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Terrorist attack in Boston - also a setting

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Large photo in good as a

1 - a large number of policemen banned a path. Where their so much embarked on?

2 - easy relocatable-paddle stand, Ouite a and next of. Not yet struck team take him away now zagrimirovannykh actors, and outsiders already kicked.

3 - troops directors staging in swastika intruder firms Craft. Control increasingly in-circle, create job as an extra, 'm being set up a competing firm.

4 - a serious car intelligence. That he can to do on sporting event event? Often whether intelligence agencies patrol games "Boston Brewin '" A such cars?

5 - collaborators in the same swastika, all round 6 tribune, and now simply portray job as an extra.

6 - wheelchairs wheelchair await his start. On kalyaskakh hell were dummy Swiss small flags.

7 - from windows this buildings, made photos, which well over pridelyvaniya mulyazha Inna Kukurudze, Ugh, warmest Wernick, Ugh, to Nick Vogtu(again not fell), to Jeff Baumanu.

8 - gathering spaces that offer universal on the ground, too, carefully clear beyond, all outsiders price supersede further from central the jetty.

9 - blue bullshit, at all nor about fix. Why she?

10 - order to validate facility perepletyonnykh flying kites, one of mraziynykh symbols.

11 - window dressing, one of glass which, remained not exhausted. His, they'll break slightly later, when "the bomb techs" will visit and will not taken for vertolyotchikov.

12 - film crew gathering spaces that offer universal become possibleUgh, dressing room sucks. Actors and actor-amputanta.

13 - one of aides film maker is in the center of the roads and runs these grandeur. It will put team group Oscarsa. Now he coaxing it out hand and retards one of volunteers (for Gazelkoy).

14 - wheelchairs wheelchair in Burning anticipation team.

15 - to each wheelchair of on loan Chinese'm a rescue swimmer volunteer. Them in advance have written the alluring fatigues, what usually grant before's disco.

16 - color of Ukrainian flag, as would hint on transmission of Jorma Boston-Lugansk

17 - electric power life tonus for players in Golf. That she here makes? Pindosy-gollivudschiki, such funny)

18 - wheelchairs wheelchair go to worker, which is named Finish



Absolutely same assessment zalomy on then)



gav wrote:

Absolutely same assessment zalomy on then)

If look narrowly, there increasingly absolutely equally. This one moment with different foreshortenings.



MakxXxsiM wrote:

If look narrowly, there increasingly absolutely equally. This one moment with different foreshortenings.

And "the second explosion" on non-CIS terms of, too,?: |



The reference on photos … yamoj.html

Turn attention on the, that first should go an outbreak of, and already then should go smoke, and have these ginks striker on reverse while matter.
Turn attention and on the, that the second photograph square. Its so studiously fotoshopili that got tuckered out, and late decided give it irregular the size of the)
On both the photo phony "second provide."

The dynamics two photographs:
Esquire Drink Database in yellow jacket moved to boosting its chances marafontsu. Esquire Drink Database in blue jacket past forward and takes care of the photographer. Between the two photos of seconds 3-4, however on both depicted one and the same official second explosion 8-)



Collected photographs … yamoj.html
Note, that in offense there is no here is this photos:

She in Artsibashev originally swapped on more last this:


47 … -bombs.htm

Boston. Monica Sirchak in red sweater set with patient being long bloody the face of goes to on pushchair, it an appalling sore of on drawn and feet. Bomb terrorists managed penetrate pensionerke its feet in twin places under with my knees.

Increased come from … -bombs.htm
In sight, that after explosion have pensioner being asked blood on personified by and drawn
will she could attempt?
From tasting house or of





In New York stopped because sister Jahar of

Police monitor New York City rounded up Alina Tsarnaevu, old sister Jahar of, suspect in organizations bombings on Boston the long in April 2013.

On information police, cause of arrest have become threats, which of has set forth in worded women, delivered of her child from its husband.

Police bred Tsarnaevu in as a recently on trial about explosions in the Boston still in October past year, however she refused help reflect.

Last week each Jahar of Diaz Kadyrbaev acknowledged themselves convicted in perverting the course of inquiry affairs.

In July Court jury acknowledged convicted in obstructing justice another friend of Azamat Tazhayakova.

BBC English 28 August 2014



Twelve Boston jury, vynesshikh condemnatory verdict 20-year old to Azamat Tazhayakovu, sat three days and in a common complexity conducted in deliberative room 15 hours.

human Tazhayakova told to the jury, that this benevolent and several muddle-young man, more just uvlekavshiysya video games and smoking marijuana and kharakterizovavshiysya friends as "'s a mama's son." According to a lawyer Matthew Meyers', Tazhayakov could not to imagine, that Tsarnaev is blew up bomb on finish the Boston marathon.

Nevertheless everything to do with … ence.shtml



That such fresh video again that the, very interesting.
Medical People at a Bomb Scene?? NO WAY!!!!!

Only that experienced explosion, ostensibly Wounded, let on wheelchair. First aid them have variables wystawienniczym, which we saw on the photo. At place explosion tries to crash Man Standing a medic. Police his rudely ink remover works hence.



Dmitry" wrote:

the lncredibly interesting photos.
"The second explosion" there is only on one picture of these.
Now closely compare the all three photos.
1) ready. Israeli flag.

On both there is explosion. On both there is the Israel flag.

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tort5 wrote:

Comparing three photos you concluded that explosion there is on both? With steeply
Hey you three, both go here)
Spit you on this flag.

Part photos # 3

compare the pictures of the, FlNISH MY MlSSlON TO SAMYKh small

First compare the figures under figures, every separately and closely.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
1 with 1, 2 with 2, 3 with 3 and so on
Compare the clothes, location, and most importantly - POZU.
Comparing all 8 figures, can be done conclusion, that figures were photographed in a heartbeat,.
Regulations hands, legs, sloping bodies - identical
One a moment, - should could spread and on these eight figures and on all the rest figures.(Law of nature)
Means on the bottom photos we owe see figure - smoke. Smoke - such deal a long, it must constitute on photo and second of before and second of later.
However - on the bottom photos his there is no, modicum with ????? see, modicum without points - of smoke NO
But we see reaction some figures on cotton in 150 metres in our resistance.
What this means?

This means, that on non-CIS terms of made powerful a firecracker, enough powerful, to people shifted heads. The second cotton summoned have people panic, unambiguously a strong seriously threatened. And that with in smoke?
At atop photo I marked smoke, but this not smoke, THAT the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Why this the Microsoft Dynamics CRM? - yes because on lower photo of smoke NO

On parts of "photos # 3" (see Under spoiler of the) atop musorskoy the indeed there is a wispy cloud.
A wispy cloud, but not dense smoke, which on "Shakhter" center photos zaherachili Photoshop.



Under absolute alone these (the allocations) flags, the rest flying, on the wind, even Hua high buildings obey.

Smoke 100% drawn, under increase original pictures, visible have cropped contours.



Chechnyan Tsarnaev is ", uh, slipped" on banana crust of 17 times

, Jahar Tsarnaev is, accused in prepare bombings on Boston the long, was found on the eve in his cell in jail state Massachusetts in a puddle of own blood, near with him first third world banana but the crust is. As writes portal Empire News, according to prison supervisor Paul It is the Jacobson file, 21-prisoner became a victim of hapless case. "

"Initially seemed, that Tsarnaev is as if slipped a on a police banana peel and collapsed on gender with such force, that head bounced from the surface tiles likely, 16 or 17 times. Blood was everywhere Ideology were profit of all Wall, gender and even lavatory pan. Forestry them strikes have led to a serious trauma brain ", declared Joe thanks, interrogator, working on this trial.

On his words of, attacks on of committed, across likelihood, members groups "Aryan Fraternity."

As note doctors prison hospitals, on rehabilitation casualtys can withdraw much time. Perhaps, from-for Philadelphian injuries he more not can walk and to speak.

Gut :canthearyou:
They not know that devise.
What "the Aryan Brotherhood" can be in a single cell prison FBI with fiance from caldrons?
Chyoknulis guys. Or,ll make yourself news, reflect the next fist degradation herdsmen



Dmitry" wrote:

neglect the the next fist degradation herdsmen

Likely this option, on analogies with baby in House in Armenia, which received stab-shredded in the crib, and operator draw attention on chisteyshe Obamas White 80s linen.
With other hand, and who them that will make, look at such the rogue Brad in news? No one and nothing, here is they and not bother settling...! :-( Sad.

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Debris glass window-dressing Boston Marath_Rose.jpg

Official version of holds, that bomb was bit hidden in this pressure cooker, that on, Tamerlane Tsarnaev is put on the pavement. Under explosion such bomb, glass window-dressing should was burst, ands rump must were fall predominantly apex.

On together chessboard of we sees rump glass, which zwabial resurfaced, with enough far. This suggests that a slight Russias explosive device, settled down Pereyaslav FOR glass, and outside worked dymovushka for camouflage changing rooms actors.





Whose a shoe?
(Large) bombs.jpg



Why they finished off by glass?:D :D
Have some lovely little aimed a in made dance, why? Boston Marath_Rose.jpg bombs.jpg
Cannot be not be noted the availability of photographs the Boston "terrorist" in) huge resolving. Be noted precisely the, that in further, the Shop takes prece dence over their also mistakes and now keeps posting all derzhitsya with-resolution manenkim, to not was well in sight their joints.


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