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Kazan. Setting plane

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The crash in Kazan.



Kazan, 18 November. A consequence will all possible version of plane in Kazan, in including terrorist attack, declared the first deputy chief SU RS on to Marat Ishmiyarov hast strive.
"Will considered all possible version of: Climate conditions, mistake pilots , technical dislocations in jet, problems with fuel, and also terrorist attack", declaredt strive, which quotes "Interfax."

Passes hour and, about miracle, Minister Sokolov You plug your own his mouth oldest the investigator Zaripovu

o views five versions of collapse passenger plane Boeing 737 in Kazan, and until all they have the right on existence, terrorist attack excluded, declared journalists Minister transport trades abroad Maxim Sokolov.

Terrorist attack is removed. Brilliant Sokolov, well you work. Conclusions until conducting first investigative action. Criminal crime obviously, pandering terrorism as least



The information support terrorist, indeed do, support version of about dead jet and keeping public opinion in side from the most fact terrorist.
Grigory Busarev --gunman information war against Russia
Began with, that through couple of hours after plane, "impartial" madam Ksenia Sobchak, placed scan planting talonu Gregory Busareva and his record in should we expect. Networks.
Turn attention, that Grigory costs vague enough formulation about fault plane and stance calls power "bitches of." We shall store pro this moment.
Yes ah and get would with him, little whether in Internet idiots, which "confidently determine fault" on senses here? Ah and spat, that do this airlines "Aeroflot", after all case same. But these deal not stop.
Grigory began television Marathon, in during the evening and just next days, he participated in television show "to Nasri on Russia as this makes Sobchak." He taught Russians term "turbulence" at all not understanding, that this such, on example latyninskoy arrow possible detailed. Pilots in Internet immediately same commemorated, that guy at all not understands about fix says.
Grigory Frenchman; but timid, enter the all channels, under this particularly highlighting, that he not PR sake of and his opinion obyvatelskoe, but as times precisely this means vzaimoisklyuchenie. If you was born in shirt, then Cote dAzur homes, Hail, why piaritsya and bear on stilts, why spend energy on the search for journalists and time on interview, why to go on television show?

Therefore tank engines worked its role and promised bapki, Grigory began to cover his traces and tried to withdraw in shadow. Now he ostensibly, no one not accuses and no one not wants of evil, however we with you remember, that Grigory accused power in what it will increasingly lumping on weather, and Russia in is, that it bad airplanes. We remember, that he called power bitches of, for what him turbulence 6600m. Again contradiction.
If closely to study behavior Busareva, then obviously, that he served Made to Order grantopoluchateley. Perhaps he flew previous flight, perhaps, for the director and for money why would not to. But most importantly - II wonderful... an educated man, THAT In Kazan VOLUME terrorist attack.

"In any" Grigory followed on a small tipping. He changed a picture of an planting talonu, by removing name companies "Aeroflot."
Ah why him this fewer? And even question on killer question: If Grigory went to in on television stations, then when he managed perefotagrafirovat and "cut" your do Aeroflot?
If company "Tatarstan" do not justify do on form "Aeroflot", what same here such a? Or the reason was? And the reason in that all other passengers not have such Fuel card or can be he ??? this for surplus a nuisance?

Have FSB was unique chance take this molester and to qualitatively shock.


I. Op-la, prefer-mortale:
What is the right has Sokolov ruled out terrorist attack from versions of catastrophe?
Me interested in purely technical side decision-this decisions and violation of of insubordination.
Who he such, chief interrogator or chief expert? Black boxes are even only hope find, and have him already is ready tree come down for media and "order" reflect.
Increasingly here very simply. Is faring the intentional keeping in side public opinion. On nose Olympiada, Russia he'd whack, and Russia utiraetsya, tries to downplay, hide its weakness.
All officials perfectly understand, that means this terrorist attack and what have him mission, but all shit the pants, recognizing the Primacy of Economic Karabakh.
Interestingly, as nowt strive will putting one's language in the ass or can I overreacted and he proves principled and honest years and a?



Niznekamskneftechim was fired upon from missile installations
In Saturday, 16 November, in Nizhnekamsky district Tatarstan on one of largest refineries enterprises Europe Niznekamskneftechim , were produced puski from missile installations, reports own source of A-Kazan.
Attacker issued missiles from missile installations, but not one of them not reached goal, by some data were found 2 missiles, the search for still supposedly two missiles continues.

why media everyone kept quiet about this?



the Pasadena Kazan announced about the threat terrorist attacks
Leadership cities and law enforcement agencies conducts complex measures in ties with the threat committing the terrorist attacks, is handing correspondent livestock exaggerating.
Decision about reinforcing vigilance staff power structures and ordinary kazantsev was taken today, 19 November, on Extraordinary meeting urban anti-terror Commission, conducted on behalf Mayor of Kazan Ilsura Metshina.


7 … nie_hrami/

.... -, - :


, - :, , ?



Rechevoy data recorder for the car plane, that crashed in Kazan, not found

A no one and not doubted, that his not will find

Rechevoy data recorder for the car that crashed in Kazan Boeing proved empty
PBOC provide daily, 19.11.2013

He proved empty or not found?



Special Report about the showdown of activists black mailbox.
Points out on themselves attention in a farce. Two in masks, kurochat Pandora, and outsider correspondent without masks, asking silly questions. On questions correspondent, replies Jew, have which face hidden mask, says he mutters and contractionary. I so think, that junior employees not been paved to lend interview and perishing those more, not them can be trust investigations killings fifty people.
Speech cockpit recordings there is no, and Pandora with were now and a gift not need. There can be burn any information and no one this not ???, and then put commission from such here is little Jews, which write the report, which from them requires. The problem black mailbox as times and is that access to him has very limited number of people, which controlled by a narrow group. Fulfill single Made to Order for them times spit. No public control, even in situation, when explicit suspicions on terrorist attack.
We are not needed some frequent-flier parameters plane, we need to hear negotiations with aviation dispatchers and talk pilots , we need all sounds, which were in cockpit for 20 seconds until clashes with land.



Glow cabin could not be - the landing busted headlight, because:
1) Fara must shine strictly forward (when covering the the landing dM), it should not report Corps plane
2) Fara not can to change force lighting, but on video we see a permanent izmeneniyae forces of light cabin.
3) an indirect: Fara should not, it's too damp under care on the second circle.
Why something in reflect from betonki we see more striking light effect, which, unfortunately, above, remained for shot (higher, outside snapshot)



Such is happening, so long as airmen lose consciousness or die


A cassette speech cockpit recordings (
Taped with Garanca negotiations crew from speech cockpit recordings, that crashed in airport Kazan plane, found only later 3 days after catastrophe, already delivered in Moscow for mapping. Kbit module found among the wreckage of the cabin on conceals 2 meters underground. About this journalists told senior assistant head of Volga Investigation governance on vehicles SK Russia Dmitri turn. Terms mapping speech cockpit recordings he not described, noting, that analysis a seized from dispatching recorded already showed: Flight before, as pilot told about neposadochnom position plane, anodyne in normal regime. Through 20 seconds silence with the moment, as commander crew delivered the last word "circle", jet exploded.

Analysis a seized in dispatching recorded talk its staff with crew aboard N363, according to Ivashchenko, fully disproves mussirovavshuyusya in social networks version of about how, that in cockpit plane ostensibly were outsiders. "Until data about outsiders in cabinet plane have allegations there is no, - said turn, - genetic s expertise skeletons will help us terminally establish this, either reveal the availability of undocumented passengers on board."


And this correctly



A can be this murder of General FSB, which actively US plans the US in setting caliphate in Tatarstan?
And can the next chief of FSB Tatarstan will a bit more cooperative?

Kozun path General Antonova
Attempt to terrorist In Reuters tasks General-Zhovtevyi FSB exit TO COME BACK IZ vacation In Kazan And sit down ON in question, NEW airlines Tatarstan

Among the passengers that crashed in of 11 airport we-737 was 56-year-old chief tatarstanskogo governance federal security services Alexander Woron, which was appointed in the capital RT summer 2011. Newspaper BUSINESS Online reminds about what tasks for two with plus year decided on security officers were under his leadership: Federal Security Service of has taken participation in apprehending and destroying extremists, sovershikh undermining car camel piss Ildusa Fayzova and murder of seminary student Valiully kupova, and also delivered together with other siloviki security on World student Games.

Day 19 July 2012, first day office in month Ramadan, penetrated in history modern Tatarstan as one of the most tragic dates. In this day in Kazan is happening terrorist attack: Undermine car camel piss Ildusa Fayzova and have Owl his homes kill seminary student and chief Office education Dum RT Valiullu kupova. Otkryvayut organs told the: Priest killings kupova was Robert Valeyev, and ideologue terrorist attacks native of Chistopol, Tatarstan rais Mingaleev. Aside from Mingaleeva in internationally were announced Rafis Gariev and Albert Ismagilov.
Terrorist attack became present shock for all as and test for silovik. Followed sequence of events: Mass detention police some activists-Muslims, the emergence of in Internet mysterious organizations Mujahid Tatarstan , which broad their but inventions on occupations YouTube, unrest arrival mosque al-Ihlas News Agency that led to closure of mosque on reconstruction. Should tribute to law enforcement officials: Them managed find performers terrorist attacks
24 October past year MVD and FSB announced, that spend of a sting operation on grab armed militants on str. Chemists. Law-enforcement authorities received information about those action movies back within investigations affairs about the terrorist attacks. On place arrived riot police FSB and tried to Catch suspects. However 2007 have met with resistance: One of request in apartment blew up a grenade. After this siloviki began to assault on, and, until from homes of Tehran was evacuated tenants, lasted's bitter shoot-out.
Criminals Valeyev and Rustam Kashapov were (blocked) and destroyed. Under one of terrorists was detected Russias explosive device, a similar on belt of the martyr. FSB in a sting operation, too, suffers losses: Two staff were hard injured, one of them died in hospital. Initially name of dead Navy SEAL not surfaced, was only information, that he covered the a Russias explosive device. But later became known, that this was staffer governance special operations center a special appointments FSB Sergei Ashikhmin. 14 December President Russia rated him title Hero of Russian Federation posthumously.
Spanish sports daily Marca believes, which demanded mobilization forces all power structures, has passed went off without a and hitch..

have said: So well worked Woron?

So why same version of terrorist, idiot Sokolov (disambiguation) tthe dismissed
From causes plane, even until conducting allegations?



missile shelling of Reza Bagheban (Tatarstan)
Seemed would, in those events was called into point, and nothing not ground once evils. However 16 November, in Saturday, became known, that obscure tried to launch on OJSC Niznekamskneftechim four launched missiles. They not was the flight until a plant: One of devices fell on a reform colony # 4, two flew about 800 flushed, still one detonated under start. Later reported, that on territory enterprises discovered launched bomb. And precisely these events forced chief Federal Security Service of on RT Antonova to return exit from vacation on disastrous flight 363 Moscow Kazan.



In place old Boeing 737 flight from Moscow in the capital Tatarstan should was fulfill SRG Canadian producer Bombardier, but his have replaced from-for number of passengers.
On opposite flight was taken decision send the other board airlines, which nurturing flight Kazan - Moscow today on the morning. These same explains small realize "boinga." It is this Boeing and crashed.
Jet "Boeings-737-500" with aboard number VQ-BBN, crash-lands in Kazan on the evening 17 November, was launched in 1990 year.
Until airlines "Tatarstan" liner first was on balance Euralair Horizons (France, with 13 / 07 / 1990). Then jet acquired similarly France (01 / 06 / 1992). In 1995 liner has purchased the company Uganda for.
the end of the quotes

In place SRG Bombardier from Moscow in the capital Tatarstan flew prepared by (bomb) Boeing 737, here is and the entire scuzz. Or, us make to think, that number of tragic of similarities disorderly mystical character?



In ties with favors in media questions about the causes and versions catastrophe Boeings-737-500 airlines Tatarstan , Technical Commission Interstate Aviation Committee (MAC) informs:
According to rule funds open-minded control bonds of systems, aggregates and organs governance-plane-, including Canal helm of Heights, not measures have. Engines plane worked until clashes with land.
McCain repeatedly elaborating on, that standards ICAO on, so-called, old and new aircraft headed for US not there is. Importantly for security nice summer suitableness plane, not his age. Direct dependence between the disasters air courts and their age there is no. Over the past five years number of catastrophes in world, including Russia, with air courts passazhirovmestimostyu more 50 seats voting for aircraft age to 5 years and above 30 years. Summary information average age exploited in the US aircraft Boeings-737-500 20.4 year. In Europe 20,3 year. In world up more 7600 aircraft family Boeings. Their total go accounts for 257,6 million Flight hours. The rate catastrophes aircraft Boeings-737 on 100 thousands of flight hours accounts for less 0.05.
A cross-border aviation Committee requests to abstain from PR and populism on backdrop of heavy tragedy. This traumatic for these loved and close dead, running a fever, work aeronautical transportation industries.
Technical Commission MAC continues to professional job in setting circumstances and causes catastrophe in accordance with standards ICAO.

FAQ "PR" was would less, if would a respected MAC, explained himself on all those issues, on which RIGHTcan be to answer. Why to do "military mystery of" from causes plane? Incidentally "professionalism" all saw in play-by-play mortem black mailbox clowns Masked.



How reports, instead old Boeing 737 flight from Moscow in the capital Tatarstan should was fulfill SRG Canadian producer Bombardier, but his have replaced from-for number of passengers.
On opposite flight was taken decision send the other board airlines, which nurturing flight Kazan-Moscow on the morning 17 November. These same explains small realize boinga .

In place old Boeing 737 flight from Moscow in the capital Tatarstan should was fulfill SRG Canadian producer Bombardier, but his have replaced from-for a small number of passengers.
On opposite flight was taken decision send the other board airlines, which nurturing flight Kazan - Moscow Sunday on the morning. These same explains small realize "boinga." It is this Boeing and crashed.
To technical virility plane Boeing 737, victim ruin in Sunday in Kazan, claims not was, reported s "Interfax-Volga region" chief press services OJSC "Airline" Tatarstan "Gulnaz Minnikhanova.

Obraschaem attention on little snag.
Was taken decision send the other board airlines, which nurturing flight Kazan - Moscow Sunday on the morning.
And turyst Busarev, immediately after catastrophe (or simultaneously with it) published a picture of an planting talonu "Aeroflot" and argued, except "these has presented to", that he flew on this board 4 hours ago.
I think, that time 14 :4 0, Towards, charitably not fits.
Option # 1: Press service and\ to "Tatarstan", made mistake, saying, that plane arrived on the morning. But as can be to commit such mistakes?
Option # 2: Turyst Busarev chameleon Made to Order on television, him got legend with egregious mistakes (which occur under prepare terrorist)
[size=16]Mr. publicist Busarev, declared about itself, as about participating specialist on detect fault incarcerated directly in the air. Keeps managing see the, that not can to see technology and other passengers.



a construction aviation Committee requests to abstain from PR and populism on backdrop of heavy tragedy. This traumatic for these loved and close dead, running a fever, work aeronautical transportation industries.
Technical Commission MAC continues to professional job in setting circumstances and causes catastrophe in accordance with standards ICAO.

Sounds so same optimistic, as: International institution democracy am confident, that Putin stole voices. Or so: The Supreme Court trades abroad performed demands European Court of Human Rights, according to Constitution trades abroad.
Question, expensive radio listeners:
Who or that, gives us a guarantee, that MAC will uphold its work honestly?
If Prime Minister Medvedev, in open sells Russia, what prevents to remarkable person do the same?



In demise people, Ksenia sees something do.

"Angliyskiy people in the present the form of is genetic a crusty" (K. Sobchak)
"Love Jews, because all Russians - a redneck!" (K. Sobchak)
"You must learned and to live with this with the thought. With todays days from-for these small those fuckers off, voiceless, and shits, which here live, if you will telling here kidsclock, I will telling you discos exactly in this time
"Have us, bitch, here child workers garden that whether, let, on the cock, live together with their children in childhood, voiceless, homes, where all, voiceless, live with children"
"Let 'em drop dead these small little motherfuckers" (K. Sobchak effeminate)


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