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Disaster Boeing 767 in Lauda Air 26 on May 1991

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Fluderskoe message in topic "rostovskogo collapse" Rostov FZ981 Flood II- Armed take a closer look at event, with which compares setting in Rostov-on-Don charges of.

All suggests, that this such a same "disaster", as in Rostov, Smolensk the, Kazan, and camping on D., here full of the recognizable markers of workshop.

Vicky writes:
"Aviatsionnaya disaster, one that occurred a 26 on May 1991 in district Danchangruen and falsehood one of largest in history aviation. Airliner Boeing 767-3Z9ER airlines Lauda similarly nurturing flight NG004 on route Hong Kong — Vienna with intermediary muscles overseas in Bangkok, but on 15 th minute bombers leftist engine, steel box siding with in regime maximum reliability off, that led to transition plane in unmanageable fall. Not surviving a challenge overstrain, plane 2006 on parts of, after what his over the wreckage fell on territory national ???? Pkhutoyruen cleanup Danchangruen. Died all savagely on his board 223 human — 213 passengers and 10 members crew. "

National cleanest - this modes territory, least outsiders eye. Time catastrophe 23 :1 7 on-local - virtually-zero nominal the likelihood witnesses.

In 23 :1 7 ICT, when plane on speed 0,78 Maha anodyne levels 24700 feet (7530 meters. Leftist engine siding with in regime maximum reliability off, i.e. began create journey traction. Plane tipped and right down..

Rassypanie in the air and fall with 7.5-kilometer Heights should was lead to very broad Tiananmen vypadaniya the wreckage of the and voronkam under falling dire parts.

Nothing this there is no on photo, nashedshikhsya in networks.

See standard massacre - in accuracy grabovskuyu, drink our fresh Alpine, Rostov and camping on D., clothes and rags together with dire were Scotlands. As was being exported - their "poddonami" - in chunks cladding, so and have been loaded out. There is be announced with dumping, centuries-old corrosion, there is novorezannoe.
Photo from wiki

Engine "fell with 7.5-kilometer Heights", are all corroded in the process the fall of the and partly demontirovalsya. So same not penetrated nor on centimeter in land, as not comprised such same engines with dumping nor in mandated sand, nor in dark, rich soil grabovskoy heap,.
Here and forth - … er-mozart/

Tires chassis turned sour, as always. Trees, clear of parched, proved ogneupornymi.

Rukhnuvshie over the wreckage tripping over bamboo – only there, where vygruzhalis the widest "pallets"

There same, where Passage allowed carry "the fragment", bamboo – not tripping over.

"Fragments" only stay the fuck down his, sing that song Lean from below.

Here three could come up with break the bone dry, and chicken from above.

And even why something prodeli through spokesman Philip Crowley otrezannogo slice. This something why??

Owe be "furnish identifying fragments." They there is.

But importantly - "paint aviation" delivers. Sky falls immediately the entire. Worse Yaroslavl, Soviet Union of paints on grabovskoy the massacre can be only paint Chinese! … /167648580 … /167648579

About recorders "rostovskogo boinga" people such: Hell is that any (. Parameters by air - "needle's damaged", kbit data recorder for the car - please. Nothing not (. This standard. Vicky all the same: "Registrator done in spits, Simon data was strongly destroyed under a fire and his data proved tampered with. However kbit data recorder for the car survived, thanks to him investigators learned about samoproizvolnom inclusion maximum reliability off. "

As is considered, passengers - 213 man and crew - 10 all died, most - Austrians and the Chinese from Hong Kong.
Oddity in is, that a huge number of "skeletons" not were istrebovany close. Vicky: "Of-for hot change leftovers from the passengers Airlines Flight 004 quickly decomposed, the study of personal things significantly was compounded looting local inhabitants and even volunteers. 43 bodies so and not were, we have identified, they were buried in fraternal grave in 90 kilometers from seats catastrophe. "

Bears of still not have come up with. Instead them local have made on "place catastrophe" exposition from Buddhist no multimedia bells and whistles.

On video is famously in sight compact location "the wreckage of the."

Let me draw your attention on fun mood girls. They see and know, that this for "ruin."

On 2 :5 0 visible motorcycle on the road near the most "collapse." On it toured snimavshie this video Thais. Field-based the road in this part of national ???? there is, she enough wide -, hard time delivering cargo transport "the wreckage of the" not amounted to difficulties.

Lauda Air Crash Site - Thailand

Think, that in gallery a sham shipwrecks on our Forum became one more.


На фото Ники Лауда. Словами вики:

Андре́ас Никола́ус «Ни́ки» Ла́уда (нем. Andreas Nikolaus "Niki" Lauda, род. 22 февраля 1949, Вена) — австрийский автогонщик, трёхкратный чемпион мира в классе Формула-1. Впоследствии спортивный менеджер, комментатор немецкого телеканала RTL, эксперт по автогонкам, неисполнительный директор команды Формулы-1 Mercedes AMG.

и далее

В 1980 году Лауда основал свою авиакомпанию Lauda Air, занимавшуюся чартерными рейсами, и целиком сосредоточился на управлении ею. Но бизнес шёл не очень успешно, постоянно требовались новые вложения, к тому же через несколько лет Лауда посчитал, что поспешил с завершением карьеры гонщика, и у него ещё есть потенциал в Формуле-1. Перед сезоном 1982 года он стал искать себе место боевого пилота в одной из команд.

После завершения карьеры в 1985 году Лауда вновь вернулся к управлению своей авиакомпанией. Он также прошёл обучение пилотированию гражданских самолётов и сам пилотировал некоторые из рейсов компании. В 1999 году он продал контрольный пакет акций крупнейшей австрийской авиакомпании, Austrian Airlines, и практически перестал принимать участие в управлении Lauda Air. В 2003 году он продал также остаток своей доли, однако в том же году основал другую авиакомпанию — Niki.

Согласно статье по ссылке, в попытке разобраться, Лауда лично отправился на место катастрофы самолёта своей компании.



#p63229,Славянец wrote:

Under article on exiled, in an attempt deal, Lauda personally went to on place catastrophe plane its companies.

As man, not indifferent to aviation, and as a race car driver, champion, saw a person of many shipwrecks, let and on earth, Lauda, without doubt, sees entire old gumph and knows about it.
But posing in for world news, plays role.

All airlines cooperate with, assembly in fact cover lzhekrusheniy: Give or argue lists passengers, include lzhereysy in graphics flights, participate in fіktivnikh "scorn the", make statements for media, dragged off entire strongly badyagu with realistically ego i and spisannymi on ruin people.

The entire and question: Champion car racing, owner petty a charter flight airlines set before fact and convincingly finance--pushed, that will have play large factor crash Lauda similarly Flight 004, or "treaty with, assembly" - at all pass in owners aviabiznesa, which entirely "tsekhovaya there was famous sovereign patrimony"?



Found on Panoramio



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5 crash lauda air.htm



Part of victims was entombed in 90 km. Why same so far, if corpses quickly decomposed. And then in what place? Bedroom was.


Until Bangkok - 170 km.


Vicky pro victims

Випов хватает

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