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Wystawienniczym 9 / 11

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#p36397,cokxVdja wrote:

Gonna leave pikchu.
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#p36397,cokxVdja wrote:

This is only your fantasy. He assassinated in 2008, as and is Jennings', as and many other key bystanders.

On-about reader, I you wrote. On-about Jennings'. Funny that know not. Do I pikchu. Further himself. You same a steep debanker and all know. Alone we idiots.

Barry Jennings, died 19 August 2008, in age 53 years. Jennings was deputy director Department on home farm New York City, worked in office WTC-7.
On the evening September 11, of Shame (film) WABC testified about explosions that can be interpret as before the sub-prime of demolishing skyscrapers.

In this video (LTW in 2007 (52 year) Jennings assures the, that at the lower the ground experienced explosion, under him, when he was on 23 floor. He was at all on in towers, and in his building WTC-7. On 23-floor was office FEMA, there his and other officials, was invited for moreover, to) kill. When were issued explosion, then he saw in window, that WTC-1 and WTC-2 even stood.
Barry Jennings Interviews (WABC-TV, 2001 / LTW, 2007)
This interview given in 2007, he asked cut his words from Loose convened seems Cut, to not losing work.

Died for two days until exit final the report (chronograph provides seems Report’s) on collapse WTC7. The reason death made public not was.

Bastards :angry:

Crimes bastards from intelligence, not news. And people out of Truth Movement regularly kill.
And Kenny Johannemann assassinated and Nemtsov, too, assassinated, they constantly someone kill

Telekompaniyam gave smodelirovannuyu picture for direct and for months. The ukladyvalas in official version of overthrew the, however cameramen could not rigging what happened a host day, so later, in spots have become seeping in moments, which lay in some contradictions. In movie Loose change, are collected as times such such moments, in which people describe utterly different picture demolition buildings. They saw outbreaks at different the ground, series of bombings and big the bombings, and only later time, buildings had to in dust.



’ s victors-hostess raid clubs
Rachel Teacher
Rachel Uchitel
Year birth: 1975
She governed several the most successful New York doctor clubs’s victors-categories and was spetskorom, two-seven squad telling about a stormy nightlife life in American an ``entertainment TV program news' Extra '. In 2005-2006, Rachel was’s victors-host the 2016 from club 'Tao' in Las Vegas (Tao, Las Vegas). It has been calculated, that Teacher in its time has become the most, Houston’s victors-host the 2016 raid clubs.
Where is money, Zine?

11 th September 2001 th, was assassinated ostensibly the bridegroom Rachel, investment banker Andrew James O Grady (James Andrew O 'Grady), ostensibly during attacks on the World trade center.
14 September 2001, 26-year-old Rachel Sundance for the first swathe of 'new York. The' ('New York Post') "Ubitaya struck learns"
Later, learns and relatives bridegroom unholy share estate banker.
Rachel had affairs with known Indian actors, compete and indeed a crusty, starred in journals, Pleyboyakh, TV programs, parties, Las-Vegasakh.

Here is where went fashions on crying in the relatives with plakatikami and fotoramochkami.
Rachel instead asked standard for productions.



Eris Austin City Limits

NBC 9/11 10 :1 5 - 10 :2 5
4 :2 3 -
But on behind backdrop of even and Misha Lano, female role.



Смотрю фильм  Операция Арго, и в начале замечаю данный кадр. Человек на стоп-кадре очень похож на т.н. террориста 9/11.



#p14245,Dmitry" wrote:

Никогда нельзя доверять этим мразям, даже если они льют фальшивую слезу. Сколько я таких родственичков видал! Эффект со слезами это 100% фишка для правдоподобности. Видео с нарезками слёз скомпоновал наш коллега по цеху Simon Shack . Яснее не покажешь, что все эти мрази лживые существа.

На 4:53 мразь Donna Marsin O'Connor. Винит Путина Буша в гибели своей дочери. Прям под копирку. У них в теракте виноват Буш (по альтернативной версии журнашлюх), а у нас Путин (тоже по альтернативной версии). Одно лекало!  :D



Thomas Richard Kelly … ard-kelly/
Национальный фонд погибших пожарных
Томас Ричард Келли, пожарный, погибший 11 сентября 2001 года в Нью-Йорке.

Neil Heslin, father of Jesse Lewis who was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown

Томас Ричард погиб под развалинами ВТЦ в 2001 году, но через 11 лет воскрес в качестве отца погибшего ребёнка Сенди-Хук. Взял себе псевдоним Нил Хеслин и отправился в турне по американским телеканалам и комиссиям по назначению выплат. Обычная история.

Newtown father recalls meeting shooter's dad


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