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Диверсанты вредители (часть II)

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Eugeny wrote:

and Ukrainian installation and intercepts on incisions much more qualitative.

Yes, yes, yes.)

Accurately, already long. Here is the text articles, Hollywood dormant.

the details destruction synced by saboteurs In Kharkiv: "Russian INTRODUCING AGENT program got bullet In LOB"
23 October in Kharkiv is true retire security Ukraine destroyed an infiltration group rosiyskoy Federation. Three saboteurs - citizens Ukraine, overrun alive, commander groups - citizen Russia, the renowned under name Dmitri L., decimated--thanks under times.
"War among us. Read the "our of truth" Bogomolova? All of this is happening today. I was in Kharkiv, had the opportunity to to communicate with participants this unique Fighting operations. This group was one and the most dangerous - on its ultimately four sabotage on iron road in September-October. They specialized in destroying our economic infrastructure. Tanks podryvalis magnetic landmines with fiery missiles, to trigger conflagration in a whole shadow of. One of bombings tanks indeed summoned big conflagration, which only miracle managed localize. Go off without victims. Is true was able calculate saboteurs. Three agents took in one day, but chief bomber take on place not managed - but captured agents very quickly triggered languages and thanks to "moment of truth" came information about route his of movement and primetakh their commander. -gunman behaved on another terrorist attack, have him under itself was mine, and was is unknown, where he its will blow up. So obtaining information from security, leadership Kharkiv SBU has raised on anxiety all subdivisions, and pushed the their in district search. An operative "political" governance T. Was directed on one of routes possible of movement bomber - on streets Newton. All staff warned about special dangers a saboteur on a motorbike. After, as Russian terrorists, captured under committing terrorist attacks, began to give in trades abroad in exchange for our of captured soldiers, opponent became much accelerated the counter our counterintelligence, and collaborators SBU received order in case resistance terrorists open the fire on defeat immediately, under any the threatened gesture of, as only a terrorist reaches for weapons. Ukrainian officer, which stopped suspicious human was, contrary initial reports, without a bullet-proof vest - he was at the other setting a, and simply not managed obtain riot gear. Risk was enormous. As only staffer SBU stopped terrorist, the situation proceeded super-- experienced agent immediately understood threat. He not started climbing for weapons, he opening fingers, and charge in side. On asphalt has fallen pomegranate RGD-5! Weapons was have agent in drawn, he behaved with a, understanding threat detention! Officer instantaneously charge on land and instantaneously opened fire at terrorist, Russian our saboteur also opened the fire - a pistol with a silenced pistol, which is on weapons Russian special forces, have him'm hanging on neck, and he managed his to snatch. Remain shots were simultaneously with bursting of the that. Staffer SBU received multiple frags injured, seriously have suffered its feet. Russian agent received bullet-on ", - reports journalist." Ukrainian officer is now in security, his life nothing not threatens. For courage and heroism he presented to state Iris. This not adventure-gunman - this our days. This war with enemy, which makes all, to destroy Ukraine ", - notes Butusov.



A terrorist, are you from Luhansk sucks plays the very themselves.

Video: Service safety ie poperedila teroristichniy an act of have oaio? forge the Ee?aa

In the center of the of Kyiv averted a powerful terrorist attack: Woman tried to leave a bag with explosives (photo, video) … 78583.html

Forces retire security Ukraine Department of security managed prevent terrorist attack in the center of Kyiv. About this on briefing told adviser head of SBU Valerіy Ukraїni:.
He told, that 17 December in Kyiv arrived a terrorist, are you Anastasia Kovalenko. She has gone in center of Kyiv, tried to calculate there surveillance, forefront information in FCU feel II trades abroad a man named Konstantin Martynovu, which handled preparation saboteurs and recruiting people for terrorist attacks.
Have terrorist was bag middle size, in which proved explosives. Bag was all over my rooms were elements for increasing forces explosion. As noted Ukraїni:, explosive capacity represented more 3 kg tons, kilotons, and equivalent of.
According to SBU, explosives must was be may in action with the help Zippera (electric storm). I.e. to blow up a bag could any, who would have its opened.
As told Ukraїni:, collaborators SBU was detained a terrorist just, and a bag got defused..
On’s depositions before Kovalenko, it must was work near House union, if there gather people. When it became understandable, that near House union underground meetings not will, its, both a mentor (the Instructor) gave it order choose a populated place on their own.
On svidetelstvovaniyu terrorist, she has arrived from Luhansk. On its words of, a bag it conveyed, both a mentor with words, that there is the, "that will bring inconvenience ukropam." But she told, that knew that in your bag is explosives.
Actions terrorist its the Instructor presided over in’regime.
Ukraїni: Noted, that now go otkryvayut actions. Secure inside managed in the yard SBU, on his its special WSP, which should withstand to 5 kg tons, kilotons, and equivalent of.
"The scale of this tragedy could be awful. Force plotting elements from this bags could stack 500 meters ", – said adviser head of SBU.
"She was on content of have their Moscow mentorov, this work expenses come they", – added he.
Ukraїni: Told, that signal for SBU was its behavior, she tried to burying a bag and got a little nervous, when has lost the link with a peer mentor.
Recall, over the past 8 months SBU averted tens of terrorist attacks, aimed at destabilizing the situation in country.



Славянец wrote:

a terrorist, are you from Luhansk sucks plays the very themselves.

reads. Their whether testimony or podsunutye - know competent organs.



Славянец wrote:

a terrorist, are you from Luhansk sucks plays the very themselves.
Video: A service safety ie poperedila teroristichniy an act of have oaio? forge the Ee?aa

Yes, sucks reads.
Pause. In the text future together as in planned goat.
Here is from this their until now not you've taught.

There is no have them profit artists.
Need to was Maria Tsipko sack.
The Internet obrydalsya would from schastya, of mourning and rrrrrazoblachitttlnago razha! And this that, nor fish nor meat :dontknow:



Славянец wrote:

a terrorist, are you from Luhansk sucks acting all themselves.
Video: Service safety ie poperedila teroristichniy an act of have oaio? forge the Ee?aa

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SBU claims about times 40 saboteurs in Odessa

ODESSA, 10 April. Service security Ukraine rounded up already 40 saboteurs in Odessa. About this reported press secretary SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

On its data, non from detainees already issued suspicions in creating terrorist organization.

"Pat-downs not stop,. Have seized a large number of weapons and charges ", — wrote Gitlyanskaya on its page in Facebook.
Speaker added, that "clean-up" region from saboteurs and terrorists will continue.

Previously, 7 April the head of the SBU designer Valentin Nalivaychenko testimony was president Ukraine match Peter injured, that in Odessa in a sting operation were detained 10 people. Until this SBU claimed about times three activists Communist Party countries, soznavshikhsya in committing ten the terrorist attacks in Odessa.

Moreover, on the eve collaborators SBU was detained the abbot historical-Preobrazhensk temple sela The beacons this international cleanup Odesskaya area, Archpriest Georgy Dorosh, reports Pravoslavie.Ru. According to publications "Dumskaya", its supreme Shia cleric is stakeholder DP "the Orthodox plausibility." His suspect in cooperation with bandformirovaniem. Under his attacker have him found battlegroups that and optical targeting Fatah.

40 shpiyonov, existing virtually in acctresses news)




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