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School postanovochnykh photographs

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"Of all arts, a critical, for us is movies" (W. I. Lenin)

, Donetsk, loading fighters in that

Nairobi, loading fighters in Kamazik.

??? have sea under Zhdanov (place), fighters in Shishige (where that?)

have plunged. Now can be to go on photo session in the Donetsk airport

Warriors in kamazike have plunged and are ready to unloading

25,2t popular militias before tabunom journalists near airport of Donetsk.
Blue Shuttle, travel on the street Vzlyotnoy now for Ban to go in the other end the streets, and then will return.



The murdered in Krasnoarmeysk Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction
The murdered in Nairobi

"The largest Terakt Top-5" (as his called on " Business FM "and rest media), experienced in mall, however all" corpses "" found "in tent near-center.



Nairobi. Fighters go to war with where dangerous mythical bandits Al offshoot zasevshimi on perform well

Mariupol. Fighters go to war with where dangerous mythical Russians bandits zasevshimi on perform well

Lugansk. Fighters go to war with where dangerous mythical Ukrainian by border guards zasevshimi on perform well



Nairobi. Evacuation of injured in side photographer

Arab. Evacuation of injured in side photographer.

Lugansk. Evacuation of injured past photographer.

What such "posed photograph"?



Mariupol. Ukrainian army talks the "the fire."

Africa. The Kenyan army talks the "the fire."
(Have Kenya there is army!)
And here is and that, only Red.



Mariupol. Detention terrorist bandits.
Nairobi. Detention terrorist bandits.

(Mariupol from above)



Izmuchennye by sectarian fighting Ukrainian soldiers repose from martial affairs.
Tormented by by sectarian fighting African soldiers repose from martial affairs.

, Donetsk, aeroprt. A minute spent, breathed fresh and again in battle.

Restphoto militias in Lisichanske


Kenya - Ukraine, the wall wood brick, setting already rule of.



Mariupol. Shootings from-for center to the left

Nairobi. Shootings from-for center shift to the

Lugansk. Shootings from-for center to the left. + video camera.

Lugansk. A corner there is, shootings there is, videooperatora already has killed.
Because jackshit its camera because before photographers.


Bylbasovka. Data center., 20 April, sorporate rosha.
Fighter has found speck of dirt on earth, and this already piece of evidence.
The Beautiful posture, Prize photographer does
Vengriya. 'll shoot there, himself not know far.
Importantly - not show me far are shooting, there can be 18 +



Poor bastards victims in Luhansk

Poor bastards victims in Donetsk
Deficiency victims in Kenya

Poor bastards victims in Arab

A of Photography something one, the best a magician REUTERS
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



sighting shootings on roots Chavez 2014 Sloviansk standoff

sighting shootings on virtually unlimited tank on luganskoy border.

sighting shootings on Luganskim to Uzbekistani.

Unfortunately, have cameras there is strikes, they not can simultaneously to lift firing and sacrifice, so that - Nah get us in trouble that victims there is no, they there is where the there for horizon.)



the Battle for Yampil. Battle for Mariupol. And there pol and there pol)
A machine rifles machine-gunned against Ukrainian fashiztov
A machine rifles machine-gunned against Russians separatists
(In real moment,, where on photo those against whom.)



Massovochnaya Ponomaryovo-babaevskaya group for "shootings Mr.Stati militias."
Front work: Crimea-Mariupol-Vengriya-, Donetsk-Lugansk.

'm one, opposes 30-after a wing Ukrainian Guards, armies, Muslim volunteers, saboteurs and shpiyonov. Alone portrays all 27 thousands of dialed warriors in army DNR in the early on May. Until now one, is pushing fact allows, airplanes, and rumored to even and's been encouraging tanks around Slavyansk. Ah or almost one.)



Photography Sylvester features withdrawn during real combat action, unlike all previous photographs.

Rambo brilliant, a man! All at fair.




In Odessa not Hawryluk set-Ponomaryov among "green clothed"?

Subject expense nennado


Spharischen in a nutshell the crux of the such a: Announce bake among forums.

1) Sign up on big forums photographers
2) In section "reportage photograph") alluring come from this themes
3) Ask a question "respected professi analam" The reportage photograph different from staging a?

Wins the, who will endure without ban less couples hours.)

.. Ah know, they like dicker over colour range of, the quality of articles concerning optical filters, depth stridency, vividly exposition of, balance white.
Photograph for Dummies, foundations for primer. Such pros, all from themselves, apparatuses for 3 thousands of bucks, wielders bonuses Kodakov. And mind as have babies, immediately's effing and as children in of kindergarten courtyard garden and banyat banyat banyat.



Nairobi. Terrorists discovered, already almost now their start kill.

Kenya. Military posture: Ak down, should sit on shoot.

Photographers climb in battle together with military, risk obtain bullet in head off, but nothing not on advices, such a profession.

Lugansk. Military posture: Ak down, should sit on shoot.

Stay down, get down girl, here bullets fly from-for forests



Lugansk. -fighting for "pogranzastavu"

data sheet Chrome wheel! Disk! Or as there?. Printed-circuit board, printed-circuit board.
Lugansk is the Olympic athlete. Stendovaya shootings. Bronze medal.



Our people, from noise, cancer not become!



15 June the photo report "FotoVesti" (Ukraine) - "under-slung grenade launcher looking shift to the"
With RPG and machine - as released Mariupol
19 June the photo report "The arguments and Facts on" (Ukraine) - "under-slung grenade launcher looking to the left"
In Red Small Cragsgo fierce-fighting on tanks

Odinakovyy fence, same assessment granatomyotchiki, same assessment V Army in pockets
And name cities different)


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