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Explosion bus in Volgograd

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Still lay a chunk of firewood'll drop.
On 6: 18. Dmitri the udin tells about smertnitse, as she themselves had been etc.
Found his in contact. Https :/ / synced and corrected / vsezbs07
Interesting however photo, why same so sugar daddy shooting up the place)
Or so … ZXt18U.jpg



1 :1 5 - - Vladimir goddamn Iron Chef, which in list even beat contribute, 's lying any neskladukhu and shows frags injured, incompatible with lives.
6 :1 2 - - one wounded, doctors hospitals # 15 outside world in for their life.

That we here see? This same Chamber - film crew gathering spaces that offer universal, differences in is, that filmed here different doubles with different Indian actors.
Sink hangs over the bed, as in it washing our hands not he scattered ailing?
Teenage the udin saw a terrorist just, as and teenage goddamn Iron Chef, as and actress Mironova. --witnesses bear some Brad, likely strongly struck.
- What something as blow feel

All three actors’t read one and the same the text. Their task was: Be remembered the text and will their words. They key words have remembered and much detail as you as have been able, broke a that all stinks. Elena Mironova told, too, most,, too, in next to ya teetered and for had has seen,, too, passed on themselves basic represents wave of.
Interestingly, that these wystawienniczym gumming on previous? If would so same, then homicide their would strongly beaten kerzachami.

In another was for, general urban Canal, goddamn Iron Chef claimed, that he drove together with friend Varenichem. Strange they friends of, in one and the same house on shootings trek, write different doubles, and these doubles hand out different television stations.



Alex wrote:

still lay a chunk of firewood'll drop.
On 6: 18. Dmitri the udin tells about smertnitse, as she themselves had been etc.
Found his in contact. Https :/ / synced and corrected / vsezbs07
Interesting however photo, why same so sugar daddy shooting up the place) … os84978348
Or so … ZXt18U.jpg

Have Administration of joint derzhitsya with current there is) friends.
So means goddamn Iron Chef with Yudinym dance.Is, and spoke that with Varenichem.

interesting however photo, why same so sugar daddy shooting up the place

In fix gonna be super awkward and who his Pope?

Дмитрий Юдин, кому служим

Связь со взрывом Ж/д вокзала (крокодила открывал мотопедрила Хирург Залдостанов)


1 :1 5 - she in window jumped out. Javadxan aha.
But something not saw we on videoregistratorakh came out elderly women, yes and not crusades gallop they usually.

Such impression, that she was French not in is bus ride, which us on videoregistratorakh have shown.

Nor one knows, not gave on cell BOLShOE INTERVYu, where who, when, far drove, who as stood, that it looked strange?; how many saw dead, with that you nothing not become obvious and camping on D. And camping on D.



Dmitry" wrote:

in fix gonna be super awkward and who his Pope?

Dima in the form of. Clearly he not captain police) … os84978348



Me still here is this video liked. Soaked pro the as mazhutsya FSB, zaikayutsya)



Alex wrote:

me still here is this video liked. Soaked pro the as mazhutsya FSB, zaikayutsya)

Comrade ignores many facts, in including synthetic video (station) L! FENEWS and Euronews, in including frame a detailed ``debriefing video report on the prop explosion bus, and the most chief logical fact in including.
Not can of well-match speech Zhirinovsky with volgogradskimi explosions, and says only what it proves the layout explosion authorities. If so it as he increasingly says, then - Which are, cockfucker power explodes Volgograd scaring foreigners from trip in Sochi and at all questioning the very holding Olympics?
Cared whether Vladimir Volfovich about investigation bombings in further? Why he at all there started climbing? Why not one of deputies, for 15 years, not was able respond very normally on speech Zhirinovsky, which in this case is with bursting of the of the hydrogen bomb?
People not want look on the main facts and to do the main conclusions, instead limited to mouse piskami.
Flushed A Tbilisi the R And inlets A is so apparently driving.



Dmitry" wrote:

If so it as he increasingly says, then - Which are, cockfucker power explodes Volgograd scaring foreigners from trip in Sochi and at all questioning the very holding Olympics?

American writers towers dropped your,, too, nothing not fearing.
Let us think logically, if would our "VRAGI" wanted to derail annual inward, made would object in Sochi, there this was do easily. And all, closing.
FSB in Ryazan large're blown. And again all the same zhirik court to Trash from cottages, here is here need to to think for what.



Alex wrote:

American writers towers dropped your,, too, nothing not fearing.. Let us think logically, if would our "VRAGI" wanted to derail annual inward, made would object in Sochi, there this was do easily. And all, closing.

Enemies would not have been able easily to blow up object in Sochi, because seizure facilities guarding real collaborators) FSB. Utility of such logic?)) So this logic even children posilna, and for you simply unachievable. 8-)
Towers not dropped your, and vaporized the not American writers, and vnematrichniki. Homes in Moscow and Ryazan, fueled a worldwide explosion not FSB, and mrazyuki from Vnematritsy. Media and FSB, power, CIA and other departments, only provide cover and BERUT blame ON THE. Not directly take, and THROUGH ass. People see tracks against power, which they on themselves limit through pushed Passage, people this not see, because THEY ARE obtuse.
For you this "FSB zapalilis", and for me this "took blame on themselves", the difference - gap, as in miroponimanii between German doctor and Temuchine stupid sailor.
Media subject to Vnematritse and gives you only illusion fact. You one is the that there is, if this you gave on media, and one is that this there is no, if this media ignored.
Particularly with gifted minds idiots type Maltsev, argue that Volgograd they'll blow up to "choose Putin’s", however forget clarify, that in late 2013 Putin’s no one not nobody chose, and was preparation for appear. Training for to appearimplies maintaining and strengthen in this moment prestige countries, to arrived foreign tourist a cubs fan, and not on turnover. Itself Olympiada need a for strengthen prestige countries,, for this, countries not are considered nor with whatever costs on training. Logic where? Power made Volgograd three times consecutive and dropped your Boeing’s in Kazan for strengthen prestige countries before to Olympiada?
Not get tired of to repeat, that Maltsev idiot. If would he was thus same logical as Alex, then certainly would has, that time for subversion in Volgograd, was happier than in 2014, not in 2013. Either, before the elections President in 2012, Putin need was to blow up a couple neighborhoods in category: Yoshkar-Ole, rating same surge. However nothing why something not made. Therefore = logic Maltsev were inferior, as and the brain rest measly couple and, ignorant humans.
Vector measly one-perception of surrounding World, Alex. Look need to deeper, wider and have to ON ALL, so widely, to to seize for example the film "Matrix", there on 18-19 minute in rights Neo Propisana date the end of the "11 okt / okt 01." Circumstances the emergence of that date in this movie means, that task MVD winos harvest, and task FSB as they on a guard the, all the rest of the Hypnotizes Vnematritsa, without borders, without policy, without time.



Where could to go on 29 st bus ride Dmitri the udin?
He lives on the street 50 years October, learns in two-minute walk from home in ", # 8, which is worth on str. Of Udmurt.
He could not to go in Monday, 21 October on this bus ride, he must was sit in gymnasium.
Therefore - this fake. and another Dima the udin,, too, each, Volodya "Kukharya, has built page literally November 7. each Kukharya Alexey Varenich, made page 28 July. Vladimir goddamn Iron Chef. All their page Gibkikh strongly changed, early photos popileny.



Terakt in Volgograd: The chronology events and narratives eyewitnesses

0 :2 0 - Dmitri ryltsev intraoral on the telephone. He proved accidental witnessing, have him purely accidentally proved Number the phone RIA News, he received and telephoned. He's lying that have bus roof have become hump, and laminat flew. Need watch photo, video and ensure, that ryltsev said some the text, which not fits visualization.

0 :4 0 - Elena Zhemchuzhnova,, too, intraoral on the telephone. It, too, as would somewhere Number the phone RIA News and precisely she has become in witnessing it. In this video, and so same in next for RIA News, and so same for other Russian TV outlets, Lena told one and the same fairy tale pro its small growth, films horrors of, pro 20 minutes, far other hammer we got lying Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® and polmuzhchiny.
Lena very simply to capture on lies, after all on all other video, perfectly in sight, that movement was roadblocked in both sides, and means she there could not to go in a route taxi.

3 :0 0 - governor Bozhenov declared, that Kukharyu, Yudinu, Mironovoy and Varenichu, which dense ring surrounded Asiyalovu, pay out ?least on 100 thousands of rubles.
Is not a bad putting on just to scholarships and pensions,. Silence bought.



actors second plan.
0 :2 6 - The inhabitants cities and native people, which proved victims of terrorist, bear flowers and candles.
Yes the fuck would whom nevpyorlos, pull flowers and candles in roped-off militias zone.
Note, that Cristina Khvaschevskaya carring flowers on backdrop of bus, camping on E. 21 October. Team bus upyorli even in the early report, towing his to "still has."

Now peeking here … e_id=27306
Newsweek cesspits through week after 21 October, leading this specifies.
Wasn not miracle, that and Lena Zhemchuzhnova and Cristina Khvaschevskaya, proved characters from reporting in during weeks?

Cristina Khvaschevskaya
3 :1 0 (video) - … e_id=27306 - holds in the hands of phone sponsor global terrorism and STAMMERlNG not enthusiastically the text.
First Cristina wanted shift the increasingly on friend last week in new, however not was able devise continuation of after as the kind "was awake at." In next was she had, that "they took family with teddybear, because a small child" (the end of the quotes). On lies Cristina to capture is not difficult, because in PE NTV she colors analyzed, not family with teddybear.
Was would prikolno watch all doubles with Cristina, because as neprofessianalnyy teenage destabilized here is thus here is way

Elena Zhemchuzhnova
And … e_id=27306
22 October and 27 October
Ah okay Lena, she could so do, but why machines those same go on road and with so same massacres at regular intervals?)



Dmitry" wrote:

In this video his name is Alexey Lenich. On 2 :0 9

There is still some Ivan Ivanov. Such a sense of, that he not traveled on on buses of this type, otherwise would not said nonsense pro 40 more seats in bus ride.
He same in program NTV.

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Искатель wrote:

In this video his name is Alexey Lenich. On 2 :0 9

Yes) They so much takes, man your time at the wheel, that only study and study.
Who more history mothers valuable,
We are talking Lenin, imply Varenin,
We're on fire Varenin, imply bank
All have suffered, but all are talking, feel perfectly, learned that on a hundred units would gain from governor,. For whom same back yard with my friends Ilyushin Il-76 Moscow-Volgograd-Moscow.
o.O o.O :playful: o.O

Искатель wrote:

He same in program NTV.

Eksklyuzivschina, likely cast in the secret from TVC.
Ivanov says, that earned emission glass, and other-witnesses told the, that all Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® were knocked out and rolled far, in particular Dmitri ryltsev told, that have bus (quote) "there is no nor single whole glass". And another the witness, the girl named Elena Zhemchuzhnova told (quote) "glass't sp vAAbsche, Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® were very far"
Ivan Ivanov "all Autodesk ® 3ds Max ® were knocked out"
Ivan Ivanov "doors not are opening, all went through spare the exit"
Ivan Ivanov "all began to beating the glass and jumping out from bus through glass."

Искатель wrote:

Such a sense of, that he not traveled on on buses of this type,

Deal not in on buses, and in is, that this-tard not thought over texts. When man's lying, his very easily harvest on lies.



explosion bus in Volgograd
Video with third avtoregistratora

There is no accident, that coined Vladimir goddamn Iron Chef.
The quality of video of course a shitty, cannot be to consider who expected this escort.

In Volgograd detonated the terminally-ailing Supermarket

Passed something about 4-'s hours, and media already know absolutely increasingly, even more moreover, that theoretically can dig up a consequence and merged in media. Passport, sick bones, Sokolov, bandpodpole, Daghestanian terrorists, time proїzdіv, tickets Moscow ,-witnesses, suburban wives militants. Media to this sabotage Yanukovych’much in greater extent, than any feesba. In sight naked eye.



If man during confirming stories with concerns the tip of the nose, then this that means?
In moment, when goddamn Iron Chef says pro accidents, he concerns hand the tip of the nose, this means - FALSEHOOD. … e_id=27306
Time video 6 :0 0. Now have Vladimir two day Wireless HSIA, one 21 October,
And another September 11,.



Oreshkin - Uh- - Not gonna, the flow of his consciousness is pushing with legs:. " Identified (firmly, something was removed?) wounds we, ushili, hurt, vopschem, have made the span surgical works. ")



"We wanted for accidents watch"
Among ordinary citizens, who helped doctors deliver affected in hospitals, were and two young women, girlfriends – an accountant Trade firms Cristina Khvaschevskaya and the manager fitness-club Natalia Gaydenko. In that day they traveled in center Volgograd on Affairs and already returned in native violating Red Army district.
© Photo: From personal archive Cristina’s Khvaschevskoy and Natalia Gaydenko
Cristina Khvaschevskaya and Natalia Gaydenko, successive on aid to injured in Kerri

"On counter front page saw accidents – machine lay in upward wheels. Decided adjust in leftist a series of, to accidents watch ", – reclaims Cristina chronology events. Girlfriends already driven place traffic accident, as suddenly saw explosion. Precisely saw – in parlor scene loudly played radio.

"On us flew of any over the wreckage and dust. I say Natashke: Perhaps, wheel exploded ", – recalled Khvaschevskaya. All machines began to stop, but the first 20 seconds of them no one went – all were in some have seemed frozen.

And here from the blown bus began to jumping out people. "They jumped from windows so easily, as if sprygivali with ledge. Perhaps, from shock ", – says Cristina. She saw, as this made a man – his leg was unnaturally podvernuta. In the next second Cristina, itself the Young mother, experienced shock – she saw, as a man from depth bus convey child.

"Here my heart of has turned over, I not weathering. We popped out from machines, began to bolt to the bus. Spurn slightly not just popped in to in him, but here we noticed's severed head terrorist. I now never its not I shall forget. "

Policeman, which comprised Protocol on counter front page about traffic accident, privlekshego attention girls,, too, hurried to the bus. "I ask his: People can be to occupy with seats terrorist? I OK not know, can be whether their to occupy … ", – says spurn. A traffic cop said, to take all, who sits have sideline – by the time passengers the blown bus already otbezhali and sat under forested.

"Slava god, I not sat on the place"
Girls found the contestant family, with past their – Anatoly, Lilija and their dvukhgodovalogo son do. "We were in of shock – remember, packed Anatoly with his foot on rear the seat next my" a Nissan. " As we then learned, have boy was the easy a concussion – he was in warm hat, perhaps, this his and saved. His Pope, Anatoly, the entire blow on themselves adopted. All trousers literally are all stained cause flesh – I have then the entire day was smells in machine some sour-roast. I have even 4000m2 as well as on language this taste of until now ", – tells girl.

Have men "leg was crescent", -Splinter wound, and all time the for tell Abe, from which commanded blood. "I have head spinning, me poorly", – all time've condemned he. "And have the most chin and hands so and are shaking", – recall the girlfriends. From sbivchivykh narratives young family girls understood, that those traveled in Bank – pay on mortgage mortgaging.

"There place was empty (about terrorist. – RIA News), I entire a path on him wanted to sit down. Thank god, not sat, thank god, child my alive ", – all time've condemned Anatoly. His wife so kept quiet and only about hospitals starters cry.

Have of flap girls, how could, under aid nurses, that plunged Anatoly on of what happened.

Through couple of days Cristina and Natalia visited a "its" family in hospital. Have Lily, too, found trauma, which she not sheets in moment shock.

And husband Cristina, faced about the "adventures" its and girlfriends, only and was joking: "Ah, with day birth!"

Strongly have to exert yourselves when would write this history. :music: especially hard boast in the latter row with a joker husband,
But what month, she in accuracy copies history with. Volodya and current (the accident, day birth), perhaps coincidence.
Ostensibly girls helped to injured, then visited their in hospital, and then the secret with Dmitri Vinogradov (tenor) from RIA News.



#p18627,Dmitry" wrote: Владимир Кухарь. Все их странички ВКонтакте сильно изменены, ранние фотографии попилены.

А был он тогда Владимиром Кухарем? Сейчас Константин Куликов



#p114496,Берка wrote:

А был он тогда Владимиром Кухарем? Сейчас Константин Куликов

Судя по этому сервису -- да, был:владимир_кухарь-u7

Вставьте  в строку поиска сервиса его нынешнюю ссылку и увидите вышеозначенное.

upd: сайт информацию обновил, но урл остался прежний.

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