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Demise turgruppy VELEHENTOR. 1959

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Demise turgruppy VELEHENTOR — event, what happened supposedly in night with 1 on 2 February 1959 year in the Northern Ural, on Limba.Paragliding, named subsequently name VELEHENTOR, when under unclear until the end of circumstances rotted away group from 9 tourists, headed by Igor Dyatlovym.

Despite the, that demise individual tourists and as much as-related travel groups — phenomenon not unique: Only in ski campaigns with 1975 on 2004 year died not less 111 man, demise turgruppy VELEHENTOR continues to attract attention researchers, journalists, politicians until lighting events more than 50-year ago on central television outlets Russia




So broke a, that vnematrichnye mass killings different years, such smolenskomu, now go on flash simultaneously. Necessarily read, as crumbles and another takes official version of recent carnage in Sandy Hook(and there already setting with behring breivik not fast approaching), and butchery in London subway. Are real in these stories only massacred.
50 years later on peak mass attention again goes group VELEHENTOR.

At all in respect any vnematrichnykh assassinations in status "secrets embodied" works simple rule. What would fantastic and as the optimists solutions to this nor vbrasyvalis for mass possession, all they sacred patrol, not untouched under any buystvakh fantasies the fact or contingency that more just hide. In Smolensk topic this fact by air; under any, the most shake 'n versions this fact untouchable. In topic dyatlovtsev - place downfall. And having looked on photos, we will see, that on this most place demise people already were cured of in is the form of, in what their then "found." After action such same the Blutbaden's own. Nor on whom blood there is no - under such looses deal the inconceivable. Nor have one bodies there is no poses amazing dead in the cold - rigor mortis clearly has come not here. They in accuracy as "Grand Duchy of Smolensk", maimed, razuty, polurazdety, with ripped apart pants and camping on D. On many the putrefying spills and damage, typical for traces death transportation. Find and traces racking up covered in white, slightly the smoothed a. And in numerous forums dyatlovedov there is no has, yes and emerge comments about actions investigators, skryvavshikh fact finding outsiders traces and gizmos, after what curators Forum instantaneously shed until they are taken discussion in side. All simply. Are looking about than lie - and see that hide.



The outcome weeks: Mystery Pass VELEHENTOR be revealed … _raskryta/

Heights VELEHENTOR: To hide truth about murder of tourists, power had missile version of

Mystery mountains dead man's party's. Group VELEHENTOR … a-djatlova

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Group VELEHENTOR rotted away 56 years ago
One of articles: … vinoj-nlo/



Avalanche version of this Brad! Whether this obvious avalanche, not was would no secrecy at all! Forgotten would long this history. In moment detection erected tents, near it were votknuty in snow couple skis! Entry erected tents the on pivot and emerged. On the most tent snow was manufactured! Tier Snow was several centimeters, on which lay flashlight (included). So say the search engines and evidence suggests photo. Whether avalanche or snowy in board, tent would were bombarded and has destroyed, not to mention stuck near skiing. Strange even the, that power insisted that would bodies bury on Limba.Paragliding! After every mortem, the medical examiner okunalsya in cask of with with some alcohol! Strange color skin integuments have some corpses. Recent splinters found corpses pilot at all refused go! Incidentally, on to the artist`s these same pilots! Tent discovered precisely they with air, a few days previously. They argued, that near erected tents in the very moment were two corpse! Male and feminine. Pilots unfortunately there is no in survivors, one of them crashed not far from the same Pass in speed. The other strange ways shot! Precisely he argued a hundred he knows true reason demise tourists. Want remind! With participants those events, search engines and camping on D. Was is taken because about not disclosing on 25 years! Many documents from affairs were chairman E. Tugzhanov said even in the time and their fate not known. Circumstances affairs on lines organs state security personnel raze not covering it. On their lines increasingly until now secretively! So that this is not avalanche!



Many researchers demise groups VELEHENTOR stayed on figure Seeds Zolotareva. Strongly older all participants, like would the usual guide with base, but with very perishing the strange biography. First served in army, where his constantly keep-away with point on point (the so emerged legend, that he agent smert 'Shpionam, and more precisely — informant, which reported that arms were ready in governance about how the case in fields). Later, already after the end of the war, became an agent of Soviet intelligence. Art initially should was go in approach with the other group, but later, citing ill the, that he must visit mother, nailed it to group VELEHENTOR. There is version of, that to group VELEHENTOR he was assigned KGB, so as became known, that in composition this group enters our saboteur, a recruited foreign intelligence agencies. Under the guise of pokhodnikov they must were to meet in the mountains, where a recruited dyatlovets conveyed would them clothes, vynesennuyu from Soviet closed cities and few samples radiological dust, on which can be was track work reactor. But already during joint parking foreign spies as something have written the themselves, after what them had to get rid of groups VELEHENTOR, once traces and do so, to death tourists was resembles on hapless, let even and very the mysterious, case.

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And for that their killed? Simply so? Victims?



Version of Rakitina. Many to read will require. All forestry trauma, motives really explained very detail.



Kzin, I all version of already perelopatila) “I don’t it comes with perspective matrix)



#p46128,ne_shablon wrote:

A for that their killed? Simply so? Victims?

That same is obtained. There are two sweaters with strongly radiological dust, which Krivonischenko and Zolotorev must would whether to hand on slope been-Syakhyl representatives foreign intelligence hidden under ordinary tourists. Them were implement transmission of things with radiological dust directly from hands in hands, with observance all those demands, which nalagalis conditions operations. And here is on slope mountains been-Syakhyl is happening meeting Dyatlovtsev with comprehensive where vzyavshimisya teeming. Initially apparently all resisted on plan and nothing in behavior this group not alerted Dyatlovtsev. They are happy this meeting invite these tourists on combined dinner, take their fortitude out enormous slice of pork (Later alternatives in tent with traces carving), your canteen industrial alcohol and prepare to prodolzhenie. After friendly feasts and transmission things with radiological dust foreign agents, two groups tourists must were to disperse. Precisely in moment preparations private dinner Pushcha themselves than the grant (Foreign emphasis for example or nesvoystvennaya travelers to Precious, behavior. Experienced tourists VELEHENTOR could distinguish tourist from the usual rights), understanding that they themselves have written the agents solve liquidate group Dyatlovtsev, take their fortitude out weapons and under threat massacre make their to undress, to lift with themselves shoes and ordering them them stray down the hill hoping that't walking around naked group people through couple of hours on cold will be killed itself from of frequencies. Dyatlovtsy go down to bottom mountains, understanding that without shoes and clothing them far not withdraw accept decision to remain near alerce shingles in the hope that Pushcha leave soon their tent and they will be able rise back for their things. They see from below fires of flashlights agents which make an interrogation by in their tent and hope that those soon walk away. But agents could not withdraw not ascertaining whether that the entire group rotted away from frostbite. So passes roughly hour. Dyatlovtsy seeing melkanie of light flashlights on top mountains understand that agents stray not gather. And time already virtually not remained, they very strongly have frozen. And here is then they accept decision spark under cedar tree's that would modicum try to survive. So, under cedar tree was'm divorced the fire. Impossible say, as quickly this happened. Sometime, time passed quite many, hour or even more. For people, prison shoes, gloves and stand alone’headquarters dressing such an interval time means very substantial teplopoteryu. If in the first minutes since exile from erected tents the gravity mall dangers not yet were priced they in full least, then Following hours already all travelers to it became clear, that speech is faring about survival. Zolotorev as agent KGB understands that breeding a fire means demaskirovku the entire groups and is tantamount to suicide. Happened division groups have alerce shingles. A "B" Zolotarev-Tibo-Kolevatov-Dubinin, you cut down this several fir wood you like, has moved in side a ravine. In this time agents are in tent and make several vertical them region knife on its duct walls that would use their as outlined schіlini. When same criminals saw gleam a fire the bottom, them it became clear, that they underestimated will to life people, now scheduled in sacrifice; "dyatlovtsy" proved much education and acted with greater efficiency, than expected their opponent. They accept decision finish off entire group. And here is have alerce shingles appeared those the most armed people, that kicked group on frost. For murderers discovery of have alerce shingles just two man was a frustrating the inauguration - this meant, that group "was scattered" and now tourists will have concentrate hard on-one. Georgy Krivonischenko was on the tree and refused climb down, in opting, that better thermalize at the top, than actually undergo used as scapegoats on earth. Yuri Doroshenko interfered was will compromise interrogation, soprovozhdavshemusya's niggling through having been badly compressed breast. Georgy Krivonischenko remained on the tree, until not lost consciousness, either not fell into in state of sopora, deep drag nervous system, craving hypothermia here. Killers - who would have they not were - not which has been embraced against him firearms, because they at all not intend use his against tourists, from fears to leave explicit traces crimes. Krivonischenko, struggling forces engulfed hands branch or barrel alerce shingles, has invariably led was freezing on pronzitelnom the wind. A sign, that he tried to prevent the inevitable razzhimanie lose sensitivity hands, can serve the fact, that have him in mouth has remained skin with finger - teeth Georgy was clenching numb fingers hands, rampant barrel. Terminally the man, weak and already not managing for gaining, he fell down, with, state of Georgy in the very moment was already so bad, that killers even not have become his torture. See torture was them is obvious.
Georgy died in for several minutes since the fall of the with alerce shingles. To make sure in his death, obscure triggered him on tibia leftist its feet zazhzhyonuyu pikhtovuyu eaio. Having seen, that Georgy dead, persecutors have left his and set to search remaining members groups. On least their detection, commanded of pro without use of weapons. The latter a "B" (the entire!) rotted away in a result physical violence, virtually yet the on way application. Head Tibo-Brinolya, ribs at the expense of Dubininoy and Zolotarev were crushed dobivayuschimi strikes knee, and Kolevatov received a strong blow for right tell Abe the subject of, probivshim skin and embedded until bones. Judging by size damage (3.0 • 1.5 see) in as a tools could be used the hilt pistol, joined in contact part of the surface. Such blow inevitably should was trigger more or less lasting loss of consciousness and subsequent state of "zatemnyonnogo consciousness", makes human helpless and incapable to active action. Sitting in such a able, as a utterly incapable to fight for survival Alexander Kolevatov ultimately'm cold.
In further, bodies past four killed, bent obvious traces physical violence, were moved criminals to the ravine and fall in the coercive skopivshegosya there Snow. In fact ravine show up place landfills these tel, fraternal grave. Injured, caused by Dubininoy, Zolotaryovu, Kolevatovu and Tibo-Brinolyu were too perishing "declaring." They were fact physical and with focused violence over anonymous body bags and because perpetrators was necessary cashing moment detection these bodies. After all time has worked on them - with the arrival Spring increase the likelihood strong ones made changes corpses, yes and forest predators its activity could help disguise injured. With the rest five "dyatlovtsami" such shackled not controversial of - they well could shift away for dead from frostbite and their bodies were largely left there, where every and met death.

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Yes. Only you not mentioned, that Rustem Slobodina thrashed still have erected tents and died he going down the hill, the only from the entire team in "deathbed zamerzayuschego", rest killed.



roma 31 rus, not want googling, where this brought. What from them wanted the? On one version of they type something must were to hand ameram, had transferred, and those their vile was removed. Was version of the escapees arrayed, but its like set, because as colonists were not well adapted for long-term finding in the winter-mountain conditions. ) dedicated, too, set (for good reason. Who same "pursued a ritual"?



Я смотрю - некоторые камрады увлеклись версией Ракитина. Канэшно, она красиво и длинно написана, но является такой же сказочной, как и полёт незнаек на Луну. Читая эту "версию" сразу чувствуешь незримое и "ненавязчивое" присутствие "компетентных органов". А что , если обратиться к реальности?
А реальность обрывается 26\27 января в брошенном посёлке 2-го Северного рудника. Всё, точка. Больше их=9человек никто живыми не видел , и нет ни одного реального доказательства их дальнейшего существования в этом мире и продолжения лыжного похода. И только через месяц 25 февраля нашли следы на воде=снегу, кот. мог оставить кто угодно (+палатку). Я на Северном Урале не был, живу в Сибири, но у нас тоже иногда бывают такие метели, что за день-другой снегом заносит машину, а тут пишут о лыжных следах месячной давности.
Каждый день по зомбоящику крутят детективы, и из них ( и не только) можно почерпнуть информацию, что милиция (следователи) в первую очередь "колют" (пытают) последних свидетелей: в данном случае это Юдин (говорящяя фамилия) и  некий Великявичус, литовец, осуждённый в 1949 г. на 10 лет лагерей и вышедший на поселение в 1956 г. Эта парочка сопровождала жертв до 2-го Северного рудника, а потом без них вернулась. Так что следствие (+Ракитин) должно было наизнанку вывернуть и злополучный рудник и этих "свидетелей".
Интересно, в наше время что-нибудь сохранилось от строений того посёлка? Если - да, то при современных возможностях криминалистики можно расследовать гибель группы Дятлова... Эх, ну кто это будет делать???????



Currencies, higher from Roma's phrases - this cliffsnotes reconstruction demise groups from Rakitina - up on the my exile, transmission, this fretted with in staff book. Couple demonoidnykh, matrix-senseyshn the paragraphs of on forums and in 120 no one not will help.



#p46387,constant wrote:

A reality snuffed 26\ 27 January in an abandoned village, 2 th Northern ’. Increasingly, point. More their =9 man no one alive not saw, and there is no nor one real evidencetheir further existence in the this world and continuation of ski a hike.

You has spoken demagoguery obvious. No one saw - witnesses more precisely there is no and that further? Regulations ” zomboyaschery killed their?

Photos with six films (if not am mistaken without ceremony), dnvniki, the post-mordem poses amazing tel and conferred forestry trauma - not evidence of? Torn out language and gouged out eyes - this not evidence of?



#p46392,Kzin wrote:

Vyrvannyy language and gouged out eyes - this not evidence of?

Please forgiveness, that'm cutting in. On version of allegations - -70 language and with eye apples, cleaned up a thaw (or water under covered in white). transformer was someone specifically ripping out people language and squeezing out eyes. (Question about who and with what goal, remained open).



#p46396,Val wrote:

transformer was someone.

Around the in this world there is sense. Sense had wrenched language - this the cry Dubininoy. Language its not "Stumbling out", and at all was missing unlike all. Destroy in with eye apples - torture. Indentation wilds ribs of the Zolotoreva and still several - murder of knee.

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#p46385,Val wrote:


Kzin gave exile on material. Read, brought made there.



#p46397,Kzin wrote:

around the in this world there is sense. Sense had wrenched language - this the cry Dubininoy. Language its not "Stumbling out", and at all was missing unlike all. Destroy in with eye apples - torture. Indentation wilds ribs of the Zolotoreva and still several - murder of knee.

Sure deal, that have just there is sense, only we his not see, or us his not say. "Ick Dubininoy" this that? About than she could yelling, that it needs was ripping out people language? Torture understandable - about than dopytyvali? Type: "Where are base weaponry?", or "as pass on category: Ialoveni Prospect?" Who verdict expected Wednesday? With what goal, that wanted to know? As appeared? Far family? On expense expeditions read many letters in Century about exits movie, acquired a, but already forgot the twists and turns. Re-read not d (wasn that can to familiarize themselves with so fast - who, why and why).



Deficit countries should version of you're discussing about, and sources anyone read?

Materials Criminal affairs.

Partly of tiles and is # 1 "prekraschennogo Criminal affairs about demise tourists in district mountains Otorten cities Ivdelsky Urban Okrug Sverdlovsk Area of the" on document content list interrogator's L. BC Ivanov. Archive skomponovan from 6 various on Netresort copies of. Material in scans and photocopies of, made with 1989 on OEM. Inylozheny all options (on types files and resolving provide the), to every could judging by from their destabilized about as a images doesn’t its option copies. 158 sheets from 387. Archive 637 megabytes. The reference for download:ТОМ%20№1%20ПО%20ОПИСИ%20ИВАНОВА.zip.html

Supplement from 26.10.2012g.

1) Listy at-304 first volume can be download on exiled:
In camping on CHAMPION There included sheets, which must be in use under a number attached 302,303.
This sheets from "Delo on examination # 199." Made there same turnover at th leaf.

2) "Delo on examination # 199" - full a photocopy of a, process--including documents, in use not included:

3) L. D.388-392 - fototablitsa to examination erected tents (see P. R.1-2). In inventory Ivanov L. BC Not enters. Note on distinction in copies expertise for prosecutors and instantiated by for archive bureau expert examination, and also on on fact is obtained, that on incorrect numeratsіyu these materials in use:

4) L. D.296 (turnover) Misc. Interrogation Ivan Ivanovich Maslennikov:

Supplement from 27.10.2012g.

1) Tom # 2. 23 leaf from 74. Archive 55 megabytes:ТОМ №2.7z.html

2) of multiple add-ons on first the (the reference on files here:

And) L. D. 370 371. Facial side - because expert, turnover - clearly the Ivanov on numbering samples expertise.

It comes) A note about seizure sheets affairs 370-378, as not to Lieh trial, delivered on on turnover 369 th leaf.

In) Letter Urakova Klinovu from 1.07.1959g. Is in the real one first volume for cover of the.

3) contaminated configuration and the publication materials first volume admitted a series of small mistakes (part of copies of integrity of the regulations from second volume (content a similar), several replays of, on petty matter not sorted, also, part of sheets initially let to pass (see Higher, but, all they judgmental are not and easily pravyatsya (under desire) on their own.

Part references to not – (signal traffic - May) material below.

1) signal traffic -

2) Documents Karabakh Central Committee -

3) signal traffic (that, that forgot include in R.1; there is nothing new, simply options provide the):

4) Photos of erected tents in Leninist room -



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