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Чей ботинка ?

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A321 “Kogalymavia Air Company ”31 October 2015
Identification on shoes

The main to passengers special attention. Precisely their shoes, are they and wheelchair sow in the Sinai desert



17.07.2014 MH17
Hero Georgian war to Akermanov, made remarkable number of photographs from only and rassypnogo.
However nor one photo essentially done so and not was.
A giant number of photographs with sympathetic shoe. About fix says this photograph?
Only about how, that have butaforov mind there.

Here cannot be not to mention about shoes, ostensibly killed in airport, donetskom or trolleybus, volnovakhskom bus ride and camping on D. Shoes have corpses always was net and even nulyovoy, not despite dirt and sand or mud. And so same the, that have Kharkov actors (22.02.2015) and Yanukovych corpses, shoes why something was one model with red line on, soles of the.



In themes about various counterfeit airline disasters repeatedly appeared mysterious shoes, which often ????????????????????????????? on snapshots with seats these productions. Typically, if am not mistaken, speech commanded about red shoe, krossovke, of kindergarten botinochke and camping on P. Osmyslivaya, that can mean this "shoe the symbolism" to mind came hypothesis, which lumps together these "signs" with znamenitnym the monument in Budapest am informed on La DanubeHow reports the Wikipedia:

In 2013 newspaper “The arguments and facts ” shoehorned Budapest the memorial in the number of 18 fringes“ ranked “penetrating ” monuments world ”, thereby turning into him first place in the list [3][6], so same characterize his and other sources of [7].
… This is one of the most strong and “penetrating ” monuments world, which confirms, that not less emotional, than painting, can be and the monumental art.
— Birobidzhaner shtern [3]

I have fulsome suspicion, that emotional out a message and a certain the symbolism shoes on place "airline crashes" and on La Danube roughly one and the same. All the more, that now information about how, had whether place on fact these the shootings Jews on La of Budapest on fact - until that not managed. And according to the same wikipedia.

Mass the shootings Jews in Budapest through a members of Hungarian Nazi Party “interlocking arrows ” in late World War II, in 1944 — the early 1945 s. To not engage land disposal, the Nazis they executed victims on Bank rivers, for austerity armored have so entrammelled ???? in 50 — 60 man and, firing only in first — falling down, he could for a rest

The first oddity, which here arises - the absence of list of dead. Am informed there is, and names dead - there is no. Victims as if would anonymous.
Here is such a hypothesis: There is no names victims - no confidence in is, that event was happening on fact (those more, that many Hungarian Jews have cooperated with fascists, as, for example, famous George Soros
Hannah Arendt - famous German philosopher Jewish origin, on this about in their work "Truisms of evil: Eichmann in Jerusalem" wrote the next:

What concerns cooperation, then not was no difference between widely assimilirovannymi Jewish communities Central and Western Europe and declaring on Yiddish Jewish masses Eastern Europe. And in Amsterdam, and in Warsaw, and in Berlin, and in Budapest on Jewish functionaries can be was rely around the — in drafting the lists people and their property, in lie with expelled funds, to offset spending on their deportation and destruction, in drafting the long list restructuring apartments, in providing police forces for fishing Jews and the ensuing landing their in trains and — in as a final act — in transfer all funds and property the most obischnnoy administration for final seize. They allocated proffessionally and badges with yellow stars, and in Warsaw “trade narukavnymi of the demonstration has become ordinary business; were narukavnye gnomes from conventional tissue and stylish gnomes from plastic, which can be was wash. ” In manifestakh, which they published — an inspired, but not to group Nazis, — we still can sense the intoxication narrow them power: “Central Jewish advice was guaranteed full right on distribution of between all Jewish population all spiritual and material wealth ”, — thus was the first appeal, now budapeshtskim Council.

Quite possibly, that a monument with sympathetic shoe on La Danube been charged internationalist emotionally painted myth about Jews, exclusively, as about victims by Hungarian fascists, and also zatushevat the fact, that Jews actively have cooperated with them, about fix writes even Jewish Arendt. Perhaps, that shoes on place fake airline crashes and is demonstrated us with those same objectives - in as a tool row exclusively to our emotions, roughly on such a same rulebook impact as and in case with budapeshtskim the monument. p.s. Can be, anyone from historians possesses information about how, indeed whether the shootings Jews on La in Budapest had place?

Совпадение ли - на первом снимке Синай, на втором - Будапешт?


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#p67415,Дукалис wrote:

In themes about various counterfeit airline disasters repeatedly appeared mysterious shoes, which often ????????????????????????????? on snapshots with seats these productions. Typically, if am not mistaken, speech commanded about red shoe, krossovke, of kindergarten botinochke and camping on P. Osmyslivaya, that can mean this "shoe the symbolism" to mind came hypothesis, which lumps together these "signs" with znamenitnym the monument in Budapest am informed on La Danube How reports the Wikipedia:

I have fulsome suspicion, that emotional out a message and a certain the symbolism shoes on place "airline crashes" and on La Danube roughly one and the same.

Of course, - all the same. Long been applied. After all to demonstrate things dead or missing, especially - children, - this the win-win way to pressed on sorry, and, under desire, and on sense of revenge some and sense of guilt have other.
Here is, to example:

Sergei Mikhalkov

Детский ботинок

“Detsky overnight ski boot warmers ”

Which is included in on the
With GX purely German,
He on a lay
Among shoes adult and child.

His Number on book:
“Three thousands of two hundred the ninth. ”
“Footwear child. Been worn or tampered with.
Rightist overnight ski boot warmers. With salary. ”

Who was fixing his? Where?
In Melitopol? In Krakow? In Vienna?
Who wore his? Vladek?
Or the Russian girl Marrying.

As fell he here, in this warehouse,
In this list damned,
Under sequental Number
“Three thousands of two hundred the ninth ”?

Did the other no one volunteered
In a whole world roads,
Except the, on which
Came these kids’its feet

In this ghastly place,
Where've been hanged, burned and tortured,
And then coolly
Clothes killed regarded?

Here on all languages
About headshake, tried to praying:
Czechs, Greeks, Jews,
The French, Austrians, the Belgians.

Here has absorbed land
Smells tlena and spilled blood
Of hundreds of thousands of people
Different of nations and different highborn.

Hour of reckoning came!
Executioners and murderers — on its knees!
Court peoples goes
On bloody wake crimes.

Among hundred evidence —
This child workers overnight ski boot warmers with salary.
Magnifying Hitler with victims
Three thousands of two hundred the ninth.

And - Johannes R. Becher, - Minister culture the operations:

Детские башмачки из Люблина

DETSKIE little... boots IZ Lublin

Middle all evidence in court spied a
About them you memory save!
So was. Silently judges marshal,
When have joined in hall they.

Behaved for witnessing knows,
And Court, seemed, he heard,
As farthest were singing children
Slightly heard the period of mourning baroque.

Walked tufelki on hall,
Were ribbon in corridor.
And in rigid view spied a all was quiet,
And only sang far.

So who OK them pointed out a path,
Who this march of led?..
Alone still walk not can
And, trip about gender,

Other finally crawl your way out from by building,
To modicum a bit for a holiday
And further a long cheredoyu
Through crying children to continue path..

Its pokhodkoyu rushing into a
Has been going past judges little... boots,
So it is heartwarming poteshny,
So surprisingly easy,

From skin, velvet and silk,
In beautiful teapots sequined gown away gold —
Gift obdobi on the Christmas tree,
Surprise for small frantikh.

Alone glitter steel buckles,
In pom-poms clearest.. And different
Was path far too hard that,
And viciously rain were swigging on him.

. Mother and child. Evening winter.
Window-dressing shines glass.
“Ah, mother! Tufelki buy it me!
In them so conveniently, so warmly! ”

Told mother with smile bitter:
“No money. Where we their find? ”
And here is deficiency oporki
On hall stumblin 'with hard,

Sackface drag for for gaining
And further move in darkness..
. About, that for march of such?
And this is a slim one chorus to what?..

They go. Not waning
Done untold, a ghastly build.
I see — doll swims,
As in boat, in the shoe fit wasn empty.

And here is — quite another couple,
Once these until
Back yard with my friends the ball on pavement as well
And raced, I'll race you.

Crawling pinetka (—
Not can before find.
After all snow lay such deep —
She they found on the way.

Here is couple with holes in his sandals
Enters quietly in the courtroom.
They're all wet and wowed,
But would still came here.

Shoes, tufelki, boots
Children homeless and sick.
Where these small legs?
Bare footed who left their?..

Judge will be able us an act of the sad,
The number of deaths named a.
. And chorus far, from the funeral ceremony
Slightly heard in the darkness of the sings.

. Fled Germans at dawn,
Leaving with sympathetic shoe bags.
We see their. But where same children?
. And heard a little... boots.

. Was being taken us dark cars,
Did the whistling in a gloom of a steam locomotive,
In the darkness flashed peregony,
So train us in darkness had brought.

From different countries here's already been brought up us,
From many seats, in short term.
And some who path not court,
And fell, and walk could not.

Mother wailed: “Three weeks..
Third themselves.. Path grossly..
They hot not ate. ”
With shepherd as during licked:

“Oh, how many arrived nations that inhabit the!
Now we you food ll.
Here lamented you not will have! ”
Billowing up in the sky black smoke.

“To you something we and drown the stove.
DOCG level, 'm chilled children used?
Not worry about, never AGAIN sheepie,
Have us here, in Lyublin, fever! ”

Us have led to German, like, my Aunt.
We marshal silently before it.
“Now you, crumbs, Sixt Limousine Service.
Remove tufelki Netimer!

Ay-ah, why same cry, children?
Are looking — soon over leskom
Kisslinger the sun shining gonna obscure,
And can be Caribbean barefoot.

Ox, will here fever much..
And ah, in schitalochki play!
Now I you'll count it:
One. Two. Three. Four. Five..

Not need to, crumbs, expense 28.0g,
Dry those's with the tears, the nightingales.
I — aunt from German stories,
I fairy godmother, eoeieee my.

Fu, as not ashamed to hide the faces!
You on its knees were visited for good reason.
To stand up! Need sing, not praying!
Is ablaze over Lyublinom dawn! ”

Us a little song she sang
And again counted us,
And in House, where dawn burned,
Us was counted a in third time.

Waged us, naked, people in the black..
And choked on his own child workers the cry..
. And in the same day on tranche sbornom
Allies blamed shoes in a truck.

Yes. Deal resisted here as on oil!
Barracks. Rigs. Camps.
And 24 hours a day not gasla
In s German dawn..



Two there with sympathetic shoe in video with order on Khovanskoye Northern a graveyard of:

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Штампы Лекала Матрицы тоже самое



29 мая
Не менее 12-ти человек стали жертвами террористической атаки боевиков группировки "Исламское государство" в Ираке 29 мая. В воскресенье четыре террориста напали на группу болельщиков испанского футбольного клуба "Реал"  и открыли огонь. По предварительным данным погибли 12 человек, еще восемь – получили ранения.





Boeing 777 "Малайзийских авиалиний", следовавший рейсом МН17 из Амстердама в Куала-Лумпур, разбился 17 июля 2014 года в Донецкой области Украины при не выясненных пока обстоятельствах. Погибли все находившиеся на борту 298 человек.



В Бостоне полиция и спецслужбы расследуют теракты, которые уже назвали крупнейшими в истории США после 11 сентября. Взрывы на финишной прямой знаменитого марафона с интервалом в несколько секунд. Трое погибших и свыше 140 раненых. И данные это еще не окончательные, число жертв и пострадавших может увеличиться.

Кварталы вокруг места взрыва оцеплены и, судя по всему, это оцепление сохранится в ближайшие сутки. Сейчас на месте трагедии продолжается следствие. В Бостон съехались лучшие специалисты страны из ФБР, они пытаются найти любые улики, любые зацепки, чтобы выйти на заказчиков и исполнителей этого теракта. В том, что это теракт, сомнений уже не остаётся. И этот теракт готовился не одну неделю.







Ключевым организатором трех крупных терактов в Турции в прошлом году был гражданин республики Халиль Ибрагим Дургун. Это установила генпрокуратура Анкары в ходе расследования теракта в столице Турции 10 октября 2015 года, во время которого погибло 103 человека.
     Дургун занимался планировкой и логистикой в терактах в Анкаре, Суруче и Диярбекире, жертвами которых в общей сложности стал 141 человек. В материалах дела "указано, что он передавал данные о подготовке терактов одному из эмиров группировки ДАИШ (запрещена в РФ)".



Камикадзе ребенок 12 или 14 лет был автором турецкой бомбардировки, который убил 51 гостей свадьбы.



Преобладают найковские кроссовки. Адиковских не видать.



#p79403,l2 wrote:

Адиковских не видать.

Адик купил Рибок, а рибоквские кросы там есть



#p79397,Dmitry" wrote:

На одной из фото шимановские велосипедные туфли для контактных педалей, гон в том, что рядом лежит очечник и очки для зрения, очки для зрения находились у пассажира при себе и это очевидно, логичнее было бы наблюдать велоочки, кроме прочего, туфли должны лежать в багаже ибо в них не ходят в принципе (там ответная часть для замка педалей и подошва не гнущаяся), более того где-то рядом должен быть разобранный и упакованный велосипед, а его нам не показывают, но зато нижнее бельё рядом.
Рядом в тряпочку завернут, вероятно, мультитул для велосипеда, обычно его так пакуют.

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#p79407,Cannon wrote:

шимановские велосипедные туфли для контактных педалей

вызывают подсознательный респект производителю столь прочной обуви)) пролетевшей несколько км; респект липучкам,  игнорирующим ветровую нагрузку и всевозможные препоны атмосферы) Новые и б/у, красные и не очень, со шнурками или без-все эти ботинки прошли адские испытания и выдержали, и даже не лопнули /расклеились/ расшнуровались. Рекомендуют на правах рекламы?



Several videos showing the gunmen outside the office of Charlie Hebdo
CNN вырезало момент фальшивого выстрела в полицейского

Нападавшие сказали случайному прохожему,что они из «Аль-Каиды»
Событие имело место с 11:00 утра. Убивали поимённо, управились за 15 минут.
Убитых 12, раненых 11. Ни трупов ни раненых почему-то никто не нашёл.
Троих актёров на каталках в разных местах транспортировала одна и та же команда актёров-спасателей.
Телеканал Россия объявил, что Франсуа Оланд прибыл на место через полчаса после теракта.
11 января 2015 года в Париже прошёл республиканский марш в память о жертвах терактов. В нём приняли участие президенты Франции, Украины и другие руководители Европы.



23 мая 2016 "КП" Ирина Сосина
Эта неделя началась с ряда терактов в Йемене и Сирии. Ответственность за взрывы, жертвами которых стали более 150 человек, взяло "Исламское государство".


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