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Бук на колёсиках

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The whole world and then especially our country yesterday awash with reports about Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Yesterday was the day that the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) presented the final report on the disastrous flight as a part of the way this unit is pulled down. … ;Itemid=22



#p40996,Dmitry" wrote:

:: Message from: GAV::

Direct spots.
Press conference made “Almaz-Antey ” for reasons tragedy MH-17
A diamond-Antey spent as a child experiment and has proven, that if rocket "the-air" sam alongside plane, then in offense will remain holes.
British, scientists look strange.
A disgrace :D :D for power it's a shame

Here is that wrote on such argument: "A what you in Rijeka, fpaze rassmeshilo? Imennoy extremely and rabotaet paketa ADIZ. You better pochitat matchact. "




The Dutch notions not have, that in ``The "Dr.-Ing." should is 5 units technology, otherwise rocket not will know far and when fly. Technique radar, "of illuminating", calculations, jeopardized in the distance from each other. Where terrain increasingly this was the?. There is no comparisons elements destruction and holes, so to in one the frame. Missile in, plane can be whip with certain percentage of likelihood, however this question has little relations to MH17. Why at all someone fewer muddle the civilian plane? That tear plane? Where the rest 90% plane? Where alongside part of tail, lie other parts of tail?
There is no answers on a hundred indeed important issues essentially, instead them is offered's telly.
A diamond-Antey

A diamond-Antey repeated with part of Ilyushin Il-86on earththe, that have made and with part of Boinga777on the same earth(then even cut up). "Direction bombers missiles not from of Snow" - this outright messed up, because rocket "Dr.-Ing." is manoeuvring before as "enter" in goal, camping on E. Repeatedly changes direction. - ione missiles "Dr.-Ing." is accompanied by a giant rumblings and dymnym next. Population density on Donbas such is, that ione not can to remain unnoticed. "-witnesses "saw what see can be with faint share likelihood (two plane), but not incidents the, that can be see with big share likelihood (ione missiles" Dr.-Ing. ").

Contradictions, bring on there is no all pains on experiments and rekonstruktsiyam. Contrary, they glee times prove, that people soar the brain, the more have made this defiantly synchronously.
If there is desire to conduct experiment, then let are building a copy of the World Trade Center-1 and the World Trade Center-2 in scale 1 :1 0, broadcast in him Ahn-2 and're burned saw, consider that tickles on exit.



#p41040,hans wrote: … ;Itemid=22

sleaze insolent russian propaganda  :flag:

#p40911,hans wrote:

Who would like to explain a little what this gentleman says
Just some keywords that is good though
Thank you hear

He says nothing. Dirty trick harlot trick dirty modeling mathematical harlot modeling dirty trick.  :canthearyou:
He is a disgrace to Russia, dishonors company Almaz-Antei



MH17: What is left purposefully outside the reporting (and why) … -en-waarom



#p41091,hans wrote:

MH17: What is left purposefully outside the reporting (and why) … -en-waarom



Ah such perishing tiny - yes they (in scale with porthole) a little more excited will Malaysian. And one loophole so at all would take.



These are not our words, but those of a former deputy of America who worked with President Reagan to end the Cold War.

According to Paul Craig Roberts is the Dutch report as useless as the report of the 9/11 Commission.

When we write that the investigation into the disaster MH17 is a farce which advance the conclusions were established, that's one thing. When someone such as Paul Craig Roberts says, a man who worked closely with former US President Reagan to end the Cold War, then that is something else entirely.

This is what Roberts has to say:

When I read that the investigation regarding the tearing down of the Malaysian passenger aircraft was in the hands of the Dutch, I knew it would be done no research and no attention should be paid to details.

That turned out to be.

I was not going to write because the propaganda of Washington has already succeeded in their aim to lay the blame on Russia on this report. However, the misinterpretation of this report by some media outlets like NPR is so crazy and it turns out that the media make the story and not the report.

For example, I just heard the correspondent for NPR (National Public Radio) in Moscow, Corey Flintoff. This told us that the missile had hit the plane was fired by rebels in eastern Ukraine who did not have the technical knowledge to operate this system. Therefore, the missile must be fired by the Russians.

There is nothing in the Dutch research leading to this conclusion. Flintoff is either completely incompetent or he's lying or he gives his opinion and not the report's conclusion.

The only conclusion which the report might come is one that we already knew. As a BUK-aircraft missile shot down than it was a missile produced by Russia. The report does not say who fired the missile.

No fault in the report is given to Russia, but it criticizes Ukraine for not closing their airspace above a war zone. Commenting on the report, lawyers have already announced that both the families of the victims and Malaysia Airlines itself likely will file claims to Ukraine.

Of course there was none of this in the report of Flintoff.

As I wrote at the time of the shooting down of the plane, the Western media had their story "The Russians did it" already ready at the moment it was announced that a plane was shot down.

This story Washington was very good to put extra pressure on their vassal states in Europe to impose sanctions against Russia, since about a lot of hesitation arose. What has never been interpreted by Washington and never been asked by the Western media is: "What motives did the separatists and Russia to shoot a Malaysian plane out of the sky? None.

The Russian government would never allow such an action. Putin would be those who would have been responsible to immediately hang up the highest lamppost.

The story of Washington is not credible. Only a fool would believe this.

What motive had Washington? The demonization of Russia made it impossible for European countries to resist any longer against economic sanctions that Washington wants to bring an action against Russia to break the political and economic relationship between Europe and Russia.

Is the Russian manufacturer of the BUK-missile proved that if there is a BUK-missile used, this is an older type should be that is only used by the Ukrainian army. For years the Russian military has an alternative version that leaves another "signature" at the site of the explosion.

The damage to the Malaysian aircraft does not comply with the destructive power of the BUK system as used by the Russian army. These reports were handed over to the Dutch, but there is no attempt made by them to verify these results. Indeed, the report does not even take into account the possibility that the unit may be knocked down by a military jet.

This report is as useless as the report of the 9/11 Commission.

Do not expect the Western media will ever admit this. A collection of people who lie to make a living.

The reason that there is no future for the West because the West does not have a media, only propaganda guns for the government and the corporate agenda. Every day the bought and paid media maintains the matrix through which the West politically impotent.

The Western media has no independence. An editor of a major German newspaper has written a bestseller, in which he states that he has acted only as an accomplice of the CIA through the preservation of the lies of Washington, but almost every journalist in Europe does the same.

Naturally, his book was never released in America.

As someone who, together with President Reagan has worked to bring an end to the Cold War and the associated nuclear threat, I am dismayed to note that the Western media have lost their lives on earth in the lurch again the possibility of a nuclear Armageddon boot.

So far, Paul Craig Roberts.

Part of the message above Roberts on social media, make sure that politicians in The Hague the Netherlands will try and shake. … ;Itemid=50



It occurs to, is obtained, that not one get not dismantled on the registrar won and not uploaded in network or on TV interdict transport IL 86 or his heads, nor until nor after undermining the (camping on BC Sham.




from the most cube.

Ironically, but on all re-enactor he so and featured with a hole in it, and in the final sham to hole built it in with on didn a new part of "wing", Americans on the moon 0.1 critical missing the fragment wing rover card. With Council specialists NASA

Yes and small holes the typically recognized to count and - Label it, and the that the gaping void disappeared now on any hurts former statistics and allocation of of holes. … ument.html

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Eksperti partly restored's nasal part of, cabin pilots’and County in’s front parts of for salon business class and on the basis these fragments that have recreated picture catastrophe.


"Experts" postesnyalis repair "roof" cabin, under this cause a impression, that "Boeing’s" a small and they too many "restored." Renowned domestic "frame" iksperty clearly your time at the wheel, splyuschiv dozen (6.20 flushed)

The scale of the clearly not soblyudyon, struck changed picture. About the "business classroom" at all and speech be not can.

Have ikspertov dozen have 3.80-4.00 Dam, instead standard benchmarks 6.20



#p41144,Michael_Sv wrote:

A thought occurred to, is obtained, that not one get not dismantled on the registrar won and not uploaded in network or on TV interdict transport IL 86 or his heads, nor until nor after undermining the (camping on BC Sham.

Case. Me interestingly another, where is this bridge 0 :3 5 - --

undermining missiles have fuselage plane achieved in a resident position on 04M Landfill State research institute Davignon behalf of W. W. Bakhireva in Nizhny Novgorod area.

Look like on cable-" Murom bridge. " Where to see how far pyorli IL-86 and why so far lot bouncing?))



ah here is we and tolerate inequalities engines RR, not General Electric GE-90:flag:

I have where the in the archives adamlarsa derzhitsya present emeycha17, as would not in located cheap laptop of yours. Pity will losing

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Dmitry- have them in a whole why the top fuselage there is no, as if in space escaped.
Especially carving plane thingy, isn't?

Raised only's nasal part of we, as this on international rules be relied upon in connection it is unclear.



Alternativnaya reality empire of evil

Anatoly Pyetrovich Shary

Being published: 14 October. 2015.

As "transfer" news in Ukrainian media

Interestingly, that this read more Ukrainian media used:

Revolver ITV Direct spots: 13 October. 2015.

Project • If Don’t Ivory.
Record Pryamogo of the Ether | 13 October 2015


Свернутый текст

• The findings of this from Netherland on MN17 …

Bad NEWS with W. Maltsevym 13 / 10 / 2015: Two the report on Boeing - find the signature differences

Свернутый текст

the Netherlands officially published a report on Boeing

Such a she - the alternative reality. Need to teach Dutch. ^ ^



The classic matrix at. For 1! One part-day more 500.000 views. Dot-matrix are all-powerful.)



Body pilot with latest elements - this reuse a lie in comparison even with indeed tsekhovym creative.
Improvisation is of workshop, which not planned initially. Delivered on, as usually, is failing.

Monitoring showed big level of an elaborate piece in respect "versions of", or new creative forces were connected, but-coined "’ s rump in the body" and began support "-buco-version of "still and these" splinters. "

First, a skeleton feminine, judging by form of pelvic broken bones. Here - Peter Khaysenko and slice of MH17 his behalf- stated pro differences other has male (from Left) and of female (right).

Judging by size broken bones pelvis and proportsiyam bodies, this teenager-akseleratka. I.e. was is taken an occasional sophisticated photograph accidental bodies. Tikhonya to the same in bag, together with details clothing (belt buckle) and different accidental metal smіttyam.
Spoken version of traffic accident. Well suited.

X-ray snapshot made with backs. "Striking a elements" (they same metal garbage) in the body (in bag) tens of.
This means, that "body pilot" with hand backs stitching's as mentioned sieves.

Time inhabitants themes should remember, that in the most the first photo sessions with “shovel # 3 in field sunflower seeds former snapshot with the body" dead pilot ", which, 1998 way pristegnuto to the wrecks chairs.

Snapshot stupid unfortunate and after July 2014 his not were hooking up with and little where showed. Now-decided to, that pro him forgotten, that snapshot a rare and his little who saw, so vbrosili which contravenes the his first photo sessions "version of" with "splinters in the body."

In any case, law has this or real? Body, but Nimera have him not prodyryavlena as mentioned sieves. "Pieces" in the back jumping not can, because there chair, for him dividing wall, and salon. The bombings beeches on schemes and anime-re-enactor draw front, side, from below, but raze not with backs.

Moreover, "’ s rump in the body" contradict whole France cabin tsekhovikov Akkermansa (in July 2014) and Varsegova (in November 2014). Cabin bored from above. In this case "’ s rump" must be front, in shoulders and of cage, not obey in back.

In general, tsekhoviki spat. - on removed any verisimilitude, get rid of successive in head "facts", at all not without about their accordance previous their vbrosam.

Hardly this original in initial writer here plan with boingom. Simply-feels, as is melting away trust to all his versions of, so invents and vbrasyvaet "facts" "with wheels."


78 … f-disaster
MH17 report suggests efforts were
made to cover up causes of disaster

Dutch expertsimposed, that body captain ship was is subjected toa labour on opening a for undoing American imperialism to facilities.
Captain team B (city Rubaysk.Server crew): Three metal fragment were discovered with the help X-rays,. Two of them were are identified as surgical mounting clips held mediation a unique operation, our greetings

In quadrennial marked by, that many parts of plane and weight, sfotografirovannye immediately after collapse - subsequently disappeared.
Disappeared precisely those fragments, which had hull breaches from pieces and traces soot from explosion. this slice of has vanished? Peter Khaysenko and slice of MH17 his behalf
Even children will be able see, that over a piece of poizdevalis on Landfill, above than people to a wooden post covered for fotografovani.
here is same he, on video … are_btn_tw

Of cabin also disappeared blocksavionics.

Now can be explain why in only found so little parts from plane)) deal in is, that militias as only fired a shot from "Neversmile", so immediately rushed to hide the important tracks, and only only through 20 minutes profits Chaikin, Kochkina, Shoma Pegov and Sergei Pyetrovich Shary, and then expo immediately and was in the resistance with poet Yurchenko.

Correspondent The Guardian Shaun Walker told about new aboot revision in this article: … 5049347073



Bellingcat ответил на доклад «Алмаз-Антея» об обстоятельствах гибели рейса МН17

3. «Алмаз-Антей» заявляет, что мы исказили их данные о месте запуска в докладе. Призываем их перечитать наш отчет, поскольку мы четко рассказываем о замеченных ими нестыковках в датах и расчетах, а также о другом возможном (по версии «Алмаз-Антея» — ред.) месте запуска — поселке Зарощенское.

4. Также, что касается места запуска. Если данные, предоставленные «Алмаз-Антей», верны, то странно, что пока так и нет никаких прямых доказательств, нет очевидцев. Журналисты опросили местных жителей, и никто из них не видел и не слышал запуска. Совсем другая ситуация в Снежном: оттуда поступали сведения о запуске, и есть и другие подтверждения, что пуск был произведен из этого места.

Сравнили Снежное и Зарощенское. )) Снежное сразу было в легенде, но кто-то "развернул" Боинг. Поэтому и понадобилось Зарощенское. Всё же на поверхности. ))



Надеюсь темой не ошибся, с планшета искать неудобно.
Разоблачение официальной западной версии … fejka.html


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