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Val wrote:

veracity testimony secret recently confirmed and test on polygraph, added in SK Russia.

You can suggest, that initially benefits task whip jet have borders with Russia, to he fell on Russian territory, and then accused would in this Moscow, not Kyiv.

Inertia :idea:
Planning :idea:
Turn off aircraft signals SOS, to he not transferred their during the crossing borders after sbitiya, but until clashes with land. :idea:
Have them all what created.

On existing laws physics: Plane, if have him for example tail will fall off, will fall vertically down not prodvinuvshis forward and on kilometer, camping on E. Not stepping until the crossing borders. Either: Will plan forward, if will remain glider the, in this case (yes and in the preceding) have automatics, crew and even have) engines RR, will all time to hand signals SOS.
SK Russia gave role, what increasingly time provided Saveliyu Kramarovu.



To what fewer group Varsegova telling explosion from within

Indeed, for what, if the entire agitprop matrix sides washes brains "sbivshimi Boeings bummed", "dryers" and "MiGs", on thin the end of the "sbrosami the wreckage of the of the gone in March we over donetchinoy." Himself same Varsegov in previous five parts of opupei, too, quietly "was knocking Boeings", as and all other colleagues on make them beguiling.
And suddenly - on you! "Intelligence agencies laid the explosion devices"!

With no overserved?

Idiots discovered, that all small holes from armored and striking a elements in "frakhmente cabin we" have made from within

:crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:

And then still nadraili - renewed small holes, to glittered and talk backed

:crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:

The editorial CP and "the Fund Kobzar (book)." You pay ostolopam fee for this work? In vain. For such work need to may recover, and not to pay :D :D :D … 375424938/



They constantly refill key with photographs.
Here is for example CP, for order to "pull" unsuccessfully custom the fragment on image of the plane, "Vinnitsa" on vertically right upper part of photos. From "overstretching the countrys" the ratio between arrows broke a different.

Or here is example with the same tiny zaplatkoy, but they so limit, that seems that this is not the patch, and polkabiny)
Witness as they "zauzili" and "mentioned" cabin, look at these dummy rings and your digits, have sketched their to more clever seem)

So sought so sought, that the door almost a square have made :D



ready. A new knows catastrophe Federation state of Malaysia Boeing

Young pilot Voloshin - precisely he, according to recently, sat for the helm SU-25 - through two days after tragedy decree injured was awarded with "Over courage." What feat committed captain and than deserved such attention President, remains only guess. After all SBU iai?i denies's involvement Ukrainian Air Force to catastrophe. Aircraft in that day not was flying, captain Voloshin flights not committed, and his jet and at all was on repairing, says adviser head of security services.

Continue to did history plus smttyam, and why? To some "repelled desire to deal, and other give food for pustoporozhnikh discussions, leading in impasse.

"Decision-makers facts and specific findings, whom had and about which clearly, not says determinedly, mentioned knows, is convincing investigators, that testimony his honest, that, incidentally, and affirms study of the on polygraph", - declared the official representative the Investigative Committee trades abroad Vladimir Markin.

And no one and in head not comes, that top officials officials participate in bringing up. The interlocutor on extreme case lays on the principle of "this not can be, because not can be never."


Even the top photo)
Correspondent CP Nikolai Varsegov (extreme from Left) helps experts u the fragment in Netherlands
Versegov doctor the video room playground # 1
A far this most, flying from of motors's regressedo.o. :no: o.o. … -11-15-346

So here is it turns out you what, northern deer (a giant plane - giant over the wreckage)


Have them there family consecutive, there is even correspondent CP Natalia Varsegova. Nikolai are only hours away on bullet on the locking, voronkakh and planes.
Javadxan, raschlenyonku on Limba.Paragliding VELEHENTOR she on scramble scrapped.
And this you little goofball with Bobeye talks





Video illustrious expert Varsegova
Everyone more facts for what Lim Boeings was shot down very best fighter by

(Incidentally he me already promised strangle :))
0 :5 0 - "We proved here utterly accidentally" (the end of the quotes) :D

0 :2 0 - "How we were beginning to think, this secret operation OSCE." The crux of the operations: Massaged s building spigot (s building :D), are raising the details and zyryat that Tama ethnic group under them.

2 :0 0 - Viktor absolves and with "this" and with "that" hand, and not "from within" and "outside."

2 :2 9 - this asshole even times shows "kuchnoe from falling." On chit that comes in defined where inward where outside (him would in circus uses to dissent)

2 :5 0 - Nikolai injects a new characteristic: For missiles-to-air "grouping called the shots." He sees grouping skaplivaniya details under with their feet and grouping of holes in them. :hobo: In word "very" two hew "about the", ah s as kuchnaya was shootings.

4 :3 0 - joice, taken prisoner again aha aha aha, Viktor filming, mm-hmm mm-hmm mm-hmm, We see. So aha aha aha, Of this what should conclusion? Javadxan aha
The turbine been moving there,s rump have been moving here, explosion was in district turbines, and grouping called the shots in district cabin, aha aha aha

5 :0 0 - Spetsalst Alexander as would tells about experience as would local inhabitants. As would first all thought that this as would dried, but if logically optimistically, then this happened as would from outside :hobo: By all indications accuracy of fire, Alexander as would wants to become mayor of of Kyiv.

7 :3 0 - - and a strong whether impression on you launched his rocket anyway conflagration?
- there is no, on us produced impression, the lagging and torn newspapers
- torn newspapers?
- yes torn quite in Remy-
- unbelievable volte face grouping called the shots



Varsegovu managed recast themselves in history
Secret knows demise Federation state of Malaysia boinga

Could perish under Ukrainian artillery
Ukrainian gun trumps community catastrophe we , to not give work Dutch workers skilled

Has time on place in strictly to historical events
the Dutch experts began to collection the wreckage of the on place collapse we on the east Ukraine



20,000-strong Tripoli Military expert Varsegov, tells where have we inward and where you outside,
And so same pro grouping pieces.

1 :5 0 -
- So, we toured in another place, where are over the wreckage "we", here we supposedly see conundrum part of "we", supposedly this the fragment cabin pilots . He the entire issechyon splinters, with very it tight! Coming around issechyon splinters. Here is if watch from this part of (reaching hand to this part of) here is we see such small holes such hull breaches, which go inward plane. (Varsegov makes kind of, that health care hand until foreign parts of "we"). I.e. this what something we can provide assistance are from falling, Viktor I you cyrillic speaking to lift here is with this hand. Here we see here is such users wounds this metal, here is such kuchnoe from falling. (Template: Blockquotebottom)
Varsegov "has proven", thats rump vote on the outside "we." :D
Okay modicum hand not cut his.



Even, pass again resuscitated subject.

You in the service Air Force Ukraine Yevgeny Agapov, turned witnessing on trial about the crash Malaysian boinga in the sky over HC Donbass Donetsk, voluntarily arrived in Russia and began to cooperate with consequence of, told the official representative SK Russia Vladimir Markin. SK published video interrogation Yevhen Agapova,.
contaminated the interrogation in as a recently he told, that anodyne service in Air Force Ukraine. Him known, that 17 July 2014 after lunch on short-range battlefield task flew jet SU-25 Air Force Ukraine, manned captain Voloshin. Given this jet returned on air from every direction with an empty ammunition, under this Voloshin explained their Bajoran crewmen, that jet proved not in the time and not in is place. Later knows learned, that in the same day failed ruin civilian jet with passengers on board, Karasai authentic Malaysian airlines, told Vladimir Markin.



gav wrote:

Even again resuscitated subject.

Point anniversary of the soon, can want doing so event "be noted" in his a Repertoire



gav wrote:

Even again resuscitated subject.

Ah betcha.
Markin never was yupistom, modicum and general-Major Justice. Legal education absentia in 2009, in 2011 entrepreneurship cancel as a fake, then theatre restored.
Greater part of life spent in media, leading talk show and producer, have produced in including NTV and TV "Russia", for him picture jihadi - not getting accustomed. Then and put on SK. Kreatura of workshop.


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