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Experiment with double aperture

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Not gives me contemplated this experiment.
On my suburban glance, this experiment directly proves, that:

So, basically, all ??? Matrix.
Consciousness-defines own.
Thought material.

Why so little information about experiment?
Why not continue to move in this direction?

Deliberately give legkovesnosti milestone cartoon?

I believe consciousness fundamental. I believe matter, derivative from consciousness. We not can remain without consciousness. All, about than we are talking, all, that we see as the existing, even posits consciousness. Max Planck, the Nobel laureate and pioneer quantum theory.

Max takes time to gain red your?



#p63503,Gonzo wrote:

Why not continue to move in this direction?

Because quantum mechanics this spectacle.
Your video is description not real experiment, and mental.
That here add)

#p63503,Gonzo wrote:

Max takes time to gain red your?

And not think.

Advise revere an esteemed Nadezhda Grishaeva.
Tricks-pocus is quantum TEORII



#p63511,NB wrote:

your video is description not real experiment, and mental.
That here add)

)) Any experiment is born first in consciousness. But, of course, evidence need not in multiplication seek.
Planck rights, me seems. He and implied, that matrix there is.
There is still hypothetical experiment with cat Schrodinger's.
Without external observer existence is undefined - there is it or not.

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#p63512,Kzin wrote:

Any experiment is born first in consciousness

Spying on hands. Experiments created with ONLY with light\ photons.
Size schlini and distance between of photoemission one order with-waves of photon.
Well in sight in, uh, cartoon. With waves water.
Question - as do rasstoyanii size of with hence?
And two schlini on distance diameter the discovery?



#p63511,NB wrote:

your video is description not real experiment, and mental.

Why not real? After all created with malchika real.

#p63515,NB wrote:

grunting) Lead with the for hands. Experiments created with ONLY with light\ photons.

This the old, the first experience 1803 Propulsion Was on fotonakh, and in thereafter on-electron laser.

Write, that and he, hence, possesses although every nature, camping on E. Itself he wave of, in the presence of observer-particle. Here is you and matrix.

Disputes go, about how, that all these turning the discovery from-for instruments appliances, and nourished German no way of test this theory without presence observer physically, let him and mediated by the with the help of the instrument.



#p63512,Kzin wrote:

Planck rights, me seems. He and implied, that matrix there is.

When the physicist, essentially says as after, this forces will question at all around the))



Here is still video on topic Physics: Quantum mechanics

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Why so little information about experiment?

Continue the search for true here is in which direction: As is conducted surveillance?

They same there not human have been, and a certain the device, which exerts a certain influence, not simply "fact surveillance."

In video proclaim, that affects himself fact surveillance, and this not so, obviously, that affects way to surveillance.

As correctly noticed:

When the physicist, essentially says as after, this forces will question at all around the))

Here all deal in is, that under the guise of science caught up with mystery.

But experiment of course curious.



#p63525,Gonzo wrote:

This is the old, the first experience 1803 Propulsion Was on fotonakh, and in thereafter on-electron laser.

Not Speedwagon such a experience.
Was experience dissipation of of electrons's surface. Vicky
That several another matter. Two schlini for of electrons build impossible.
The crux of the vistavi in quantum Physics - "you realize, that 2x2 =4? Then believe me, that electrons through two schlini pass as waves of. "



There is mixing concepts particles and puny absolutely steadfast bodies. Gilin P. A. argued, that in microworld role spinornykh movements a decisive. Not accounting this phenomenon leads to opportunities comparisons facilities motley rank, that leads to paradoksam.



State of in Physics more than mystical!

Urgently need the physicist-the city dweller, to all lead to common denominator & # X1f60a

1) Filisofichnoe and biologichnoe. Where have created science and why she need a?

Why something science usually believe a product of net of reason. From-for this its determine the as curiosity for it's a government-expense , then, as sublime attractive opportunity people with good genes. On fact, while form of science and product of reason, its reasons and origins strictly biological. Our brains consists of limbic system, few well and a new few well. Animals, not equipped bark of at all, practice purely instinctively-was a hormone thing behavior. T. E. On triggeram from organs feelings or embedded calendar captured certain programs behavior, identifying with birth. Groups programs shifts hormonal mechanism. The availability of few well brain gives such a a valuable thing, as adaptivnoe behavior. T. E. Opportunity just generate new behavioral programs in for life. This allows even more fun thing the formation behavior on the basis of predictions underway. T. E. A, monster have the table and set directly on the patty, counting its themselves, when is a master will turn away, is building its behavior, coming from predictions behavior owner. And because the us atop few well brain narosla even more powerful a new bark, our ability to simulate the world to shape own behavior on arrangements and higher cat's. But precisely from well of AIC needs in understanding and predictability environmental and grew the entire human science.

2) In Baghdad increasingly quietly. In Physics increasingly openly.
The end of the nineteenth century seemed endless golden age physics. In 1900 year W.E.B. Thomson Lord Kelvin announced, that physics ended. And for this were all founding. The world was Euroskepticism and "Thousand. A substance consisted of cupcakes-atoms, crowded raisins-enriched with electrons, sobiravshikhsya in molecules. From atoms were staffed planet and stars, obrazovavshie Messiah--as immutable a clan the universe, increasingly in which, from atom until stars, moved on laws Newton. Universe swam in global live as Ocean, waves which was electromagnetic radiation, describing has been sought after simple equations Maxwell. The world was determined. The physicist of the late nineteenth century was am confident, that if know speed and position all atoms in the universe in arbitrary moment, then can be with 100% precision predict entire its history and increasingly its future.

3) Bomba in cake.
The, that happened further, more just reminds scene from comedy, when group confectioners upsets recent strokes cream on a giant cake, and second of later the end of the work cake . Confectioners, covered oshmetkami cake, out in dribs and drabs clothing and be left circling light bulbs, are worth with open with our mouths and eyes kakayuschey you, squirrlio, despite ruin results his labor. Roughly this same happened with Physics in the early twentieth century.
The quantization cosmic, open Plankom and Einstein, law radioactive of disintegration Rutherford's, theory of relativity. Read aloud atoms not only proved delimymi, but and have become crumble, opening a host the world quantum of particles. Realm absolute and fundamental space and time, suddenly became relational and volatile, and soon fell and himself global spots. Mechanics Newton suddenly has become private case theory of relativity.

4) This is as same, your mother, errori, understand?
On least development quantum physics, became increasingly clear, that away quantum particles not behave like small balls, camping on E. Unwilling to live on laws Newtonian fluids mechanics, even with accounting add-ons Einstein's. In a result, effort Schrodinger's, Heisenberg's, -, Ultimatum, and then Dirac's was created quantum mechanics, formed dynamic of particles. Main its properties have become the simultaneous interpretation particles as waves of, the quantization, principle uncertainty, banning simultaneous knowledge coordinates and momentum particles, of stochastic character movement of particles and principled dependence seen phenomena from fact surveillance.
Naturally embarked question: How all of this understand? What same there happening on fact? That same such particle, if law of nature prohibits us simultaneously know it momentum and position, and its movement not determinirovano, and likely. ???? the likelihood arises not from what we something not know, and from what something know impossible in principle. As understand processes, and paradoxes described formulae? Or, speaking partiessmart words, question interpretations quantum mechanics.

5) And has busted the world half, smokes the fissure!
For answer on this issue atop, Bor and Heisenberg're holed up in Copenhagen in 1927 year and have come up with set of answers, who was is named Copenhagen interpretation. Quite simply, she sounds so. The world in principle not determined. Not destroy head that there, have of particles is happening, times we can find results experiment, means increasingly well.
Here already vzbryknuli Einstein and Ko. I am convinced, that God not is abandoning bones! you and carried think, that Long there is only when you on it are looking? Also, quantum mechanics proved not fully is compatible with a common relativity theory (loan to the SAD).
Physical society fractured. Most physicists proved in PCO (it comes) World Kvantomekhanicheskoy Party Bolshevik Party, and Einstein in ranks Menshevik Party holdouts.
Einstein and his supporters a long time tried to create its a single theory field, which would described physics of particles without kvantomekhanicheskikh paradoxes of, but, as and been paved menshevikam, pegs defeat. Create alternative quantum mechanics not managed.

6) Each physics on pools and three quark for Mr. of Mark! The birth of General model.
Meanwhile, number of open quantum of particles grew so vigorously, that in 50s evil languages have become sketch curves number of physicists and number of of elementary of particles, for definitions their point the crossing, in which every the physicist gets on own pools. It became clear, that most parts of apparently quite not elementary. In end to 70 st list fundamental of particles and of was shaped from 12 quarks, 12 category: Leptons and 5 bosons. Particles described electromagnetic, a strong and weak interaction. All of this called General model.

7) kengashes and shortcomings General model. Four fundamental interaction. The problem interpretations.
The main success General model was that on his field activities from three fundamental interactions it proved almost are all-powerful. T. E. Experiments perfectly validate calculations and predictions. Another recent triumph became opening the last kalibrovochnogo Higgs Higgs Higgs boson, consistent with the for the inertial mass of, truth all even in 1964. Moreover, Standard model predicts, that with high energies, electromagnetic, a strong and weak interaction combine to produce, camping on E. They in fact are different manifestations one single interaction.
Shortcomings same, alas, not less influential. As to Einstein not managed cut on kvantomekhanicheskoe field, so and Standard model not is capable attach fourth a fundamental interaction gravity. T. E. We know, as works the gravity in scale planets and galaxies, but not represent that this such on certain level. Not manages fully come to terms with loan to the SAD. And the problem interpretations still not solved. T. E. Physics may find behavior of particles and predict results experimentation, but explain, that same for real processes describe formula, perhaps very not always. And, finally, there is question Why? Why fundamental of particles and interaction precisely so much? Why they precisely such? Standard model describes their, but not gives answer.
Obviously, that the next theory must, as least, liquidate these shortcomings, of incorporating in themselves dignity. Roughly so same, as in its time physics Einstein's shoehorned in themselves physics Newton in as a private case.
The situation with General model than something driving on situation nineteenth century with table of Mendeleev. He is classified chemical elements and allowed predict new elements and their properties. But response to question, why elements precisely such and why their so much, give not was able. On him already answered model atom -. Such a breakthrough await and from a new physics.

8) Strings (music). The prehistory. The beginning.
In 1914 Nordstrom (disambiguation) found, that if to decide equations, describing electromagnetic force in chetyrekhmernom space (camping on E. Time will the fifth measurement), then the gravity follows of them same. Nordstrom (disambiguation) suggested, that fourth dimension, sustained until size less length approach waves of, and because we his not see. On the moment a strong and weak interaction not yet were open, and theory Nordstryoma seemed single theory of field. But, alas, predictions theory have diverged with loan to the SAD Einstein's and not confirmed and its forgotten.
In of 1919 to chetyrekhmernomu Alliance licked idea of Kaluza. A new theory included in themselves and loan to the SAD. again unsuccessfully. And importantly, soon opened weak and a strong interaction, which from chetyrekhmernogo space not vyrisovyvalis.
In 1968 Veneziano found, that some interaction of particles is famously played formula, that examples once put for fluctuations string. In 1970 year Nambu, Goto, Nielsen and Susskind tried to to imagine Dar particles as odnomernye rastyagivayuschiesya and vibrating string. And here remembered about shoring Fishka is with with additional dimensions. To 1974 managed create first string model, which not framed all of particles, but had 25 spatial changes and maintained the takhion particle of, a moving faster speed of light (here is where takhion flew on pages fiction and in composing charlatans). And, finally, in 1984-86 s managed create theory for 9-dimensional space, involving all particles and limit tachyon levels are and screw-up at exotic. This was triumph.

9) Chego all so pickings?
And truth, than theory now string so make captivated physical masses?
First, theory now string described all the available particles and interaction, including gravity. ???? described, using one basic object odnomernye string in multi-dimensional space. String could fluctuate, stretch, form rings, to connect and divide again. Of these properties now string rather than rolling all particles and interaction. One object with obvious properties instead almost three tens of fundamental of particles and four interactions, which like as and similar and different.
Second, the entire theory of relativity well obviously oozed out from woodwinds calculations. T. E. Not only fit in, either in a new theory, but and was in it directly is necessary.
Third, more likely 3 star hotel a new approach to the problem interpretations. If particles odnomernye string in multi-dimensional space, then is logical, that they not behave like three-dimensional balls.
Speaking easier, Lies theory just, with theory with ordinary basic the objects and their properties.

10) Makrootstuplenie.
Here will have a bit look away, camping on K. In a holiday mikromira invade first institutional investment transaction. As I wrote initially, since the ancient Greeks and until 20th century universe considered eternal and unchanging. This a lovely picture Klauss hope shattered under blow theory of relativity. According to equations Einstein's, universe could be unchanged, not running and an Expanding, in dependence from ratios. Immediately same arose mass theories on the subject.
Obviously, that theory expanding universe inevitably came concluded that once universe was very small and dense, that and put in 1922 year Friedman from equations Einstein's, creating a theory the Big Bang.
Here should discern, that us the only scientists, with machine time. In this as a serves light. Proksimu Centauri we see such, what she was 4 year ago, camping on K. Its light flew until us 4 year. Respectively, neighboring galaxies we see such, whatever they were millions of years ago, and the most far from known galaxies from us separates more 14 billion Years.
In 1929 year Hubble sootnes distances until known galaxies with red shift their stars and found, that galaxies are removed from us, with, than further they, the faster. Surveillance is famously became on decisions equations Einstein's for expanding universe. In 1948 Gamow predicted, that one stages Big Bang was accompanied by microwave radiation, which were being called reliktovym , and in 1965 Wilson his found.
So that to 70 st years picture universe again was basket maruri say and beautiful. Big bang, who spawned expanding the universe, which someday, under act gravity, decompresses back.

11) An unexpected turn. Universe on 96% consists of crutches!
By the early 80-'s picture again flat. It's still. Detailed calculations showed, that structure current universe not wants vyschityvatsya from explosion. Interval between hot universe, immediately after explosion, and dark for centuries , when universe was overrun by cold hydrogen, which not yet rallied in stars, proved service was. Had to add between bursting of the and dark for centuries period now comes exponential enlargement universe, which called inflation. Cause of inflation was called unknown field, which became the first a crutch, podpershim the universe.
The second a crutch emerged not so sharply. Even with starters 20th century us tried to calculate span matter in the universe. For this there is two ways. First, hot matter stars and black holes, exudes, and the Cold matter, gas dust and planet, absorbs radiation. Second, speed of rotation of stars in real causal and galaxies in metagalaktike depend on their masses. And, finally, coming from arise all elements by Russian reactions in stars and knowing age moreover or conjures Alternatively universe, can be determine the ratio in it chemical elements. In mid-60-'s it became clear, that failure span masses universe not very fits its the gravitational behavior. The observed masses less. To 70 st problem specified and deficit the observed masses became obvious. Nenablyudaemuyu mass of called dark matter , camping on K. She not interacts with electromagnetic radiation. To 80-Mu year she has become avowed.
The third a crutch emerged in 90-'s, when speed galaxies and parameters ruins cosmic measured more accurately. It turned out, that the universe expands gearing up. Given how many masses in it, they poured, under introducing dark matter, the outcome surprise. Had to urgently fill the universe dark vigor into this antigravitatsiey unknown of nature, which expands the universe.

12) Strings (music). Evening ceased be have a breathy.
Exactly the first problem theory now string has very quickly. In matter, as were wound down over time additional measure and as string interacted with them, can be was obtain utterly different theory. And devise experiment for choice correct not managed. T. E. Theory now string on fact proved entire landscape woodwinds theories.
The second problem have become the dark matter and the dark energy. In the very moment, when chordophons theorists drinking champagne, celebrating recuperate General model, us dump it on their tweet, that the universe consists on 96% from something unknown. Meanwhile, nor one the string theory dark matter and energy not maintained the and not projected.
Theory Apple and here planning something big taught a host G-gudronnyy hadron Collider, which largely and built sake of theory now string. He found boson Higgs boson, predicted by General model, but utterly not found of particles, of the predicted theory of supersymmetry, which arose from theory now string and which explained dark matter.
There is no, of course, theory now string increasingly of this does not disproves. Physics eyebrows will be drawn their even about the penny for tuft. But a malign a residue remained. Good theory usually explain unexpected discoveries, not overwritten under them.
For thirty with counting years the string theoreticians so and not managed form a a single theory with read by audited consequences, not despite huge human and financial costs.

13) Spirit Repina They've Reached the Shore.
So, returning to the the early, to what same we came? With one hand, we know about world as never many and can find and predict very many. With other hand, suddenly proved in world, hypocritical for it is unclear from what, strode under act it is unclear any forces in the universe, much of volume which arose under give inflation expanding. And around all this is carried crowd physicists, spending huge money and composing the unspeakable on complexity theories that utterly impossible test.



#p63562,Rurik wrote:

Since one hand, we know about world as never many and can find and predict very many.

To what this your primer from many letters?
The Internet provides an opportunity chat with by many physicists directly.
I and spoke.
Say physics plazmenschiku - the entire thermonuclear physics SPEKTAKL, with nedeshovyy.
The answer was - and what you form of listing? I'm debating only with humans who in topic.



#p63569,NB wrote:

're this your primer from many letters?
The Internet provides an opportunity chat with by many physicists directly.
I and spoke.
Say physics plazmenschiku - the entire thermonuclear physics SPEKTAKL, with nedeshovyy.
The answer was - and what you form of listing? I'm debating only with humans who in topic.

Ask have this physics: Why on perform well 500 kilometers from Earth in a vacuum temperatures 1,700 grad.?))
Form of listing - physics for 7 class)

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#p63555,NB wrote:

NOT Speedwagon such a experience.

Stop sign. Here is in this same article:
Hypothesis de Broglie's, stated in 1924 year predicted by the, that particles also as and the photons must have wave character. Formula de Broglie's was vindicated by three years later for of electrons (which have mass of contemplated) with supervision e-refractive error in two independent experiments lyricist and Joseph Davisson, for which they subsequently received Nobel Prize in Physics.
I not strong in Physics, honored pro this hypothesis-nothing not understood. But here said, that there is ??? dualism! Or again past?

Honored exile (Nadezhda Grishaeva) O. H. Rustic, what higher.

Man is well-versed, Takes and "ruining both" all impulses.... Theorists modicum as something explain the crux of the things, under this he and not bestows "fundamentalists." Ranks any secondary stance, but under this its perspective not Teplov. Anything ruin of course can be all. Without hypotheses, without a string of conjectures, without theories, what practical physics survives? He says, that all, that been invented yet, this a byproduct of practical experimentation, as something perishing through dibs on grand words.
He the skeevies, perhaps now quantum theory and how's life with Mac, as nebulosa on Globe, but, in my opinion, they trek somewhere near. And their bold statements about of nature things. Ah, they say so too bold, can be and on's to please.

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#p63512,Kzin wrote:

)) Any experiment is born first in consciousness. But, of course, evidence need not in multiplication seek. Planck rights, me seems. He and implied, that matrix there is. There is still hypothetical experiment with cat Schrodinger's. Without external observer existence is undefined - there is it or not.

#p63525,Gonzo wrote:

When the physicist, essentially says as after, this forces will question at all around the))

Of course, as after, or even a Buddhist, and what wonder something?

I in his musically-mirovozzrencheskom cycle (requires serious reconstruction and additions) explained this moment:

In the third exiled there is concrete moment about physics:

Albert Einsteinsaid in its time the next: Religion future will cosmic religion. It must will overcome misconception about God as personality, and also avoid dogmatism and theology. By enmeshing and nature of and spirit, she will be based on religious a sense of, term from experiences osmyslyaemogo unity of all things and natural, and spiritual. Such a insistence fits Buddhism. If and there is religion, which can satisfy modern scientific needs, this Buddhism.

Ah, normally so, yes)) Then why oh why even article Einstein and Buddha: Buddhism in modern Physics. Read in addition passage from books Thomas J. MakFarleyna Einstein and Buddha: Parallel remarks . And even, here is, please, curious conversation with Wes Niskerom about Physics Buddhism.

Ah, and in the end. In September 2010 in Moscow, in chamber, and Hannover Council Institute philosophy RAS known Russian scientists debated with Buddhist problem consciousness and reality:

At level academics executives leading scientific institutions countries - such a meeting occurred first time. That same distorted Roundtable with Buddhist large Russian physicists, neyrofiziologov and philosophers?

, , , , , ; , , ,

W. Pauli discussed these problems with K. Propulsion Jung, E. S. The Dalai Lama XIV specifically studied quantum physics with K. Von Vaytszekkerom and D. Bohm and spent as a child a series of conferences with physicists on the subject.

Yes, even the film even there was stiII about science and Buddhism:

That such physics-Buddhists twentieth century

Incidentally, curious is targets an overlay ban on criticism theory of relativity Einstein's in the USSR and in the West.


And in three parts of on references explains this moment as the private in phenomenon coming "eastward", orientation on irrational, "death West" 16.06.1997g. ALL areas. And ancestor this even in 19 century lies, but I have there is post only pro music in the interface centuries.


And draw on my to lovers of art 20-21 digits (another times) with proposition think about how, on that inflaming public attitudes this art and not oppresses whether it the mind? And not is whether pop music (neakademicheskaya!) essentially musical "khimtreylami" for masses? On references increasingly for reflection there is.


... .

By word, the entire lzheistoriya ("official"), which, to be sure, podlozhna, at all in a whole was cooked up by, as "zakonomernaya" cyclical change paradigms-civilization. Especially well took care over "history" Western civilization vnematrichnye (shop) tvartsy. And this it is no coincidence that, because that the West according to "Cabinet" it was necessary to imagine to humanity, as greatest momentum on the planet, which tsivilizatsionno ultimately on design tvartsov (by the end of 19 century this finally happened) izzhila themselves. And they ??? "skatili Western civilization in crisis." "God died" (Nietzsche, the end of the 19 century), the later romantics led by the ideological novatorm and sincere Buddhist (on download! To word, Buddhism and "opened" (up on the created) in 19 century) Wagner began to feel crisis. Claude Debussy has been raising cane eastward, study their music shitty and zatvarennuyu, and implement its in western. Schopenhauer with his an irrational philosophy. In science those same markers there is, decisional laziness to argue. In politics this crisis imperial-tsarist regimes and appropriate provocations of workshopand so on. Also Oswald Spengler in the early 20 century writes a titan labor "masterly expressed Europe", where analyzing doing a lousy lzheistoriyu explains, that. Guys, death, West zakonomerna, witness in history, so have all of civilizations was same.

Thereby, have made from West enemy Number 1 for the world the rest of the and which have been prepared for his merged. "General plan have", as you realize, better position not has changed with those since the, only in details, and increasingly because, that matrix - she and in history this faulty sits and on it is based cabin. That is why if you've eliminated official history and Tartar with Giperboreyami and etc., you will have discovered some freedom consciousness). Need even made there 60A hatred people against West, that they colonizers, aaneaou, that they, ostensibly, global dominance hold and camping on P., themselves have difficulty finding together matrix explanations.

And on this us will tell, too, music, as not strange. Besides, that I have in governing there is and that higher added, here is even that.

Vladimir Martynov said: Tune and own modalities

songwriter, the renowned its idea about death composer , types the notion of key in history human identity.

To say, that such tune, with than connected and than due to, cannot be without conversation about modality. And to talk about modality cannot be without conversation about how, where have created music.

Music not always was free art, as she appears, if enjoy only trigger different tones. This was magical or mystical practice, traces what we see although would simply in numbers Steps scales obtained. These utterly arkhaicheskim holdovers from we are clinging until now. On piano seven white, and five black. Seven astrological planets and five pervoelementov. So that, when man clicks the contestant or different key, he appeals to these the most pervoelementam. At least before this intend precisely so: Every breath construction Space unit. And learning utterance was sacred act, which could exercise only sakralno covered people: Shamans, priests.

necessary (modal music is adapted for yapontsev. Modalnoe thinking acts within one modusa, or tone. Number of modusov over time tended to rise with 8 until 12, this were about how, that man spy shrunk or something modalnaya system.

Foundations necessary (modal music were laid still in the first millennium. To it applies the entire gregorianskiy baroque (this V VI century), and Byzantium osmoglasie, and znamennyy chant. First was monodiya (i.e. odnogolosie. OS). Then emerged polyphony (romantic. OS), but would still this was modalnaya polyphony. And renessansnaya polyphony entirely modalna until Depres, Josquin Despres and, I would even said, until Orlando Lasso and / rock.

Miracles transition from modality to key begin in primarily have the famous Gesualdo (disambiguation) imagined Aragonese Castle (Venosa). But his the uniqueness in that all these dissonansy and khromatizmy still occur on the basis of modal thinking. This such bridge link. Man-generation amphibious. And in water] swims, and on land.

What key connected with so concept, as ruin space. This one of central events era Renaissance, XVI age, opening the kopernikanskoy system, discoveries Giordano Bruno with his endless the space. And if modalnaya system represents a system vicious space, an EU, as living organism, from forces and began, to which can be complaints, then in key sounds already more not sounds, and functions utterance.

Because if we consider Tonic (music), it not there is absolute the magnitude of: In until major key one may, in where sea salt major key another and camping on D. And man, urge the in space if they mix thinking, already deals not concrete sounds, not connections, and functions. A flat a vicious space transformed in a receptacle only , in an infinite space Giordano Bruno.

Tonalnaya system this an endless spiral. Here is we being, suppose, until Majeure until, reintegration, 1930, fa, where sea salt, la, ne. The same the most own manner we can fulfilled from any other Note, for this simply need contribute signs Seventh flat ninth chord (sharp eleventh , which boosts note on poltona, or -flat , that depresses its on poltona. OS). If we there his from where sea salt, then add fa-sharp eleventh. If from reintegration, then fa-sharp eleventh and until-sharp eleventh. Because seven white and five black, give 12 utterance, then get from all possible utterance 12 Umstanden and 12 minor tonalities. In the sum 24.

Ah and seems, that this, too, gridlocked system. But on fact we can those same the most key does in other signs. Except dieza and bemolya , there is Double-sharp eleventh (i.e. double sharp eleventh, which boosts not on poltona, but on tone) and, respectively, Double-@-@ flat. And with the help these signs we can receive new key truth, utterly enormous. Instead until major's ne-sharp eleventh Majeure . Instead re-@-@ flat major's ne-Double-sharp eleventh Majeure . This awkward, this utterly khimericheskie things, with perspective practice they as would not need, but theoretically such quite possibly. And so permissible endless amounts of tonalities. Not 24, and how many anywhere, how many our fantasies ?????. With waking up bemolyami, chetvernymi diezami. We get here is this an infinite a receptacle only .

Here still cannot be bypass category: Pythagorean philosophy system. Most importantly achieving Pythagoras is that he linked the number of and breath. He took one the string on, kind of beef its in half, broke a 1 / 2 this breath An octave higher. If share the string on on 3 parts of, on 4, then get a quart low, a fifth. And here is these organic pifagoreyskie intervals, strictly speaking, underlie space pelvic. All space orbit obey action precisely these intervals. And edifice human, too, subject to these figures, which gives golden feeding.

But in major-minor tonality system is obtained such a thing: If we increase number of signs, then is beginning to accrue falseness. I.e. the, that in until major key (and in-part harmony until 3 4 signs) sounds well, in-part harmony with large number of signs sounds false. This very clear heard on retire decades instruments more by building.

And for order to this avoid, in its time was enacted operation temperament (music). Temperament (music) this is quite Boeings thing, the seventeenth- the eighteenth centuries. For necessary (modal system she was not need a. Sense its, rudely speaking, in is, that'll give you a quart slightly-slightly expands, and of Quintus slightly-slightly is declining. And the kind dirt, which accruing over time would in-part harmony with large number of signs, in temperirovannoy system as would is spreading evenly around the range if they mix circle.

But is obtained, that we do intervals slightly-slightly with false, and the kind music, which we are clinging, already not fits the original category: Pythagorean philosophy system, these outer parameters too. And already not can of PARP mystically or see beautiful.

But she has and there is no such tasks.(And well :) be under control modicum) - REM. Elemental)

tonalnoe thinking this thinking human, osvobodivshegosya from just space and of divine. Tonalnaya system is complete expression here is this freedom rights. If before music was some vnepolozhennym man phenomenon, then now this only that there is within rights. This his misconception, which he receives opportunity structurally scrolling the in sounds. He receives freedom express their thought and feelings. He more not depends on reusable space and sacral circumstances and rhythms.

Quintessence major-minor tonality music modulation. This the transition from one key in another. In key sounds are in complex system podchineniy. There is the main tone may. And all the rest stage to it differently gravitate. The dominant in his tyagotenii fist fifth, this dominant structure of. And sense modulation in is, that we pereosmyslivaem force and direction here is these tyagoteniy. If in until major key note where sea salt was the dominant of, then in fa major key this the second fist. She taking quite the other sense. In necessary (modal system such utterly impossible.

modulation allow disclose domestic nature of human perekhodnost, zybkost, game passions. This as times the, that Viennese classics opened. Flourishing major-minor tonality system this sonatnaya form of. It is no coincidence that this happened simultaneously with Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich: Phenomenology spirit and camping on D. And, strictly speaking, dialectical law and there is the, that expresses sonatnaya form of.

In than the essence of Sonata-allegro forms? In exposition of the main party sounds in the main key, and incentives in dominantovoy. And in reprize they both sound in one and the same key. This OK utterly colossal effort thought! Over these is worth a huge number of meanings!
Of course, now we are present in all these even not under crisis, and under death major-minor tonality system. So this simply not is read. But then, when this was openly, this was terribly vividly! Here is such accumulating depth meanings in Sonata-allegro form especially in is the form of, in which we see have Beethoven, this something unique.

Under Shenberge (chronologically is represented important marks seams 19-20 centuries - REM. Elemental) happened destruction major-minor tonality system and transition its in dodekafonicheskuyu. Truth, with perspective Arnold Franz Walter Schoenberg, this not destruction, and the next synthesis. Bucket options. Even simplification. Necessary (modal system this compound several frets. In major-minor tonality system remain only two love, Majeure and minor. And in dodekafonicheskoy or serial system, open Sheinberg, already there is no nor major's, nor minor, there is only 12-ton own manner. In it already there is no nor tonics, nor Dominants, nor tyagoteniy.

A in late twentieth century all ideals, associated with trigger different tones, with freedom individuals genome, actor, utrachivayutsya. In major-minor tonality music very difficult create any meditative samples. But they are being created in postseriynoy have American minimalism (music), have Arvo Part (, which virtually is returning on positions necessary (modal music. He has khromatizmy, but they such a rather dzhezualdovskogo kind of.

This is stems with very a certain thing: Here does end freedom rights. Fathers-the founders minimalism from whom learned? Glass have Ravi Shankara, Reich in Indonesia, in Nigeria. And all these traditional culture rather gravitate to necessary (modal system. Is happening a return to template: Renaissance, even gothic of polyphony, to person-mediator.


PSI would better idea and here, and in governing their this his increasingly, but with literature, with assotsiativno-imaginative, thinking, with narration and slovesnostyu I have problems. Think predominantly "music", i.e. in eminently non-verbally. Loath only signs I allow and by some connections their'm merging. Forth - deal for you.

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In addition to, that under spoiler of the in courses Summit.

Note, that the creature concocted a lzheistoriyu and vystravivayut another failure paradigm not simply so. They know about integral knowledge and harmony deeps of universe, but crushed. Increasingly on many concepts-epochs-worldviews. First, to confuse, second, to in order to cover truth, third, as you now must understand for manipulation clear conscience in broadly and governance masses (divide and rule).

I, of course, having studied increasingly vector art, that people in "history" left, came to conclusion, that of these Mishnah (Okatzin need to distill only the, that forces the mind work and minimally his oppresses. Bah and Mozart in music, as object. But even despite the, that in music Bach and Mozart aside from this laid huge aspatial, entire Gipsy, which nor one philosophy and science together not convene. (Incidentally, idea Einstein's about how, that the universe - vol cake, in which movement occur in different layers, in different things time there is nor that different, as idea fugue John Sebastian Bach. Listen any his Fugue in D Minor and hear this. And pro less form of Mozart higher in Summit under spoiler of the.) Despite on this sverkhgarmoniyu, unifying so many. Even Bah and Mozart are not sverkhiskusstvom. Because sverkhiskusstvo - this unification rational and irrational yes of multiple other "pan and struggling" oppositions at. And people this knew. And yes, me this again suggests the patrimonial memory.


Incidentally, paradigm shift more not will, because new new came in mid-70s and came the forever (if only people his not break his kidneys):
The situation death West European cultural tradition in mid-70-'s at all not was event stunning novelty and originality. This accurately the same the most death, that we had pleasure detect in the early century, and which constantly recovered in history of contemporary art. Avant-garde talents, seized by the academic background assent ? ?, tried to overcome this situation and to revive body European culture through konstruktivistskikh, dadaistskikh and category: Surrealism houses or apartments. In sphere music this so same obviously, as and in visual position. Arnold Schonberg restored 2 declare even suicide bombers legitimate on new formal shores of. His deal was radikalizirovano Anton von webern and Olivier Messianom. Karlheinz Stockhausen disciple Olivier Eugene Prosper Charles Messiaen and successor a formalism Anton von Webern. Stockhausen implemented the same the most problem, that and Schonberg. The problem so and not was solved. A new spiritual, an arrogant and commensurate spirit era music so and not was created, more precisely, proved a bluff of people. Newness situation 70-'s resided at all not in is, that, finally, died something, that even recently blagoukhalo, and in is, that the entire this of the outrage suddenly was canceled, fatally is passe and has become represent, that is called, exclusively academic interest, i.e. at all no.

That same happened then?

About-about-about, nothing interesting things.

In mid-70-'s Western the world as would past through transparent wall: Increasingly, that existed until, inflexible sense, resonance, tension, mutated into not only feminism or the left doctrine, pererodilos literally increasingly.

Possibility already no not remained. Jazz was a new era this beskonfliktnaya and the abridged instrumental music nor about fix, in the best case the conservative-dreamland movie music. A tough rock and guitars-rock samouprazdnilis. Technicistic music To make it wither. American minimalism, too, as something we just finished on there is no.

Place trends and epochs in high the arts ranked trends and era mass culture: Punk-rock, industrial, hip-hop. For British industrial music - of the late 70-'s, too, is worth the typical new new-idea: Not the creation collage, which something expresses, and chaotic mixing and bitty an overlay terrible whenever there's minimalisticheskaya improvisation is. In the early 80-'s in Japan as continuation of of the same course emerged noise strictly homogeneous, many of and improvised music.

Lavish color new new blossomed in 80s years.

I fear, that gorbachyovskaya perestroika , too, phenomenon New Aja, in any case, precisely as perestroika translated on Russian language a fundamental the term New Aja transformation. And talk about global problems, about a new thinking, about pluralism, about human factor not can be accidentally-provincial invention in an era of global New Aja. Iron curtain, obviously, not New York eydzhevskiy artifact, as, however, and idea standoff, the idea global asymmetries. This remnants of the old era. The world a new era should was become transparent and while his. He them and became.

Synth revolution-pop, Kevin Costner, Madonna, Phil Collins, and together with them all populated and neoromantiki this chicks nests right New Aja. And our with you adored by our house and techno (someone even remembers about their existence of, of course,, too,. Exactly, in techno-before most interesting this it is unclear where vzyavsheesya desire to the young dance under rhythm-computer. However, why impenetrable? Their vzryvoobraznym the spread of in Europe techno-house owes new new-the drug to the ecstasy. Yes and eyforicheskie hours dances this the typical new new-psychotherapy is.

In 80-'s New York eydzhevost again bloated society was visible naked eye, i.e. New new increasingly time sootnosil themselves with some as utselevshimi perezhitkami Old Age that he thought. Young generation of the late 80-'s starters 90-'s already not had no relations to the old times, but in force inertia culturally-economic processes forced was identify themselves with porozhdeniyami transition period post-punk, new metal, synth revolution-priest of, industrial music -. In 1988 began ritual prevent what she called with the past and celebration new since the: A new generation faces a in far a smaller scale, but far more intensively with those, that in 70-'s not survived increasingly Western society, i.e. with offensive a new era. Under this in as a old era were regarded stupid artifacts 80-'s creations first period storm and onslaught of New Aja.

1988 ranks the key place in history techno and a new pop music. This, as known, year starters house-boom in Europe. 1988 year this new new-clone 1977 and 1968 s, and as from nonexistence vsplyvshiy the term Summer love here at all not accidental.

New new then cultural phenomena and even history. Ranging with the mid-70-'s all events in sphere culture, and I suspect and not only in it, rodimoy emerged exclusively in the form of clones, rimeykov, kambekov. The same can be was would to formulate and so: New new this the Age of total retro.

'll stay tethered to examples of from spheres pop music. Ambient and industrial this clones minimalism, improvisational music and of Eric Satie. Punk-rock clone rockabilly and Stooges. Breykbit clone James Brown and Kraftwerk. NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) clone khardroka. Synth revolution-pop clone Kraftwerk. So-called new new-music clone jazz was-rock and Voln. Made clone disco. The second industrial clone first. Themselves as clone punk-rock and metal. Hardcore clone punk-rock and industrial. Trans clone new new-music. Fast-pop 90-'s clone Britpop was-pop 60-'s. And so on in the same vein.

Moreover, itself pop musical history 80-'s this it's cloned history 70-'s. As we remember, scheme 70-'s such is: In the early decades dominate white hard-rock and black zhyuri, in parallel reaching history outsiders Kraftwerk and increasingly does end punk-industrial-revolution, all manner of sbrasyvaniem shackles of the and victory New Aja. In the early 80-'s dominate cloned NWOBHM and hip-hop, in parallel reaching history outsider why Hausa, esid Hausa and in Detroit's techno and does end all of this deal bursting of the 88 th year, after which begins a new the Age of.

In 90-'s history techno began with zero (has come to life a new clone): Encompassed in use word techno , and it became clear , that hardcore abolished house.

Sense a new techno 90-'s in the annulment relics 80-'s. Why was need terminate culture 80-'s? Its klonirovannost, i.e. its poky titles, was discernible that the unaided the eye. This was period, so say, military New Aja (to mind should decide the term military communism ).

In the first half of 90-'s was enacted test fealty the young ideals New Aja young people has proven its loyalty, trans past on cheers. Simultaneously onvention vilification sinti-, power,, and techno-pop. Project trip-hop was realized as majestic clone the entire previous pop music, and project world music as clone immediately the entire music the rest of the world.

But sense techno was even and in eliminating old model underground theater, predpolagavshey dissent, disagreement with position things, social angazhirovannost and songs under guitar. Underground, which at all not against , which minimized level of its claims, which nothing not exposes question and which well compatible with your departure daily services with nine to five , made irrelevant the entire enormous baggage leftist demagoguery.

The fact, that techno thing is hanging on one place, re-one and the same technological standard, the existing with 1982, there is nor that different, as natural position affairs: No of misguided path development in this there is no. Techno, as a clone already far not first generation, reenacting the same the most molecular scheme, which there was on the dawn of a new era. This the typical new new-effect. As and minimalism creative claims.

Techno unleashed a enormous weapon creative potential and utilizovalo his in typically minimalist spirit. Under this was programmed collective consciousness a new generation. Maximum claims the most creative people is limited to sound, by meditation, vslushivaniem, the flood of, peace, one and enlargement consciousness. All this, of course, nor that different as complex New Aja.

New new-the world got rid from objectionable smell New Aja starters 80-'s. New new already should not manifestirovat himself as a precisely New Aja, new generation clones superseded the previous generation clones, and the fact, that all they this precisely clones, already not has no meaning: Times nothing neklonirovannogo not remained, then the word clone can be to withdraw from use. New new-the world already not suspects, that he New new, the term New new drowned in past.

What same concerns final and bespovorotnoy demise what the would nor was: Techno, trip-hop, rock, classics, Europe. In an era New Aja, global Voln nothing not 2003 and not disappears: Increasingly, that could disappear, already many years as that made. A cloned a at all need not, yes and impossible destroy. Is happening his unraveling, izmelchanie, and then, perhaps, the new the coagulation of very and the satiric. The world works as creation composer-minimalista. Constantly are repeated alone and those same situation, patterns, facilities, but from-for nesinkhronizirovannosti cycles a repeat of (Loops) supported by a sense of, that in a whole something increasingly-??? is changing. This situation can be represent itself as many echo, every of which reached long ago was inhaler alive source of understanding sound. And now train resigned, and between empty walls skitter and interferiruyut echo. Of the late of light not will. He, too, already reached long ago is cloned, DlSPERSED and consumes by small doses of.

And this 16.06.1997g. ALL areas.



And even.

In this ties, work this Forum on expose production test productions, of course, remarkable in terms of breakdown "general arrangement design." But given, here is this mother-fucking worthless cock "spare" plan on the submersion humanity in new new and formation essentially obschecheloveka with edinoreligiey-edinodukhovnostyu and united "a planetary clear conscience" (here same think down a citizen with information about SVERKhmassovom construction churches all denominations with goal governance planet, this increasingly about one. Need to eradicate on maximum from the goddemn new Aja, that mentality is one in all areas. Otherwise people end.

Liberation from new Aja and from this psevdobuddistskoy matrix lies in the art until 20 century (but there need to distinguish irrational and zatvarennoe, that about one essentially, to achieve harmony and rastvarivaniya).

And task people today themselves become elite, as once were vayateli this with matrix history and arts, and raise its consciousness until highest levels, thereby assuring and protection from creatures. With the help harmonious art in including. Bah and Mozart - universal weapons against has reputation around tvarnoy abomination and suppression of of reason.

Truth, can be try go beyond matrix Bach and Mozart) But this task for of overman.

If modicum one person opened new in my consternation and governing, yes situation, then I not for good reason wrote.

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Elemental, 21st.
Music this one leverage, simply his took on weaponry only then, when she acquired mass character, as correctly said, that previously music-this was attractive opportunity not for all, and for elected.

All, that mass, this already a hypothetical-tool influence on rights. The same Buddhism, eastern practice and eastern culture, before was not for all, now this on every turn, someone Takes for the groundwork, all Series and has been propagating its with the help this.

Such a same bullshit in all areas life. So-called "whole focus on maintaining" than either masses. Deaf interest to something, enable new and so constantly. Ultimate -a total control.



#p63581,Elemental wrote:

Truth, can be try go beyond matrix Bach and Mozart) But this task for of overman.

Binauralnyy rhythms, well are available simple burying ;)



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"" )))) .

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- .

" "

#p63585,Gonzo wrote:

, , - .

" "...

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