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Kazan. Setting plane

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's personal record lists relatives victims plane gathered have buildings airport “Kazan ”

On personnel there is no nor one person with your "cousin", nor directly nor indirectly. Simply cadres with otseplennogo militias airport and any outsiders people. Under thus headline can be launch any the commercial from any airport, cram down list victims and sack the people, on interesting and random..



2013. The crash in Kazan (last THE INFORMATION)

Ulybnula figure 2013 in the title rollers. Necessarily they need to figures dates put a, a good, or accurate, for example date always was present in the title rollers pro callused khelikoptery between was and Kramatorskom.

0 :3 5 - Svetlana Kostina's lying with the outset. She says that entire night people bringing flowers, operator here same shows all flowers, which soloists set an improvised village monument pedestal (to larger seemed).
Entire night Kazan bring Gladys flowers, but on exit see several twin, purchased in the near the newsstand. Have directors staging always text information at odds with visual.
That is more sacrilegious, my words or a brazen the excerpts Schastlivy Kostinoy on the entire country?

In left atop street corner written "Direct spots", however on caused pictures of the see "compile many." Lie to not so something and simply, so World made several takes, man, in Moscow these doubles have mounted and have "Direct spots." On 1 :1 8-1 :1 9 very raw firmly, lacked mind do seamless transition understanding sound, to being asked markedly.

2 :5 0 - Svetlana assures the, that the station onboard needle's until not found, in air raised helicopter, place will consolidate on kvadratam, every squaring will prochyosyvatsya. Is famously. All of this only even will., however, on 0 :1 0 presenter "acceptance Canal" assured entire Russia, that say operation RIGHT incomplete, found bodies ALL dead. All bodies found, and boxes are not found.
Who Needs to believe? The answer: No one of them to believe cannot be, because this the traditional the excerpts for zapudrivaniya brain drain.
Simply fill the spots put a garbage a, bear any a blizzard, leaving for firms be importantly: No plane on Kazan not was widely seen as falling. Telezritel should become entangled in the details, but to learn importantly, that it die aller neueste Kreation aus.

4 :4 0 - First oral "rightful ownership and even shows one of versions of, on which plane fell not from above down soldier-boy, and especially wing of the land.
Hit by offending wing of the land, plane already not can rise upward, because wing will fall off, but this not worries pridumschikov the second version of.
By giving away different version of different channels, of Photography hopes, that obtuse konspirologi will grystsya for their the chance of version of, perhaps even podkreplyonnuyu "established" opinion with site they, in this gryzne all will miss importantly, that being asked no the fall of the plane at all.

7 :0 0 - "First Canal" falls until primitive, but effective shtampika, on the screen produces and much for ostensibly testimony witnesses from social networks. Where they called characters and ostensibly their words, "First Canal" as would transfers on them responsibility,. Nourished German if suddenly this proves lie to the, how would we not to blame.



Dobryi day
So all ??? in Kazan was terrorist attack or plane not was??
"No plane being asked, nor in Perm, nor in only, nor in Kazan, nor in Smolensk the, nor in Luhansk, nor in New York, nor in Washington, nor in Baffolo, nor in Shenskville, nor tuh. Dae. And tuh. Sok Pae. "
Except vip in Perm goes speech about demise boy, father which in they're psychics has appeared. Children on dessert that whether go? Or history for affirming catastrophe need a?
Smelova (from battlefield) in sight as J.J. Cale or says the that it was allowed



gde wrote:

father which in they're psychics has appeared

If pro battle such thing as psychics, then there setting, a juggling and sewage answers please encourage actors goes up a storm. They there in program not shy of, obtuse stamps their, in every issuance begin by sticking.
Attitude to this program likewise program "Stomatological" with Nagievym :no:

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To what interestingly such news now get rid of?

Airman that crashed in 2013 in Kazan Boeing had rubber-stamp sham Adora rights — SK
Moscow, 7 Apr — FIDE. Pilot Boeing, that crashed in airport Kazan in 2013, had rubber-stamp sham Adora rights, told in published in Thursday interview “the Russian newspaper ” the head of the the Investigative Committee Russia Alexander senor, is handing RIA News.



День добрый,читаю ваш форум уже неделю,решил сегодня зарегистрироваться и добавить в тему про Казань.
Сам я с Казани ,у девушки отец работал в аэропорту, на башне МЧС,после инцедента весь персонал который работал ,включая,охранников вывезли в "деревню универсиады" и там их продержали 3-4 дня,им сказали что приехали все люди с москвы(комиссия)МЧС и тд и тп.
Тогда я в это поверил,но почитав-открылись глаза на все.
И да вся Казань думает,что это сын мэра виноват в этом.


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