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Explosion on station Volgograd-1

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Dmitry" wrote:

The subject such a character: Why FSB not going to arrest the entire personal composition radio stations " Business FM "?

In matrix, where these engage in state department, Massad, Arab sheikhs (a new at - … i_prodest/), prioraty, the illuminati ETS, without doubt, so and should be. In the real life nothing such a there is no, all singers are and media in such affairs are united

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. And cases are different

more American Kasseltona in Capetown North ashamed of have called urgently overwhelmingly from cities, report local media. Cause of has become Mediterranean rail transport the accident, one that occurred a in immediate neighborhood from populated points.
Power cities promised provide a necessary for evacuation transport, and to place people are planning in one of schools.

What whether journalists again have shown professionalism, then whether power indeed want inhabitants cities a roII in one of schools.
For education:
North ashamed of this is the most agricultural US state. Population density the most a small in country (less perhaps only have Alaska).
Not times watched their territory with Sputniks (love this to do), increasingly in squares fields. Some tiles zatyorty, to not show the scale of stage for cows (until a hundred thousands of square meters for the paddock). Both Dakota's this state named Monsanto Company. Monsanto - this the angry Spirit, King biotechnology and GMOs, the main supplier synthetic feed in skating the fast-food



??, our experts suggest, that a series of terrorist attacks in Volgograd, bycore accurately between Moscow and Sochi, this preparation for general blowup on forthcoming appear. Construction Olympic facilities known not only walkabout thing corruption, but and armies a supplier guest workers, collected on the principle of cutting compulsory contributions less.
Facilities in Sochi miniruyutsya still on stage construction. And in "hour X" all flies up on air.

find word "accurately")
Volgograd can be accurately between Sochi and Samara, but raze miles between Sochi and Moscow. A normal Soviet person should know map countries with ten years.
Now about a major.
In is place, where is Volgograd, with July 1942 thru 2 February 1943, onvention the most great the Battle for entire history humanity, "Stalingrad battle."
Stalingrad this symbol of victory Russian human, spirit and weapons, over the entire together patterns of iiaaiie kinds, united by Europe, which rolled to us on English and American able.
Stalingrad this symbol, zhidopindosy trumps precisely for symbol, not on average city., they like the symbolism, and September 11, was so same.



Simvolizmov'n in here full of the



In the center of the fotokampaszitsyi, is bas of the Order "Red Cross Banner of Labour"
All Soviet cities to 31 January 2010 these with were in different times fully destroyed, this Tashkent 66, Grozny 95, Stalingrad 42, Sevastopol 42, and Leningrad has survived the most dreadful blockade of in of History 41-43.
Order was "Red Cross Banner of Labour" represents from themselves whole together of occult symbols.
Attention question: Representatives what nationality pursued the place conducting shares?



There this somewhere I already saw, not can recall where



That this for of operational advertizing such a. Layfnyusovskaya.
Operator makes all it can, that would not show of operatives details.
Operator absolves Square, - who as is worth and who as smokes, this "of operational advertizing"?
Where they so much left polled? Each of extra,.. extra at a standstill or is worth. Modicum would wrote in late, who starred in episodes, yes at all making it hugely tempting me vision film maker, he clearly not anodyne internships in gollivudakh.
Operative the operator and in head not comes to lift small details, he absolves actors, which portray investigators and view air in the center of the companies.
Corpses lie quite not there where need.
In red-white cases about, shouts about how, that its here pegged dilettante how to do, not La brigade.
Explosion the magic some. 100 and 200 kilograms the iron pieces made up all as egg cartons, but under this even not s goalkeeper touched these gays stenochki, Blue krasochka have reason shestigrannykh columns, too, not scavenged,.
Here is on this stop sign-frame zhelezyake unlucky, she as something unsuccessfully caught on the and not was able o so as all the rest normal the iron pieces.
From buildings goes about to beytarovets in helmet. Volgogradskim MChSnikam here would need to watch on his form of clothing.
He turns the-ass head, as said Dir, then is faring squarely on doll victims, there, where cases about how's life with Mac. But here snip. And frame is changing. We so and not learned, than over his approach on zhelezyakam and day's garbage.
Now operator is mired inward. On most importantly spectacle an operative sees about ten seconds.
Have us in organs clear cutting corruption, even on work operators take full idiots.
Within station increasingly is beautiful.are discussing, what weapons was have Dmitri Makovkina. Ah as would casually so are discussing, as would for what would on cell prove, that he here was. Lighted memory to Dmitrii.
Look at this red-White tape. They its zaherachili used on used. This OK over convert until such a idiocy. T. E. They us want say, that thanks to this tape, which is tied on diagonalkam, outsiders looky-loos, which accidentally subsuming inward, will not be able to get in your way investigative action? Ah understandable, that from-for Hollywood films mind there, ah not until such same extent.
Look at these cardboard boxes. Here one of two, either they iaiaoii?iua, either in them a minor garbage dragged.
Look at this the unspoiled pobelku walls.


28 .




noses similar have beytarovtsev



With first victims introduce.
Netimer all, choice not the casual.
Attempt to and politic "terrorist attack Widow (Chechnya) / pay", guide the in area defense capabilities and camping on P.

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Since first victims introduce.
Netimer all, choice not the casual.
Attempt to and politic "terrorist attack Widow (Chechnya) / pay", guide the in area defense capabilities and camping on P.

Votkinsky plant, this a serious blow. I not think that here someone someone wants somewhere guide the. Sense you can disclose, that for keeping such?
Called the names concrete people, what same here "keeping", on factory something their accurately know.
Killed specific group, and where and when, question remains open.
A modern terrorist attack this something action, when would cease work theory likelihood.
This direct blow to defense capabilities Russia.
In its time Putin personally oversaw the plant and not allowed him unravel as the rest of the.
This one of the most most important factories countries, his products, can physically destroy the US. So they make increasingly opportunity, that would reduce such a the likelihood.



Door intercommunication video wash their hands ???? station in Volgograd before and after vzryvaVsego in a result terrorist on railway station in Volgograd, which occurred 29 December, died 17 people. .

Generally direct lies. This until what extent need their viewers keep for idiots.)
To talk about video cameras, and show disparate was-cadres.

Lattices impressive. Can whether skinny woman bring on itself such number of charges, to their hammer out? There is no of course.
LifeNews honored would its task, if would arrows marked policeman Dmitri Makovkina, female suicide bomber-smertnitsu, linker working smoothly Andrei Kotenko, Flughafentransfers Sadilova, Vitaliy Zhuvanova, Yegor's Povysheva and Designer Paul Fefilova. Only not separately with other cadres other numbers and another time, and when all gathered.



This is video begins for two of seconds until explosion. With, whole second on the screen is faring outright're a head-fuck.
I.e., video LifeNews begins FOR you for a moment TO VZRYVA. Why?
That would in the shot --something as can be less people, which can be to know?
Camera not moved, stood. Even if would she was zabetonirovana, increasingly would still we would saw characteristic feelin 'shitty,. Usually cameras enshrined on khlipkikh brackets. Given a small distance, likely, must be have been removed from by building, already on the first-tenth share of of seconds.
He fact, that video begins for one second until explosion, bluntly attests to concealing real facts.




won a affected under Kerri on station, which are in clinics Moscow:
1. Valento Vladimir 2010 1974. R.
2. ^ a Maxim Alexandrovich 1997. R.
3. Gladyshev Sergei Vasilyevich 1971. R.
4. Dudina Natalia Alekseyevna 1987 R.
5. Marzhukhin Mikhail becoming 1961. R.
6. Petelin Yevgeny) Mr. 1979 R.
7. Uskov Dmitri Vasilyevich 1980 R.
8. . Vitaly Sergeevich 1997. R.

List Wounded on station, featured in hospitals Volgograd and cities Volzhsky:
1. Ageev, Sergei Nikolayevich 1983 R.
2. Harutyunyan Nina Martunievna 1981 R.
3. Bityutskaya Olga
4. Vaganova Tatiana Viktorovna 1976 R.
5. Gaziyev Rakhmun Ali Melikovich 1973 R.
6. Gregorian Susanna Sergeevna 1978 R.
7. Courses Sergei Nikolayevich 1953 R.
8. Bellies Sergei Alexandrovich 1977 Propulsion R.
9. Zhulanov Vitaly Vladimirovich 1987 R.
10. I. Arthur Olegovich 1999, R.
11. Page Irina Mikhailovna 1979 R.
12. Page Oleg Igorevich 1973 R.
13. I. Olga Olegovna- 2004 R.
14. Kiselev Alexander Vyacheslavovich 1991 R.
15. Kopylova Nona Electronics 1963 Propulsion R.
16. Koshelev Sergei Yevgenievich 1985 R.
17. Lemyakina Valentin Viktorovna 1982 R.
18. Petrov Sergei Viktorovich 1968. R.
19. Povyshev Yegor Russian 1985 R.
20. Proskurkova Irina Electronics 1970 Propulsion R.
21. Rudyakova Galina Ivanovna 1961. R.
22. Sugrobov Alexander Ivanovich
23. Tomareva Love Veniaminovna 1955 R.
34. Fefilov Paul Alexandrovich 1972 Propulsion R.
25. Chebanova Svetlana particular 1963 Propulsion R.
26. Shaktyr Denis Vasilyevich 1975 R.
27. Sharygin Vasily Alexandrovich 1986. R.
28. Sharygin Denis Alexandrovich 1988 R.
29. Shubin Mikhail Ivanovich 1979 R.

Died on place explosion on volgogradskom station 14 people. In hospitals have died three patients:
List dead:
1. Andreev Denis becoming, 1989 R.
2. W. Andrei Vladimirovich, 2001 R.
3. Dianova Ludmila Dmitrievna, 1960 R.
4. D. Alexander Alexandrovich, 2002 R.
5. Zadorin Andrei Alexandrovich, 1965 R.
6. Kotenko Andrei Peter, 1988 R.
7. Makovkin Dmitri Aleksadrovich, 1984 R.
8. Nazarov Tambulat Erganovich, 1960 R.
9. Severyn Nalyvaiko Sergei Vladimirovich, 1984 R.
10. Being Elena Aleksandrovna, 1992 R.
11. Pavlov Sergei Alexandrovich, 1980 R.
12. Saginov Maxim Nikolayevich, 1986. R.
13. Suschev Leonid Nikolayevich, 1986. R.
14. Tyunyaeva Olga Sergeevna, 1982 R.
15. Faraponova Irina Pavlovna, 1994 R.
16. Khakimova Tatiana year, 1976 R.
17. Click beetles back Ivan Nikolayevich, 1990 R.

won a suddenly scored from the list of affected and pairs as binaries interview television on station in Volgograd:
1. Lobachev Roman Davidovich - 1970 Propulsion R.

On place died 24-year-old picker you Andrei Kotenko.
His colleagues 27 year olds Flughafentransfers Sadilova and Vitaliy Zhuvanova, and also 28-year-old Yegor's Povysheva and 41-year-old Designer Paul Fefilova urgently swept in hospital.
In the same day in chamber died Maxim Sadilov.

Sadilov - Saginov
Zhuvanov - Zhulanov
Stability - a sign of prowess.
Where so much killed and affected embarked on, if on video LifeNews, even roughly, there is no such number of people?

On "running the Boston the long", too, most, wrote that, killed and Wounded 285 man, but on chessboard of lay just 10 actors.
The mass murder of in primary school Sandy Hook - 28 killed, two injured, not have shown nor one of slain, nor one injured, although continually cast increasingly with the helicopter
9 / 11 / 2001 -, too, most, said about three 114,000 killed, and virtually no one of them not have shown, except fake "knew how people."



One from examples "Steklyannykh people" September 11,.
Why something such, ostensibly "digital disadvantages", meet exclusively during terrorist attacks.
(On passage could be seen moment, when teenage in glasses, 's lying pro airplanes)



That even example mysterious "wingding."
On television widely is used, but only in strictly certain cases. For example on any press conference Boston Media Group terrorism`)) someone says something stupid lishaka. Need sweep from his proposals unnecessary words. Can be cut, and place cut still cover it up "digital impediment." Voila and he already nothing excess not vzboltnul.

This is no amount not "digital" disadvantages, this their with the signature bookshelf.



Fine LayfNyus pokormil us pirogi observed her efforts?
On tsentrovom video CELL's shaking, she is on distance 165 meters.
On domestic video CELL NOT's shaking, she is on distance only 5 meters.



Bind to map, too, gives outcome.
Camera is on distance 165 meters, on the roof high buildings, there contrary.
With such a distances, we must to see very broad a picture.. Not can such a be, that would the installer zapindyuril here directional lens, either established cell with a pre-installed ZOOMom. If would camera pieces truck crossroads, then yes, but in is case 165 meters not will under any options.
And that same. We get terribly flawed kind of station, but includes very nice on kind of, is borne entry in station.
Conclusion simple, feasible even by the for your brain:
THAT CELL called into HERE to go to, three years TO visiting THIS section AKTsII.
The Internet-, pleads for mercy Life may have focused News - Central resource of all three soccer terrorist attacks with 21 October. Not though, that have all soccer video, as would absolutely different sources, Life may have focused News umudryalos show video the most the first. Having studied all video Life may have focused News, verdict flies an unambiguous: In all cases visible hand convener shares (terrorist attacks). Life may have focused News amounts to murderers, and subject to physical obliteration of after coming our to power.

the Red sector - simple camera
Telescoping sector - a normal kind of
Blue sector - kind of terrorist 29 December



Most large contradiction: On external video there is no moreover black of smoke, from which on domestic video nor longer see not in sight.

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These on the torso could not to leave bombed-Widow (Chechnya) or suicide in place, which it is declared on labels.
A corner the other.

Source of shrapnel higher people on video and closer closer to exits in city
On video and on the picture there is no

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