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Wystawienniczym "teraktra" Sandy-Hook

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Julyan Soto sister Victoria Soto, those of victims in school conference tournament Hook,
. She same. Nursa Nayara, daughter ambassador Kuwait
On legend, an occasional Kuwaiti girl, Kisslinger with English, had landed in the US give testimony.

Video # 1
. Between the two these video 22 year
Video # 2

She same here committed perjury in UN in 1990 year about atrocities Iraqi soldiers.
Daughter ambassador Kuwait in the US have some say not in one television show. Through 22 year, ditching O.B. the sister of the dead the teacher, too,.



How you'm an Arab! Lots, which serves like to Jews benefactor?
nn not leaves no doubt.
This Jewish

And ears, too,., and most importantly - actions ,-reaching in rupture with the Muslim morality



Wikipedia, as chief photo, on page "There's mass murder of in primary school Sandy-Hook " s placement here is this a nuisance:
On photo are portrayed mass victims, about the doors, 's gonna be windows, Wall; everywhere blood and the objects. There is no doubt, that here happened something a terrible.
14 December experienced ostensibly musketry children, and already 15 number of, Victoria Soto tagged along on 'forlorn' rally. Why television emphasizing attention precisely on it, and rest ignores? There here very simply.
Nursa Najjar Syndrome Type I only portrays old sister Victoria Soto. Likely, no the teacher, too, named Victoria Soto in Newtown simply not there is.
Nursa Najjar Syndrome type 2 Jewish, swapping people it not getting accustomed. Simply check a tick themselves not its place and increasingly will understand. Suppose you have killed old sister, you you're coming on next day on venue weep on cell and be given circumspect speech? - the answer - NO.
There is no ", because you man, not Jew.



Victoria Soto, programmer from Newtown, the dead woman sister Julian Soto and Charlie Soto.
Sisters similar as two breath dew.))
Have one beak had been submitted plastic surgery, and have this, nose from below a wide as fruit.

Younger sister Victoria, Gillian Soto, referring to balustrade duringin Saturday on the evening, smiled, when she told them, first STAMMERlNG, and then with greater certainty told:.
Victoria indeed is hero, I very am proud, that she my sister.
We certainly lost wonder human, which died making the, that she loved, protecting children, that meant the world to it. "


On CNN and ABC issued brother and another sister Victoria Soto, they declared, that Victoria in toilet embraced between children and his attacker. Thereby she once protected children, but one get and its and children killed. Public requires from authorities reward Victoria somehow with. America needs in heroes.
Increasingly like nice, except small, seemed would, quite details. Brothers and sisters Victoria Netimer just are 10. No one saw nor corpse Victoria, nor corpses children. There is no nor one photos not the that mass order, but even holes from bullets in wall or breath blood. Schools "Sandy Hook" more not there is, there is no schools - there is no evidence.[/b][/size]

Person year



Victoria Soto from Newtown revived in Boston?



Decision-makers same three officer intelligence are identified after called the shots in Sandy Hook and after explosion in Boston. Look a!



Pogibshaya Emile, at quirky images revived, sake of meeting with President the US.



it`s Runaway father in Emilia led, Jewish teenage with ear without hassocks on an invented reverie attended by Parker. Well played emotions, however not was able immediately ths way on role.
Obama personally ?? this Jew with different game.

How same he strongly look like on Yevhen Mironova,
, too, actor (on By a we can circumstances) and, too, without hassocks ukha (interestingly, yes?).
Yevgeny Evgenii Mironov - 2012 laureate National theatrical bonuses Golden Mask
(Nor on that not implying anything, simply symbolically significant)))



In the US there are professional the actors-movie extras (angl.crisis actors), task which play role victims, passersby or random witnesses in the course various postanovochnykh accidents, as the terrorist attack or shootings in school. Such of the staging are part of training workers rescue services, their goal ottachivanie reactions and skills solving on engagement with ordinary people during emergencies.
Government in secret attracts such actors or left for of the staging various accidents and tragedies with goal manipulating public opinion.
One such ostensibly instsenirovannykh accidents is shootings in primary school Sandy Hook in December 2012. Commonly realized, that event was staged government Obamas, to use save public resonance for the abolition of position the second amendments to the US Constitution, "If rights on the wearing and storage weapons in purposes personal self-defense. However terrorist attack conference tournament Hook tripled the reward sale weapons on territory the US.
Teenage, ispolnivshiy role Saipa Parker, father one of victims. Video demonstrates cadres, where he before the onset of the interview, thinking, that is for shot, something very much alive is debating with management reforms and laughs, and then already in the frame sharply changes its behavior, clearly putting of slain struck father, not in absolute under this nor single tears.



Teenage, who played Gina Rosen framed for murder, population homes near with school Sandy Hook, which found six of survivors of after called the shots children and clown has sheltered their have themselves, until for them not came parents. On Video, which unknown the user uploaded in YouTube under headline New album repetitions speech Gina Rosen framed for murder. Look necessarily , presented interview, in which the tells about fault. The author narrated by video, celebrates, that teenage not in able in detail describe what happened. … iPnalSLQm8

Teenage, who played role coroner's Dr. Wayne for that matter Carver, obsledovavshego bodies victims and killers directly on place crimes. On video nominee his interview press. Grounds to doubt in identification underway are numerous mistakes Wayne for that matter Carver under describing circumstances crisis engulfed: He wrong calls type of weapons, from which could only shoot murderer, and also not can answer question about numbers victims and in that they were dressed. … hgdN8arHCc



Part 1

Part 2



Part 3



Dont listen that she-doodly-doo,, and see on gorbinku on nose.
Who same you, a fool, would step in on some screen tests in Hollywood, that you cry as should not you?

asymmetry faces
Under any emotions, face Jew is off angle.
Eyes have Jew different, on emotions react Russian architect Alexander Rezanov, as have, like.



Direct spots for CNN. Ostensibly family Soto, ostensibly has lost in school Sandy Hook old sister Victoria.
Two damsels dressed in same assessment overcoat and seems that they essentially all, however one of them, Kuwaiti a wog, and if more accurately, simply..... kike, daughter ambassador Kuwait in the US (1991).

CNN has shown many photographs Victoria Soto, but nor one photos, on which would all three sister were would together. Not strange whether?





And another renowned the Boston marathon, super-charged of emotions, very similar to receive updates Sotovu



religious "of slain child", turn around in profile, we other on your beaks and tell Abe.



American Gene Mironoff of mixed up, emotions
- Killed my 6-and year Emilia, what pain, what good.



The victims execution. :( Take a look on these happy faces children.



Sister to got whacked? Bullshit question. Let's goin spots NBC!
- she constantly have us things was stealing, as'll remember so funny becomes.


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