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The Egyptian Airbus A320 MS804 Paris-Cairo

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Greetings, 're all compadres. It occurs to - well branch has, there, where there is sea-okiany - no you obstructions :))) made up all slightly coins on Bank, and else - flit away plunged into! And that here do you say :) Interesting, as will installation with relatives look. Ah and so - news "bookshelf" particularly not is changing - and why. In Egypt there is "vKontakt"? :)) Check this out, guys here is, who not saw still, "video" :))
"About possible identification rollers wrote, in particular, katarskoe publication Jazeera Sharq and Saudi newspaper Sabq."
"Eventual identity" - above lauding adage :)) "This is shedevrr!" :))

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Russian media and officials (including nor many nor little director FSB Bortnikov) already actively are beginning pedalirovat version of terrorist, apparently, someone not wants, to Russians flied this summer on recreation in Egypt. Bortnikov already announcedall missing - anonymous body bags. Donald Trapm virtually in the same time also declared, that this terrorist attack. Coincidence? :) Illy all who needs to received the necessary instrutsii (including and Minister civil aviation Egypt’s, words which about terrorist already is handing one of basic mrazo sources - associated press)? :) Journalist mrazokanal sky news DlY'ing Kili, ostensibly referring on French intelligence agencies, already publishedmaking of a ghost story about 000 roubles attacks terrorists "Islamic State" on France. But, in version of terrorist it is difficult to believe, although would in ties with those suspiciously scare, that for security in Parisian airport Charles de Gaulle replies already the familiar us on many other Fake "attack" (extreme case - "terrorist attack" in bryusselskom airport 22nd March) Israeli company ICTS - headquarters apartmenttheir European secession is as times in this airport (ICTS France - Address: 1 Rue quo la Haye, 95732 Roissy CDG Cedex 1, France). On their sitethere is news about how, that in 2015m year precisely ICTS received new contracts on guard Parisian airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly.

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#p67271,Йцуке wrote:

Interesting, as will installation with relatives look

Here is thisjournalist mrazo Canal BBC already in airport Cairo and reports, that ostensibly there already gather relatives, let us keep for his 04th.



#p67271,Йцуке wrote:

Check this out, guys here is, who not saw still, "video" :))
"About possible identification rollers wrote, in particular, katarskoe publication Jazeera Sharq and Saudi newspaper Sabq."

On forumavia already have disproved:
"Ostensibly video fall of - a catfish as well. The original of the record with youtube "Fireball streak Across Palm Desert Sky December Semionov 2015":



Mrazyuki publishthe first cadres "relatives" (photos in macrame on page, direct the reference on them not is copied). Most why something in solnezaschitnykh glasses, either removed with backs, either in the distance. p.s.

Одна из предполагаемых актрис

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#p67245,Dimka_Lip wrote:

Super, and to do nothing not need to fell in Sea here is and all.

Utterly is true, brains already open those, that Lim boying MH370 gone missing in the seas, and get certainly his. Pattern works :flag:


27 … pazhi.html

A reference to what jet again where the planted.



Today with morning'm tracking subject on vestyam24. There the entire day showed airport in Paris, where was perfect silence and calm. No weeping relatives, of frightened staff airlines, worry passengers. Silence absolute.
Version of with a terrorist attack actively pivoting the entire day, because ostensibly so sharply ischezt with radar jet could only in case instantaneous destruction, that realistically (ostensibly) only with strong, explosion. But as conveniently after all! Soon will appear psevdovideo best sailing characteristics down, in Sea chelovek point on the horizon. The entire day incidentally even not declared names dead. Not seems strange?



has ship Tareq Vakhba uploaded photos in Facebook



Began to to emerge family with children (in this case mnogodetnaya) which miracle, contrary thwart not typically recognized on flight

1 Canal tirazhiruet this history (the reference on the plot time 2 :0 0) … 6_chelovek

Until all on scenario



Figure on board plane this the Egyptian God sun Amun-­



See two bodies? And they sow … -tela.html

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CNN right now prophesies sledueschee-
1. This clearly was bomb on board
2. Jet A-320 (incidentally this 5 - Penta-star - or easier symbol of chaos), on board 66 man)
3. Discovered 2 floating facility
Gather to send boats in place the fall of the
4. Why the say that accurately know that "jet" wand twice on 360 degrees before the fall
5. And Of course for them this Most obviously that terrorist attack))
Let us with look forward wait The Interview with smiling "relatives")



Ah and I, too, shiny new. , too, long read your forum.
Incidentally here is type "relatives" "deceased"



For clear clarity underway, needs obtain information in primarily from Egyptair official sources.
1. Foreign ministry
2. The ministry transport.
3. Airlines Egyptair
4. Media Egypt’s.
But so as in our arsenal no one there is no the internet, and this very much luxury, believe necessary sign up on a newspaper "seksizmom and infirmity" in the hope that on pages will emerge modicum what the official information from leadership Egipita.

And there is no with me contacted one a Wellwisher and provided information on some deliberately.

1. The last message foreign ministry Egypt’s holds: Egypt condemns the attacks in Baghdad Daesh (18.05.2016) foreign ministry Egypt

2. Minister transport lnspects Hurghada marine port (15.05.2016) MT Egypt

3. Gosinformsluzhba.
Well informed source of in companies EgyptAirsaid in Thursday 19 / 5 / 2016, that 56 passengers, in including 30 Egyptians, 15 the French and two Iraqis and 10 members crew and flat elements security were on board plane is missing.
Other passengers from Britain, Belgium, Canada, Portugal, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan and of Chad, added source of.
EgyptAir said, that he provided a series of doctors and translators, to help families those who was on board plane is missing.
Relatives passengers can trigger hot line EgyptAir on 0800 7777 0000 with any stationary the phone in Egypt, added source of.
Radar lost contact with Flight MS804 in 2 :4 5 on local time in Cairo while he was on perform well 37000 feet. He should was arrive in airport Cairo in 3 :1 5 morning on local time in Cairo.
Flight flew from airport Charles de Gaulle in environment 23 :0 9 Paris on local time, then he has vanished with the radar after entry in airspace Egyptian.
EgyptAir said, that captain released more 6,000 flight hours, in including 2000 hours in this model. the reference

There is no proven messages about missing jet EgyptAir - aircraft mines
Minister civil aviation sheriff Fathi declared, that there is no proven messages until now about the fate of the gone by air EgyptAir, warn from impressive conclusions.
In television statements in Thursday on my arrival in airport Cairo from Saudi Arabia, Fathi said quick rescue works still continue, but there is no information about the causes disappearances plane.
Minister urged media inspect their information through media-center EgyptAir.
He stressed the importance of accuracy under processing reports a plane, noting, that press conference will undergo missing events a plane in 1 :3 0 the evening.
the reference

4. The airline Egyptair

EgyptAir denies entire false information, published news sites and on channels social media relatively causes disappearances EgyptAir by air MS804 and company confirms, that cause of disappearances until now not vindicated by.
EgyptAir calls for media-resources, to be confident in information, that they put it up there or liberation and abide by official press releases, issued by Civic Center EgyptAir.
We will renew you any news.

5. Media Egypt’s simply set of blevotnykh of references which lead on dailymail.com

It seems SOEs with steeply turns the eggs Egypt.



For info



Here is here and the first titties grieving relatives



the MINEX, 19 on May — RIA News.Vyderzhka:

The debris has of the gone for EgyptAir discovered south of Greek islands give, is handing agency Reuters with refers on the Greek TV.
Also agency with refers on sources of in defense reported, that Greek forces that lead the search plane, "noticed two facility on the surface water in Sea in 50 miles to to southeastern from seats, where jet gone missing with radar."
Two big plastic facility in Sea in 230 miles south of islands Crete found the Greek C3. Marks, that facilities white and red flowers.
In Internet being published video quick rescue operations MS804
MarineTraffic has shown, as on Sea seek the missing the Egyptian liner. Video
According to agencies The Press, found two facility orange color of.
Armed forces Greece confirmed fact detection the wreckage of the plane, reports agency France Press.
"Finding was made within cleanup flying area information of high Airlines Flight", — quotes agency representative army Vassilisa Beletstotisa.
He added, that the Egyptian jet C-130 found two floating facility, to which will channel Court for their research.
Later media with refers on Greek power told the, that on place collapse found two rescue waistcoat.
However power Egypt’s until not confirmed, that found objects indeed are the rubble of the of the gone plane.
"EgyptAir contacted with by qualified services, they not confirmed the credibility organisations information", — announced the Department aviation Egypt’s.
In search of the wreckage of the plane Turkish, Greek, French planes and the Greek ship, declared the official representative Navy France Didier Piatton. On his words of, in further to search departing under water parts of and black skrinok can attract submarines.
About willingness exert aid declared in NATO, although ships alliance are in Aegean Sea too far from cleanup possible collapse for.
"If will request aid, NATO is ready help", — said representative the Transatlantic bloc, hasn to remain was.
US Navy directed on aid in search of coast jet P-3 Orion. About this reportedly in Twitter Navy nautical forces.

Especially aren the speed plane kilometers / sec :tired:



#p67314,Insomniah wrote:

Флайрадар  МОСКВА, 19 мая — РИА Новости. Выдержка:Обломки пропавшего лайнера EgyptAir обнаружены к югу от греческого острова Карпатос, передает агентство Рейтер со ссылкой на греческое ТВ.Также агентство со ссылкой на источники в обороне сообщило, что греческие силы, которые ведут поиски самолета, "заметили два объекта на поверхности воды в море в 50 милях к юго-востоку от места, где самолет пропал с радаров".Два больших пластиковых объекта в море в 230 милях к югу от острова Крит обнаружил греческий фрегат. Отмечается, что объекты белого и красного цветов.В интернете опубликовано видео поисково-спасательной операции MS804MarineTraffic показала, как на море ищут пропавший египетский лайнер. ВИДЕОПо данным агентства Ассошиэйтед Пресс, найдены два объекта оранжевого цвета.Вооруженные силы Греции подтвердили факт обнаружения обломков самолета, сообщает агентство Франс Пресс."Находка была сделана в пределах района полетной информации каирского рейса", — цитирует агентство представителя армии Вассилиса Белецтотиса.Он добавил, что египетский самолет C-130 обнаружил два плавающих объекта, к которым направят суда для их исследования.Позднее СМИ со ссылкой на греческие власти сообщили, что на месте крушения нашли два спасательных жилета.Однако власти Египта пока не подтвердили, что найденные предметы действительно являются обломками пропавшего самолета."EgyptAir связался с компетентными службами, они не подтвердили достоверность публикуемой информации", — заявило Министерство авиации Египта.В поисках обломков самолета турецкие, греческие, французские самолеты и греческий корабль, заявил официальный представитель ВМС Франции Дидье Пиаттон. По его словам, в дальнейшем к поиску ушедших под воду частей и черных ящиков могут привлечь подводные лодки.О готовности оказать помощь заявили в НАТО, хотя корабли альянса находятся в Эгейском море слишком далеко от района возможного крушения лайнера."Если будет запрос помощи, НАТО готова помочь", — сказал представитель Североатлантического блока, пожелавший остаться неназванным.ВМС США направили на помощь в поисках береговой самолет P-3 Orion. Об этом сообщается в Twitter Военно-морских сил.
             Особенно радует скорость самолета км/сек

У-2? :D Или миль в час, или метров в секунду. Километров в секунду...это скорость ...не пассажирских самолетов, так и до скорости света недалеко))
Здравствуйте все люди. Цифры и буквы рейса перевели уже? Не могу найти(((. В теме Боинга под Ростовом, точно помню -там был перевод номера рейса и сравнительные по другим катастрофам.

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Important birds went. Oops, pardon, oxymoron. … 6067.shtml category: Within Temptation: On board rukhnuvshego plane A-320 was have mandated the manager Procter & Gamble CEO


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