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Jewish question

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What means word Navalnyy, on Hebrew?
Iris - G-Hebrew-Russo-ivritskiy vocabulary Dr. Joaquin assistance Podolsk, programs for studying Hebrew
Write on la Russe - Nawal
Attention: are posing tick "the search for on transcription".
Click save on green circle right, look outcome



From razveddoneseniy 18 th army Wehrmacht about Leningrad:
2 October 1941:. Mood broad strata, population can be determine as prisons were overcrowded. Because population still is under strong impact propaganda, it fears Germans and is participating in defense cities.
Communist leadership together with lot of Communist youth Order fanatic followers is configured defend city. Dominated a strong and deeds in ties with those, that Jews preferable preference under evacuation. From 600 thousand Jews, which lived in city of until the early war, much of fled under particular view auspices through their departments. While the rest of the population was allowed to take with a not more 50 kg baggage, vast majority of Jews allowed to pulling increasingly their estate. Leadership the evacuation trains waged greater part of Jews.
6 October:. Large and deeds caused the violent mobilization workers. Often workers for minor actions denounce to prolonged timing conclusions, and then in the form of pardon diverting to Front. Jewish question among population is discussed increasingly actively, under this NKVD more not accepts measures in respect anti-Semitic outpouring, directed against communism and Jewry.
17 November: Long waiting lists for products are Balance possible medicine rumors. Discontent Soviet power manifests itself here openly. Special irritation causes the, that Jews and guiding party officials in an unlimited size endowed food. Report, that mortality among civilian population very much .

Spetssoobschenie peoples Commisariat for Internal Affairs Leningrad # 10068 from 13 December 1941:
increases the percentage of negative messages. Characteristic excerpts from letters mainline:
you increasingly're lying: And you, and radio, and newspapers. We stopped to believe around the, believe only the, that around us is done. In general, go on fighting, it and protect Jews, and your family will here to die .

Summary about events in the USSR # 154 police chief security and recounted from 12 January 1942 Propulsion, Berlin:
There are evidence, that in the last time in Leningrad significantly has increased the number of cases starvation death Among the civilian population, which in his most suffers from bouts hunger, immediately prominently in eyes Jews, owing to what they better dressed and look more healthy. Personnel food stores almost exclusively Jews. They managed almost everywhere to supersede Russians with these the most "warm" now seats .

Summary recounted about events in the USSR # 170, 18 February 1942 Propulsion, Berlin:
. In between December 1941 Advice began to exercise evacuating civilian population through frozen, is it Ladoga Lake. From-for shortage of of gasoline and permanent artillery attacks roads. Evacuation of soon was severely is limited. However with its airfield Rzhevka Airport continually is conducted evacuation of nations mainly Jews, highly skilled workers and functionaries Soviet power.
. Under pressure increasingly the targeted position markedly grew anti-Semitism. There are messages, that deal to recover the excesses. So, in for December many Jewish women, which ties preference under purchase products, were subject to beaten with hand in vain camped in waiting lists people. Jews, which have were found reserves food, also beaten neighbors on home. Militia not in able that any take against outpouring hatred, so as population in most cases comes on side those. Jews with schadenfreude say about their fate in case arrival Germans.

And in the end he evidence representative bogoizbrannogo people .
From letters voenvracha W. Z. Tbilisi-Berg murder (1903 Propulsion R., but more / to, ties Propulsion Of Odessa), disastrous from blockade of Leningrad Leningrad 43 th Propulsion Evakuirovannym relatives in Alma-from the hunting:
's made out still Treat on repair apartment. To 15-20 March apartment will as in peacetime.
On days'll send still money. Me easier send until that creche parcel. Pinart, accept their or not. From us until their send cannot be. Perhaps, when will make a direct message with Moscow, then would be allowed to send parcel.
The entire strikes, that in city of there is no pedigreed dogs. Will have fail. Can be, you have will Puppy boxer, other not need to, then okay, let's get.
Found have Laura's the only close family. They well live, and I them wake, as can.
Found Levin. He chief of hospital somewhere in very. Anton Slonimski sings in:.
If would you was here, me easier was would you help, especially products, so as we not eat our all, that get



All certainly even tripped on the vastness of the internet on photo the arcane zheleobraznogo beings with sad, almost a human face, and under this thought: "That same this such?." So here is, friends. This - fish!!

Fish-a drop (persistent. Blobfish) is unique, it possesses strange and off-putting-, home to on big depths. The British call its fish tank-a toad, and also Australian a young bull. Scientists blamed its to the family Psikhorolyutovykh.
So fish-a drop looks in water. Consists she from studenistogo gel, within it - air bubble. She disagreeable, but is considered guise of, close to full obliteration of
Have this fish there is no muscle, she simply has drifted downstream on, widely having opened fall in anticipation matches that in it food. Fish-a drop can waiting for their victims, having going out in water.

This fish can to gobble virtually all, that fit for food and the very zaplylo it in his mouth.

Think themselves.
In vypuchenykh the eyes of-mourning.
Queen post nose in the form of figures 6.
-pamsy, obese lips.
Want not makes.
; ALL, that poorly lies sails.
Itself - disagreeable!
Possesses off-putting-.
Close By full UNIChTOZhENIYu!



Their (Jews) first was many in Russia and during Great of the Vladimir II, in 1113 year common definition one all of princes have been weeded and law ended, if henceforth go gunning - all this signaled kill and it in Great Russia until overshadowed deposited, but in faint Russia in ownership of the Polish, packs allowed, however OK by the Decree 1743 year all expelled and vpuschat their naikrepchayshe prohibited from.
Add highly need about pagubneyshey control Yids then move, (camping on E.) Jews best say iud perfidy vsesvetnykh, lest full izyasnenie give causes their exile from Russia common definition one all of princes Russians in 1113 Propulsion, not what dobrokhotnykh readers can false opinion about zhidakh naturally occur.
Expelled they, iudy from Russia for great and evil dushegubstva of Slaughter poison best people, people Russians. The spread of otravnykh zeliy and of violent deadly catchy diseases the burglar khitrokovarnymi ways, for corruption, both of which they in public body contribute.
And because neither conscience, nor honor nor truth have Yids and in speak of not, the the security their back in Russia - feat, many worse grand treason. Into 'Harry Potter' (think) I, that the state or Republic where Yids AWN2 / workspace6 many, quickly to decline or demise will come, ponezhe or (the so as) Jews - seeds corruption, zlopagubnogo indignity family customs, intentioned mores everywhere contribute. Iniaeeai are dangerous, they - natural loan sharks, bloodsuckers, secret killers and vsegdashnie conspirators for Great Russia. Ponezhe (camping on K.) people Velikorosskiy the most the courageous on earth, honest and hardworking, but Majesty, made and excellent, that accommodated reduced to year, Yids, of clandestine Jesuits and of masons accounts for.

Resented hospitality people Russian. Granted are hereby (these) once enjoyed, and can and in the future enjoy, if WE OR descendants OUR wise decree 1743 year into oblivion forsake our.

St. Petersburg, 1795 Propulsion W. BC Tatishchev



go upstairs its-ass head, above than marries on zhidovke

Israeli or something in television show recognized in the murder of Palestinian children

Alex Shams
Cutting off Bethlehem (Ma'an) Israels voennosluzhaschaya in transfer Ukrainian television, which withdrew in spots in early November, equivocate in the murder of unknown number of Palestinians, in including children.
Elena Zakusilo, Ukrainian Jewish that moved into Israel, to serve in Israeli army, in program Lie of Lies from 4 November equivocate, that she shot, Palestinians and fired in Palestinian children, however not was able say, how many of them she killed.
Zakusilo, which in Israel lives as Elena Semyon Gluzman, also told, that Hypnotizes training office dogs,, and they prepare for raids on Palestinian villages and conducting video surveillance, whom she can guide on distance 10 kilometers.
In transfer Zakusilo told, that one of cases, when she fired in Palestinians, occurred during protests, H5N1 is after death Yasir Arafat in 2004.



What such "a Jewish fascism"?



In the distance from any inhabited points and mobility eye,



The information power
Akhedjakova Liya Medzhidovna
Dnepropetrovsk mill..... kike.
In night on 4 October 1993. Gave old present thousands of people who protected the main law countries. For most bloody crime "New Russia", until now no one, even not nor to trial.
During crackdown Supreme Council trades abroad, 4 October 1993, voiced on Russian television with emotional speech:
already not want be objective. That same this for Constitution such a, life human alongside which nothing not worth What same this for d * * * Constitution?! After all for this Constitution were people in prison.
Now in this Constitution write amendments, and importantly, that in these amendments, privileges. And now for this Constitution, in that already have been mentioned, votknuty their privileges, they kill people. I not know, that now will, if there a hundred thousands of people.
And where our army?! Why she us not protects from this accursed Constitution?!
And me even say: Legitimate, anti-union But you tell me, and legitimate was plant in crazy homes healthy smart people?!
Friends my! Wake up, wake up! Not are asleep!
Today at night the jury fate ????? Russia, our ????? the Motherland. Our an unhappy Homeland in dangers! Not are asleep!
Us threaten terrible things. Again will come the Communists!
Spit in face the, who will tell, that she adygeyka. They itself think of next any legend, fix documents and change reverie attended by, only would not pay our respects to its reptilnoe origins. Ah and of course deception, through acting prowess, seem such pretty and intentioned.
Under smile, have the Jew strip down, of lectures.
In Dnepropetrovsk built the most big in World Jewish Fellowship center "Menorah."
Jews, they such never AGAIN, they so well play on scene theater and movies.
Has can be their in encouraged kind of a sketchy to suspect?
This girl, too, nice and the good, until pores until time. And here she writes message for Lebanese children, such AnnaLynne AnnaLynne message:



Yevgeniya M. Albats Yevhen Markovna
A member of Public Council the Russian Jewish congressional.
In 1992 was an expert Constitutional Court trades abroad on trial Central Committee.
Studied in the US. In 1996 has magistracy of Harvard University. In 2004 Has doktoranturu Harvard University, where received degree of Dr. philosophy (PhD's) on specialties political science , (370 thousands Euro) a Doctor's thesis on topic Byurokratiya and Russian transformation: Policy adjustment. She taught in Princeton, Harvard, Yale, by the universities, University Pennsylvania State, University Duke. [2]
With 2008 [2](on other data with 2003) [3]is a professor A.S.M.,, teaches on faculty the a common political science has developed Psychology applied political science has developed.
In 2010 signed an appeal Russian opposition Putin must go.



Gerber Alla Efremovna

Readers, a film critic, political and public figure, human rights defender, one of participants and organizers of Gromadyanskogo Forum.
Laureate bonuses Federation Jewish communities Russia
A member of for Public houses of Russia, chief labor groups on problems migrants in Russia.
Champion of's blasphemous groups "erect cunts"

In as a arguments uses the typical Jew applause? Argument - "Believe me."



Catherine Margaret Ashton, Baroness Ashton reform Apkholland
British and wide political and public figure, the first the Supreme representative European union Foreign Affairs and politics security.
Nationality: Jew

With so nose, yes on such a office).

V. I. Novodvorskaya Valeriy Miloslavskaya

Nationality: Jew

Russian political figure, dodger, human rights defender, an independent journalist,
Videobloger, Preposito liberal Party , the Democratic union
In October 1993 joined in, Ukraine Convention were explicit bloc Choice Russia. Drove forward run in Ivanovo, but not was able muster necessary the number of signatures.
Straight-up critic a communist, Russia, Russians, Russian and Soviet of History, Comrade Stalin.
Nor has never convicted on 282 th article CC trades abroad, although has in set sufficient number of of expression directed contempt of dignity Russians or for example inhabitants Caucasus.



Who are belong information resources the US?



CBS television



Svanidze Nikolai Abravovich -

Member for Public houses of Russian Federation.
A member of the Commission to counter attempts to rigging history in the damage interests Russia.
A female teacher in of the Moscow Institute Television and Radio Broadcasting the Ostankino.
Enters in the Security under President trades abroad on development civil society and human rights.
This scum with the most high rating rejection, among such him of rotten. Unsurprisingly, in country no one knows, that him patronymic no not ")", and Abramovich. On site for Public houses of videotaped precisely so.
How many same cockroaches in anybody have these bastards, if they increasingly would still try to disguise its name of, even if across latitude khlebala written "Jew".
The most an avid a forger Russian and Soviet of History, is member of to counter rigging of History; scum, that hates 90% population, is member of for Public houses of. And some not yet believe, that we live in the looking glass?
Svanidze - the first candidate on ripping on parts of, only for his shit in worded Comrade Stalin. Any period of History, where our country was walking up on greater levels, for Svanidze is unkind "bloody", perhaps in primarily because, that in such periods, Jews were need price list in rights with the Russians people, that unacceptably for them. Death per caput cereal, even if three times on me will s sin for such desire to.



Latynina Yuliya conferences

Employee "Echo Maskvy" and "New newspapers", mouthpiece lies and propaganda. Hates increasingly Russian military. Resembles on a rat. As two breath water, resembles on Jew Kristallnacht pogrom, Minister propaganda Germany. Not surprising, that their sphere activities so same, similar - - vtaptyvat in dirt Russians.

Until arrest Khodorkovsky wrote contract articles against him, after his arrest, received a new Made to Order, where voskhvalyala his for his same money. Simple derogatory, arrow ostsilografa. After the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteor, be shitting herself in another times, calling a - Putin missile in, which captures ruin. After recognition of the, that manage to be another on stilts, get back a little has moved in shadow, but with drug-as with goose water.
Being arch-critic of Putins, discredit the Europe-a all those who criticizes Putins,. That not can not inspiring. Lot more would such Latyninykh, can would people gradually understood, that well increasingly the, that these the creature referring bad and contrary.



EU whether you re s those opinion quality March woman, with a hundred I schuyu in Israels right to oei krizhanikh from but unt nor tions with th is, by, on self-confident ern those 2

Ohr hectares nor for bullish sentiment "Le ha wa" (Jews. Plamya), for flax iswasta after a cold, which is exhorts the a swarm of la economy will to "battles Without Honor and Humanity bank with al ne 1930 la Qi it on Valen the Zem unt", from wings la a special top Qi al es of those unt von es of whether 'nu on on until for Bea those, exhorts the as a European 1930 pol zu a to groats the Cold whom measures made skie whom pa ty for about casually vital because wa vel (Vessels) me a JSC.
On ca the fields' on those unt Fund ah, each conference the civilian yes nin are may pro Israels right to odds 1930 ro et Hanseatica fringes ae stov "Le ha wa" about opinion quality ket will, it frequent coordination between defective schey to with "th is, by", about th the ti like structure to a?a Amer opinion reintegration opinion with neev reintegration I 1930 and about the "th tions", ukha vital because wa defective like structure for opinion quality pay 1930. Ohr hectares nor for bullish sentiment both Lesse economy will "on be able" on the fear giving ments and "spa the population" opinion quality peacekeeping wives schin from ukha same moat led-neev reintegration opinion and from sme a chance to sort krizhanikh a?a International.
The, who on self-confident okay. Tell but measures those unt Fund on this cross hectares nor for very, usly a loser on years the from slow aeacoaaoe cultural ag ranked defective Koln:
"The EU whether you with a hundred only in of holy nothingto do with th is, by and seg yes palleggi to in nemed flax iswasta on are cutting off military assistance, on self-confident ern" 1. " The EU whether you re s those opinion quality March wives cutting off military assistance ah, with a hundred I schuyu in Israels right to oei krizhanikh from but unt nor tions with th is, by, and took fringes those it on be able, on self-confident ern those "2." The EU whether you re s those goy's teeth, you yes defective ua th- nee for opinion Rhea, goy's teeth, under a hundred defective ua th to opinion quality governance de the working girl come, striking a hundred, in exhorts the rykh pro use the took dyat nezhe la tri the Cold it aeacoaaoe, on self-confident ern those "3." The EU whether you took fringes those on be able us spa stop writing until made quality Of and la, on self-confident ern those "4."
On which "?", each conference same la defective are may pro casually shat the existence on "th opinion, its ag ranked defective like structure opinion quality peacekeeping wives schin" and to know, in pay from striking fear pro use the took re to sme unt determiner ("Ital raising the unt looks").
Aude about for , tinkle years the from slow aeacoaaoe pay opub whether exhorts wa on on since the kind unt Walla.
Pre - yes tri cross hectares nor for very "Le ha va" Ben Qi Gough shteyn, from ucts tea on in fantastic Walla, with mountains until he with about schil, that "those unt von for until but rather different" confidence could "spa the population" already 10 wives schin.
In years gu we pro resisted th th yes ieru Brazilian lim allowed cross hectares nor for bullish sentiment "Il-Amim" confidence yes la in confidence whether has Mrs. cyclo bu on- tence "Le ha wa" and its pre - yes those la Gough shtey on, about ae the fields' their in under to sh pay tri stve to " the sys - How many Mu on ne Leah to do." Gough shteyn in from slow for showed, that neither pay exhorts th weren ma in his- Steve tions there is no, he only raising the okay. Tell to with al ne 1930 la Qi it and this for on ucts yes la opinion reintegration holes not Tolya exhorts Ga la ha, but so same whether de as a European on very Yes kind of Ben-Bogu ern he and Gol yes me Ira! You know.

Vi Deo reintegration since tazh about the " raising the those" cross hectares nor for very "Le ha wa":



Is it kosher meat this, beef or goyadina?

Tosh 2.0 prohibits cadres violence?
Yes that you say 8-)
This you he prohibits, and since no allowed to increasingly.



On our Earth several shore of continents:
1. Antarctica
2. America South
3. America North
4. Africa
5. Australia
6. Asia
7. Even ice continent the Arctic - note all begin on A

8. And only one generation the BAU.

No one case not in rate? Chavo so?
Vocabulary, which in the first Summit, holds - "goats" - hop, hopa
Gonna hop to! (An interjection, about the hop)
Goes what this: Europe - Jewish leap?



And two language, alcoholic who ended up on "itis" - Hebrew and Sanskrit. Plus strange its echoes in the title religions:, Hinduism and Judaism. Philosophy these religions utterly different, even my country. And name almost same assessment. Ironically.




How told the calicos UNIAN in press service UGSChS in Cherkasy area, in night on 23 September from-for large numbers of rainfall arose the threat water damage camps Hasidim ,-pilgrims on the street season.

In Umanin this year, despite a complex situation in Ukraine, attend Lending Scheme leading Hasidim, - more 35 thousand Pilgrims from 25 countries. In the past year a new year on like to Jews Julian calendar) near graves of a tzaddik our here was greeted almost 30 thousand Pilgrims from 16 countries, predominantly from Israel.

That the excitement have them on Ukraine the disobedient. On mass sacrifice flock?


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