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Kazan. Setting plane

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Dmitry" wrote:

This is audio not pulling on proof of, even on a tabloid level. Canal "Russia-1" made installation of, this obviously. Court will not accept such proof of, and channel broadcast will tell that yes indeed, this was installation of.
Forgery pugayusche very easily, deal in is, that there is such the notion of as "a high ZVUKA", she significantly more slowly, than the speed of light, so on such a the distance, we must to hear breath with delay. Here there is no delays, means this installation of. Breath they could take with another video, or with this, adjusting his. So that this nepodkhodit.
For this reason, not d signed under convey, which contains obvious mistake. Unfortunately not can to lie himself itself, these are rules.

Yes, you are right. Indeed, on your a tabloid level, this audio not pulling on proof of. But, fortunately, you not Court and even not channel broadcast Russia-1.

I have in circulation written the next:

Oop, I found it even one thing proof of
Here on 19, old Pudge heard two explosion. I.e., for a moment, until clashes with land was another explosion, an outbreak of from which on this videotapes is for shot, but visible on other video. Unfortunately, on other video breath already erased. However, under wish sound there should be ?????? breath explosion and from first two outbreaks.

And where same here mistake on level was never any public with school benches notions a high ZVUKA ?
Yes, indeed, the court should discover, where channel broadcast Russia-1 took this audio, and why there is no delays between audio and video, conditional speed understanding sound? But this the other question, not which gives you reason to say, that my appeal contains obvious mistake. Mistakes there is no. On audio heard two explosion, that fully fits famous video, on which in sight, that before A Clash with land was an outbreak of. And I mean the right use this audio as proof, that an outbreak of before A Clash with land was bursting of the on board, not outbreak probleskovogo overall. Perhaps, that camera watchdog, on which made video showing, at all not has Canal audio records. And audio record was made, can be utterly accidentally, on some the other audio percepio, for example, on mobile, and then was accompanied without delays, but and without adjustment to video records. And very well, that this was done.
Perhaps, that this audio record engulfed on video utterly accidentally, and for the reason, that those who its provided, not turned attention, that there heard two explosion.
Now Court with the help expertise, not you on a tabloid level, should recognize or rebut my audiodokazatelstvo. Perhaps, that fair Court manages find and obtain audio record in faithfully and there will heard the rest the bombings on board we.

So, that not't worry, you not're lying himself itself, and simply're mistaken. Moreover, to Vasha conscience was clean, you can send Bastrykinu their evidence. Or you genuinely think, that senor owes himself to respond to your forum?




Perhaps, that this audio record engulfed on video utterly accidentally, and for the reason, that those who its provided, not turned attention, that there heard two explosion.

I precisely pro this and say. If she "engulfed", then expert this without labor attaches. If audio left, means this installation of, and if this installation of, then Court will not accept such a record in attention.

Now Court with the help expertise, not you on a tabloid level, should recognize or rebut my audiodokazatelstvo. Perhaps, that fair Court manages find and obtain audio record in faithfully and there will heard the rest the bombings on board we.

I precisely pro this and say, that need a squaring the record, its can be test on the availability of "vkleek." However I am confident, that squaring the record alienated and "accidentally got lost" (as are lost records with eighty-cameras have Pentagon 9 / 11, drawings missiles "Saturn-5", afternoon can dig 300 kg and other and other)
Moreover, almost am confident, that have this records at all there is no understanding sound, because this cadres with monitor office safeguard airport.
Am confident and in is, that terrorists not foresaw, that ruin at all can fall into whose something lens, so not were the emergence of this videotapes. RT its published quite operationally, and "Russian" channels, its same (Russian tudeevskuyu) gave in obscene a split the form of.
Even here moment on expense evidence "sound escort": Have Russian TV station, lacked enough mind, either willfully not qualified, find and one polled those people, which were near airport and increasingly heard.
Evidence one-only Sergei Turkova clearly not enough, yes and not testified he, and so.



Sure plane in Kazan

From themselves correct that the Internet-system FlightRadar24, passenger air naval ship defines virtually perfectly and clashes.
If click with the mouse on aircraft the emerges table with data air naval ship, type of plane, somehow avialiniyam belongs, where flies and where headed, Number Airlines Flight, Number plane, the speed and high bombers in this moment time and others. Data. -button Group View - simulator by air at this jet in real time.

Divergences and imbalances in the system FlightRadar24 can happen only if someone in advance very strongly about this tried to.



Eksperti "bulletins truth", figured out reason collapse of activists "we", increasingly brightened.
Version of about mental inferiority Russian pilots , has been vindicated. Increasingly it turned out, as and warned us creative latynintsy - in Russia live idiots!
Process expertise recorded on cell. To establishing reasons, all need to:
1) Invite a, to dress the hero Russia, parca him for loyalty, let him plays role props. He will tell two three words "kabriruyuschiy moment", "policies-policies-policies" and "clouds, clouds."
2) Put the student, practitioner for computer toys.
3) Zabit in computer toy two choppers where taken the (likely from Wikipedia)
4) On merry music
5) Make conclusions, Shoving fingers somewhere there, in computer toy.
And increasingly. CP has proven, that readers and viewers CP, complete morons.
The viewer is offered the next dialogue experts:
Hero of Russia: - Airman never sees his, here is what you speak, he never sees, he looks here, and here never sees.
Student: - Yes, then than justify, that if a looks here, as then can be justify, that have him zdyos growing twenty five degrees and here same until 125 knots?
The passenger from extra,.. extra: And can he losing orientation under 25 degrees?
Hero Russia: - of course, he in sprays, he in oblakaaakh (shone true)

According to "CP" viewers represented the clearest evidence and even fingers have shown those who perhaps doubted. Those killed people as counterbalance in computer program. Ah and that! Spat that of hot CP nor about fix, importantly: Show broke a



Video LifeNews

Video England Today

How us're being fooled? This increasingly simply is done.Should simply look carefully..
LifeNews took video England Today, been circumcised his on the most eggs and with top and with bottom, wrote "EKSKLYuZIV" and unasked gewo _ en us as rotgut for sows.
Note, clipped so, that of stopwatch not in sight, outbreaks # 2 (ranks at) not in sight.
On Russian television outlets have shown ONLY circumcised VIDEO cameramen RussiaToday.
Russian telezritel not saw normal records. Understandable?
Recall, for those who not in rate, that cameramen RussiaToday prohibited from issuing broadcast on territory Russia on Russian language. This not my artifice, this truth. Increasingly deal in 29 th article Constitution-93 (which was adopted after execution Supreme Council (camping on E. Virtually under barrels of). Networkwe own RussiaToday, not fall under Constitution trades abroad on territory other countries, so there have them prophesies on other languages.
So-called "federal Russian" channels, not can exercise censorship from state, and means him not podkontrolny. But so not the case, that channel broadcast nepodkontrolen, correctly? Controls Canal the, who pays money. Pays money the, have whom they there is. There is they have moreover, who their runs. Runs their FeReeS. Sometimes, the Kremlin proplachivaet individual transfer of on NTV, 1 as, and Russia-1, but is happening this only have had one. Mostly, television networks perform will owner, and is a master the, who pays money.
Alexey, you must understand such things and seek "the right video."

are extremely happy, that in Internet Constitution-93 until not acts and we can look there RT, modicum slightly slightly, but on Russian language.
RT not subject to antirossiyskim that; are moderated he Putin team, ZNAChIT, is FREE.



trying to come to answer question "why there is no data in the archives system FlightRadar24?", we get two version of. The first - data erased, the second - data initially not was.
Version of "data erased" is unlikely. First, this American site, which hardly will in the interest Russian allegations destroy data. Second, perishing if destroy data, then about really flight, not about all flights proletavshikh near and sadivshikhsya in that day in airport Kazan

This is very naive assume. In destroying data interested above all the customer terrorist. Can whether be the American side the customer of activists terrorist? - so she she and is. This there is no direct evidence, but indirect. As stars on the sky, in during "recent quantity.The years." My site this dealt with. Witness for example what spectacle they staged in Nairobi Terakt in Nairobi - also a setting
And second, so-called "Russian a consequence", subject to Americans. And chief chief of allegations, was appointed Americans, and ministers and anything.
For those who this not understands, or makes kind of, that not understands, am asking look this video:



44 passenger on 737om?
The first, that immediately catches in eyes - this half-empty flight. Deal in is, that 737-500 in the most capacious configuration has 103 seats, and this is not some any nightlife the inconvenient flight, and the optimal purchasing, on which not always you can get me ticket. And this with, that the price a ticket about 3,000 rubles.

Yes, 17 number of the first that from steepness in eyes this the, that just 44 passenger, and even the, that told the about this instantaneously.
I have, as have cement 9 / 11 immediately Association arose with a terrorist attack 2001, the more number of dead passengers "kazantsev" coincides with number of ostensibly dead all "Pennsylvanians" on flight 93 (plane, which evaporated under Shenksvillom, and then his discovered in authoritarianism).
In kratse the crux of the such a: Terrorists 9 / 11 (the true terrorists) you minimized the human losses on so much, on how many this was perhaps. I have belief (confirms different indirect facts and video) that in the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001, died not 2800 man, and just-only about three hundred. Because:
In North tower, bursting of the chop off only about 20 floors, in which likely no one not was, because their simply not aimed a on work, and the rest have left tower in during 101-minutes into (more than enough).
In South tower, bursting of the chop off only eastern a corner, so people with the top of floors have been able down down, using Passage in the Western. After explosion the building56 minutes, all typically recognized overwhelmingly, the more worked elevators.
There are some clearly has cadres "vyprygivayuschikh people", which were nothing short as transmixers. People ??? in windows - falsified, falsifiers of a made a mistake in scale, wrong have made growth human relatively Heights windows.
Rocket "Bank" (without warheads) engulfed in the wing Pentagon, which was closed on renovating. How many there died people? Said 125, but this the excerpts, a is rather from watching a photos, that would this understand, there even computers on desks remained stand.
Victims, which ostensibly were in planes, either at all not was, either virtually not was, because as not was and themselves incarcerated. (Have one thing unique investigation, on which should, that passengers Airlines Flight 93, have been, have been created in hangar and that's Saadat)
Official version of gives unreasonable going passenger ??, which, on my view, they stupidly tied the to astonishing 11.
Amer. For - It's eleven, Boeing 767-223ER - 92 human died (accommodates 180 passengers)
United for 170... five, Boeing 767 222 - 60 man died (accommodates 220 passengers)
Amer. For - 77, Boeing 757-223 - 64 human died (accommodates 200 passengers)
United for -93, Boeing 757-222 - 44 human died (accommodates 200 passengers)
Think that it is not difficult imagine, that such number of passengers on board, had either artificial character, either simply fictional.
Half-empty airplanes of course sometimes fly, but is happening this not with such share likelihood.


September 11, 2001, collapse United for -93, Boeing 757-222 - died 44 rights.
Official version of collapse of Flight 1-93 looks roughly so:
Nothing not found, nor single fragment bodies, baggage, titanium chassis, tsvetmetnykh cladding or engine. Said - increasingly burned down the fuck.


48 … om-boinge/

An outbreak of in a tail parts of plane, they cash out enables executives video camera, points to explosion, and a confirmed missing records talk between an operator (dispatcher) and airmen - and alerted when a man ran from capsules kbit data recorder for the car reveal about political desire hide reasons collapse

46277s organs is 1384780769Seychas Russian by authorized bodies is conducted investigation causes plane. And on his a conclusions, this, likely, it turned out accident. So whether this? In redaktsiyu of our magazine out a letter from Latvia. His the author specialist cities Riga Alexander Danshov voiced in it their version of overthrew the. And facts, expressed in him, on our glance, have an unalloyed right on the table. And because need in meticulous tested.

So, operatives author, under viewing in YouTube records the fall of the we , random samples and established cameras from the surveillance, he observed on the fuselage plane three unusual outbreaks. And under more thorough studying vdeomateralv in slower regime and increase images, as argues the author, concluded, that this was nothing short, as explosions. Respectively, on his assumed, airliner could be broken not owing to hapless case either callousness are unacceptable pilots . And in a result possible terrorist.

In the same time, operatives author,s authorized faces, focus on would causes aviakatostrofy,, too, could not not discern those mysterious outbreaks, which attracted his attention. However, as argues the author, no one of them until now time so and not mentioned about them. And not questioned their possible origins. Contrary, these same officials confidently incidents, that all technical system that crashed we until clashes with land worked do.

The author letters also makes emphasis on is circumstance, that after collapse air liner a consequence if would not commands records negotiations between a pilot and an operator (dispatcher), which in have order terminated in all airports world.

location times and constructive attention an esteemed concrete Alexander and the Internet-resources, which spreads his letter. First you are using utterly not the video. The most close to original video, is have companies England Today Here better in sight, that this terrorist attack; here in sight greater number of outbreaks (likely bombings), previous, within 1.5 seconds bombers (roughly).
Second, you not mentioning your about other, numerous, direct and indirect, facts, proof about Kerri and his cover-up within a jurisdiction which media, to ordinary as traitors Russia and series of Russian officials.
The main emphasis, need to do on the obvious crime Minister transport Sokolova, which, in night on 18 November, dismissed version of terrorist, even until conducting any investigative action. Thereby, Minister has had serious pressure on a consequence and in a whole on move lighting plane in media. The first deputy chief SU RS on to Marat Ishmiyarov hast strive, which promised not ruled out terrorist attack from versions of, with the evening 17 November, at all not emerges in an information space.
Version of airlines "Tatarstan" about the causes substitutes plane on more capacious, absurd itself, so as on board was perched just 44 passenger. Most likely, plane was replaced by on the, who was prepared to Yuschenko, camping on E. In offense were Ill tell ganglia governance or cabin pilots .



How guide the public opinion further from version of terrorist and double don't give a shit on Russia?
As this is done?

Think Aviation "expert", which on a provincial they discuss it ing about plane crash. In a conversation in skolz have mentioned wildlife that escaped about version of finding in cockpit son President Tatarstan - could whether such be? - and get his knows, can could, and can could not, need wait conclusions Commission. On how and they iced.
That is happening further?
Foreign agent in personified by radio stations type "Echo Moscow" or resource type "RIA News", writes "stresses" - "An unexpected turn, expert said, that in cockpit was son". Further, network foreign agents on their techniques channels, spreads this essay, changing jobs words for of decency and slightly serially epoch-making the headline. In a result, the entire information content dead this newsheresy.
On next day, ofanorevshiy "expert" forced opravdyvatsya, that he at all not the spoke, that written in these sensational ocherkakh.
And whom now deal before, that lectured direct lies? Ah lies, ah can made a mistake, ah with whom not case. Is going to think ordinary citizen and not will charge in the crux of the this vysera. And no one in Court not apply for libel, on how simpler the basis, that in ensured moment Court to submit to the those same, whom obey media. And Orlov in Court not apply, even if understands, that "keep the grey horse shock" must incur punishment.
All forget, that this was the excerpts, but in the minds will remain, that "Russians sheep broadcast into the first panoramic elevator incarcerated outsiders people, because they live in miserable country, which runs thief prick Putin"
"MK.RU" writes "Aviaekspert dismissed complaints news", although should was write so: "We would bring their apology, for what yesterday all you be soba on ears. We you cullions from the list of reprobates, inside in Corporation antirossiyskikh bastards. Pardon us, we owe this to do, to receive financing ".



How this is done?
Media outlet ", Vesti FM," which partly is under control "fifth pillar." practitioner extracts each from statements Marat Zarudneva Zaripova words about version of terrorist. Seemed would, in fix here crime? Ah big deal, forgotten create. Can be have journalist bond ended or batteries sat across on planshtke?

(Kazan, 12 April 2012, RT-despatch ). Decree President Russian Federation # 421 from 9 April 2012 on office first deputy chief Investigation governance the Investigative Committee Russian Federation on Republic Tatarstan appointed Colonel Justice Marat Ishmiyarov hast strive, previously held the office deputy chief Investigation governance RS on Republic Tatarstan.
t strive? Who he at all such, to his statements quote fully? Yes followed he in the ass, we have their masters. (Curators radio stations ", Vesti FM" Yevgeny Satanovskiy and Vladimir the Warblers in friendly conversation,)



the Extreme promises an infiltration war in Tatarstan and hinted on correlation with the plane crash in Kazan
Newspaper regions Russia the Internet-version of
02.12.2013 16 :50: 00
Militant promises an infiltration war in Tatarstan
Unknown of Islamic fanaticism took responsibility for missile shelling of of the chemical factory and hinted on correlation terrorist with the plane crash in Kazan
Gleb Postnov
In Internet yesterday emerged broadcast, on which man, a human sorcerer who calls themselves Abdullah, amir the jihadi Bulgaristana (the so them is named Tatarstan. evening ), harks back responsibility for recent Hamass rocket attackss largest collars a plant in Tatarstan Niznekamskneftechim. He also makes hint about the connection this terrorist with the plane crash in Kazan, in which died 50 people.

Nu yes, increasingly correctly. If power refuse to talk about Kerri, then this they guarantee to speak prejudice any vakhkhabitskomu nedoumku. And public opinion will make logical conclusion: - Talk about Kerri in Kazan - cup of tea low-I. Q



PERVYE official KADROVYE ORGVYVODY After collapse we 23.08.2010 Tatar GOVERNANCE Volga PODAL In OTSTAVKU
One of the most common issues on catastrophe: Why a cross-border aviation Committee not will bring forward record negotiations pilots ?
A that there putting? There nothing and there is no. There is no such a dialogue between my leader and second: The something happened, do the something and the something. There almost there is nothing. And now not the time, to something hide all Dont

Nu that I can say. Shavkat presentation - of Chi bitch, he spat on dead colleagues, spat in face all relatives dead. Coward, bastard and of Chi derogatory, this not I said, this he himself said, affirming, that a consequence in the world would hide voice record in cockpit pilots . Although not rule out option, that he simply official-Jesus, dozy fuckers, which not understands significance each petty matter in investigation plane.
If someone not understands: On video fixed outbreaks, which most likely were explosions. On audio statements condemning speech cockpit recordings, unkind must be heard clapping bombings, bombings, which lifted from by building pilotsand system governance the plane.



forumchanin Serega10 with aviaforuma, painted scheme bombers, which roughly fits version of MAC.
But she so same, behind in version of engineered terrorist, a cloaked under mistake pilot. I shall remind, that I believe, that in the upper point set of Heights, in 747 flying worked explosion (mini-) devices, which lifted from by building pilots , either elements governance plane. Commission MAC, could quietly recast in report any parameters cockpit recordings, because "bond undergoes a."
Pilots on their forums, are a blabbermouth about shturvalakh, tethers and tyagakh, and importantly - sacred believe to remarkable person. But interestingly, on the basis what? Wasn MAC cannot be buy, or there work exclusively saints people? Of course can be, because this depends not from office, and from personalities.
Here is suppose Gorbachev. London agent, who played a key role in destroying the USSR. Westward flunked his honors, awards, foundations and anything;; day 80-and celebrations, Gorbachev celebrated in London, with an invitation senior Western persons. But if we not we're surprised the, that the head of the Soviet Empire was for bank jams and basket complimentary biscuits, then why we not can to believe in the, that any CRABS (compared with it is Gorby's, sorry me), not can sell out to for do paper?



Skyfall information MAC ,-Boeings began to go down with Heights 700 meters and in during 20 seconds reached land.
If pilots policymakers mistake, then why they not fought for his life and life 44 passengers? Why plane he crashed in land under angle 75 degrees(on video significantly more)? If would pilots perekladyvali with radiuses and tried to would-Danlos. situation, then plane in any case not he crashed would in land under thus angle.
Point # 1 - departure on the second circle. That caused a departure, can be weather did economics fail, and video camera us's lying?
Point # 2 - svalivanie from-for losses speed. Pilots never in life not we typed levels under of the same and would have been fooled?
Point # 3 - why pilots not managed not only-Danlos. plane, but even and try to this do, after all 20 seconds this term not a small?
Wasn there is no reason, although would suggest, that in point # 2 and in point # 3, experienced not simply technical hiccup?

Message from Serega10
I have version of such a, if not view technical failures.
0 sec. (Just 45): Wind steelmakers, proved higher slope;
5 sec: the Committee position plane relatively the WFP as neposadochnoe , crew testimony was dispatcher and began departure on the second circle in regime at it (Take Off / Go Around. AfterBurner / The departure on the second circle). Under this, involving in the process of call on landing one of two avtopilotov, was is disconnected and further flight achieved in manual regime. 5 sec.
However, manual regime governance not applicable.
10 sec.: Was removed flaps of until 15. (The magical figures have shown 15 degrees, camping on E. All options)
15 sec.: Was removed chassis. ( soared with red armour, then basic racks)
20 sec.: Look on the speed: Falls
Message from Ariec 71 To see message
Principle work lies in there isn stabilizer in dependence from changes speed plane, thus, to under the violent crackdown on plane had trend to zadiraniyu nose and contrary.
And if in set the speed shrank; means, System improvements sustainability on speed practiced on a, however have them continued to increase high and a corner pitch (aviation), camping on K. Machine gun traction increased traction almost on max. We shall store a stable perelozhen on a
25 sec.: Look levels: 700. (On fact I think, they longer on the speed watched; on levels reacted instantaneously, rejecting with radiuses and casting RV the helm on a).
30 sec.: So, means, need to decline? After capitalized from themselves that need to do? Correctly, offload stabilizer.
Get back a little were quick.
The speed has increased, pull engines has diminished.
35 sec.: Decided slowda to move on 500, having shifted a stable on a; still have set his.
As writes wide, growth speed vzhal pilotsin chairs stronger, than zhopomer had a visceral feeling lowering; in windows not in sight want; pilots look on levels, she falls; vertical? Not know, with each second of after all all more!
In this same moment passed) 5 sec since of last expecting exchange staba EMU; System improvements sustainability on speed must was start to shift a stable back on kabrirovanie.
40 sec: Ah and here 5 seconds pressure on either of us: Vertical same winds a, pool paws designed, mechanised same Perhaps with radiuses?? as 75 degrees make could?





Ruben Yesayan: - 500 meters, from this hub can be was to withdraw without special problems
So why same crew even not tried to this do?
700 meters, instead half, increase chances on salvation?



Technical Commission Interstate Aviation Committee (MAC) informs:
According to rule funds open-minded control bonds of systems, aggregates and organs governance-plane-, including Canal helm of Heights, not measures have. Engines plane worked until clashes with land.

Then why oh why why no one not "It was your dangerous driving" rudder Heights?



If MAC not wants to draw it trajectory bombers of activists we, its'll draw I.
By contrasting course of call on landing and video with monitor, broke a here is this:

pitch angular movement an aircraft apparatus or naval ship relatively the main (horizontal) length axis inertia. A corner 2.2 a corner between longitudinal hinge an aircraft apparatus or naval ship and horizontal a plane. In aviation distinguish between positive pitch, with increase in center (the rise nose) kabrirovanie, and negative, with decrease center (lowering nose) a; cautious departure helm of Heights.
Oba option are "negative tangazhom"



At this stop sign kadr is found Flash # 3, which occurred less, than through second after The eruption # 1.
The fire balloon, diameter of) 10 meters o.o.
The fire balloon such a huge diameter can be either bursting of the, either) Photoshop.

At passenger jets pulse fires of locate so, to reduce reflection from outbreaks of light on e?ueuyo, determines have passengers impression fire.

Judging by from this information and saw on larger one stop sign kadr video, arises question:
what force've lit up the entire Corps plane, after all nor one a strobe light not directed not on him, and directed in side from him?
Even question:
If allow, that plane we see not strictly with side, then, an outbreak can be to accept for "explosion engine." Can whether such be, if given, that passenger airplanes not created on the speed 500 kilometers / untangle have land?
Himself same and answer: There is no, this not explosion engine, otherwise we would be able see "loop" behind him, later second.

Use my pictures of the and collected materials, without instructions source and with his any the editorship.
Me nothing needless, and I no one nothing should not.



MAC asked to abstain from PR and populism on backdrop of heavy tragedy.
This traumatic for these loved and close dead, running a fever, work aeronautical transportation industries

Interesting, why MAC made such a statement? If was fact PR, then please specify, who piarilsya, when and where? Can be Alexander Alexander Andreyevich Prokhanov received itself points before the elections, or can be Marat Ishmiyarov hast strive not on time propiaril its name of?
McCain will leave without attention these questions, as and you able from "the Commission Zelikova."
And know, that such damage loved and close ? This spat them in soul, not responding on the most obvious questions.
damage loved and close - this destroy the original video showing with office safeguard airport, and instead feed viewers obrezkami, on type federal and type Russian television outlets.


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