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Explosion on station Volgograd-1

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Who in Volgograd built such a handsome Vokzal?
Comrade of Stalins, who same even.



Ageev, Sergei Nikolayevich - 1981 R.
Harutyunyan Nina Martunievna - 1981 R.
Bityutskaya Olga
Valent Vladimir 2010 - 1971. R.
^ a Maxim Alexandrovich - 1997. R.
Gelyazudinova Yuliya Olelkowicz - 1991 R.
Gladyshev Sergei Vasilyevich - 1971. R.
Truck tires Rakhmun Ali - 1971. R.
Gregorian Susana Sergeevna - 1978 R.
Courses Sergei Nikolayevich - 1953 R.
Dudina Natalia Alekseyevna
Bellies Sergei Alexandrovich - 1977 Propulsion R.
Zhulanov Vitaly - 1987 R.
Zadorin Andrei Alexandrovich - 1965 R.
page Oleg - 1973 R.
Page Olga - 2004 R.

Kiselev Alexander Vyacheslavovich - 1991 R.
Lemyakina Valentin Viktorovna - 1982 R.
Lobachev Roman Davidovich - 1970 Propulsion R.
Morzhukhin Mikhail becoming - 1975 R.
Petelin Yevgeny) Mr. - 1979 R.
Petrov Sergei Viktorovich - 1968. R.
Povyshev Viktor Russian - 1985 R.
Proskurnova Irina Electronics - 1970 Propulsion R.
Rudyakova Galina Ivanovna - 1952 Propulsion R.
Saginov Maxim Nikolayevich - 1966 Propulsion R.
Sugrobov Alexander
Tomoreva Love
Uskov Dmitri Vasilyevich - 1980 R.
Fefilov Paul Alexandrovich - 1972 Propulsion R.
Khakimova Tatiana year - 1976 R.
Tsiganov Vitaly Sergeevich - 1973 R.
Chebanova Svetlana particular - 1962 R.
Shaktyr Denis Vasilyevich - 1978 R.
Shubin Mikhail.

This is list Wounded.
Javadxan, a bloody putinskiy regime not allows nowhere touring pensineram on New A year. Moreover, husbands somewhere shipment without wives, and those without husbands. Here is such singles freaks.



Clip from neskanchaemogo report on "Rossii24"
, it's idiotic hike.
As you think, that now shows Canal strap-iron rail?
It turns out this cadres, which have sent-witnesses "only that"
8 :4 3 - leading explains, that on these personnel visible smoke, which is billowing until now.
You see smoke? You see at all anything a clear?
And so the entire Newsweek.
As sign in well, the reporters are for Rossiya24?
As in emergency situation find worded, far them send fantastic cadres DEREVA?
9 :1 0 - on the link goes officer MVD. Clearly heard, that audio underpinning mounting.



2 :3 7 - in direct live is someone Stanislav, which bears blatant a blizzard, with frequent anti words "enough."
Represent, here is so forces routinely can be dial until direct prime-Rossii24 and you be allowed to enter in direct spots, although you not pikeperch witness to what really, and simply past rode.
In the shot is mired some corpse) lying around between the two "skorymi." No one before him affairs there is no. Ah correctly, whom deal until any corpse. But arises question: As he here fell? On tsentrovom video perfectly saw, that from entry no corpse under angle not Yaroslavl State University. But even if he here lay with the outset, how his they "quick" not razdaviv his?
Not see I nor on one video, as from buildings beach is 50 affected
[size=16][b]the Witness is Stanislav from Volgograd reports about road environment after terrorist 29 th December.
An eyewitness to Ivan from Volgograd, soared the same, no one unnecessary drugs now 21 th October



An operative decided to get back a little podzarabotat and leaked video for Layfnyuz. Normally?
In the center of the compositions lies doll corpse women, its even not bothered pour balm red paint. Ah correctly, whom bear implement - marcar mark in through wet paint?
On asphalt even four "corpse." Who same their so not uniform scattered?
There on non-CIS terms of, as he there proved? On tsentrovom video normally in sight, that from entry no one nowhere not ricocheted out for different sides.
On chessboard of until monument, are worth movie extras from extra,.. extra. Every makes kind of, that precisely here he should stand and to paint job as an extra. I allow head on cutoff, this those same guys, which chipper repelled out from windows bus 21 th October.
In the second parts of video, operator (who leaked for money cadres for LayfNyus), goes inward. We, as would casually, hear dialogue investigators, which they unearth, what weapons was have Dmitri Makovkina.
Within see, that there is no nor one injured from fifty. Porch even's blocked, man the rubble of the, means Wounded no one not the Field, and their already there and there is no.



At tsentrovom video normally in sight, that from entry no one nowhere not ricocheted out for different sides.
As same here proved "corpse", what force his here has brought? Explosive wave of from Widow (Chechnya) did given zigzags?
This "corpse" lies during moreover, when porch was's blocked, man props and during moreover, when porch already cleared.
So WHEN THE SAME broached Wounded?

At tsentrovom video, perfectly in sight that place, where now lies "corpse",
In moment explosion here needed three human, but no one of them here not fell.



choose to remember this face, it even comes up, as for example this: face Jewish nationality



Radio Liberty, too, "in topic"

Nationalists announced our plans holding "popular the vanishing" in Volgograd on Walk Heroes, with requirement resignation governor area Sergei Bozhenova, and also Mayor of cities Irina Gusevoy. About this reports group "HSIIDC regions" on its page in social networks "Gibkikh." Is expected, that electro theater will mark in Monday,.


9 … grade.html

good piece home article 25 October, through 4 days after bus # 29 for 69 days until 29 December.

fear and hatred in Volgograd
That here years 10 15 ago was explosion, continues to taxi driver, named headed by Anatoly. This is military part of. Bomb on the tree reconstruction cemented and, when from bathhouses behaved a company of soldiers, made. Their all and pokosilo.
A not are afraid, that still the attacks will?
Is the, necessarily will. And bribery?
In sense bribery? several obeskurazhenno say I. This is after all and with you, and with entertainments relatives can happen
Nu, times can, means, and bribery there is no fear, smiles he.
At all the attacks in Volgograd occur with awesome regularity. Literally 7 August this year have entry in the building battalion SDP occurred explosion, no one not suffered. In this same day the bomb techs got defused. Bomb have another policeman buildings. Two years ago worked bomb have buildings urban Vehicular and Academy MVD. Also without victims.

That this the excerpts, too, bad one::
Monument To The Burghers Of know still many miraculous stories the fatal route # 29: About vyprygnuvshikh in windows in moment explosion, ustupivshikh smertnitse place,

What even need, to attract a newspaper "Moscow workshop entitled" on article "fomenting cross border discord"?:
Why you there? evil sverknuv eyes, asks, Renault taksist- -bombed Oleg, Met Police spokesman me in Muslim the mission house, which in night after terrorist tried to firelog. Of-for them the entire this. (Of the legal scolds. Avt. They this a terrorist just have sheltered. Can, and bomb to it taped me. Hate!



Everyone installation in Volgograd created on Western mediapotrebitelya.
Bang just through two months after terrorist in the same city of strengthens fears in a possible attack Islamic militants on facilities winter Olympics, that Russia intends to conduct in city of Sochi on the Black Sea less than through six weeks , writes The Telegraph.
Seneng safe Olympiada in Sochi? wondered CNNin his had and leads exile on the plot station's, narrates about the terrorist attacks on the Caucasus, neighborhood Sochi to troublesome region and organizations security on Russian stations.
In June leader Chechen groups Doc presentation called for its terrorists focus it work on appear, reminds Independent, celebrates, that Volgograd is just in 690 kilometers from Sochi.

It is eerie, that CNN in rate, that terrorist attack in Sochi 11 February should happen on station.
They already perhaps know in what caves will dynamite warhead will be detonated. Instructions already received.



New terrorist attack in Volgograd.
Question: That here make several Brigades the emergency ", if near trolley car right there is no nor one injured and nor one corpse?
The answer: Their here set not taken
Ah there is of course even small and funny questions: For example such -
- Where is CSU, who collect in was very clean remarkable for elements?
- Why these the Blue with suitcases trample tracks? -
(Purely with moral perspective) whatever need be freaks, to treading water on pools human blood and nothing not to do?



terrorist an act of not has no sense,
If his not focuses on a in media.
(Rule terrorism # 1)


Channel broadcast "Rossiya24" continues to intimidate Russians in regime non-stop sign. Other make this with pure intuition.
Antirossiyskie media, which referring themselves Russian, 24 hours in clock work with terrorists in one teamed. Conclusion the obvious: Leadership media and the organizers terrorist attacks - alone and those same faces.







Dobavlyu, where in materials of media "black smoke is billowing until now." Calculate the was, that combustible thingst address from thermal the composition for house footings.
But they not engaged from for strong strike the explosive the explosive waves of.
In an open space, without doubt, was would "smoke, valyaschiy until now"
Storyboards very qualitative, put with gratitude the admin Forum … #t8192135.

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On-my, not Supermarket and not a suicide bomber, and Pandora under emotional outburst during




Skyfall-my, not Supermarket and not a suicide bomber, and Pandora under emotional outburst during

This is primitivneyshiy a montage. Such installation of can do any schoolchild.
"Explosion" impose computer, and the withdrawn on the eve.
Behavior cameras other, it at all spat on this explosion.
This very, very raw work.
If want show real video, then let it not contains stupid wingding, begins for minute until explosion and ends through minute after explosion.
LayfNyuz well cash roused on these three soccer the terrorist attacks, perhaps even and .

I such wingding transparent in video "September 11,." This is their with the signature bookshelf.
Have people half of not as deaf. The second arrow "glass man") Materials such on site I have full of the.



I dont, too, it looked strange, that camera not waver and record has interrupted.
"Layfnyus" -chistye vnematrichniki, they on "separates the" PE forward organs concerned. And sometimes and among "witnesses" seats PE "open" (as in serovskom lzhekrushenii, for example)



a trolley bus was is mined.
Tyazheloatletka Asiyalova-2, with care bones, was just dropping off some in a trolley bus 50-kilograms boxes are with explosives and passengers this as-would not noticed?
Not love I word "Brad" but that here even say.
Question such a character: Why FSB not going to arrest the entire personal composition radio stations " Business FM "?
In 8 :2 3 in Volgograd exploded a trolley bus. In 8 :3 0-8 :4 5 " Business FM "reported the exact number of affected - 10 man.
21 th October in 14 :0 5 in Volgograd exploded team bus. In 15 :0 0 " Business FM "reported, that a terrorist just name is Asiyalova, that she dagestanka, studied in Moscow, married, has disease broken bones and evangelism in another place.
I of course not interrogator, but not such Jesus, dozy fuckers, that would not understand, that " Business FM "zachityvalo instruction.
Separately want to mention that in the terrorist in) Nairobi, " Business FM "been in contact with Kenya on the telephone and described the unspeakable horrors directly with seats.




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