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Syria, Islamic State

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Брунгильда wrote:

Wu Germans hysterical in media about cities Kobani and-faire Erdogan’s. Kobani city on the border Syria and Turkey. Militants Stock his banished almost month, then take, then will lose. Today, ostensibly, 40% cities have seized. In city of almost not remained civilian population, and this were predominantly the Kurds. Respectively, these the Kurds bolted in neighboring Turkey. And in city of remained, too, militants, but Kurdish.

Me a long time in Internet in Russian language banili for here is such photo from snesennogo on five times with faces land "Syrian Stalіngradu" homs. This after second sneseniya.

All so same in Kobani, can be not to doubt.

Mediaproekt "Stock" made sure you do, in return sduvsheysya "Alkaidy"
(Not weathering own schizophrenia, as a in different matrices other and enemy nato-shtato-srailya simultaneously).
Unlike "Alkaidy", vnematritsa almost not gives visual materials with "arena action Stock", visual promotion goes in the most West-matrix.

Islamic State has's recruiting supporters in the center of the London



In Russian Internet pro this little, there with first pages not are getting away. For example, pro salafistov, notes, Salafis have sit in Summer cafes in Berlin-Kroyberg and are anything drawing invidious in worded flowing people, type, its feet cover thicky thick, if not like it or to cum in a ditch and camping on P.

And in Wuppertal on raid poured people in the form of with the banner Sharia-Hilfspolizei.

In Celle in Lower Sachsen several hundred Chechens bet with local Kurds (this city, where their slightly whether not more just in Germany). In Hamburg were clashes and mass unrest (all according to politician Ihar Rynkevich-online).

In this postanove jog the and Europe, and regime Erdogan’s.

Incidentally, Chechens there Dark Ones gathering (reportedly newspapers) as times in recent years. They aoaee through Poland, ostensibly, in Germany everyone again pribyvshemu Russian national provided on 4 thousands of the euro, here is such "rumours" British.



Video from Kobani



горожанин wrote:

Everyone so same in Kobani, can be not to doubt.

Write, that, ostensibly, Turkey passed two million refugees. Although without of the late on this background, messages, that these refugees simply not put it to work in Turkey, they sat for barbed wire, and local the Kurds them through this stringing keep-away the bottle with water. As in this regime can be was two million to accept?



Брунгильда wrote:

Video from Kobani

The only frame with food.We cities, where chegot Shirts set fire, and smoke Post's goes, on 0 :0 3 - 0 :1 0, else filmed on building workers pustyryakh.
"The Syrian Stalingrad" killing still not so udelyvali.
Center cities taken down was in zero, alone only "flattened with entered the" remained-

This "the Syrian Stalingrad" in the height of the battles.
The most that neither on there is center, this snapshot with, there active map there is.




Брунгильда wrote:

The situation in district Kurdish cities Kobani in the photo … iyach.html

On exiled with photo, quote: "Turkish tanks lining up along the border as on parade. Strike with air not await, artudara with hand Islamists -, too,. "This in fact one exhorts one as Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, i.e. and those and other type confident, that their on its territory not touched for - still one thing in common between situations in Ukraine and in Syria.

Especially the strange ???? the situation on the border with Ukraine, where armed forces Ukraine could overnight unexpected blow destroy a third part of the entire army trades abroad, which was quite-??? constrained is concentrated along the border. And can this and was goal ambush Ukrainian hands "Pearl Harbor" to unleash large-scale war between the two countries, which were complementary Scotlands one whole.



Hi,! There is no nor in any guglakh no Kobani.
And here, too,



горожанин wrote:

Блин! Нет ни в каких гуглах никакого Кобани.
И здесь тоже … rodami.jpg
Айн-эль-Араб[1], также известен как Коба́ни (араб. عين العرب, курд. Kobanê или Kobané) — город на севере Сирии, расположенный на территории мухафазы Халеб. Административный центр одноимённого района arru.



And Yandex under search for Kobani stubbornly betrays Kuban. :)

Need to impose in the search for Kobani Syria



Yu wrote:

Skyfall exiled with photo, quote: "Turkish tanks lining up along the border as on parade. Strike with air not await, artudara with hand Islamists -, too,. "This in fact one exhorts one as Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, i.e. and those and other type confident, that their on its territory not touched for - still one thing in common between situations in Ukraine and in Syria.

On one military Forum people's so confused, that tanks without active armour, have lamented, aaneaou, in what century Turks live.



the city dweller
Here is see, you actively with an interest in which derives citizen, and the not know, realistically this for wants burgers and sitizinov setting. I got hooked on the intel made there, sports interest, when this Kobani falls finally and what they are clamoring for, distracting spectacle.



Dmitry" wrote:

the Pentagon is developing options action against militants in Syria
Washington, 29 12 Jul — RIA News. The Pentagon is developing options action against militants “Islamic state ” (Stock) on territory Syria, told on briefing representative White House Josh Ernest.
The US defected to the other side on side Assad’s)

This for our matrix they defected to the other side. And for West-matrix Syrian militants from Alkaidy fought and go to war against Assad’s-Britain-the US

Islamic State - simply replacing for zombomass sduvsheysya Alkaidy

Syrian ‘Rebels': ‘We shall raise our flag in the White House… Britain will be next!’



Here is even a few means video from Kobani






Vhat was reminded from Libyan lzhevoyny))



Another video in article here, not was able find, to insert.

There any strange homes, as if nezhilye. T. E. Flattened non-residential homes. Or Arabs live on-bit basic, even units were-carpets not in sight, simply the pieces bricks. … obani.html

Proskrollit below. There video

And itself article is called Hollering from zone death in Kobani. Aaneaou, city slightly whether not in creaks metres from territory Turkey, and here is with Turkish hand cries heard, sounds from bombings hand.



And this, which from the basement on tripod device, hmm's scribbling, carpets that whether where something stole and carefully near put? Or that they so talk zadrapirovali?



Брунгильда wrote:

There any strange homes, as if nezhilye. T. E. Flattened non-residential homes. Or Arabs live on-bit basic, even units were-carpets not in sight, simply the pieces bricks.

Entire Syrian war - "darai", "aleppy", "khomsy" - "annanyus" three years pieces in Dzhobare-Barzekhe. The Northern suburb Damascus, facing the undeveloped property and kvartalets otselennykh slums.
There such homes. And thrown at towns and constructions under issyakshikh fields in any neftestrane, too, might be.




On synthetic channels from Kobani come such news

At night, and sooner on the morning aircraft the US, KCA and the UAE was on my back strikes on positions Islamists, as in neighborhood cities (mainly - on southern suburbs), so and within him. However sources of confirm the impossibility active use of aviation against militants from-for densest combat contacts dueling sides. Many zone, neighborhoods and banlieues Ain Al Arab for day several times relics it out of the hands in hands. Especially’s obsessive clashes occur in this time on northwest cities, on the border with Turkey in district border transition Murshida Binar.
In province Al Hasakah today profits more 500 families refugees from Ain Arab. All they were stationed local authorities and endowed products nutrition and to housing.
In the same time on territory Turkey in, he naeaiee Sarudzh 300 Kurdish refugees from Ain Al Arab already fifth day refuse from decision-food in protest against conditions, in which they proved. Speech is faring about how, that all 300 man, among which - old men, women and children, were placed in the building a small gymnasiums. Have them chairman E. Tugzhanov said mobile means ties, them forbidden exits resurfaced and refused in medical aid. Had reinvented hunger strike people require issue their from "conclusions", and many are prepared to return in Ain Arab, to die on homeland.
Meanwhile armed clashes units of ATS with gangs militants occurred in areas Khandarata and settlements Bashkoy, and also in quarter Al-Rashidin, where several buildings former NDІ, made reference point army, until now remain in the hands of militants groups Dzhesh Al of Monafiqeen and independent battalions Noor-ad-Din Az-Zanki. It is worth noting, that complex NDІ is an important point government troops on lines Defense Academy them. Al-Assad’s - chief a reference center forces units army in the west cities Aleppo.
In province Damascus basic fighting continued to focus in naeaiee Ain terma (see Photo) and in Dzhobare. Known, that in Ain Terme parts of of over enough an extensive zone bazaar "Al Truxton Hare" that included in themselves trade ranks, restaurants and facilities entertainment and vacation. In Dzhobare armed clashes had place in central parts of cleanup, where, reportedly, army subdivisions trying to marginalize adversary to lam for a bit - eastward and westward. Simultaneously clashes were fixed on northern suburbs Dzhobara.
-fighting have continued in district eradication Tel Kurdi. All clashes accompanied active work of the army artillery, missile troops and aviation, which attacked the shocks positions and facilities terrorists also in Zebdine, Arbine and Khammurii.
In district Kalyamun in a result joint sting operation subdivisions Syrian army and party forces of Lebanese resistance was destroyed major shelter militants Dzhebkhat Ahn-Nusry, raspolagavsheesya in a cave in district Makhruka in the mountains Flety. All 130 request within natural shelter terrorists, including semejantes, were neutralized ego i, as one and immense.
Such operation Syrian troops, inch plasma in district between Fletoy and Asali Al at the, led to losses ego i and as one grouping Stock. Reportedly about not less than 20 neytralizovannykh those action movies back.
On south Dareyi part of the Mittal of were shattered together with militants several buildings. After this on place friendships the fierce shooting and shelling. Information came only that, so details about results of until there is no.
In city of Al-Rastan army a sniper liquidated influential warlord armed formation Muhammad Abdel-Razzaq Tlas, father known semejantes bandgruppirovok, agreed in district Sai Baba temple Amr ibn al-As, Abdel-Razzaka Tlasa. After destruction militants in this district homs on some time footprint Abdel-Razzaka Tlasa, made the first officer Syrian army, pereshedshim on side militants, was lost. However later he half in Saudi Arabia as a party Hadge. Also in Internet was footers are placed video, on which son of slain today. Of the leader of armed groups of Rastan popped up on personnel intimate meeting with one of so-called "activists, opposition."
Returning to asking a basic milestone, it is worth noting, that bandgruppirovki of Rastan confirmed demise ” and commander, however nothing not reported, who became author his eliminating.
In Latakia for two days the fierce battlegroups clashes occur in district of. On some data, control of altitude Tel Doreen government troops was have been lost. Positions militants Dzhebkhat Ahn-Nusry and Katibe Al Mukhadzherin incur massive shocks artillery, and missile troops. Losses in battles bear both sides.
In city of Deir-ez-Zour on so-called descent Al-Rdeysat part of the Mittal Special taken a fortified pivot groups Stock, raspolagavshiysya in building schools, and also several adjoining building. This point was important link on the way between positions radicals in district Al-Rdeysat and in quarter Al Dzhbeylya, so control of these reference point became strategically important achievement.


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