terminally wandered from protect anew valery marriages legal meaning (for marriages, prisoners in Church form until decision-Decree, had persisted legal force relatively partition of property and of succession, and they not needed in repudiation).

I.e., until December 1917 in Russia procedure formalizing the marriage was general canon (church) character. State same, undertaking principle secession church from state, ???? ?????????? ?? on themselves support relationship between spouses with the help secular legislation, so the only form of marriage became civilian, i.e. secular marriage. Marriage became called civilian unlike former Swedish marriage — clerical, religious.

Thus, with ingestion decrees CEC and SNC’s outgoing RSFSR “Oh civil marriage, effeminate and about the competence books attacks civil fortune ” from 18 December 1917 And “Oh termination marriage ” from 19 December 1917 Civilian marriage became only priznavaemoy legally in our country form of marriage. Legal force received marriages, requiring listed in departments recorded marriage and births under urban (rayonnoї, Uezd or Volost administration railway Lyubotin - Sumy -) admin. The first Russian code — KZAGS (Code laws about acts civil fortune, sheeting that, semeynom and a custodial right RSFSR) 1918 Defined: “Only civilian (secular) marriage, recorded in meant recorded attacks civil fortune, breeds rights and duties one ’, expressed in the present section. Marriage, a perfect on religious obryadam and under the auspices spiritual faces, not breeds no rights and responsibilities for faces, in him new accession, if he not 2010 fixed order. ” I.e., such marriage not gave no rights relatively obtain any property in case termination altogether this marriage or death spouse.

In Russia currently civilian marriage (in original the significance of the term ’) is the only from concluded anew marriage, priznavaemym state, and fixed in organs Internet upside regardless of seats of residence any of future one ’. So most Russian denominations for conclusions marriage on religious obryadam require obligatory registration marriage in bride's dressing.

From vikipiki Civic marriage
With here abolishing marriage and sexual revolution? In the USSR - sex being asked.

In some states the US marriage legalized pismovim agreement sides, which zaveryaetsya lawyer. The subsequent registering the such marriage in the single public registry not requires. Civil-legal consequences breeds and neuzakonennoe cohabitation with wage common farming. In individual states a simple co-habit on expiration a certain term joint life allows Court establish precedent presumption legitimate marriage.

Such practices more acceptable for fighters with "soveyskim regime" zhidomassonov.



#p62868,Dmitro wrote:

At whom this a-half? On children or fuck-upS?

Here, you rights! Precisely on fuck-upS and intended)
From of e Bronstein (made by comrades Trotsky) and Lenin (Blanca)
“course, sexual oppression there is importantly a means subjugation rights. Until there is such oppression, not can be and speech about a real freedom. Family, as was of institution, fully themselves izzhila. Need to much detail to speak about this workers … ” Lenin respond him: “… And not only family. All bans, concerning sexuality, must be removed … We there is anything to learn from the Suffragettes: Even ban on a gay love must be lifted. ”
Can be also revere Kollontay, Lunacharsky and camping on D. Most materials, which I here publish, from conventional school programs. Even in soveyskikh textbooks all of this black on white written. I even remember, as us teachers about this shared. Himself think about it, what have communist can be wife? This contradicts the most ideas! Increasingly the general - suburban wives, children, estate! But only not power!



People! Me need to was in the first post this write, but I raze not expected, that on this Forum so much people soskuchilos on sovku! Komsomolskoye past, apparently, not gives contemplated) self subject not worth to read people istoskovavshimsya on a strong drawn, yarmu and kandalam!This material for free people!
Yes, theme not simple! But this part of our history and we should know truth! Understandable, that all of this unpleasantly! And that much worse off just in life to change themselves and dispose from of strangers stereotypes. But need to well understand, that prevents this increasingly quietly perceive, only soveyskoe nurture. Us hard to understand, that us brutally cheated and importantly to agree with this.
Honestly, I have here next door lives a close, have which the private ethnographic museum. Museum popular life and the Russian Culture. Many provincial cities will be jealous of his collections. And we, apparently, not in equals positions are. I have open access to all materials and artifacts, so I can even a host year Twittering information on all crimes ass squatter family the and Bolshevik Party. To him same virtually every day arrive people! Arrive "red", and leave "white")
Now, we decline a series of films about exposition of Museum and civilization Russian the North’s!



Rhone Valley - Russian Liberation Peoples Army!



Lyrical retreat) I not Confiteor Christianity, but respect its culture!

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#p62886,Leshiy wrote:

Здесь, ты прав! Именно на дебилов и раССчитано!))Из переписки Бронштейна(Троцкого) и Ленина(Бланка)«Несомненно, сексуальное угнетение есть главное средство порабощения человека. Пока существует такое угнетение, не может быть и речи о настоящей свободе. Семья, как буржуазный институт, полностью себя изжила. Надо подробнее говорить об этом рабочим…» Ленин отвечал ему: «…И не только семья. Все запреты, касающиеся сексуальности, должны быть сняты… Нам есть чему поучиться у суфражисток: даже запрет на однополую любовь должен быть снят».Можно также почитать Коллонтай, Луначарского и т.д. Большинство материалов, которые я здесь публикую, из обычной школьной программы. Даже в совейских учебниках всё это чёрным по белому написано.

     А давайте посмотрим на конечный результат, для начала.    Где долбились и долбятся в дёсна и в попу лица одного пола;  где мужики с бабами в бане моются вместе и без трусов; что такое  "шведская семья" ;  про детские игрушки,  площадки, программы  можете поинтересоваться сами.  В советской стране я такого не видел,  а в Европейских странах, почему-то,  где не было коммунистов - наблюдаю.

     Дайте пожалуйста название  "совейского"  учебника, где  "чёрным по белому это всё написано"  или ссылочку, хотя бы.
Вы упоминаете Луначарского и Коллонтай, приписывая им хрен знает что, а сами даже не прочитали их статей. Не проверили информацию, рекомендуете ссылку.

    Статья  А. Луначарского -  О БЫТЕ:МОЛОДЕЖЬ И ТЕОРИЯ „СТАКАНА ВОДЫ".   ( ) -  Ваши суждения опровергает.

    Теория  "Стакана воды"    (Теория_стакана_воды )
    Новая женщина — концепция Александры Коллонтай  (Новая_женщина ) ...  "О новой женщине до Коллонтай писали Ж. Санд, Г. Ибсен, Н. Чернышевский, И. Тургенев. В англоязычной литературе первые упоминания новой женщины датируются новеллой Марии Эджуорт «Беллинда», 1801 и в романе Элизабет Браунинг «Аврора Ли», 1856."  Там же в Вики есть перечень статей               А. Коллонтай с ссылками,  можно ознакомиться.

    Извините, а Вам дедушка с бабушкой о тех  "сладких"  временах свободной любви, когда были все общие, не рассказывали?  Если рассказывали - поделитесь.



#p62906,Pepa wrote:

and in ESAs countries, why something, where not was communists - watch.

Through TV?



#p62896,Leshiy wrote:

"the! Me need to was in the first post this write, but I raze not expected, that on this Forum so much people soskuchilos on sovku! Komsomolskoye past, apparently, not gives contemplated)

I have in klyatom sovke student scholarship was 80 rubles, that in the diversion on today’s putinki thousands of 15.
Now voiceless scholarship 15,000 putinok?
Komsomolskoye past I have was, but not long. In 8 classroom took, under or in school recently on accounting not embarked, i.e. samovyshel.



#p62918,Иван М wrote:

Ivan M

Wu me in klyatom sovke student scholarship was 80 rubles, that in the diversion on today’s putinki thousands of 15.

And us in hell-bound "sovke" apartment gave for free! Uzhos!
Ivan, ah you same prichine have little man in kumirakh Bronislaw State churchgoers, ah about than here to speak.



#p62896,Leshiy wrote:

I raze not expected, that on this Forum so much people soskuchilos on sovku!

Not need to substitute desire to stability, that gave "scoop", on regime "worm." No one in his right mind not covets Iron Curtain, Leninist Young Communist League of agitok, terrible deficit and total control. But pozhivshie there and here perfectly know that they wanted would return: Stability that provides opportunity plan, look in tomorrow, guarantees state and commonality, which was is based on well concrete morally inter-norms Programme is above all from education and cultural values.



#p62970,франческа wrote:

Но пожившие там и тут прекрасно знают что они хотели бы вернуть:  стабильность, которая давала возможность планировать, смотреть в завтра, гарантии государства и общность, которая была основана на вполне конкретных морально-нравственных нормах выведенных прежде всего из образования и культурных ценностей.

СССР способствовал уничтожению-рассеянию-ассимиляции русских (и украинских, белорусских) Родов посредством войн, выпинывания в другие республики, мощнейшей урбанизации.

Остальное не имеет никакого значения после этого.



#p62896,Leshiy wrote:

I raze not expected, that on this Forum so much people soskuchilos on sovku

Deal not in sovke, and in that, in the USSR the main value was man (I pro the USSR after Insured). Man provided opportunity be born, grow, learn, work, build career. And today this taken have rights and preferable those who aren't human).

P.S. Even my grandmother with the grandfather, which in 40-'s fed on a frozen and filling with fields, grass, spikelets slumped on a path (for that could on musketry send) today say - and after all have us then was hope on bright future, and it with every year have us no - work, money, apartment, children, vacation, luxury 70-80-most know And today from whom there is such optimism?


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