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Wystawienniczym 9 / 11

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Esquire Drink Database in 2012
2 :2 5
Looking at perjury suggests, that he saw vyprygivayuschikh people. This the excerpts. If would his this gal, then he would watched in the contestant side.
In the frame there is no The Tower. Men in the background, pose, hands go around waving, play strictly on cell. This most possibly false.
4 :0 9
Looking at perjury saw plane. Camera again not shows a skyscraper.
5 :2 0
Looking at perjury with large nose, 's lying and about planes and about leaping humans. Under this, obey are worth two girls and chatting about some things (sings). Girls no notions not have, far need bully head and look, because and not look. Obey in frame is mired many people, but no one knows, that today September 11,. Increasingly very simply, this not September 11,, and utterly the other day. In frame specifically fits street teenage and looks upward, portraying, that there is worth a skyscraper, in which is raging conflagration. Girls so and not guessed it look on what there is no, because they not in rate. This setting.


7 :4 6
Under building forests, staged a spectacle. , handcuffed these uniforms with the banner FBI and make kind of, that spend otkryvayut work. On logic, hence must be direct appearance of on there towers, however camera not unlikely its gaze on them (only through change cadres). Spectacle been charged prove, that Boingi were.
After first explosion passed minutes thirty, after second and moreover less.
Not though, that passed only a few minutes, engine already the entire rusted and not we have. Conflagration under the rubble of the the World Trade Center, even officially, lasted 99 days, and this engine simple handbag for several minutes. Such perhaps? There is no of course. If would he have burned, then he would until now have burned and dymilsya.
On legend, this engine from of Flight 1 175, which ostensibly he crashed in South tower. Engine hit with southern hand, monopoly South tower, Kolkevich a hundred meters and fell in strictly under construction forests. Here already his was greeted agents FBI, with with yellow bands - not and photo cameras.
6 :3 9 - slightly previously, camera has shown, where she is (not continually, and through change there, camping on E. This firmly). This northern direction from South towers. Us show wall, through which ostensibly Kolkevich engine'on a Boeing. An absurdity on face. On direct and for months FOX NY, nose plane monopoly this wall on knockout, but these cadres prove, that through this jailed nothing not Yaroslavl State University and could not fly on laws physics.
8 :2 1
In frame is mired flowing molten steel. A montage video did complete sheep, because this grubeyshiy on the door frame, in no way case should not was constitute in spots television. A corner The Tower, podrezaetsya fire particulate activate the thermite, this was done to, that would upper part of waltzed on side, for the verisimilitude.
.NET., for those who not knows. Thermite - this not detect explosive a substance, and an incendiary, so could a thermite version of demolition, simply absurd. In this case we see very a large number of the molten have become, podrezaetsya very a powerful steel pylon. Through several seconds, on conceals more 70 meters, happens underworld a nuclear explosion. The main part of towers, proves in so-called "zone smyatiya", in which steel will morph into a crisp. Upper part of towers, not letting in zone smyatiya, nakrenitsya and somnyot increasingly, that is from below.


8 :5 7
On video emerges another crude on the door frame. They based overnight ski boot warmers with different sides, making kind of, that he has attitude to 9 / 11. On the door frame consists in is, that after, as was pouring molten steel, over matter of of seconds and the building exploded. For example on video "Ben Reyzmana" this moment cesspits continually. And here us ontological obvious skleyku. Such being welcomed Americans often use, issuing its the squalor, under this strongly mess up a lot.
11 :5 9
South to worsen collapsed couple of minutes ago. Black woman named Gabi, go panting, ran from dust. She replies on questions, but: Secretariat not comes in head ask about planes and about leaping humans, and the same not comes in head Gabi. Deal in is, that this real knows, and journalist not yet in rate, that its would send finish the work on her all the rest interview.
14 :5 3
On video emerge people, which have suffered from the fall of the South twin towers. This the most valuable bystanders, they will not be able deceive, ask need THEM to. But.
Nor on one video, nor one cameramen, nor one person, which covered with dust, not says nor about planes, nor about leaping humans. All the rest "clean" wystawienniczym, modicum their will Thousand, not convince me, that their testimony honest.



another video
The first, on that I drew attention, this lack of microphone have journalist. But breath speech increasingly would still a good. Such breath can be obtain, if a microphone with emblemkoy station's, bring exhorts mouth, either, keep on the distance, but this should be very a good a microphone.
The second: Cadres with this the streets I saw before, necessarily can find the money. Lzhesvideteli slapped on cadres 9 / 11, this a montage.
Third: The first the witness, the girl too emotional type, huh, however all people, which there is in kadr (under two hundred man), pass without of emotions, simply smatyvayut with President
Lowly fourth: All turning away ago and show far he crashed plane and where jumped people. Theory likelihood in this case works against them, could this happen, if all they rehearsed scene on scenario. All three they wave hands, show, one thing and the same, say one thing and the same.
ADR: Hardly, the first counter-, which were greeted by for five minutes, will to lend interview random man, have which even microphone there is no.
??? ?? ? ? there he crashed plane, you me not were asked, but I you'll show:
??? ?? ? ? there he crashed plane, you me not were asked, but I you'll show:
??? ?? ? ? there he crashed plane, you me not were asked, but I you'll show:
This setting. With me cadres this the streets with other video. Homes here are worth wrong.
Bystanders this wystawienniczym. Perhaps, interview provided in the other day, and here pririsovali smoke and most appealing ways the World Trade Center-1



The baby will not keeps managing lie to. When child's lying an adult, he necessarily hides eyes.This girl taught role, but increasingly would still broke a unpersuasive. Strongly i and not was able hide lies
All these people has been, for money lied to, that were airplanes, and people jumped hundreds of.
They have spat on dead, this perfectly fits in Anglo-saksiy mentality.



The of falsifiers of in is, that the pedestrians and "bystanders", simply could not here is in such a the pure. Hundreds of people, which go past, could not go unsullied and naglazhennymi, in the worst case with indifferent officials, and in the best case with laughing children. Because that place was unsafe.
At next video the country with top, well in sight, that after demolition South towers, no crowds entirely for on this the street simply there is no.
Dust settles after demolition South towers. People from this seats to community interview, must go all in dust (in legs until heads).
After demolition North towers, this bridge fully have collapsed dust.
Increasingly, that there for head have black guy in poor T-shirt, PRIRISOVANO KOMPYuTEROM. All people, which go from there, go in the other day, because they from there go ChISTYMI.



The West Srit and bridge Tribeca Bridge
So-called bystanders, could not is here September 11,. Their lzhepokazaniya they provided in the other day, perhaps even before September 11,. Under aid computer programs, affordable forces in 2001, shootings were modeled and represented as real. After September 11,, possessing big video footage in, they tensely and tirelessly... To "khimichili", and then were its creativity in spots largest broadcasting companies the US and World.
Advertise viewing Philips, middle of the 90-'s.
Plane flies in side towers the World Trade Center.
Have the kid on back written HOLLYWOOD, on the cap reveals kinoapparat,
narrations, create voice despondent into fiction in reality.
Chip Aoyama: It turns out, he is in studio, and new York at all not real

Sovpadeniya with likely in 200%
Who Owns advertising company, to which turned Philips?



Young Eric the clear, holds a microphone with of the keyboard to the "11." Teenage second plan in the Hollywood movie-catastrophe
In paired with other microphone is encoded date "September 11,"

Eric Sean - as almost all the rest singers are scenario 9 / 11 - was actor.
He was presented in direct live Fox News, as "expert on terror." He also proved witnessing "Greater plane".
Veteran journalist Eric the clear is senior correspondent host at Fox News.
He was doing it reporter in for more 25 years, ranging its career in local the news on WNYC-TV, WPIX-TV, and then later in WNYW TV in New York.
Currently he prophesies on Fox News in Sunday on the morning, with 10 :3 0 until 12 hours on-time.
He knows many stories from the Persian Gulf, forth Somalia, judicial history between called the White Hall home and always being there Simpson.
He a participant presidential companies Clinton '92, are only hours away on policies, suspects and crime. Lives in New York with my family.



Actor award Eric aggregated

The main texts for Levin was - Suborning evidence pro people, which jumped in windows after "big eksplouzhn."
Official version of's lying, that in buildings died until 3 thousands of people.

Eric Levin - the good!. One of many Jews, which participated in information washing brain drain. For Jew, deceive goy's teeth, this saint debt.

In another video his name is Kenny Johannemann



Even bystanders incarcerated. Under fix, their testimony perishing very is surprising.
They suggest that this was not commercial liner. Have him ostensibly was blue the logo on nose, not was windows on the sides.
This immediately puts questioning official version of. Why was to lend such, if they ostensibly wystawienniczym?



9/11 Fake Flight 11 Victims Family Crocodile Tears Interview Hours After They Called Him

Teenage plays role son father dead in jet, ostensibly vrezavshegosya in North tower.
Also a setting, fake's crocodiles tears, teenage nor never not was able to raise eyes on cell.



Sandy Hoaks - 9/11 Plane Part - ACTOR - Roy Low = Frank VanBrunt

Teenage plays recently Roy Low, which saw the shooters in school Sandy Hook.
And this same teenage plays recently Frank VanBrunt, which saw plane in September 2001.



September 11th 2001 WNYW Dub1 103

Dude's'm so amped right now from what he a bit forgot the text :D



Actor award priest

September 11,, Manhattan. Near the Trevi clowns staged a an improvised village "hospital." Here "resisted the aid" numerous actors. Shootings this point with different sides can be find in numerous (very many) video content 9 / 11

Here popped up such Sunny Jim:

September 11th 2001 WNYW Dub1 49

And this already another street and he again accepts participation in shootings of a

September 11th 2001 WNYW Dub2 017

Operators and journalists WB11 and FOX5 leapt to pope, to he said something of. Why, if they could walk separately, not pairs, and take interview have real people, not have this reptiles?



First role
9/11 Eyewitness Kenny Johannemann - Explosions In The Basement Elevator Shaft
produced role
9/11 Eyewitness - Elevator Blew Up In The Basement
III role
CNN. Man at 911 tells how elevator in the basement exploded

Looking at perjury lzhesvidetelstvuet about often vyprygivayuschikh humans. jumping jumping and jumping .
Instead of, to right now to channel cell on ostensibly leaping, operators and correspondents believe him on word



#p36147,Dmitry" wrote:

looking at perjury lzhesvidetelstvuet about often vyprygivayuschikh humans. jumping jumping and jumping .
Instead of, to right now to channel cell on ostensibly leaping, operators and correspondents believe him on word

This only your fantasy. He assassinated in 2008, as and is Jennings', as and many other key bystanders.
To word about prygunakh. They jumped not waterfall, and with large refreshed in the interval. This not means that need guide cell and search out vybrasyvayuschikhsya people during interview. All the more an interview subject has attitude to the World Trade Center.



#p36368,cokxVdja wrote:

This is only your fantasy. He assassinated in 2008, as and is Jennings', as and many other key bystanders.

exile on Jennings' let. Your inklings as a podnadoeli, reader.

By word about prygunakh. They jumped not waterfall, and with large refreshed in the interval.

They must were punch in increase regime, because 50 thousands of this not 1 man on floor. They must with buckets a low profile from windows, but we not saw no packs on video type this (other videopodelki not very something interested) At moment when this teenage on alleged of chronology plays its role, in building was perched not thousands of, and only a few man, punch was simply with. About numbers dead have them is faring full tuftogon, a clear mismatch text with picture.

This is not means that need guide cell and search out vybrasyvayuschikhsya people during interview. All the more an interview subject has attitude to the World Trade Center.

This Clown could not work in the World Trade Center, he can only fulfill--even role. Virtually impossible on theory likelihood, that from hundred-reaching people, three videooperatora pick one and the same Jew for three different interview.
They could not "guide cell", because its simply not on that was guide.
ABCat all could not to lend in spots such a an ugly picture, this some videonatyurmort in-style experimentation with colour telesignalom 68 year. Teenage gives interview, but on behind backdrop of is computer graphics

Buildings the World Trade Center here inserted, rudely and pathetic. Mask on street corner towers glaringly raw, dark-light-dark-light-dark-light-dark while should be just one transition RGB

ABC this is one the most collateralized broadcasting companies World. Have this cameramen most the best video-equipment, which only can be on market professional push. In 2001 the have them was already long digital, I himself since the late 90-'s year watched digital satellite channels with Hotbird, Eutelsat S.A. commercialises capacity, and perfectly know - this an ideal the quality of. Never, nor until nor after September 11,, buildings not appear with color masks on new study storage media. Never. I have even a videotape somewhere lying around, I on it something was recording with digital ARD, of Germany, Our movies. Best Pietersen ChE2000 and camping on D. Modicum and analog, but the quality of until now in been better than us have shown September 11,. Abide any video those years, for example this: share me, where you here can see this old gumph > > > > … 9271_m.jpg ?



A here is and which held its fourth role this same clown

alleged basement explosion witness Kenny Johannemann speaks a 2nd time on 9/11/01

A here is and fifth
Unknown Creature captured by film Crew on 9/11, ground zero.

The commercial pro unknown being :flirt:

And here is on this video, too,, kvadratogolovoe being, proskakalo in left lower street corner on 17 th, old Pudge This is happening from what they cash quickly, on mistakes attention not print enough of them motherfuckers to pay :glasses:



#p36368,cokxVdja wrote:

This is not means that need guide cell and search out vybrasyvayuschikhsya people during interview.

Need guide cell on the very event, which filming, the more such event and you there proved precisely to his to lift. Where such obtuse reporters work and who them pays, that they instead emki the principal Aoyama based as some passer-by narrated by happening directly have them under its nose?

To hightail sack virtually career event and his not to lift? Yes they there must were every hoppy to lift, in the details, until color of socks, and then peredratsya between themselves for the best frame. And here they preferred to lift narrative about leaping, but not their themselves. Such a at all not can be, even with "mobile operators."



On-about reader, I you wrote. On-about Jennings'. Funny that know not. Do I pikchu. Further himself. You same a steep debanker and all know. Alone we idiots.

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