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Terrorist attack in Boston - also a setting

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What same this for bomb such a, which killed three figures, hurt under 300 man, but not was able crumble up shopwindow?
so much whole glass all well in sight?

Center Boston - place, where every square meter is under gunpoint video cameras. Official authorities not accounting for would labor, prove blame of, share they cadres, on which was would in sight, that he puts backpack on bruschatku.
But us their no one not showed.
Tsarnaev are guilty only in is, that qualified warm us its ass in America, and more in nothing.



My video on the pipeline



Central hero "Boston terrorist" built it in with law has, had red paint around.
Far same gone, then the lower part of its feet?
Guy in the hood and black woman, under the cover of smokescreen drapes, conducted "how" operation
Hood lay back down and remain relaxing, operation has passed successfully, black woman dispatched on of what happened, and sacrifice on a carrier.



It's beautiful lies a bitch. But who same so you facial paint wrong watered?
Talk go. Victim and collaborators the emergency aid)
And where blood on asphalt? Where emotions on ment, where loss of consciousness from the fall of the blood pressure, where pain, where suffering, why this Clown living at all?


organism human contains 4 - 5 liters blood and if this fellow realistically which both its feet, then and around moreover seats where this happened, and on really affected all would was all bathed in in blood. Not to mention, that man fell into would in pain shock and lost consciousness, and he have us as see wave of vigorously Big Man squatting on a gurney. Know why he administered? Because, that on moment explosion - legs have him long already not was, and were dentures, which then have replaced on the, uh, bloody prop.
It turns out this veteran of the Germans Nick Vogt, which lost its feet in Khandahar. But somehow strange ways, in strictly to any Boston the marathon have him grew leftist leg. Media scurried rebut version of about afgantse, calling this clown Jeff Baumanom and providing a picture of an, broadcast on's a radiation fotik, but was already late, only have exacerbated.



on, Tamerlane Tsarnaev is, ostensibly a terrorist, which took alive. CNN has shown in night-live these cadres, but then eradicated their.
Birth mother I.D. 'd his son on these whoever fills, its recognition have shown only in Russia, and in America this simply have broken off.
And here is, he already joining assassinated after arrest, and on official version of, his killed during chase.
Pursuit of Tsarnaevymi, outclasses on the purposes of this, scene chase in movie "Terminator-2."



Younger brother Tamarlane,, Jahar Tsarnaev is. Look like he on from reviled bomber?
Stuffed with video cameras Boston, high technology, every meter under supervision. But there is no cadres, on which would, Jahar pose backpack on asphalt, what sorry.


of multiple cameras fix, that sponsor backpacks were truly on staff, which can flaunt their in swastika private military intruder organizations "Craft."
The head of the "Kraft" the best sniper the US, assassinated month before, however power simply ignore these facts, and been after for Tsarnaevymi, army in 9 thousands of people.



The main goal terrorist:
Conduct military exercises in regime real cities, not test site. A generalized mobilization.
For this have blocked out almost the entire Boston on a few days. For intelligence this a good experience keep the entire city in if people fist.
Boost patriotic spirit of Americans and show, that intelligence agencies you will save.
The criminal will caught in any case, even if he not perpetrator.
Redesign your subject Chechen terrorists, prepare public and to snark-- Russia, prompt public on false footprint.
Test mechanism consensual propaganda and zombiefication. If the public eat you, then means system under control. Substitute for on as investments s. Markets, as fall drag. Metals an orderly system the Fed and dealers for moreover, to show force and fortress dollar.
Terrorist attack and capture will criminals must be are decorated in best traditions Hollywood films, where was would pytayutsya, shooting and shelling, the chase, hype, capture and victory for good. This very need for dumb electorate - for zombistayla.
Crowd ate this, they clapped forces and shouted approvingly "USA! USA!"

Message about times Jahar of triggered jubilation in Boston



Heather Abbott - pleasant Jewish woman.
A few days ago it has lost pace during explosion on running the Boston the long, and now sits and demonstrates their upper gum. You would so have been able?
You would have been able, attract to itself attention leading TV outlets the US and requiring a wager role bimbos, which fun?



, a-a cowboy hat in Boston looks so same absurdly, as kyrgysskiy parent robe in Kostroma (river).
Here is photograph with stand the ground in Boston. Many on it cowboy as?



Spetsuru, in the adjacent room had in form of police, not interested in place explosion,
They quickly jumped allowed to overshadow zone from outsiders eye and Fujinon,
To give opportunity actors, my makeup under "Wounded"


13 … 1389123217

Operator makes all it can that would, the audience in the not saw, that in fact happening on chessboard of.
This the only operator, who was admitted here in this moment and which entrusted create illusion, that the Festive through a.
Most interesting, it is this operator withdrew in direct spots television September 11, 2001 and testified about planes.



The only reduced from doesn a marathoner and policemen,
Otsekayuschie on interesting from seats dressing room sucks. Actors
location one policeman on Pasadena, during final on rukobolu



In fotootchyotakh about any Kerri, why something always are found phones. As if freaks any.
Began on this to pay attention with Nairobi and Volgograd, knows (or teenage) constantly turns the in the hands of Mobile. Phone. Why?
Advertisements mobile devices, all people owe under itself to have "navigator", to intelligence agencies in any moment day and night, knew about whereabouts "facility."
In this advertising they've been overdoing it.
This "Boston Marathon", note:
Was announced, that after explosion, from-for large numbers of clustered, Fonex the link Boston withdrew from by building (hovers). It and correctly, however on immense numbers pictures, wystawienniczym unkind someone rings. Why? - because that this is not having pictures of, and fotopostanovki.
Witness: Have Tolstoi guy one hand white, and the second sfotoshopena from nigger. Crowd should take a to the shop window, however falsifiers of a made on the back burner even fragments people. Have girls in jeans jacket, immediately two the elbow, one in jacket, the second naked.



Phones and a hug.
Explosion clapper board, nothing seryoznogo. -and its a cheerleader decided a cuddle. Look at reaction girls on non-CIS terms of, she hears as Indian actors prudently lurks and its that breaches on rzhach.
Immediately several stated quickly jumped to a begune, which has passed through hell endings and j movie. Indeed funny.



the lncredibly interesting photos.
"The second explosion" there is only on one picture of these.

Now closely compare the all three photos.
The latter photo military processed in qualify to.
1) ready. Israeli flag.
2) Shadow from left policeman, and looks strange and falls not under those angle.
3) Shadow from center field policeman, is limited to his right-wing foot.
4) Listen carefully ? consider dynamic of all three photo (the dynamics left policeman and his be throw-in on from bathroom. Line). On third necessarily should be see "the second explosion."

contaminated comparison 2 th and 3 th photographs, in sight, that "Photoartists" wrong have made burner (doorway the streets).



G-photograph … pict31.jpg
How many fingers on drawn have stakeholder installation?



Yes in sight, that a firecracker dynamite was in the shop window retailer either near with it. … ict136.jpg … ict130.jpg
Its capacity facilitated, to "distract the its feet" tens of people, but nevertheless, she not was able break shopwindow until the end of. :crazy:
In bringing up was used device, which got the smoke (a), not in sight where it is, likely burned down (somewhere from Left).

(Pridurok Jose Ignacio da Silva has embarked on fence and leaps once on offense, under this him spat that actress from this painful for)


(much the top photo) … ict120.jpg
Concentration of actors, quite not about seats explosion clapper board, which left black tank, and have seats work smokescreen checkers. Why?
Because precisely smoked a veil hid a key work actors on change, nadevaniyu kultey and pouring red paint.


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