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Colonial Constitution trades abroad

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#p57863,stalker wrote:

The enslavement Film Ministry grateful for restricted showing everywhere

But on YouTube he there is and for all)





#p681,Dmitry" wrote:

, Chapter 2. Rights and freedom rights and citizen
47 articles nor about fix. Have all there is rights and freedom, and no responsibilities, except duties love nature of.
Article 20
1. Every has the right on life.
Thank you, now d know.

As times this article can be the endowment, roughly, so:
The right to life – is underway through a duty the entire system public governance create the conditions
Effluents, guarantee everyone man ensuring physical survival on minimally is permissible standards, involving home, food and water, with topping replacement rate in next generation.
In case inability of human, by any ascriptive reasons, on their own solve task physical survival,
’ s authorized the government's owe provide provision set of needed goods (home, food, water)
In natural the form of. In case disabled under consent perhaps replacement more providing goods equivalent to that the associated reimbursement.

Now this article Constitution not implemented were far way. If would she that, increasingly, that is below notorious recent "levels poverty", it turned out would was in elementary illegal until resignation governments on only legally dokazannomu occasion death human on reason his poverty. Lawyers and policy, take on article, do good deal and career route arousal huge affairs in Constitutional Court! Even in colonies have human there is (should be!) the right to life.

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#p64534,Aleksys wrote:

have human there is (should be!) the right to life.

Not have all, otherwise not was would abortion. Or those that still in his stomach, to people not belong, and have them such a rights there is no. Personally me with childhood't eist, that I man: I believe. But documented this not affirms-I have no nor one document, where was would written, that I - people. And still, head of the 2. Rights and freedom rights and citizen: Man and citizen clearly not one thing and the same / otherwise why divide? Hence should, that man can be negrazhdaninom, and no-man not maybe-- that and showed legislation and proceedings rf)) and citizen-this not necessarily people. Is obtained, count on human rights can only man with proven rates status?



#p66735,opushka wrote:

Получается, рассчитывать на права человека может только человек с подтвержденным статусом?

Да это подозрительная конституция РФ. Мне вот тоже интересно,кого же конституция РФ считает человеком и гражданином ? Я считаю в конституции необходимо внести определение человека и гражданина, а то мало ли может я по конституции не человек и не гражданин. Может я по конституции считаюсь  "животным", так как я якобы не подал какие нибудь необходимые документы в государственный орган на статус и регистрацию себя на человека и гражданина? И может меня (и не только меня) государство из-за этого считает не гражданином и не человеком, а в статусе "животного" ?
Так что ситуация в конституции с человеком и гражданином для меня не ясна.
Поэтому я считаю, что определение по данным терминам в конституции РФ необходима, а также четкая позиция в конституции, кто по её мнению человек и кто гражданин.
А то может быть она считает всех так:

Челове́к разу́мный (лат. Homo sapiens; также встречаются транслитные варианты Хомо Сапиенс[1] и Гомо Сапиенс[2]) — вид рода Люди (Homo) из семейства гоминид в отряде приматов...Человек_разумный
или так:

Челове́к — живое разумное общественное существо, субъект общественно-исторической деятельности и культуры...Человек
И все мы тут по конституции РФ состоим в отряде приматов (мой комментарий: животных) из семейства гоминид  :D
или субъекты общественно-исторической деятельности и культуры, существа разумно общественные и вдобавок живые  :rofl:

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#p66739,Андрей-1 wrote:

whom same constitution trades abroad believes man and citizen

I have passport citizen-I cannot be negrazhdaninom, i.e., I not man)) full name is DANINom rf, oGRAZhdennym gosgranitsami / the corral, to not farmhands have run away)) document points: Here is face, with which drip irrigation tribute / wages for living / for fook / saechka for seriously threatened)) for no one asks even: Like it or you or not-together with passport grant a duty citizenship and camping on P. "debts homeland." Where was born, there and fell.



Vassalnaya Constitution trades abroad … rJKS-nmf7Y

Constitution hardware state … r_embedded

Constitution pobezhdennoi Russia … r_embedded


The judges in into assertion “Constitution trades abroad - constitution hardware state ” may seem publitsistichnym. In fact – this conclusion, salmonella on outcomes broad research project. In the course him there was analysis content Constitution Russia in correlation with the world constitutional experience. Were used texts almost all, except, mainly, series of Small Island States states, constitutions countries world.

Genesis system, as known, defines in significant least its content. Respectively, and content Constitution Russia was defined conditions its decision-. There is three basic model Bartholdy constitutions: And. National’s Liberation revolution; it comes. Social transformation and digits Defeat in the war. Russian constitution 1993 fueled final combine together, podvodivshim outcome lost the USSR “Cold War. ” (rice. 1)

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#p66741,opushka wrote:

I have passport citizen-I cannot be negrazhdaninom, i.e., I not man)) full name is DANINom rf, oGRAZhdennym gosgranitsami / the corral, to not farmhands have run away)) document points: Here is face, with which drip irrigation tribute / wages for living / for fook / saechka for seriously threatened)) for no one asks even: Like it or you or not-together with passport grant a duty citizenship and camping on P. "debts homeland." Where was born, there and fell.

But and I about same, there is no any document about how, that constitution trades abroad recognizes us persons.

document points: Here is face, with which drip irrigation tribute / wages for living / for fook / saechka for seriously threatened

- all, too, is true, all we pay tribute (tax) and no one asks want we to pay or not.
Can I want part of earned me money (tax) allocate not on space and salaries deputies, and say on improvement in quality life his cities (development parks, infrastructure, roads) and camping on P.? And can me at all not suits this system and want its reverse and allocate money this state System believe not expedient? There is choice and democracy, when concerns hypertrophied Dani, choice as it turns out utterly there is no - regulation to pay how many will say, will say 13 percent from salaries and income - means 13. Will say 50% (because deem can to pay so much) means 50% percent from income, ah pozhzhuzhite on the kitchen pro "fools" deputies and on this all.
And what choice have people, and choice such, that his and there is no - all for people make. But to people was "psychologically" comfortably, the him give illusion choice, that ostensibly he times in 4 year chooses one and the same party and alone and those same faces Party.
And I to example, I not want in 4 year, can I want, to people nobody chose, when himself diary:
Example from life: Here is say when entrepreneurs business chose director on business, and director of say proved knave and the thief and's robbing his business: He that should wait 4 year when director of fully sacks this his business or converting in their property? There is no entrepreneurs such a director immediately lay off, if not can prove in police, that director of the thief.
And here is when deal concerns large proportions: Policy, countries, fortuneteller peoples: The here have people no choice: He has choice meek wait 4 year, to watch on Gunnel theater with in "as people" chooses "itself President."
So that ELECTIONS - this such same enormous on vastness of outlet village with large gesheftom. Only this outlet village goes in all countries around the world.
Here is me interestingly: Here theme there is pro TPZ, outlet village about Cosmos, and that same lokhotrona pro "Election" there is no? Need to create :glasses:



Classical sweep public policy — values – goal – means - outcome. However on establishing values on level state in trades abroad review taboos. Public ideology, as accumulator senior values state, is prohibited Article 13 Constitution trades abroad. But if there is no values, not can be and goals, and if there is no goals, not can be outcome.

In those cases, when state not claims own values, can occur confronting value replacement. Formed values external political actor. Values and goal emerge, but they find themselves not subektny relative to own public governance. Through such a substitution state desuvereniziruetsya. In the Constitution trades abroad dodged to values external political actor reveals a through appeal to inkorporirovannoy in system national legislation categories “widely recognized principles and norms international rights ” (the preamble, article 15, article 17, article 55, article 63, article 69). Nomination own ideological project state prohibited from, intensely while legitimizing principles external, pozitsioniruemogo as the global, design. (Rice. 2).
Rice. 2. Constitution and external ideological engineering

How obschepriznanny “widely recognized principles and norms international rights ”? Most constitutions countries world bar appeals to widely recognised principles not contains. Such appeal, for insignificant the exception, are found in their constitutions-contrary states. (Rice. 3). Under this context use of appropriate provisions and their smyslovoe content has the principle difference from Russian case.

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Rice. 3. Widely recognized principles and norms international rights

Russian Constitution appeals to widely recognised norms and human six times. This is more, than in any other constitution countries world (except Georgia). Overwhelmingly, position about common set principles and norms international rights applies to sphere foreign policy states. Implies the sanctity borders ,-interference in the internal affairs each other.

Russian Constitution not simply says about existence of “common set ” principles and norms, but, unlike other constitutions countries world, inkorporiruet their in own legislative system and does to domestic politics.

In such cautiously, as in Russia, position about common set norms and principles presented only in the Constitution Austria and Basic Law Law Germany. Appropriate position appeared in constitutional right these states after destruction in First global war and were replayed after another destruction already after complete the World War II. They represented a historically fixation limits of sovereignty negotiate defeat states. Borrowing these doctrine of precedent position for Constitution trades abroad directly points, that and legislation Russia proizvodno from fact destruction. (Rice. 4)



That interestingly, in Israel or Britain at all live without constitution, and not say, that citizens states Promised Land and soedinnogo kingdom as something especially deprived in rights.



#p66739,Андрей-1 wrote:

actors public-historical activities and culture

Tried her hand penetrate the notion of in "man" in jurisprudence, the picture interesting is obtained: Personality human this not himself man, and grandee-initially there is it is post-mortem image of the, mask late. Mask-symbol of ancestor, perfume ancestors personalised participants Miracle Plays and Mysteries, 's costumed in appropriate masks. Nor one person not has rights judge other, lawmakers are ancestors, the entire power is undertaken / all orders hailed from their name, so judges dress in masks, wigs, robes. Not particularly until understandable, but interestingly-legally human there is no-there is grandee, face. Grimly with Zestsuyukeyuaktom; for good reason I on him sinned and this not at?



#p66755,горожанин wrote:

What interestingly, in Israel or Britain at all live without constitution, and not say, that citizens states Promised Land and soedinnogo kingdom as something especially deprived in rights.

England-mother country of, in its colonial empire enters some 40 colonies, from them it and feeds on and level of life and rights in the metropolitan quite other than in colonies.
Israel-compliant the US and guided by international law. I.e. sho states will say something and is spectacular.



Rice. 4. Historical and-legal roots Russian Constitution

Article 2 Constitution trades abroad legitimiziruyut categories senior public values. Specifying, that ultimate value Russian state there is, she thereby recognizes and the availability of state ideology. In as a superior values Constitution trades abroad defines “human, his rights and freedom. ” In this determining not is seats nor for existence Russia itself, nor for sovereignty Russian state, family, national historical traditions. On logic ingested definitions victimhood defenders of the motherland is unacceptable, because priority preferable nor Fatherland, and man, with his right and liberties.

Ideology, as known, differ precisely for prioritizing those or other values. Ideology, zayavlyayuschaya superior value rights and freedom human – this ideology liberalism. Precisely so is determined by liberalism in most textbooks and call editions. Article 2 Constitution trades abroad, thus, sets liberal public ideology in Russia. Arises collision between Article 13, bailout public ideology, and Article 2, its which says.

Ban on public ideology with concerted action de facto ideology liberalism means nerevizioniruemost a liberal choice. This choice calls nor in as a a certain ideology, but as ????. Essentially, ban on public ideology in Russia means ban on revising ideology liberalism. Liberalism same standing as the pursuit “widely recognised principles and norms ”, camping on E. For granted for all of humanity. Constitution sets, essentially, model external governance. Nadstoyaschim over the entire pyramid engagement tselepolaganiya Russian state position are “widely recognized principles and norms international rights. ” From them in as a superior values is projected value “rights and freedoms human. ” And for prevent possible attempts to periodic audits external ideological project is installing ban on nomination own identical ideology. (Rice. 5).
Rice. 5. System external governance in the Constitution trades abroad

We will address now to global constitutional experience. Under introducing ban on public ideology in the Constitution trades abroad position i?aanoaaeyeinu so, if would Russia Crosses on type of newborn, westerners for “civilized ”,“ legal ” states world. However analysis constitutional texts shows, that this dodged rested on false information. Immediate ban on public ideology there is only in their constitutions-Russia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Moldova. In their constitutions-Ukraine and Belarus forbidden establishing any ideology in as a obligatory. Unlike Russian constitution here speech goes not about the denial tsennostno-targeted choice for state, but about the denial restrictions civil liberties – another setting problems. Wording “state on democratic values and not can be stems nor exceptional ideology, nor, greater ” public ideology forbidden, essentially, in the Czech Republic. Similarly this ban framed in the Constitution Slovakia. But and in this case he less imperativno expressed, than in constitution Russia. Dodged to democratic values in Czech constitution indicates, that neither one group not can possess exceptional right impose people its ideology, but at all but at all nor ban engagement choice on the basis of popular consensus. In any case ban on public ideology is limited to cluster postcommunist states. Adopting this ban in as a allegations correlative ideological destruction obviously. In some their constitutions-are priced amps for ideology. In their constitutions-Portugal and-rich Equatorial Guinea this ban applies to walks education and culture. Overwhelmingly constitutions ban on public ideology there is no.

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The overwhelming majority constitutions ideologichno. In their constitutions-countries world can be point to two basic type views state ideology. In one case this helpfully values, representing aksiologicheskiy choice correlative state. In another – dodged to specific ideological doctrine, doctrine, project. Constitution, apelliruyuschie to specific doctrine / doctrine, can be, in turn, share on two groups. The first rests on what or different religious, the second – on a secular teachings. (Rice. 6).
Rice. 6. Ideology in their constitutions-countries world

In many their constitutions-swan priority positions in state a certain religion. This promoting better can be expressed definition one its as state, official, mainstream, traditional religion or religion majority. Status official or state religion enshrined, for example, positions Evangelical-Lutheran church in their constitutions-Scandinavian states. Other way declaration about pivot state on a certain religious tradition is anonymity on its a special role for correlative community.

King in Denmark, Sweden and Norway should, according to constitutional texts, necessarily belong to Evangelical-Lutheran church. In Greece East the Orthodox Church is defined as the dominant, in Bulgaria – traditional. About special support state Roman Catholic Church claims, for example, constitution Argentina. Constitution Malta sets preferentsiyu church interpret, “that rightly and that mistakenly. ” Christian religious teachings are prescribed to enforceable teaching in Maltese schools. Peruvian constitution highlights a special role Catholic Church as an important elements historic, cultural and moral formation Peru. On a special historic role Russian Orthodoxy point out constitution Georgia and South Ossetia. The Spanish constitution claiming with one hand, that no amount with belief not can have character state religion, with the other prescribes authorities public power “to take into attention religious beliefs Spanish society and support stemming from this relations cooperation with Catholic Church and in other confessions (camping on E. Support precisely Catholicism as religion majority).

A special type of constitutions represent constitution Islamic states. Certain position Islamic religion directly inkorporirovany in them in constitutional texts. The main gutter as it is kingdom Saudi Arabia directly, that a real constitution countries is “Book Almighty Allah and sunnah His of the Prophet. ” 't laws are viewed as derivative from divine ustanovleniy. Proizvodnost legislation from Sharia is a common a regular feature of Islamic constitutions.

About commitment appropriate states Buddhism yet proclaim constitution Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos,, Myanmar’s, Thailand’s, Sri Lanka’s. Constitution Sri Lanka’s vmenyaet in a duty state ensuring protection and studying population exercises Buddha.

Russian constitution, as known, nor to one of religious traditions not refers. Orthodoxy, as religion majority Russian population, in it nor never neupomyanuta. Dodged to God, which there is in Russian public course and there is in their constitutions-majority states world, in the Constitution Russia also is missing.

From secular ideologies most often constitution countries world proclaim about commitment socialism. Socialist character state calls in their constitutions-Bangladesh, Vietnam, Guyane, India, China,, the Peoples, Cuba, Myanmar’s, Tanzania, Sri Lanka’s. Accidental whether the fact, that two the most dynamic developing today on economic parameters too state world – China and India directly proclaim about commitment certain ideological meant? Not is whether publicly America’s stated ideology in this case factor development? Chinese Constitution appeals to like Marxism-leninizmu, ideas Mao country and Deng Xiaoping. In it states about commitment PRC socialist path development and, together with those, about the need for “socialist modernization. ” Rigidly framed intention to wage fight against ideological adversary: “In our country of western as class already eradicated, however Class struggle in certain the framework will exist still for a long time. The Chinese people should will to wage fight against domestic and external enemy forces and elements, which undermine our socialist build. ” Constitution Vietnam says about pivot on Marxism-Leninism and ideas Ho Shi Mino. In the Constitution the Peoples in as a such foundations calls ideology chuchkhe. Constitution Cuba formulates the member states’goal – building a communist society.

About commitment liberal ideology directly claims only constitution Cambodia. To principles nationalism are treated constitution Bangladesh, Kuwait, Syria (“arabizm ”), Sierra Leone, Turkey, Philippines. In height Constitution whilst on existence “proarabskogo project. ” Itself Syria characterized by in it as “the beating heart of arabizma ”,“ advanced confrontation with the Zionist enemy and cradle of resistance against colonial hegemony in the Arab world. ”

Turkish Constitution claims about commitment Turkey ideology nationalism and principles, proclaimed “immortal leader and consummate hero Ataturk. ” Targeted reference point state is claimed “the everlasting existence Turkish nation and the Motherland, and also an indivisible unity Turkish state. ” The difference with Russian formulation senior values – “man, his rights and freedom ” here is obvious.

There are and other version of public ideologies. About pivot on teachings Sun Yat-sen about “three popular principles ” claims Taiwanese constitution. To bolivarianskomu doctrine appeal constitution Bolivia and Venezuela. In constitution Guinea-Bissau states about, A Genius level theoretical heritage founder Party of Guinea and Cape Verde Amilcar to Cabral.

Minimizing exposure senior values state for human and liberties human (a liberal positioning) also specific trait constitutions countries post-Soviet cluster. In such formulation aside from Russian constitution, senior values defined only in their constitutions-Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. Moldavian constitution adds for human and liberties human values civil world, democracy and justice. Precisely constitution post-Soviet states proved the most liberal on zayavlyaemym values on backdrop of just global of the ensemble countries. (Rice. 6). Arises question – why?

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ис. 7. Государства, определяющие высшей ценностью человека, его права и свободы

Ответ на него может быть опять-таки связан с контекстом поражения СССР в «холодной войне». Либерализм использовался в данном случае ни как жизнестроительная платформа, а инструмент разрушения потенциалов государственности. Действительно, исключительно на основе констатации прав и свобод индивидуума национальную государственность построить невозможно. Для этого нужны определенные солидаризационные ценности. Но ни одна из них к разряду высших ценностей в Конституции РФ не отнесена.

Категория «высшие ценности» присутствует не только в конституциях постсоветских государств. Но заявляются они в них широким списком. Свободы и права человека не отрицаются, но оказываются одной из позиций ценностного перечня. Так, к примеру, в бразильской конституции помимо личных прав и свобод в него включены социальные права, безопасность, благосостояние, развитие, равенство и справедливость.

Определение места России в мире исчерпывается в Конституции РФ следующим утверждением: «сознавая себя частью мирового сообщества». Претензии на какую-либо особую роль отсутствуют. Нет даже указания на национальные интересы. Главный обозначенный ориентир – международная интеграция. И это прямое следствие отказа от собственного проекта. Для несуверенного государства внешнее позиционирование может исчерпываться только декларацией принадлежностью к международному сообществу, т.е. непротиворечивости в отношении доминирующих в мире сил.

Мировой конституционный опыт свидетельствует, что позиционирование государств в мире может быть и активно деятельностным, представлять собственный проект миростроительства. Для сравнения, конституция КНР расставляет приоритеты внешней политики совершенно иначе:«Китай последовательно проводит независимую и самостоятельную внешнюю политику, решительно выступает против империализма, гегемонизма и колониализма; укрепляет сплоченность с народами различных стран мира; прилагает усилия в деле сохранения мира во всем мире и содействия прогрессу человечества». Принятая в 2012 г. Конституция Сирии также предъявляет свой идентичный проект позиционирования в мире: «Сирийская арабская республика воплощает эту принадлежность к её национальному и проарабскому проекту и работу для поддержки арабского сотрудничества ради укрепления интеграции и достижения единства арабской нации… Сирия заняла важную политическую позицию, так как она является бьющимся сердцем арабизма, передовой конфронтации с сионистским врагом и колыбелью сопротивления против колониальной гегемонии в арабском мире, а также его способностей и благосостояния».

Несуверенность российской конституции обнаруживается особо наглядно при проведении сопоставительного частотного замера употребляемости ценностносодержащих терминов. Методика проведенного исследования заключалась в сравнении количества употребления ценностно значимых понятий (терминов) в конституционных текстах различных государств мира.Всего было проанализировано 163 конституции. Текстовые объемы конституций, как известно, различны. При большем объеме количество случаев употребления искомых понятий также потенциально возрастает. Российский показатель в диапазоне сравниваемых текстов - средний, что говорит о корректности сравнения именно по отношению к России. При этом не ставилось задачи построения ценностного рейтинга конституций стран мира, решалась проблема аксиологической оценки российской конституции в контексте мирового конституционного законодательства. Были рассчитаны средние значения употребляемости ценностных терминов по регионам и в целом по миру. Полученные данные расчета сравнивались с российским показателем. По подавляющему большинству ценностных параметров российская конституция оказывается абсолютным аутсайдером. Устойчиво выше, чем у России оказывается даже усредненный результат употребляемости ценностносодержащих слов в конституциях стран «ближнего зарубежья».

Боязнь идеологии привела к отсутствию в Конституции РФ даже слова идея.



Without appeal to ideas not can go speech and about mirovozzrencheskoy certainty svoєyu. Meanwhile, in average in their constitutions-countries world word idea consumed more 6 times. More 3 times it is used in average on konstitutsiyam countries Europe. Paradoxical way Constitution Russia proved constitution without ideas. (Rice. 8)
Rice. 8. The frequency use in bloc words “idea ” in their constitutions-countries world

Despite widespread misconception about universality principle svetskosti most constitutions world contain appeal livelihoods God. Category God principles and more than half constitutions European countries. In constitution Germany the notion of “God ” consumed 4 times. The Netherlands – 7 times. Ireland – 9 times. All these state also, seemed would, are positioned in as a secular. But laicite not has become for them grounds dismiss value significance religion and religious worldview.



Appeal to God speech writer Russian constitution calculated unacceptable. (Rice. 9).

Rice. 9. Constitution countries world, use the notion of “God ”

Sacral benchmarks in constitutional texts question not only the appeal to God. Another an indicator of sakralnosti is the frequency use words “saint ”,“ sacrosanct. ” These words not necessarily are linked with religion. They is used for moreover, to emphasize a special significance the or another values. In as a such obvious values in the Constitution the USSR want to see you Homeland. Its protection allocated “sacred debt ” for everyone citizen. In the Constitution trades abroad sakralizuyuschie words are lacking. Position about’s holiest debt protection the Motherland from Constitution the USSR in Constitution trades abroad shifted not was. Meanwhile, words “saint ”,“ sacrosanct ” in texts constitutions countries world are used enough often.

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Srednemirovaya their upotreblyamost – more 5 words on one constitutional the text. (Rice. 10, 11).

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