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A simulation of photo. Flight 175, a piece of the of course with number aboard

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Let's go over it a simulation of photo, which have made on the roof WTC-5.

Before. I on the dustbin of incarcerated, got plowed that the fragment cladding, brought on the World Trade Center, have ditched on roof down the World Trade Center-5, set Outlook from extra,.. extra, in a hard hat,. Click and photo is prepared.
Now, you cullions all stripes, convinced, that this irrefutable proof ofexistence'on a Boeing of Flight 1 175, which on through proshil Shemur South tower. As increasingly simply, one thing a simulation of photo and increasingly.
There is no not increasingly.
12-13 September, made satellite photos the World Trade Center, on which perfectly in sight roof down buildings # 5. In chaotic order are scattered aluminum an onlay from South twin towers, steel failed there is no and cladding we, too, there is no.
If would the tent we indeed here was, then through 50 minutes its would to jell-o falling behind steel beams of. Otherwise as something strange is obtained, in this same building there is mnogometrovye holes, punctured likely behind steel constructs, and in the same time there is aluminum details, which had miraculously under steel it to try.





Where they got plowed that slice of cladding? With decommissioned'on a Boeing, companies United for. Curtailed cube such a size, which can be Terrace which raise on roof down conventional ninth building. Are ordinary scissors in metals, even perfectly in sight sharp-force edge and inept use scissors, and the rest the brink Radio Company Alyaksandr Zimouski in inward, to in eyes not accelerated. The thickness of the cladding we - 1 millimetre light aluminum.
Have them even lacked mind, throw this slice of in a bonfire, that would looked much more believable. Them needless, was his obzhigat, them it is important was show, that this slice of belongs Reyes 175, with location numbers as have United for. All forces defied on evidence "Arab footprints", but from-for weak mind and big haste, worldwide joints.
As, light aluminum the tent we, could pass through Shemur jailed South towers, not burn yourself and land on roof down the World Trade Center-5? This, it's idiotic was counts on American two knuckleheads, graduates college, and on scumbags, defend official version of around the The world.
On photo: The north-eastern a corner the World Trade Center-2, from which ostensibly to the tent'on a Boeing. Incidentally hence flows to molten steel, but as she could naturally occur?



To the same, why - the there is no the wreckage of the from Airlines Flight 11.



Nikita wrote:

By addition, why - the there is no the wreckage of the from Airlines Flight 11.

Nu why same there is no? Here is, Wikipedia gives black-and-White a picture of an wheels American for Flight 11 as would hinting us, that have FEMA until 9 / 11 were difficulties with fotoapparaturoy.
Velkommen wheel, which passed through Shemur North tower (63 meters), four series of powerful steel pylons, flew by even half-kilometer, a bit obodralos and it landed on intersection West street and Rector street.



Kolkevich, no one not hit by offending and not hitting anybody, not leaving after themselves no traces.



This roof buildings WTC-5, which remained stand. Roof down have collapsed were the rubble of the, among which friendly co the fragment right aboard "Airlines Flight 175."

Arise questions. The first: Why the iron pieces (belonging WTC-1) flew of not down and in side and proved on the roof neighboring buildings?
The answer: Because in side their propelled the bombings, the other forces not there is.
Even times witness video breakdown (desirable quality) note, that on perform well in 250 meters the iron pieces weight under several tons, spread not down, and in different hand.

The second question:
As the fragment fuselage "Airlines Flight 175", proved with northern hand South towers on the roof buildings # 5? Wasn he could pass through South tower? Wasn he not endured stands thermal and physical impacts?
The answer: There is no, if would was plane, and he he crashed precisely thus way as us have shown, then this the fragment raze not was able would here Achilles became. He would simply not was able to go through metal safety the World Trade Center, which consisted of pylons, made of sheet have become.
If would he as something increasingly same books, then he was would black color of, because as paint not in able withstand high temperature explosion.

Note on a picture of an even times, on what a large greater distance is worth slice of external supporting structure South towers.
Slice of fuselage violated three of law physics, if he not remained within buildings, means he Kolkevich through narrow schlini or monopoly steel most striking, not violated painting companies UA, if he have burned together with building, then landed for tens of meters from South towers after its fall of, although over the wreckage on laws physics must fall down, not in side.

If slice of we laws physics not violated the, then therefore, his here brought.
I you I assure, have Arabs not was opportunities somewhere take slice of we and they can simply put drugs his here,
This made public structure, likely FEMA.

On this photos I United States, the what slice of they here dragged,
Atop the denuding visible part of from hew N, on lower in sight, that N this part of numbers aboard.



Boeings not Boeings, but 2 plane were, thousands of their saw wind and removed and hundreds of people! Himself in this time was for several stops subway, managed leave before, as crowds people stormed out from decaying buildings. People on many hours on foot to get here, man home, subway not has worked, taxi was not to capture, increasingly truly charming by ash, his even in Brooklyn dawdling. In Manhattan few years stunk of abhorrent sour the scent of, talked, that this burning isolation, although for isolation smells was strange.
So that not setting, realistically airplanes took, but of course not from kerosene so burned, and here is thermite most the! Seen the then hundreds of films, increasingly looked as verified demolition of buildings. Perhaps not only thermite, independent ekperty discovered on the rests Bell actual structures way that maximizes snapshots, apparently not one week used chainsaws to cut as Shuriki!) MA It likely, that were and underground the bombings, because through what the time combustion, bildingi Coloureds almost instantaneously, precisely, closing, as under controlled brought. Simply from we, vletevshem apex, this would not happened. Was would conflagration, in late all would fire put out. Even need given, that himself plane compared with salient building bildinga, looks sovochkom in sandpit here. But "have flown he could, despite the tenacity all actual structures, the speed high! And here is here is with Pentagon was net Hollywood, no plane not vletal, was the hole not more Dam in diameter, and around are scattered over the wreckage no the sporting, if anything, a small plane, from which long sought engine, but so and not found. And table has vanished the fourth the promised plane, flight 93, real with humans, about which quickly have broken off. Ostensibly he crashed, but no evidence not have provided, rumors had, that his have been in Pennsylvania, people have been created in hangar and with pig--this. But. Reassert the naturally not was, so increasingly and went tits up, I! In Manhattan died, only rate hike he had signaled, more three thousands of people. Naturally wrote off on terrorists and under this deal introduced pogolovnuyu a wire. Incidentally, under bildingami were storage sites any the values, but this of course removed, and also was many rumors about any the financial operations and "twins" sold shortly before their downfall.

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Sakur wrote:

But "have flown he could, despite the tenacity all actual structures, the speed high!

Ah not know.

And here wing is unraveling as biscuits from clashes with two light of posts, 0 :1 2



efos wrote:

This is roughly so same as and explosion station in Volgograd. Found should sit prodetyy in check. Understandable, that those who found wanted his find. Understandable, that not was no bomber suicide, but this not suggests, that explosion't sp. Need to same head to think

Correctly you're not thinking clearly, but!
In Volgograd explosion was (fact), but this was not a suicide bomber and not a terrorist. And us wanted show, that any a suicide bomber can to blow up any public object and him no one can thwart, and together encouraging fear of Islamists.
In New over both buildings crack (fact), but this were not terrorists and those more not pilots - terrorists on jets.


You are here » The 9/11 Truth Movement » Terrorists, Pentagon, Washington, Shanksville, NY » A simulation of photo. Flight 175, a piece of the of course with number aboard