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The Holocaust

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Order of on scam that pro "6 million killed Jews" received immediately after create the Fed, simultaneously with order for "" the global war. "



6, 6, 6, 5MILLION UBITYKh EVREEV. To VOPROSU Oh PlT maneuver, how was have created ETA figure.

The main thing here this dates, increasingly else easily uznavaemaya scheme con men:
1847 year, 2 June. Newspaper The Abbeville banner.
In spreadsheet about Population Divisions Earth stipulated the figures:

Under the most precise the latest calculations, all population Earth is about thousands of million inhabitants. Below set figures, among which referred, that Jews around the world this 6 chol.
(we shall store this figure) Go further:
1904 year, 20 October. Newspaper The sun , st. 6.
Article under headline: Integrated Mission Zangvilla in Israel
What we will to do with thousands of, which insist on sending of an?
Jews have lost self-government. They were 1900 years without his government and they will have start increasingly first. Have them more there is no its the homeland. Palestine closed for them. So colonization can be necessary. This scheme has attitude to 6 EVREEV from Russia, not to Jews the United States. When number of Jews becomes above a certain level in any country always emerge-Semitic sentiments
1913 year, 20 October. Newspaper The day book.
In newspaper played the details about how 6 EVREEV living in Russia incur macho public humiliation and received, have spread more foolish superstition and charges Jews in involvement in barbarian rites and ritualistic massacres.
need to to believe, shades of was on deal Baileys, indicted previously in the murder of 1911 year Andrei Yuschinskogo
1915 year, 06 June. Newspaper The Sun. New York. Str.10.
Terrors worse, than in Kishinev fill the Russia today.
Unprecedented domestic spying plot, goal which destroy Jews
Until destruction tsarist troops announced by torture and the carnage will become routine in hundreds cities
Herman comprised, editor of newspapers "Day" (The Day):
With days destruction Temple in Jerusalem Jewish people not had more dark pages in its history, than the, about fix writes government Russia today.
Six 5MILLION EVREEV, half of Jewish people in world, everywhere victimized, also targeted, humiliation, torture, generalization. Thousands of of them were killed Thousand thousands of Jews, elders , women and children, ruthlessly drive from cities in city - decisions Governments, atakuyutsya troops his state, incur about and poruganiyu. Respected brothers, keep mercy to six MILLIONAM EVREEV in Russia and support our side! Ask Russian ministers, why we run torture so ruthlessly. Our children kill in Russian army. We, too, large sums of money (taxes). But we atakuemy from all sides. We have no no rights. We have been chased by from villages. Everywhere, where they can find malware likes, suspicion falls on us.
should be noted, that in this time in the first days First World War in Austria 04.09.1914 Propulsion Was created Talerhof - Transdnistrian concentration camp precisely for Russians. Here until 10.05.1917 year girls drop out Ruthenians with vessels, Sadhora and taxed.
1918 year, 18 October. Newspaper The New York Times. Strange. 12
six MILLIONAM a shower will require aid, to return to normal life after the end of the war (the headline). Repayable credits (the headline)
Committee American Jews argues plan Velichayshego humane quests in history. The American people, as Jews, so and neevreyam, in soon will be asked to lend or support greater part of Fund in size about 1 billion dollars for implement plan on restoring Jewry around the world. Announcement about this, together with the master plan procedures, was released to the public yesterday on the evening, after hotbed, hijack yesterday in office Felix M. Warburg from its, meeting Leb i Vino Formation & Ko, chairman of a unified Jewry Committee in American Fund for Jews affected during the war As appeal will exits for the world, people in impoverished war Europe, likely, not in able hold this plan, so that financial burden will be borne mainly on the United States, Canada, and, perhaps, England. Money on this project, contains the largest in history purely humanitarian venture, which not will exist at the expense single nucleotide deposit, but will encompass loans, and will revenues, as from neevreyskikh, so and from Jewish sources. An exact date and closings for this campaign not were announced, for Fund reconstruction need billion dollars, but a tentative work already began.
Six MILLIONAM EVREEV need a aid (earmarked large texts)
almost for month before this, 05.09.1918 Propulsion, the Security popular Commissioners RSFSR implementing various the resolution Oh red terror. After what Leyba Davidovich Bronstein (nicknamed internationally the) with his brigade, smenivshey their real reverie attended by on Russians, route bloody baths, shootings and torture makes the remnants of Russia in desert, inhabited by the white slaves.
1919, 08 September. Newspaper The New York Times st. 6
Ukrainian Jews seek to stop pogroms (the headline)
Commission visits Europe and preparing for political for President Wilson (subtitle)
Lansing gives authorization. Mass rally hears, that survey of Jews were killed and 6 are in dangers (the end of the podzagolovka).
Federation Ukrainian Jews in America represents three-quarters million Ukrainians from that country, yesterday at the convention decided, that infamy their brothers in Eastern Europe must, finally, stop, and to create world needs use aid Governments the US
We are now moving beyond now before world with certain slogan Those pogroms need to stop , said President in his annual State
1919, 12 November. Newspaper The New York Times. Strange. 7
Message about a traumatized position Jews (the headline)
Its M. Warburg, says, that they (Jews) more just have suffered on war (the headline).
European Jewry reduce our to tragically inconceivable poverty, depletion and diseases IN 6 a shower, or half Jewish population Earth. Jewish people across Eastern Europe, geographically utterly accidentally, suffered more from war, than any other element of population
1920 year, 23 February. Newspaper The Atlanta.
In city of produced 50,000 $, to preserve life to injured Jews. He urged Jews Atlantes rise and contribute to Reserve Fund to preserve life six MILLIONAM EVREEV. Mr. Zelig painted bright picture pressing and deplorable suffering Jewish people in Poland, and his describe proved so expressive scenic paintings, that his audience was markedly am touched by.
Tells referenced Marx
He painted framing picture autumn and suffering 6 EVREEV who live in Eastern Europe and Palestine, about known of prosecutions, which they came under not only in recent four years, but in for almost century. Thousand and thousands of our people died from hunger and epidemics and still thousands of will die , he said. We here today not for order to bemoan dead, and do all it can to faster preserve as can be more lives. These afflicted people look on America, so as only America can exert material support "deal not hopelessly, if we this will do.
in Volga region in this time hunger and mountains corpses indigenous population Russia. Appeared the first cases cannibalism and eating corpses their close. Hunger became convenient an occasion for massive attacks authorities on Orthodox Church, under the guise of taking church and other culturally-historical values Russia for struggle and sales their go (1921 1922).

Known as internationally the

This those who arrived on North Russia together with diplomats for struggle with Marxism, and on alternative version of for Defense northern Optim from Germans, and also for support puppets - citizen the US Bronstein (made by comrades Trotsky)

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6, 6, 6, 5MILLION UBITYKh EVREEV. To VOPROSU Oh PlT maneuver, how was have created ETA figure.

1920 year, 07 on May. Newspaper The New York Times. Strange. 11.
Jewish wrestlers receive in aid 100100,000 $in gift (the headline)
Nathan Strauss expresses sympathy to co-religionists within in Europe (subtitle)
Fund for Jewish fighters affected in Central and Eastern Europe, where SlX 5MILLION faced a terrible hunger, disease, and death, has replenished by yesterday that subscription 100100,000 $from Nathan Strauss. Yesterday day on meeting in hotel Biltmore in New York referenced Steven S. Weiss announced for workers, that produced 7500000 $from 35000000 $-wanted list across the country.
1921 year, 20 July. Newspaper The New York Times page. 2
America requests preserve 6 in Russia (the headline)
Infamy threatens to all Jews so as vast Soviet power is fading, claims Kreynin, arrived here for material support (subtitle)
Copyright 1921, by The Chicago Tribune Co. Berlin, 19 July. 6 EVREEV Russia incur extinction and the massacre.
So as hunger is spreading, then kontrrevolyutsionnoe movement is gathering traction, and Soviet power is fading. This assertion confirms official files, jeopardized by in Berlin Government, which show, that numerous pogroms savaging in all parts of Russia and Ukraine.
1931 year, 29 September. Montreal Gazette. St. 6
Six 5MILLION EVREEV are starving
Nasty state of in Southeast Europe, about which told Rabbinic
Chairman American a unified Jewry Committee refers to orderly decline...... but for help
Forthcoming winter SlX 5MILLION EVREEV in Eastern Europe will starve Gazans even more
If additional funds not will are collected for Americas United Peoples Jewry Committee, on with the owner of expense not cherished invulnerability 2500000 $, then unprecedented chaos and poverty will to rule perpetual disgrace for all of humanity, said Rabbinic Ion Weis (Mudry) abject in New York 1931, yesterday on a large meeting leaders Jewish communities in Montreal.
meanwhile, 1967 works Euro-Marxism on Ukraine and Kazakhstan, --
1936 year, 31 on May. Newspaper The New York Times. Strange. 14.
from Changing Americans about providing Jews refuge
Pro-the Palestinian Federation requests Britain take were instant course on catechesis Earth quoted goal mandate The petition strongly calls for clear understand, that mass unrest ("makes turbulent The") will continue This petition (intercession by), conveyed opinion of enlightened Christian leadership in the United States, in favor of immigration Jewish majority in Palestine, underscored long acquainted with extreme suffering million Jews In "the European Shoah."
Calls for a clear political course
Sound need in clear and a certain politics with hand British government in conducting conditions mandate Palestine. Britain has forces, to Chuvashia gates Palestine and thwart persecuted and hounded Jews, with a running OT EVROPEYSKOGO Holocaust.
1938 year, 23 February. Newspaper The New York Times. Strange. 23.
Picture Jewish tragedy
Libya picture from 6 EVREEV in Central Europe, deprived of protection or economic opportunities, slowly dying from hunger, lose renounce all hope.
Jewish tragedy began, when Hitler came to power in 1922 year, declared Mr. Tarshis. Now anti-Semitism spread in thirteen European countries, and endangers the very existence of million Jews, he said.

Here is now becomes understandable, where have full Committee State Council trades abroad on security and counter corruption Irina Scientific - methodical problems climb could emerge neuchtyonnaya apartment in the center of the Moscow, origins which she not was able explain
1847 year, 2 June. Newspaper The Abbeville banner.,000 Jews&searchType=basic&sequence=0&index=7&state=
Russia. 1921 year.
Americans wash their hands Russians cannibals on backdrop of obgryzennykh they parts of tel
Yard kharkovskoy troops for the Internal Defense (Sadovaya street, 5) with corpses executed by the.
Skin, stolen with limbs victims in House by Rabinovich on str. in Kherson, where tortured Khersonskaya chrezvychayka.

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- beside law from 5 on May 2014 N 128-FZ facto criminalizing for rehabilitation Nazism. For this will be able deprive the freedom the maturity on 3 year. Good deal, seemed would, but it turns out, that a resounding name articles 354.1 Criminal code trades abroad at all not fits its substance. Speech is faring about public hearing reject a facts, established spell doom International military tribunal on Nuremberg Trials over former executives Hitlers Germany. That this for facts such, the credibility which irrefutable only under fear punishment?! If fact considerable, then what fear moreover, that in this fact someone can question? Or increasingly same there is in fix to doubt? But most interesting, this the, that part of 2 articles 354.1 CC trades abroad envisages in as a weighing down marker - artificial creation evidence charges (is punished by confinement to 5 years). I.e. in the first case evidence under reject a stipulated the real (not created artificially), and in the second case they artificial! In the first case for such of denial you arrive at 3 years imprisonment, and in the second 5 years! Winter cereals I. A. Respekt! Simply masterpiece legislative branch of government! And they over these thought not one year. And only events in Odessa 02.05.2014 have accelerated adoption this law.
Old and new board memory Museum Osvintsim.
Instead 6 million dead Jews referred 4, and then half a million.


This photo is in National Archive the US in section "Photos of World War II" (under number 178 in this list) with signature "Coolie labor labor in concentration camp Buchenwald changed their near yen especially, where many were dying from malnutrition
This the original of the
Much detail: … st_18.html
In the exposition Museum in Buchenwald a picture of an simply-plainly, been circumcised. This snapshot was made 29 January 2012.



During World War II from hands the Nazis Germany in the course Holocaust have suffered millions of Jews. Here is photo the most famous from Jews Germany, which, likely, more just have suffered.
Founder state Israel -- son Maria Anna Shakelgruder servant's Baron Solomon Barons de Rothschild -- Jew Adolf Hitler. Illegal daughter Gitella married for son rabbi who Abraham Marvin's, then departed in Israel and passed Judaism becoming Giteloy Ozov 375,000
Father incidentally Hitler (1837 1903). Mother Clara Hitler (1860 1907), nee Hitler (nee Polzl). Incidentally, as a nezakonnorozhdyonnym, until 1876 year wore surname his mother Maria Anna - Schicklgruber his father Rothschild
Joseph Goebbels Minister propogandy 3 th Reich, Jew
Adolf Hess party deputy! -- Jew on maternal lines
Henry Himmler 4 th with the Reichsfuhrer SS. One of his direct ancestors Gegenberg was Jew, aaaea mothers repel Keen -- Jewish.
Reinhard Tristan Eugene Heydrich, Reinhart knots hand Gimlera Gauleiter Poland, an architect plan the end of the Jewish issue father Bruno Joseph Suss characteristics suitable Jew from Halle teacher music
Adolf Eichmann priest plan Heinrich waiting, characteristics suitable Jew, was s in "Day wreak vengeance" before execution adopted Judaism. Former chief of Office IV B 4 the Gestapo Reich Security
Admiral Friedrich Canaris chief Abvera on origin the Greek Jew, on his initiative all Jews Germany must were wears your patch star in David


Julius Streicher chief editor of newspapers Der St. Peter resulted in huge & # 252 ;r mer (anti-Semitism publication), in Nyurbenrge Yitzhak for anti-Semitism poveshenem, executed in Jews day revenge (Purim), present name of Adam Ludvig Holberg, Baron Holberg judging by tablet after hanging,.
General Franco dictator Spain, ally Hitler, characteristics suitable Jew, under offense had been organized through Spain Canal evacuation rich Jews from Europe
General-Field Marshal Erhard Milch (him. Erhard Milch; 30.03.1892, SpVgg. 1905 Wilhelmshaven, Hannover 25.01.1972, Wuppertal & nbsp; Hbf), master supervisor confirmed a Luftwaffe. Was born in family pharmacists Anton and awful Milch. Father characteristics suitable Jew.

Creator of strategy "air directly" Lt. Gen. Helmut Vilberg, Jew on mothers. … reyha.html

And so on.



A new the Holocaust software old scenario

Journal "Ogoniok" publishes a selection of interview with zhitelnitsami of Odessa. One of them tells, that in House unions, where occurred conflagration, were and representatives except the organizations "Jews for Putins."
Having heard slogan Ukrainian nationalists: "Vtopimo zhidiv in moskalskiy krovi!", they low-profile approach its banner "Russia, Pomogi!" And wanted people to his on the facade buildings, but their stopped Orthodox: "Oops, not need to, maydanovtsy see and would go berserk!, will rushed here, and then accurately us the elephants."
Here is here there is list dead in Odessa in House unions There are whether among them modicum one Jew say it is difficult.
And this is happening in Ukraine, where President became the Moldovan Jew Peter Alekseevich Valtsman (known as injured) - native of Odesskaya area.
And the other Jew and citizen Israels Igor Valerievich our Ukraine,__.. beingDnipropetrovsk state administration Ukraine threatens intimidation for murder one Jew, not paying attention on murder of hundred gentiles cannot be relied upon Ukraine.
On the other side military action members Donetsk Jewish communities vostrubili around the world, that 15 April, three unknowns in balaklavakh with flag Russian Federation raskleivali near synagogues of Donetsk dropped leaflets had, anti-Semitic content. In a result from-for dropped leaflets had in of villages in Donetsk Oblast synagogue arrive tens of media from around the world raskleivanie, and on the other version of, giveaways leaflets onvention on the eve and during Jewish holiday Passover Sprashivaetsya who as not Jew could know and remember about that date?! In leaflet detained the next appeal:
In ties with those, that leaders Jewish communities Ukraine supported benderovskuyu junta in Kyiv and hostile determined in respect Orthodox Donetsk republics and its citizens, the Chief Headquarters Donetsk republics ruled the next: All citizens Jewish nationality older 16 years, who reside on territory sovereign Donetsk republics, needs in term until 3 on May 2014 joining the to. O. Commissioner on Affairs nationalities in the building Donetsk Regional State Administration, cabinet 514 for registration. The cost of registration accounts for 50 dollars the US. Under itself to have cash means in the sum 50 dollars the US for pay for registration, passports for benchmarks about-Evangelical, documents about composition family, and also pravoustanavlivayuschie documents on all own you real estate and vehicles. In case evasion from registration perpetrators will deprived of citizenship and expelled in compulsory order beyond republics with the confiscation of assets.
Your popular governor Denis Denys Pushylin.
Not difficult to define what nationality knave (as he himself themselves calls Denis Denys Pushylin, enough look at his photo. This, of course, not proves, but and not excludes his involvement in this shares.
And this is even not increasingly. Germanic Association information and advisory services victims the Nazi persecution (Bundesverband Information und Beratung f & # 252 ;r NS-Verfolgte) criticized coverage Russian media events on Ukraine. As declared 24 April in Cologne a member of rule this organizations Alexander Bakaleynik, some Russian journalists have bypassed moreover, that call Ukrainian politicians "Jewish pigs" and "Nazis", is handing news agency epd. Alexander Bakaleynik mentioned Internet portal "Angliyskiy the world", and also some Russian television networks, Sravnivayuschie Ukrainian politicians with Nazis, accusing their in involvement in the certain "Jewish conspiracy" and thus disparaging and we their.
This pro state, where anti-Semitism are persecuted by law Where is beside law from 5 on May 2014 N 128-FZ facto criminal responsibility for so-called rehabilitation Nazism, for which lies criminalizing reject a facts, ostensibly established spell doom International military tribunal, more accurately on Nuremberg Trials over former executives Hitlers Germany. On fact, criminal responsibility for Holocaust denial (mass destruction Jews) in the years World War II. As UN General Assembly without voting in Resolution # 60 / 7 from 21 November 2005 rejects any full or partial denial of Holocaust as historic events.

In short, in trades abroad will have expand article 354.1 Criminal code trades abroad until people not learned entire truth.

Incidentally, journalists of Italian newspapers La Repubblica found married Adolf Hitler chief convener Holocaust. And where it comes you thought? If, in Israel! It turns out, that he already for-quarters century lives there and, teaches exhibited in one of Jewish universities. Great-grandson Hitler wears surname Gealer Base.


Moshe Feiglin am confident, that Israel uses the Holocaust in political purposes
07 April 2013, 10 :0 7
Vice Speaker Knesset Moshe Moshe Feiglin believes, that Israel uses the Holocaust for achievements political benefits. "To justify our" here, lemon from survivors Holocaust overcome the until the end of. "
Feyglina resent the fact, that in program tenure in Israel every top-level guest countries the ministry Foreign Israels necessarily contributes attending Memorial complex "poison wa-best", happens thus political and public benefits, reports HD. About this Moshe Moshe Feiglin in another times declared in late last weeks in knessete: "For many years I language of practice, when everyones victors-guest staying in Israel immediately lead in" poison wa-best "against his desires." Moreover, Moyshe Moshe Feiglin believes personal due, that US President Barack Obama during his recent Israeli visit not visited "poison wa-best." "I regard this as my personal achieving, - declared Vice Speaker. Happens important change for the better."
Moshe Moshe Feiglin also noted, that a new generation in Europe already "not buy" argument, that It was a disaster justifies "Jewish people in Israel." Israel manufacturalafirm and abuse theme Holocaust, especially in respect remaining in survivors in a result, to justify our "here, lemon from survivors the Holocaust cloth shit until the end of. I think, that a new generation in Europe not is prepared to accept similar rationale as axiom. Use themes Holocaust as an excuse, to ducking from fundamental issues, is returning to us by the Boomerang. We already hear claims in Europe, that we new the Nazis, recent white colonizers, which in East Mediterranean Plunder oppressed Palestinian natives. And all of this because, that we avoided fundamental issues. "
The original of the articles: … ih-celyah/



Theme: "Babiy nego." Each bailed on exile on article.
Some photos me drags with odd.
Can I am mistaken, can I already to all photograph lobby someoneam.

Who that will tell?




Some photos me drags with odd.

In than oddity? There is doubts, that this may be the Microsoft Dynamics CRM?



Chief Rabbinic the Netherlands Binyamin Jakobs, which lives there as least with 1986 … .html urged government state the Netherlands apologize for the Holocaust: … 32625.html … a_holokost

France already apologize for the Holocaust in size 60 million the euro:
Belgium apologize in size 170 million dollars:
Lithuania apologize in size 37 million the euro:
Norway apologize in size 450 million Norwegian kroons: … l/voen.htm
Hungary apologize on 100 billion the aquatic: … .php?id=21
Germany apologize on billion dollars and will to apologize even until the end of World: for Third Reich, in which all key posts borrowed Jews:
Poland apologize for Katyn was … tit-komp/, to the it Jews: … ;Itemid=46
Will whether to apologize before Israel Russia for demise during the Great domestic war 26 million citizens the USSR, which died not without participation an estranged cousin Jewish person earning Solomon Barons de Rothschild - Adolf Hitler, until not known.
But nothing not worth on place. After all the Holocaust deal sacred and, importantly very plummest.



All this is with Jews. Want to live in security zaselite in circle themselves Jews and you no one not touches him. Example: Holland Belgium the US Deutsche former the USSR

Personally I to Jews am as to nation with which need to to cooperate and with which cooperation benefits but try to assimilate its this if they themselves will want. I doubt that descendants those who a thousand years has maintained customs suddenly for 1 day all will change. Pretend to be can but swap has I think there is no.

And at all many of us have Jewish roots



#p37378,- wrote:

Personally I to Jews am as to nation with which need to to cooperate and with which cooperation benefits

Yes cooperate with whom want, but keep in view, that embezzlement maneuver assets route deception or abuses trust - there is fraud clean water, form a punishable feat in any state. All who, help in committing this crimes - automatically become his complicit.
And inaction law enforcement agencies in all countries planet this Saturday (grave crime, that itself contains signs of self-sustaining crimes.

This the usual a rager. Transnational criminal community, a shallow, vapid crimes in the, and no anti-Semitism or racism.



In France was entombed opoznannye leftovers from the 86 Jews from school with test tubes, tortured in World War II
"Until recently leftovers from the were stored in vessels surgeries and test tubes in Strasburgskoy medical school."
And here same:
"The only victim of, that have been able recognize this by, became Polish Jew Menachem Taffem, the murdered in gas cell Auschwitz."
Likely, 's been identified on ashes.



#p19303,Val wrote:

In than oddity? There is doubts, that this may be the Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Sometimes such doubts why something arise

Unfortunately, pictures of the stopped boot on this site. Can give only exile:



All in power for the Holocaust

Now and, Prince Albert II, head of the ruling dynasty in princedom Monaco, apologized for the Holocaust: … 91887.html

After apology need to wait cash compensation



In Romania usomnivshikhsya in Shoah will to send in prison

"Still one European country has a series of states, in which form solicitation denial of Holocaust. President Romania Klaus Johannis signed law, according to which revisionism and encouragement Nazism is punishable by prisonconclusion until three years.

Law prohibits fascist, racist or xenophobic organizations and symbols, and also justification faces, the guilty in committing crimes against humanity, reports AP. Under this to deny the Holocaust applies rebutting role Romania in this tragedy. In period between 1940 and 1944 years, when in country maintained profashistskiy regime dictator Marshal Ion Antonescu, in country were killed tens of thousands of Jews and Roma.
Currently laws, bluntly couples to a public denial of, downplay, approval or justification crimes, committed Nazis, accepted in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

About ten years ago for Holocaust denial earning the British historian, which argued, that the scale of destruction Jews Nazis during World War II were exaggerated, and Adolf Hitler at all nothing about this not knew. In Germany Court several times shtrafoval he Richard Williamsons, podvergavshego question fact Holocaust. "


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