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List documentary films

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On Russian language:

Klyuch to this puzzle

The Great American Psy-Opera
Ace Baker the film … 93EC843D80

polemical Fahrenheit 9 / 11
Michael Moor

challenge coin, the second publication
/ Loose convened [RUS] (option translation) (the other option translation)

challenge coin
Dylan Avery 'Loose convened' Part 1 (April 2005)

Horrible deception.
Jim Walter; Jimy Walter

9 / 11 Investigation with zero("produced truth")
Zero investigation into 9 | 11 Dzhuletto Chiesa

Spirit time (36 :3 0)

, an enigma September 11,
In the wake productions

(1 as)

simple mournfully
Power Hour Productions, 2006

Dont told by accident history
The film Oliver Stone's

"III truth"
Dmitri Khalezov (Book in Internet)

Horrendous deception
Book. 2002. Thierry the aerosol.
(On Russian language 2002)
September 11, 2001. An enormous the fraud issue
Book. 2003. Thierry the aerosol



The steel Pylon, cut steel car as box oil (crashed layout only after meeting with concrete block). Amply shown, that steel pylons special ruggedness, of which were made buildings, offered not have suffered would, if would in them he crashed real civilian Boeings, which in turn, not enduring the even clashes with kg carcass bird.
Real Boeings, on laws physics, smyalsya would as crackly bond and 'M would down, raskroshivshis on small fragments.

now look at erundistiku from CNN
Looks simply funny.
"foil" that breaches "armor")
And other clowns will object, that wings thorny, means acted as box) (I such met)



9-11-Afghanistan (2011)
9-11-Ten years later (2011)
9-11-Investigation on level '' Zero '' (ZERO An Investigation Into 9-11) (2008)
Intifada new York (2009)

This the that I have there is, except of this.

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Itar-Tass wrote:

9-11-Investigation on level '' Zero '' (ZERO An Investigation Into 9-11) (2008)

ZERO An Investigation Into 9-11
This the film advanced set Dzhuletto Kezoy, go Russian read more: "Investigation with zero."
In movie raze not explains the disappearance of have become after, as she ostensibly was is broken with explosives.

Franco Frakassi



Itar-Tass wrote:

Intifada new York (2009)

The film stokes hatred to Islam. Attempt to deal in kazusakh tolerance, without attempts to deal, where embarked on the very this word.
The film virtually not has no relations to "11 September."
One bossy grouping in the US imposes on the Islamization, another imposes on the islamofobiyu, the film not uncovers essence problems.
And the crux of the such a: Willful implementing Chaos Theory in Mir people, outside dependence from geographic peg.



Itar-Tass wrote:

9-11-Afghanistan (2011)

Two parts of

Afghanistan 2011
Afghanistan 2011

Franco Frakassi

For 9 years war, 60 thousands of assassinations, 123 100,000 hectares grown opium, 900 tons originating opium, 400 tons, exported every year, 15 million drug users, 100 100,000 deaths in year.
The US not seek to win war, because victory Round negotiations carries costs. No "Arab global terrorism" not there is, he though fictionalized and is not difficult be guessing where whom. Arabs not live in Afghanistan, they live in Palestine.
Army the US present in Afghanistan not for war with "world terrorism", and quite for other reasons. For a protection racket of the smack business, in Afghanistan is faring struggle between Anglo-American Private security contractors.



new / Northumberland (the Peoples).

Film Ministry not concerns September 11,. He concerns Israel.
Seemed would, what of Korea deal until Jews?
The film with the prefix "SUPER."



Ring Executive. Struggle with drug trafficking - G-lies!



Interesting video, but without translation

NEW 9/11 Video and Radar Analysis



Prosperity. (THRIVE. What on Earth will it take) (2011)



Loose Change. Seems Cut / challenge Coin's, Legacy The editorial (2007) Change. Final Cut&section=search&z=video10822544_163402976
Cons in euros is, that some moments udelyayutsya official version of, namely, attention be revolution facts (evidence lzheochevidtsev, official interpretation events), that can introduce to the disposition misleading.
The authors stepped on parts of on Shenksvillu, namely, first have shown material, CIE about how, that there is nothing associated with plane, and in conclusion promotes version of about how, that ostensibly liner shot down military pilot.

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- They us hold for fools and idiots (Alexey Kofanov)



Loose convened (challenge coin).
In my - the first publication.
Essentially, nothing would not different from other parts, if would not theory about Taraneh by airplanes towers. Here they pytplis us explain, that towers ram military, a drone, and before themselves blow released missile. In their view, about this evidence suggests an outbreak of before blow on all "means" video and strange include pea pods on the bottom parts of fuselage plane. Precisely from - for this, in their view, plane fact. As box in oil.

Ironically of course, build theory on the basis poorly life more like that presented falsifikatorami plane, not caring on laws physics, signs of mounting, transparent wings, nose resurfaced and even many factors.
Even video for this own delusional topics:



11 September - counterfeiting Age




September 11,. Simple mournfully



Spirit ARRIVAL / Zeitgeist - VSE THREE approved on

The film 1: Spirit ARRIVAL / Zeitgeist. (2007)
That unites bible myth, the attacks September 11, and credit system led by do? Lies, which serves for centuries enslavement humanity.
Who and for what creates religion?
Who is worth for attacks September 11,?
Who and as earns on wars?
On whom works the average American 4 month in year?
Why war with terrorism can continue forever?
For what need media and industry entertainment?
What the future preparing planet world government?
The film Peter Joseph gives unique analysis numerous facts manipulation public clear conscience with oldest since the on present and forces to start thinking, and such is whether the world, somehow us have taught his represent? And although the film tells about what is going on in America, he helps Russian man understand principles and technology global policy and find analogies in our history. What are were goal christening Russias, whom was beneficial terrorist attack in Beslan, on whom works central bankers trades abroad?
Realizing the crux of the underway, you can answer these and many other questions on their own.

The film 2: Spirit ARRIVAL: An appendix / Zeitgeist: Addendum. (2008)
The entire truth about how, that on fact is happening in world, as on fact work banks, currency funds, who retards development technologies, that make oil tycoons and the rest leading corporations, has on light and now available everyone man. The film shows very many unexpected things, which actively promote the US and other countries world. For example, as topple government the or another countries under aid economic murderers, as provoke adversary at first blow, using provocations. As media is capable "sit down on ears" and force human to believe in all, that shows TV, as without aid military action destroy immediately two opponents, as bribe UN and camping on D. All of this you will see own eyes.

The film 3: Spirit ARRIVAL: The next step / Zeitgeist Moving Forward. (2011)
The film Peter Joseph, in which is viewed question need exit from existing socio-economic system. Raskryvaemaya in movie theme transcends issues cultural relativism and traditional ideology, and to mark the basic points empirical correlation humanity and of nature, extrapolates from a stable values natural laws on a new paradigm sustainable socio-economic development, which is called "a resource based economy."

In real moment Corporate plutocracy sets in world Corporate Diktaturu. As spoke the French historian Fernand the Structure of Everyday Life: Capitalism -- enemy market. On market capitalists (they same globalists do) are fighting for monopoly. Read more on exiled:



911 and War by Deception
War route deception



The absence of Prague in airport Los Angeles.

1.29 :5 0 - time rollers
3 from 4-'s incarcerated, which ostensibly participated in the attacks 9 / 11 were by on the other the end of the countries in Los Angeles.
Prague being asked. Was organized direct live broadcast in which a leading nothing not was able say pro Prague. He said pro evacuating people from terminals, but camera its not was able fix. Policemen, too, not understood sense evacuation.
Making this though, they failed to given, as increasingly should be on fact and worldwide many nip slips.

CNN 9-11-2001 News Coverage FIRST SIX HOURS



The film about actors "911", about nestykovkakh in direct the Internet "911"

With 1 :06: 20 in movie mythologize about hardly known us plane crash in Buffalo
Flight 3407 (Flight3407)
Grimly with the disasters in Perm-2008 and Kazan-2013.

The crash in Buffalo 12 February 2009
Died, too, 44 passenger, as and in Kazan, as and in flight 93 - September 11,.



as Discovery, in support official version of, released "documentary film", in which participate ostensibly bystanders, participants and victims.
One of such clowns artists (well played), told and even showed, that: September 11,, Boeings flight 11, he crashed in floor, on which he directly and was.
100 ton plane he crashed directly in him. But he same American. He not only remained alive, but and on their own gone down down and even someone saved on road. Ordinary American the young, must to believe in this some B.S., because built-in mythological standartizator, zapragrammirovan on what the American hero in 100% cases remains alive. Hollywood has done in truth, gigantic work, on psychological processing Americans, yes and not only with them.


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