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Sostryapannyy the commercial ostensibly from eyewitness kicked.
After terrorist attacks on television began to appear video from eyewitnesses, let us get to grips with one thing of them and let's estimate as controlled television as "warranty care" this crimes.

I have on shifonere lying around a dog-eared camera tape, the entire in dust. Remained minikassety VHS-CD, on which already on 10 layers overwrite. Even now she absolves in 20 times the potency than the on this video.

Note, that for rollers go latest disappearing act understanding sound. You have was someday video camera? You have someday on records were such sound failings? The answer: There is no. This a special installation of, that would damp sounds bombings, that preceded of demolishing buildings.

1 :4 0, operator goes from the World Trade Center and starts chatting camera, channeling its upward. With the is changing, as on the slides. If would I sent cell upward and followed, then I have would not broke a to lift so, as on this video. I have would not broke a to lift so, that polekrana closed some wall.

2 :2 1, a mock moment. Operator is faring, does freeze, is beginning to to rub with somehow a showpiece the face of any suspended matter. Is happening this on backdrop of sirens, to give off. Note, far directed camera. Wasn not funny, that important moments shootings from video removed, and this moment in video fact? In the background go carefree people, with in two directions, they even not have, that have become witnessing 9 / 11, only one-a negresse at that in blue women wrapped it up head ago, type is preoccupied with which derives.

2 :2 1, stopkadr precisely this of seconds. Kind of the streets along, people go in two directions, nowhere not hurry. When operator turned to the home, then people walked (relatively his) front to the left, and with backs in the right. But during fire people not has been going in two directions, was evacuation of, people walked only from the World Trade Center.
Spectacle here clear, and cesspits this moment already after September 11,. If television required such performances, means them this was need.

3 :2 6, operator absolves povorachivayuschuyu city machine, in the background "is raging" strongest advance conflagration. Here arise the next questions: 1) Why government employment machines be close ranks not in side fire? 2) Why people not display interest to huge a fire in the background?
Answers ordinary. No fire here there is no, because he is too far from the World Trade Center. Conflagration simply "dorisovali" for action name, and people and a draft his not see, because his there eyebrows will be drawn later, on mouse. Video a simulation of.

3 :3 8 - previous the with worked is changing next. Here is here on the door frame so on the door frame. Camera as-would tide is turning on towers the World Trade Center, but suddenly snip, and is changing on another picture. Ah not, it's idiotic whether? If like it or show, that this was precisely about the World Trade Center, then not button up picture, and share towers. But focus in is, that to point this vistavi with worked, towers already were torn down, this scene starred later demolition buildings.

3 :3 8 - stop sign frame this of seconds. You see towers? There is no. You see the fragment recolors towers. The is changing thus, that clothes fit anymore one on another, but on that household cell such impossible, there pictures of the go each for friend, not it fits on each other as here. In this moment clearly understandable, that this installation of.

Me like watch from no seats this the here. I wanted to look at towers and determine, with western whether hand continued remain operator. But this it turned out impossible, because there they gave you some another image of the route mounting.

3 :4 0 - The subject, and why fewer so "be aged" the commercial? Increasingly very simply. Falsifikatoram need was do so, to no one not understood, that the fragment starred already later September 11,. There aimed a convoy firefighters machines, have made appearance of extra,.. extra, dragged what something wheel from old we and have cordoned off his ribbon.

In this moment "operator" leads camera so, as whether something he not understands, on fix need focus. Meanwhile he just ausubt.

Fact the emergence of wheels in video need was for what? Deal in is, that no incarcerated not was, and on official version of they were. Needed another failure evidence. In a result began to appear here is such phony art.

Displacement the:

1 :4 0 - operator only that seceded from the World Trade Center, vskinul cell upward and she speaks all its so artfully, that not is mired in towers, ah not funny?. And what on this, old Pudge not video, and some montage, not funny?
However in some point we see, that is he with northeast hand from towers.

1 :5 mostly been 2 :2 1 - operator moves away from seats catastrophe. Visually this being achieved those, that the's shaking as whether something operator drunk, and even at the expense exerting "Wall" and "-trees. " Installation of. And maternal the towers is taken with another video.

3 :1 6 - again installation of. Buildings from Left and right slapped. Pole with Hotel Palitra Varna impose. Maternal the with gays sky and towers remains with another video. But compared with 2 :0 0 in sight, that operator is faring with the northeast eastward, not from towers, and around the circle in-circle them.
Note, as is behaving the, she kaleydaskopit. Such shameful image of the not can give nor one camera. This installation of. And dyorganiya - this attempt to do so, to installation of not was discovered and attempt to pretend, that operator believes, that sack need only in movement.

4 :1 0 - show continues. Operator proved already on the southeast from towers. T. E. He ran out, of them, ran on northeastern east, then ran on-circle and proved closer to southern side. He sekret? T. E. All are here evacuating, and he runs round in-circle towers and absolves, with sack not keeps managing) What you attention, that here, accurately so same as and on 2 :0 0 and on 3 :1 6 in part of there destroyed under cloak some Wall.

4 :3 0 - miracle. Operator gave full conjure up and proved now with South. Why him need was so to do? At all Folders. Simply this installation of from different video, to which were fitting Wall, folding, pole and tree.

September 11, was many Film material, raised, concocted a, and caveat tour buses stop, yet another Portia food for herd rams.

Video done assembled from-for someone to play my fake flying wheels. On other video, have life more like that presented we in moment strike, chassis not issued, so where wheel could will emerge on the streets Manhattan's? It must was end up consumed together with titanium depth engines, together with passengers, together with metal-plane.

Can be argue, that video done on cell phone, after all many disadvantages on video characterize digital unsound shootings, yes and the quality of video as have some low digital cameras. Of course can be, to doubt can be at all in fix anywhere.
Only first time cell on phone, imposed in 2002 on Nokia grammar, camping on E. Already later terrorist attacks 9 / 11.

Video zayuzano so, to cause a impression, that here it on home appliances a nanny cam those analog formats, which were in the time. But arise questions.
Where on video not analogue disadvantages? As our "the operator" managed carry home appliances cell in the World Trade Center? In the US flatly prohibited from sack on video in skyscraper, on this need a special authorization.



This wheel should persuade people, that Boeing’s was.


3 … 06wtc7.jpg

Bring here engine in advance, problems at all no there is no, and then photograph and also send a any photographers type



All "evidence" all two incarcerated, FBI gathered in this a box.))



Curiously that and part of engine and wheel without racks chassis, after passage steel lattices the World Trade Center on perform well 200 meters, Victor body landed yesterday under low--as and those same building forests.

Physically impossible, but according to ofits. Version of, part of rock formations. And part of the chassis, increasingly same flew through
South and northern facade of South twin towers.

(The Northern facade of WTC-2 between 77 and 85 floors)



Dmitry" wrote:

People gathered and look on part of any engine, which lay itself under building treetops.

And why engine without dust, when people there trek, i.e. he there lay until breakdown?
And then all pylyuchkoy sea of, and po-po a ribbon on it has been sealed off, to no one not walking, truth that the no one like and not wants.
Video what the not is a.

l2 wrote:

Physically impossible, but according to ofits. Version of, part of rock formations. And part of the chassis, increasingly same flew through
South and northern facade of South towers.
(The Northern facade of WTC-2 between 77 and 85 floors)

Can engine though, in 22 inches between armored?

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But as same the found on Murray voiced. Engine from B-767?



Video with the engine of. Long comparison engine with the engine of B-767 and is done conclusion, that the found engine belongs B-747, not B-767, camping on E. Not the polyglots, which he crashed in the World Trade Center.



Паспорт саудовца Satam al-Suqami, который был на борту рейса American Airlines Flight 11, самолёт которого врезался в одну из башен, был "пропитан авиационным топливом".
Детективам очень повезло, что паспорт выбросило из эпицентра страшного взрыва внутри небоскрёба и он при этом не сгорел

Паспорт другого саудовского террориста, по имени Saeed al-Ghamdi, был найден на месте крушения Flight 93 в Пенсильвании. Документ несёт на себе следы повреждений, полученных при взрыве самолёта.

Третий паспорт, найденный на месте крушения Flight 93, принадлежал террористу по имени Ziad Jarrah. Хотя документ большей частью сгорел, но сохранилась часть фотографии, достаточная для опознания.

Четвёртый паспорт, который террорист Abdulaziz Alomari почему-то положил в багаж другого террориста, а этот багаж не попал на рейс из Бостона.
400 тысяч тонн стали не нашли, а паспорта нашли