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Kurt Sonnenfeld

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American videographer argues, that possesses evidence moreover, that official version of events September 11, a lying
American operator FEMA (retire Extraordinary Centers), which said, that about events September 11, government lie. You want, threatens to Hague from Argentina in the US on charges of murder of. Kurt Zonnenfeldu was granted a temporary refugee status in 2003, and now the US government wants to accuse his in the murder of. He is the only operator, which dismantled important images Ground Zero in New York after, as the Twin Towers collapsed.
Sonnenfeld, lives in Buenos Aires with Argentine family. He says, that cadres prove, that 9 / 11 was deliberate as lies. He still commands 22-hours videotapes, which power the US require from him.
"I promised to hand my videotapes senior the investigators, which are reliable and widely known. This must be people skilled, capable capabilities to detect anomalies. After all I or other people without scientific education can their miss. Possessing this in mind, I hope, that there are many things that they can detect, that they're gonna contradict current official version of what happened ", declared Sonnenfeld calicos Press TV.
Videographer says, that fears for their lives, if his were taking back in the United States, to he produced before the court. In police Denver argue that they possess evidence, which show, that Sonnefeld killed his first wife in the US.
Social activists, which spend campaign in support providing Zonnenfeldu status refugee in Argentina, argue, that the police lies. Sonnenfeld says, that his defenders of are under supervision police, and that their phones tapped.
Sonnenfeld claims, that his cadres prove, that tertiary leadership the US was in rate terrorist attacks 2001, before as they occurred, and that he is victim of conspiracy in the US, which try to force his silence.



Zakhvatyvayuschiy narrative Kurt here:
Sponsoring month on place demolition skyscrapers, he studied and showed me some footage many material for FEMA. In including, found under WTC-6 huge empty storage sites CIA, which were emptied before September 11,.
As operator FEMA, Kurt immediately drew attention, how badly were limited the photo and video shootings on place crimes, and so same the, that his agency (FEMA this Ministry of Emergency Situations) low-profile approach its Headquarters 10 September, not 11 th. So same his has puzzled strange kind of "evidence", wheels and jet engine'on a Boeing, which must were fall into his aeaai?ya. Kurt genuinely not understood, why Velkommen wheel "'s penetrated" a skyscraper virtually without damage, while other parts of Boeing "has vanished."
In 2003 Kurt escaped in Argentina, but power the US began to his persecution of. During arrest in Buenos Aires, house Kurt inverted had turned upside down, was opened all rig up concealments and abducted all videotapes and documents. Wanting to forever close him his mouth, power the US have come up with murder of, that would escorts Zonnenfilda in American prison.


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Kurt Sonnenfeld launched from search site FEMA, and his materials errors were eliminated on other people.



Kurt Sonnenfeld, on place collapse skyscrapers.



2 January 2015, the Supreme Court Argentina's announced their decision about issuance holds the United States. … s&_r=0



Олег О wrote:

2 January 2015, the Supreme Court Argentina's announced their decision about issuance holds the United States. … s&_r =0


Holds blame in the murder of own wife (shot in the head 1.01.2002). Summer 2002 with him wash their hands charges from for lack of evidence, and now ostensibly found.

Zonnenfild was videooperatorom FEMA (Ministry of Emergency Situations the US), was admitted on place the shattered the World Trade Center in moment debriefing through the rubble. Him managed to know, see and to lift, many interesting things, in particular he dismantled the melted metals, which continued to melt through a few days after September 11,. Of course, as man neposvyaschyonnyy, he became genuinely be surprised caught off guard when you and likely began many to measure language.

He argues, that his wife emerged life suicide. Perhaps she not was able withstand pressure, which began to exert on their family. Their videotapes he retained the and promised to hand tertiary officials countries, but with the passage time understood, that no officials him not will help to investigate truth, because they themselves are tied by in pokryvatelstve crimes. Through two years after death wife, he relocated in Argentina and asked political refuge. 12 years managed Bohemia in Argentina. The Argentine Court of course understands circumstances affairs, but decided to demonstrate its docility Uncle Sam.

Likely, videotapes precisely Kurt Zonnefelda, are trapped in different films-investigations "terrorist attacks 911." This him forgive failed to and will dozhimat until the end of. Bookshelf familiar, thus same handwriting acts Israeli intelligence agencies, when without court and allegations kill "terrorists" and "the Nazi criminals" outside Israel.



Kurt Sonnenfeld 9/11 Ground Zero Footage (Part 1 of 2)
Kurt Sonnenfeld 9/11 Ground Zero Footage (Part 2 of 2)

Бросается в глаза огромное количество бумаги и полное отсутствие тысяч трупов (и ни сотен и не десятков тоже нет).
Спасатели по большей части ковыряются на плоском месте WTC-7, к необычному розовому дыму стараются не подходить. В котлах бурлит нечто, но похоже никто из спасателей не врубаются что к чему, они пластиковыми вёдрами мелкую фракцию пересыпают и дышат ядовитой пылью. Флажки американские на каски нацепили в стиле КНДР. Сейчас большинство из них или померли или тяжело больны.

Отмечу не очень высокую профессиональность Курта Зонненфельда как оператора FEMA. Он не понимал на тот момент что именно нужно снимать и как не трясти камерой, кроме того объектив нужно было чаще протирать, а он этого не делал. Не проставлены числа и время.

На Ютюбе есть ещё его видео по тэгам Kurt Sonnenfeld 9/11

Thermite Captured by Kurt Sonnenfeld? - FEMA Video
Kurt Sonnenfeld was the FEMA videographer at Ground Zero.