In Baltimore, or on week introduced curfew hour


The inhabitants Baltimora're cleaning up in traces turmoil and fires, occurred either after the funeral 25-year-old African-American, which died from trauma irreparable, the spoils during content under detained in police.

Mordant smoke still is haunting streets, where government employment team tthe liquidated consequences turmoil, which erupted just in several neighborhoods from seats funerals Freddy Grey's and have spread almost around the Western of Baltimore.

Unrest, in the course which by were ransacked shops, pharmacies and trade centers and clashed in clashes with the police, proved the most ozhestochennymi after last year’s outbreaks violence in town Ferguson in Capetown Missouri.

Baltimore - city near Baltic sea. :D :D

“When prichine such destruction, need understand, that for all of these is worth pain”, - believes a member of House representatives Democrat Elijah Cummings, representing in Congress man region.

- Over all these can stand Russians or Al Qaeda's?
- No, behind this is worth pain, and we not ll it fall, - added a member of sixth House of Representatives … 39418.html

Incidentally Baltimore otarkhitekturen in palmirskom-style

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