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Terrorist attack in Boston - also a setting

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Operator lover of, was directly in epicenter explosion
His video, published 16 th April:
Explosion experienced literally have him under with their feet.
Additional video for precise definitions seats "explosion"
Why operator-lover of not died?
Why him not which its feet?
As he Isaev on them run?

- because, smoked? S centre its feet not rips houses, she gives only smoke
- noise vzryvpaket, too, its feet not rips houses, he gives only cotton


23 - tsentrovoe video - tsentrovoe video with stabilization - video directly from epicenter ground zero - failed the quality of CBS
/ - explosion in Madrid, utterly a different picture - reduced from doesn starichyok - another Jesus, dozy fuckers, the best operator CNN



Stop sign frame 1 :0 9
ABC shows with helicopters, as two clown-your blasting ticket Pushkin territory.
In sight, that they already have exposed glass in the shop window, which not was able field vzryvpaket.
Across likelihood glass triggered on cardboard their litter box, which lies before showcase.
On photo previously, saw, that glasson place



A good analysis situation.

I not understood, that have Outlook indeed 6 fingers? Or as have Yanukovych, adjusting lens?




a good analysis situation.
I not understood, that have Outlook indeed 6 fingers?
Or as have Yanukovych, adjusting lens?

Yes not know I, that see, then and see. … pict31.jpg
(For increasing, need start pressing hard Ctrl and spin gear a mouse)
We here see, that occurred as something.
The writing - a cover plate, overnight ski boot warmers - transparent, fingers - five +[/b][/size]
They something zatirali. That?
What something pyrotechnic adjusting
The artist stood in doorway windows, which goes squarely on playground. This very convenient place for shootings, and that means that, the organizers initially controlled this photographer and his derzhitsya are trapped first to them, and already then are merged in the Internet under sign "the casual knows." … mbs-02.htm
Here is here ostensibly the artist ostensibly wrote, that he recognized himself in of shock and simply the artist. I him not believe, because nor one the usual man, not will photographed terrorist attack TO terrorist
Here is here in sight, the artist stood on 3-4 floor buildings from red brick
Have Outlook with transparent widely known, accurately such same trousers, as and have guys from Private security contractors challenges near the iron and machines[/b][/size]



Very interestingly.
Racers with invalidnymi buggies marshal on start (trait Finish) and await team, to geography for zagrimirovannymi Indian actors
Dubbed: To all invalidnym strollers, hell were small flags.
To all invalidnym strollers paired people in equal Chinese sports form.


28 … mbs-02.htm

Aaron writes:

I was at my office overlooking the boston marathon which is half a block from the finish line when the explosion went off while watching which was a shock.. I ran to grab my camera hoping to catch any leads but here is what i have. Please share if you feel these might lead to what occurred especially the before shots of that area of the 1st bombing.

My observation is that the explosion was in front of the "candy store" or "marathon palace" in a trashcan or something on the far side of the sidewalk near the fence that exploded. Big blast of fire, and smoke, but it all vanished so fast and not much left to see minus lots of shattered glass.

This is a sad day for such a great event. I was amazed how fast the medics and nearby citizens took action to run into the smoke, rip off their shirts to help the wounded.

Please share, post, link this set if you feel these photos might aid in figuring out this tragic event.... especially in the "Before photos" which show lots of faces and perhaps clues.
Aaron writes:

I was in my office with guise of on Marathon Boston, which is in half of quarter from finish, when breathed explosion, observing, who was shock. I ran, to to seize my cell in the hope to capture any hints, but here is what I have there is. Please, share, if you feel this may lead, that happened, especially before with this area 1 th explosion.

On my observations, explosion was ins front parts of "confectionery" or "marathon palace on" in recycling bin basket or something on opposite side sidewalk cafe near reinstate, which exploded. Big bang ceasefire, and smoke, but this all some yearning so quickly and not so many remained, to see minus manys rump glass.

This the sad day for such a great events. I was am amazed, as quickly doctors and beyond citizens adopted measures, to launch in smoke, thwarted their shirts, to help the wounded.

Please, share, message, link this set of, if you feel these photos can help in landowners this tragic event. Especially in "A photo", which show many facets and, perhaps, cues.

If Aron ran for camera after explosion, then how succeeded the photos TO VZRYVA?
And who, a respected the casual Aaron, nafotoshopil, bald a grown man's six fingers, transparent overnight ski boot warmers and the writing atop performance? … pict31.jpg



. … pict52.jpg … pict31.jpg
Compare the mba mba
As from lens photographer, could to slipping, the guy in light summer and a wounded body?
Thick L in jeans, first been running around on chessboard of with open a mouth, and now quietly now stalk s there-here, hands in pockets. How many is worth such a role?



Bob Leonard, just flick and this a picture of an.
Can be its field on bake
"Rekomendatsii with ustvennymi violations gave photo camera first time in life, whether they us surprise anyone."
From one photos broke a three for evidence guilt Tsarnaev. About as!



This Monday, April 15, 2013 photo provided by Bob Leonard shows Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was dubbed Suspect No. 1 and Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, who was dubbed Suspect No. 2 in the Boston Marathon bombings by law enforcement. This image was taken approximately 10-20 minutes before the blast. (AP Photo/Bob Leonard)

Nu need to same, what outstanding the artist.
And that he exactly photographed, simply eople fleeing of sweating people?



A for all global media gave why something this apple core supposed to be,
Why something his pointed toe on vertically:



In the center of the Boston every square meter arrived video cameras.
There is no surprise, that stop sign cadres displacement Tsarnaev there is,
Remarkably, that there is no nor one there, where would someone of them
pose backpack ON the pavement.
Evidence there is no, but this did not prevent army conduct retreatments, to block Boston.



19 April 2013 on, Tamerlane and his the younger brother, Jahar have become object prosecution with hand American intelligence as suspected execution terrorist during Marathon bombings 15 April 2013.
According to allegations, hiding from prosecution, brothers shot policeman and tried to Registan from chase, dare in exchanged fire with employees police, in the course which on, Tamerlane was hard wounded and died in hospital in Boston.
In his policemen and following conclusions judicial medical expertise his death came from numerous fire-injuries and... injuries heads and not as, Philadelphian mainly in a result for prevention of car accident the s.U.V. younger brother, has tried hard hide from police [39]. According to mothers, on, Tamerlane called it shortly before death and told, that the police has become pursue their and to shoot on them with brother. According to a RIA News, the latest words Tamarlane were: with, I love you , after what conversation has interrupted [34]

Pow named "Wikipedia" 's lying and not index,.
On the evening 19 April CNN has shown in live arrest Tamarlane of, specifically the, that he was alive, EU himself, confidently with vypryamlennoy its back. Policemen his stripped until goal and rescue to had vehicle. This video CNN in speshnom order would delete with his site and more about offense no one officially not'Americain. Mother Tamarlane through couple of days on press conference admitted his son on this video.
This episode very well showed, as precisely scum manages media and Internet.
In Internet very hard find this video CNN from 19 April. Tinder one.



Anzor Tsarnaev is

Mountain those parents, whose children wanted to suck American dream.



On, Tamerlane Tsarnaev is (on the hands of have mothers Zubeydat), father Anzor (cleva) and as during Mukhamad out



Interesting news Tsarnaev have cooperated with intelligence agencies

1. With potential terrorists not cooperate, their he has been arrested.

2. About their osvedomitelyakh FBI knows VSE - for recruitment harvest the entire dirt.

3. As can be by cooperating with FBI muster group, unprepared for, muster bomb, conduct terrorist attack and. Nowhere not escape?

4. Understandable, why one killed - if would on court he simply denied blame - was would not frightening, so make all criminals. Apparently his tried to bend me, but with Chechenom such not passed - he as a warrior stood on its and promised on court to tell all about links with FBI.

Perhaps their with brother FBI even sent on Marathon observe order and even gave backpack, for example with DUZhE hotline room,. Guys with pride stood in ecilops themselves said with agents FBI - and those their they took a picture of in different poses on place future instsenerovki. Incidentally, then could their immediately isolate, as witnesses (and nothing excess not naboltayut and harvest easier). So can be explain, why -- Field operation couple of days nothing not ready - sponsor stupidly sat on FBI-me from the safe apartment. Then their issued in the process of the staging chase directly before naive police, and those their not shot. Took alive - puncture intelligence. Had to then to gaslight, and can and to commit ritual - yield in sacrifice. And then obyanyat wounds on the body, perhaps open-faced open and issued by-, which raze could not inflict policemen under times those, that brother his med feel secure - such a foolish version of.

FBI wanted do Tamarlane of their an agent of in Chechnya
29 March 2014 | 10 :3 1
This argue lawyers his brother Jahar. As writes newspaper "Boston Globe, Grace", defenders of indicted in Kerri on running the Boston the long petitioned in Court document, in which states, that American intelligence agencies tried to recruit Tamarlane of. With perspective lawyers, this could strengthen overreaction of and push to crime terrorist.

Recall, in a result two bombings in April past year in Boston died three human, more two hundred sixty were injured. On version of allegations terrorist attack committed brothers Tsarnaev, senior of which, on, Tamerlane, was assassinated in result of an armed clash with the police.



Incidentally, there is whether photo killed? Can this, too, victims a ritual of? Not were whether they are familiar with Tsarnaevymi and not worked whether with FBI?




By the way, there is whether photo killed? Can this, too, victims a ritual of? Not were whether they are familiar with Tsarnaevymi and not worked whether with FBI?

killed by on running the Boston Marathon? - there is no nor only photo, but even and themselves killed, so as smokescreen saber cannot be kill.
Killed after the Boston the field of Marathon...? - there is photo. Kind nedostovernoe, no one knows, as it was able of this gets out,,, too, no one knows. on, Tamerlane Tsarnaev is
And not simply ritualka, and defiant public ritualka. This human police had been live in machine under cameras CNN. According, on next day, by the same CNN, heard a as Tsarnaev hurriedly from chase with gunfights as in Hollywood movies. And. Brother killed brother, accidentally his ICE automobile. American losers, either deeds before, for repeatedly saw in cinemas as this case.
Who even assassinated? Ibrahim death of Ibragim Todashev - which one times might have crossed paths with Tamerlane on for competitions on boxing. His killed agents FBI, after eight hours interrogation in Florida. Hands Ibrahim were zakovany in handcuffs, he could not exert resistance, weapons have him being asked.

Senior son Todasheva was assassinated during interrogation agents FBI in his House in Orlando 22 on May. Through two days he should was to return in Chechnya. Officers FBI in for several hours interrogated his about links with Tamerlane Tsarnaevym, which is considered one of organizers of dual terrorist on Boston the long. But after midnight under unclear circumstances Ibrahim death of Ibragim Todashev was fired. Agents FBI issued in him seven armored.In June his buried in Chechnya, far death of Ibragim Todashev H. delivered body. In bureau, in turn, was launched internal investigation circumstances killings.

agencies Florida unveiled the outcome investigations, which pursued a prosecutor how the Ashton. In letter Director FBI James Komi Ashton reports, that "actions staging of special agent weres justified and within necessary-defense and protection his partner". In letter states, that in the course interrogation death of Ibragim Todashev acknowledged involvement in massacres in Uolteme and comprised a written statement, but suddenly has attacked on agent FBI, after what was fired.

The most a detailed report gave John Miller, former deputy director FBI, which now works correspondent CBS News. Miller argued, that before, as Ibrahim was assassinated, he confessed in triple murder of, which, supposedly, committed with Tsarnaevym in 2011. With refers on The unnamed sources of Miller declared, that death of Ibragim Todashev turned the table, to whip agent FBI with legs, and getting all loco on him with a metal part of any primary (here from fellow or counseling from a chair) in the hands of. Ostensibly only after this agents FBI opened the fire.

.For eight hours's being questioned human, they unearth that he nothing not knows and nothing not wants to recognize. Lob in him SEVEN armored, in including one in head, and on our televisions proclaim, that he around the NATO's top. This such Yu of EC splunked.
This democratic country, where employees power structures, defiantly even not zaluchayutsya to responsibility for murder goys.
In the US increasingly common cases, when policeman kills suspect, because him it looked, that in the hands of have second was subject, a similar on a pistol (for example phone). About this mentioned and showed Michael Moor even 10 years ago. Policeman not is punished by, he simply writes report, that acted in within "necessary-defense"




Idiots again played show on average

During the conducting ceremony, bosonogiy man dressed up in hat with guise and in all black, left two suspicious a backpack have moreover seats, where is reckoning distance there is: Himself Marathon will pass in the next Monday,. Precisely in rucksacks were bomb, which worked in the crowd viewers in the past year, so local police extremely seriously has drawn to the problem ensure security during marathon-2014.
Photo: Reuters the bomb techs liquidated suspected backpacks in the center of the Boston
Unknown was detained, himself district have cordoned off, and backpacks were checked and got defused. Under aid robot. It turned out, that in one of backpacks has been a rice cooker. Fragments, appropriate risovarke, were restored after, as backpacks were shattered in as a measures precautionary: One - in 8 :5 3 the evening on-time, and the second - through 40 minutes


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