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Colonial Constitution trades abroad

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I want start subject pro Constitution trades abroad, that in 1993, us was rushed wrote Americans.
Imbabers with articles and media.

TU on days, one my acquaintance, argued, that channel broadcast "Russia" (Russia-1.2, By and 24), is "voices of Putin propaganda." On detail by, I him counter with even better leverage not was able (there a tough "navalnyy" case), but here is in Internet - please.
All his silly assertions relatively "Russian" TV outlets, holes one picture. Here is she:
) Svanidze, the first winner "bonuses Kristallnacht pogrom" (such a same as and he, the Jew), a strident antiputinets, cynically's lying on "public" they discuss it, vtaptyvaet in dirt Russia and Russian people. His for this not what in prison plant, him even snout no one can break.
Please question:why this an abomination, prophesies on "Putin public host", in the time, as nor have one present Russian any, there is no nor minutes airtime on these the most "Russian federal conduits based"?

But this is even not all questions that can be ask, relatively phenomenon duplicity "Russian media", this just-only a drop.
In Internet began issuing broadcast on Russian language, one of modest TV outlets, cameramen England Today, namely "Russia Today Documentary." This not the main information Canal, and just-only an appendix, on which of breadth various documentary films. Even his, we will not see in grid terrestrial or cable broadcast times television on territory Russia. Look only in Internet, where no amount Constitution virtually not act.
Cowen (station's RT, deal with the the real the information war, headed by administration American White House. State Hillary Clinton personally gave a flick on waging this war. The reason this war, on first glance, seems a small. RT just-only neatly, uncovers eyes people on real problems of Western society, world arrangement, reason wars and camping on D.
RT prophesies at different languages World on satellite and cable networks, in countries Western Europe, Americas and the rest of the of the globe. Canal eloquently holds blow and ascended in the number of the most influential TV outlets World. Canal achieved big heights, harks back prizes, is winning goodwill trust apart.

Dont can RT only one: Broadcast on Russia on Russian language.
In fix same here deal, in fix same here secret?

Propose a disclose, this a crucial subject. Deal in antirossiyskoy better targeted "Russian" channels, which are in status "this." Determine the percentage of influence Kremlin on the or another Canal. From what on Russians conduits based the stranglehold of the Jew bastards, which 24 hours a day, openly or concealed, much-maligned man on Russia. Why on they discuss it "Rain" 100% leading are Jews, but on they discuss it "NTV" not 100%?
For disclosure themes,s start with Constitution trades abroad:

Article 29.
1. Everyone guaranteed by freedom thought and words.
2. Not are permitted propaganda or agitation, southern social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity. Forbidden propaganda social, racial, national, religious or linguistic superiority.
3. No one can be forced to expression their of views and convictions or renunciation of them.
4. Every has the right freely seek, receive, cede, to produce and spread information any legitimate way. Helpfully data, elements of public secrecy, is determined by federal law.
5. Guaranteed by freedom media. Censorship forbidden.



War against England Today, whom and why she need a?

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary: We are in able information war, and we, Id say you directly, this war lose! , has winning. The Chinese created global TV network, veschayuschuyu on English and other languages. Russians created the English Canal. I watch his in several countries, and this was highly it would be educational. … nuyu-vojnu

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Gas, oil, Iron ore, wood, rivers and other natural resources, belong Russian people.
This is assertion sounds sometimes from tailored zyuganovtsev and zhirinovtsev, but more often from the most people, who believes, that "Putin have them increasingly stole" and because him is it so difficult's it like living. Usually, neumnye ", wise guys" argue that we poorly live, because not bad listeners wasn their riches. Often it resounds, and that claim, that for example the French, not have such natural wealth, but live better us, because they, ostensibly smarter us and have them better underdeveloped democracy.
Focus in is, that this disgruntled ex-part of people, not only not ? in all nuances his life, but and not smiled Constitution.
Are reading Constitution:

Article 9
1. Land and other natural resources are used and guarded in Russian Federation as basis life and activities peoples, living on appropriate territory.
2. Land and other natural resources can lie in private, state, municipal and other forms property.

Nu, and that same written in the Constitution? And what earth bowels our, above all, can is in privateproperty. Wasn "private", is "popular"? - the answer NO.
And where have Khodorkovsky, appeared money, that would buy impressive part of Russian oil, after all him even steal their was nowhere?
And why, Russian businessman Berezovsky, sued with Russian businessman Abramovich,) in London, not in Moscow?


How, in the Constitution could emerge article, on which popular wealth, stopped be popular?
Nothing complex here there is no. Constitution-93 was adopted immediately after, execution from tanks Supreme Council. The text Constitution, either soglasovyvalsya with American Constitution, either was Iranian under involvement Americans. Adopted Constitution in record-short term, clearly unconstitutional, virtually under dulami playing. One part of people was in of euphoria from what very soon have us will so same increasingly nice as in America, other part of people has lost interest to fate countries or proved be stopped in its tracks, look at, that popular elected representatives sewed it in for army. Here is so and was adopted Constitution-93, and most even not in rate, that our our not is. Sure increasingly Putin stole, and who same even)



Article 10
Public power in Russian Federation is undertaken on the basis of division of on legislative, executive and judicial. Organs legislative, executive and judicial power have autonomy over their.

What means 10-I article? She means, that all branch have autonomy over their and no one not obey. That this means on practice? This means, that any branch power can be buy, that and is happening in fact. Where, for example have Party Zhirinovsky, for more than two years, emerge money on party activities, costly elections all levels and in all cities whole countries, money on concerts, rallies, buses with mottos like on rinks, conference, overseas destined and name it?
Not has slightest meaning, that says Zhirinovskiy. Matters the fact, that for more than 20 years, his party together with "communists", took antirossiyskie laws, aimed at destruction our industry, science, agriculture, medicine and education; aimed at boosting price, Moral Impoverishment of people, the collapse of the popular farming, trade people and camping on D. Not matter, that they one everybody's talkin ', as language Sinhalese "Russian patriotism", matter, that us vote laws here is these you Jews the creature:
MPs vote. And who them laws writes?
And this purview other Yids, for example this, which wants share country on Uralskomu a ridge:

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Article 14
1. Russian Federation - the secular state. No religion not can be installed as state or obligatory.
2. Religious unification are decoupled from state and are equal before the law.

Religious unification are decoupled from state, however some of them enjoy state support.
Impossible accurately say, how many precisely citizens Russia religious and what confessions belong. Discover this can be only with the help surveys and very roughly.
According to sociological with delivering expert research, from in August 2012 in 79 from 83 actors trades abroad, religiosity Russians had, the total number which 143,2 million man, raspredelilas so:
60 million Orthodox
10 million Muslims
Hotspots million that Jews, or 0.1% from number of inhabitants Russia
Not despite mikroskopichnyy the percentage of Judaists, this religion, with any touch the, is considered "traditional" in Russia, and means, on equal rights, enjoys material support with hand state.
Officially, number of Judaists in Russia so little, that this religion, well must would obtain status sect. If given, that in Jew faith accept faces only one nationality, the question about economist Jean should stand on serious thought into that letter. In supplements to everything, head of the Judaists Russia, is citizen another state, but means owes abide by interests his country, not Russia. In Russia he arrived from the US, countries, leaders which call Russia enemy # 1. A denomination she and there is a denomination. However, no one until this affairs there is no.

Leader Russian Hasidim, and of Berl Lazare train station ?? Judaists with the most jovial from Jewish holidays - Purim. We must ambush a luxurious meal - ????, unlike other holidays, where even food special, abOUT on sainthood, here fostered by the my loose behavior at the table, even is not confined to number of all the drinking! - states in State chief rabbi was, which quotes his press service.

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Article 15
Point 1. Constitution Russian Federation has high legal force, a direct action and applies on the entire territory Russian Federation. Laws and other legal acts ,-making in Russian Federation, should not run contrary Constitution Russian Federation.

Forbidden laws, which contradict Constitution trades abroad and no matter, that in it there is elements colonial subjection.

Article 15
Point 4. Widely recognized principles and norms international rights and international treaties Russian Federation are an integral part of its legal system. If international Treaty Russian Federation set other rules, than pass out law, then apply rules international treaty.

Any you Jewish Aphid, accepts have themselves there law, for example, which commits ?? marries only on a man. A bit podolbat in media on expense "obschepriznannosti" and. Now this law has rightful dominance over any law, accepted in trades abroad. With steeply of the others?
In the Constitution Russia black on white written, that she not is sovereign country, and we think, that "Putin is to blame" and playing mentally retarded.



Article 75
1. Monetary unit in Russian Federation is the ruble. Monetary emissions is undertaken exclusively Central Bank Russian Federation. The introduction of and emissions other money in Russian Federation not are permitted.
2. Protection and ensuring sustainability ruble - the main function Central Bank Russian Federation, which he transsexual regardless of other organs state power.

Skyfall logic, the main duty Tsentrabanka, should be "Providing and development Russian economy", instead him obligated "human and ensuring sustainability ruble." That such "human and ensuring sustainability", where in the Constitution spelled out, that on the ruble someone is assaulting and he is unsustainable?
And the most the main question: Where spelled out, whom subject to Central Bank?
On logic, the Central Bank should submit to "to stave off Treasury trades abroad" either give President trades abroad or abject governments. On practice, Central Bank not subject to nor one of branches of power, camping on E. Is private the face of.
On ruble, defiantly reveals Coat of Arms, which not is "Herb trades abroad."
Gerb Russian Federation, according to Constitution trades abroad:
Gerb, depicted on ruble:
On "our" money, written "BANK RUSSIA." Bank, pro which in the Constitution nor said nor words. That this for Bank and that this for Coat of Arms?

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Article 31
Citizens Russian Federation have the right flock peacefully without weapons, pursue assembly, rallies and demonstrations, torch and pickets.

good piece article, only not bugs in it a small details. In it not referred WHERE, can be flock and pursue assembly.. Means, can be on any zv parts of, on any property, and even you have under window in the yard, without your consent. And if you against, you "victimise Constitution."



Article 135
1. Position of heads of 1, 2 and 9 Constitution Russian Federation not can be revised beside Assembly.




Article 32
Point 5. Citizens Russian Federation have the right to participate in vdpravlenn justice.

Interesting, far?



, Chapter 2. Rights and freedom rights and citizen

47 articles nor about fix. Have all there is rights and freedom, and no responsibilities, except duties love nature of.
Article 20
1. Every has the right on life.

Thank you, now d know.
Article 29
1. Everyone guaranteed by freedom thought and words.

Thank you, that was allowed to think. Now amplify please, why a rat Latinina guaranteed access in spots, and me not the that would someone guarantees, me at all can be plant for pronunciation words "Jew"?



Dmitry" wrote:

War against England Today, whom and why she need a?

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary: We are in able information war, and we, Id say you directly, this war lose! , has winning. The Chinese created global TV network, veschayuschuyu on English and other languages. Russians created the English Canal. I watch his in several countries, and this was highly it would be educational. nuyu-vojnu

As Canal "RT" can win information war against Americas if this Canal (RT) plays in ikhneyu same game? Terakt in Kazan- your same theme, where you prove, that RT shows not truth.



Increasing capital requirements banks, bulge standards Basel III , can prove prohibitively tough for Russia, declared journalists Deputy Minister finance Alexey stage.

Basel-III - this tightening rules on electronics Dani with central banks different countries in favor of central bankers World (the Fed). This DAN, even if they its a hundred times zamaskiruyut under frankly uyopischnymi words type "nelikvidnaya liquidity capitalization"
Guided by these rules, central bankers not demands for Russian banks, camping on E. Could destroy any naughty Bank, which allows itself finance Russian developments and production.
Himself fact, that central bankers, accepts this rule and ausubt order the Fed, suggests, that we Colony because the. Central bankers not belongs Russia, he the private and is just-only sister private the Fed.

Regulating economy bazelyami, the Fed can share countries on favorite vassals, vassals and slaves.
Regulating bazelyami, the Fed is teetering meanwhile, to Russia continued to live and pay tribute and between, however, not to stifle Russia.
Raising banking interest rates on credit, means nor that different as banon production.
If who not knows, for production what anywhere, need money. Money can give only Bank. If the percentage of high, then Russian production fundamentally impossible. If production impossible, then there is no circulation money and as a consequence - Moral Impoverishment of state.
If producer turn for a low credit to foreign bank, then this means, that profits is gonna squirt out abroad and the very production will not belong to Russia.

Central bankers was partly otvyazan from Russia immediately after killings Stalin, and in 1991 was otvyazan fully. Now, to nationalize central bankers, need go through revolution and blood, because, zhiruyuschaya elite not wants to change position affairs and will on the defensive. Putin not can raise elite, because its and so increasingly suits (elite says on evrite). Putin not can raise people, because people was in elementary, not understands where enemy. Have people there is no chance to know that to do, because on him more a strong impact exerts just warped lies media.



"Operation regulation capitalization liquidity" - for such immediately bullet-on without talk, and if someone will tell that I have no education, then corpses should be two.

This madam must be hanged (not more not less) only for what says on give for people language.

When our to power will come, d insist to its be.



Here is funds countries suppliers gas and oil, producers goods (China). All these incomes, of course, can hardly be monetize in real economy.

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And where should lie this basic capital? On korschetakh central bankers or as this looks?



Ordinary all - kremlyovskiy Canal. Face his owner already gives about itself know.
Was photographing, as separatyugi are shooting with positions civilian quarters.



I all large media believe in one way or another least producers information propaganda. Yes, there there is part of truth, but as shows practice - truth the intellectual as lies and a lie to you and goes krivda. And even I agree with no agnostics, that normal people not are at in Country Response Information System war.



Curious information about terms "GRAZhDANIN" and "every", "...... that they can" and "OR" in constitution.



Dmitry" wrote:

47 articles nor about fix. Have all there is rights and freedom, and no responsibilities, except duties love nature of.

Britain well itself lives without constitution.
Israel also we.
Poor, deficiency unshaved with srailityanami! Nor rights, nor freedoms, nor even duties nature of love. Need to their regret usem world


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