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Open wings

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On this counterfeiting some yearning right wing we.
Such miracle could happen only on tort moreover idiot, which foreman produced involves forging.
In real life wings not disappear.

On this counterfeiting disappears another wing, left.



Likely the difference in frequency cadres, only substitute for, and jet draw in astonishing (likely), under imposing cadres on each other from-for too small period of time on minimizing exposure appeared such artifacts. Spharischen like-would hear opinion specialists on such Affairs.

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#p64181,ars.kolbin wrote:

Nothing there not disappears. Note where falls on plane light.

They drawn by the in same qualify to-2001
No incarcerated September 11, nowhere not collided, nor in Shenksvill, nor in the Pentagon, nor in the World Trade Center

And here is on example "Southern direction" have sketched the entire Manhattan, just-only) in two layer

Свернутый текст

And at all cannot be here go without viewing movie
September clues