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School postanovochnykh photographs

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the Red Liman. Ukrainian army makes kind of, that found. Single-file-single-file.

Nairobi. The Kenyan army found for the posts, to their not's been cut by some with barred.

Made in Hollywood
Prowess not propyosh



the Red Liman. The artist is worth on lines ceasefire fashiztov.
(In full growth is worth))



the photo report: In Red Small Crags go fierce-fighting on tanks

There is desire to watch on tanks?

Tanks until there is no, they very roads for shootings, but soon will you and tanks. And until suckers can be podurit such large, impressive names.



Nairobi. Crowd suckers came pozyrit on keniyskuyu army. (Where in Kenya army?)
(During sting operation on Secretary terrorists)
, Donetsk. Crowd suckers came pozyrit on donetskuyu army. (Where have of Donetsk army?)
(During wires on capture airport, where Ukrainian army and close not sight)

Nairobi from above,, Donetsk from below, are looking not mix up.



Ionou live we not in the capital
And for services we maly`,
But be able play in Zarnitsu ,
Necessarily must!
Increasingly seriously, as have adults:
And team and parade.
-Aye, aye questions?
-No-parent issues!
So on service say.
All, who wants - we invite
To us, in Zarnitsu play.
We will teach staunch friendship,
And not only to fight.



From / To fields shoots machine gun,
Big big secret
And not will tell we about offense,
Yes-YES! There is no-NO! There is no-NO


the Red Liman type "Lugansk"
Name seats is changing, the outcome not is changing.
Shootings is faring in nowhere.



12 April, Slavyansk.
This photo session with Ponomaryovsko-Babaevskoy extras have made specifically
Under speech Yanukovych 13.04.14 "In Gorlovka (Donetsk region) younger blood. Ukraine on the threshold of civil war. "
Blood in that day so and not saw.

Many pictures or and RAZNYKh)
Than raznee, the better.
:D :D
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Comrade soldiers, why without hats?
Comrade soldiers, why in hat?



How correctly carrying machine gun?
You will show Ukrainian fighter, he same Fashizt, from Dnipropetrovs

How correctly carrying machine gun?
You will show felon Mozhaev, he same Kiev,, too, from Dnipropetrovs

Take off his with-and taskayte - importantly rule.
.. And should sit on shoot, to all feared.
And poziruyte before their spliced photographer.

:flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt: :flirt:



Kolomoyskie batalyony, too, are shooting in nowhere. Although.
There is no. They are shooting strictly on East.



goals of the under Lisichanskom.
Sniper someone's spotted, now will s law
The artist's spotted the sniper, now will two shootinga



category: Lysychansk.
Downturns-fighting. Bridge the entire in blood.

Corpses, blood, special, injured people, Middle Asia, warming, drone strikes, damaged tanks, there the BMP, otbitye BMD, BRDM, vehicle and BTRvosimisyatdva.
18 +this should not to see children.

From video splashes FAKTY, was incontrovertible, NOT UBIVAEMYE FAKTY. Direct testimony "Mestnykh eyewitnesses", as bonus, words commander as Prize.
Commander party militias, assures the, that they in six been digging in and three gun, stopped attack Ukrainians on settlement or point.
Correspondent L! FENEWS says, most second June, High in four hours, Kyiv bombed, us declared, What nachalasya war (cancouple of words.
Alexey evidence suggests, that those was so much, how many have army groups "Center." The pieces Ukrainian corpses are scattered on working, our beat. 18+

Far we're shooting things?



Wu Ukrainian actors akopy chotkie
Explore costly, there is on that pleased watch on Ukrainian TV.




And have Forbes, this Clown not yet managed bum … h/photo/10

Yes home photos, good fellows.

Shot black color of - academic shot
(Shot - nadkalibernyy ambivalent patron RPG)



- is photo correspondent, lock the facts with our line of.
- Who for something, to recolor that in green color, raise your hands.

Two KMAZA color of Khaki and this Shuttle with blue boards of the ring-, turned on the street Vzlyotnoy, which is leading in airport them. Philharmonic in Donetsk. From point A in point In.
The that showed on this photos, that I called "Lineykoy", across logic should called "War Horse settlement." A defining characteristic of "Battle calculus" - nor one external machine near. Because must be supplied from secrecy. And here that? - in a farce.
Glee times proves fact theatrical installation.



- Ponaekhalo here, clowns. Pass not give.



This photograph posted here
And this photograph posted on ALL rest Ukrainian resources

Ah of course, like even vivid in sight, that mignews but part of photos with the banner and as would its did plagiarize. But here there is very interesting detail, deal in is, that mignews on fotoreportazhu "" Azov "with by sectarian fighting harks back Mariupol" gives 107 photographs, and all the rest resources give on one dashes twenty-units.
Is obtained a lies first ten years on and its inverted.
As same this broke a?
Photosession one, photos itself every resource or chose or received partly. And mignews took most a large number of.
Naively to believe, that resources exchange materials on somehow office channels and Treaties. And type so not respond each before friend in courts. There is no, increasingly not so. They receive the right photo from single center. And as see, receive alone and those same photos.



One a mock episode, but two different photos.
One is here … i-mariupol
The second is here

This derzhitsya there is no have vesti, but there is have mignews, and the other contrary, there is have mignews, but there is no have vesti.
CTV NEWSNET his picture've been marked banner, type protection intellectual property.)

Logic is clear?
Them not simply grant photos with free actors, them home these photos.
Mignews and vesti received two different derzhitsya one author, IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, to give illusion large number and smoking gun harrowing Mr.Stati in Mariupol.

And this come received another resource
Did precisely she them liked, or they themselves its be photographed by own photographer? - there is no of course. They its George on RASPREDELENIYu.



Ah need to same.
In both cases two different photographer, two different agencies, sat across on your hands and your knees, to zapindyurit beautiful cadres.
Reportedly Ukrainian media, these photos confirm-fighting in Mariupol, and I here is see, that they confirm the absence of fantasies and brain have moreover, who this increasingly priduiyval. And Mr.Stati here of course same no not was. Was shootings and intimidation local hapless population. If on these all belong, give couple of lines from barred, they obosravshis, will run until the most Dneprozhidovska.



Another photo in art collection.

Moscow, 22 June. / ITAR-TASS /. In the course military operation on the western Bank rivers Jordan River Israeli military overran in the building companies Palmedia in in Ramallah and destroyed offices Arab media, in including then station's RT. About this reported press service RT. According to correspondent RT, military personnel also confiscated archive data.

Attack was introduced 22 June at night about 1 :3 0 night on local time. According to correspondent RT in in Ramallah fy Steti, military beat the crap out doors buildings, destroyed estate reside offices, and also confiscated archive data.




A one thing photo in art collection.

- Mr. with a camera, very you ask, please lock the our crimes and demaskiruyte us fotovspyshkoy.,7340,L-4532566,00.html




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