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Signs and symbols

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Chemistry Corps the US

Normandy, Fitz-Khemon Scotland / Ireland

Friuli (investitsii) grandson (Switzerland) (Switzerland), Count of Nevers house (French used)



On subject symbolism Wings.
1. Moscow. Subway Aviamotornaya Escalator accident in 1982. ("17 February 1982 on station occurred the accident the escalator, in a result which died 8 man, and tens of received injured varying degrees extent of gravity, until caudillos for life disability" … -9946.html)
On at the wall (contrary escalators) is sculpture Icarus.

2. Symbolic name rock festival.
5 July 2003 terrorist attack on rock festival "Wings" in second … rylya.html

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Val wrote:

Chemical Dream Corps the US

Normandy, Fitz-Khemon Scotland / Ireland
Friuli (investitsii) grandson (Switzerland) (Switzerland), Count of Nevers house (French used)

It is time this a defenseless animal with FCO crest Crimea and Tatarstan already and literally perceive

Искатель wrote:

I doubt whether! In Zhanaozene-symbol of-vosmikonechnik. What happened there not incarnated with atomic energy. Likely symbol of-vosmikonechnik carries death, destruction on all sides of light, not it is important on somehow reasons.
Google pictures of the atom. He important portrayed, not only vosmikonechnym.

Zverosolnyshkom metitsya all, that ideally "general arrangement design" (who have them crumbles and another takes) subject to drawn / the third global / the apocalypse, from Zhanaozena until fiefdoms ROC and Britain.



Carry zhovto-blakitnu topics
Manturovo, Kostroma Oblast (Kostromskaya region) Miass (Cheliabinsk districts region) Nagaybaksky District, Chelyabinsk Oblast district (Cheliabinsk districts region)

Th Zhukovsky (the Moscow region) Northeast Eniseiski r Mr (Krasnoyarsk the brink) Solnechnogorsky District, Moscow Oblast r Mr (the Moscow region)

Republic Tuva (trades abroad) Khanty-Mansiysk (Tyumen region) Yurginsky district (Tyumen area)



Reminded in lj, in subject symbols:

Remember when looked this the, long laugh much. Most ridiculous in this what they already have learned monetize truth in fairy tale for is puerile. Growing aren't human over a. On 7 :1 4 poutine in the cap (beyzbolka to gain American future) and glasses - software programmer. And at all messaging in this masterpiece until beninoy mothers. But zombostadu this is so, a fairy tale pro Doughboy!



I one drew attention on flag Eurasian union only now? … ian_union/




Surprisingly, as they kept at from moreover that would an eye ranks at doctoral finish my very beautiful picture, but as would the nor was! Although perhaps not whom Hebrew: Fund from this companies symbols show, this as seek normal girl in a crack den :rofl: It's totally simply in kopilochku another symbol of!
Incidentally, 'll develop a subject further! The upper hand doctoral (and a gradient the have imposed correctly ;-) This is quite not a badge of play) points to 11, an effort on 7. Suppose, 11th month, 7e the number of. So, for yuks record is going to be recuperating! Consider, suddenly not simply fantasy :-)

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франческа wrote:

Fuck see Slumbers? There is whether what something distinction on dreams and down service as such have creatures, zatvarennykh and people?

Even and animals.
Prevents accented have all, all people under assault creatures. Here impossible "hungry
Sisters on-stained earrings. "

Eugeny wrote:

10-15% normal people on territory Russian Federation there is? All the rest are under those or different impact creatures?

Свернутый текст

Nu and what about the Zatvraki:
Zatvarka is happening mainly through contact organism goal with "gene" ditsiest bitch, which is now mostly in products nutrition, in drink, is spreading on air and through physical contact with religious cult titles the objects? And in excess through Information State impact (Kino, Television, Computer Olympics and mass cultic arrangements to gain Football), energy - lifts and electric waves of (electricity in a whole), voice - music different, infrazvuki? All of this includes have human psikhofiziku the parasite-predator-other scavenger out there,? And together opens his energoaurnuyu protection for connectivity-peg to him creatures-monarch, which not are visible naked mournfully people?

All so, but with one ??????: People in "Russian etnose" (including Ukrainian, Belarusian) more 90 percent. "Normal-abnormally" - empty the term. Under impact all.



Ulybnul icon Moscow criminal investigation police, aaneaou "us in sight all, you so and contemplated."



Сергей wrote:

the being, 's drawing of a on Coat of Arms of it seems on here is this ,-called the eagle
Type "

Type eagle not is a
Time to change gerb in such something difficult time? Of course, apparently timeline on a deadline here, twisted by hastily their tails.

Немного о: Хан Аспарух

's Tomb of khan Asparukha alternatives on Bank rivers Dnepr river about villages Voznesenka (Ukraine), which currently is Region cities Zaporozhye. One of inscriptions on tomb certain runic symbols of means "Heavenly term protector." At burial found large’s jewel and silver eagle of khan Asparukha. On one of kryley eagle is worth’s dynastic a badge of Tatar-Mongolian yoke kind of the Dulo, but on breast eagle Monogram written right left name of Espor (one of names Asparukha). The writing written Bulgarian runami, language, ancient real, which adopted write and to read from the right left, on one of versions of.

Location landfills is about Televizionnoy towers cities Zaporozhye.Coffin? Great of khan found archaeologist language. Attached with Khan were buried still roughly 30 noble real.Skyfall view language on this place was buried a warrior with by senior military and by a noble English family. Estimates that archeologists specimens belonged period of in late 7 th and the beginning of 8 th century. These data shed light on death of khan.

On this moment scientists consider, that advanced the team of khan Asparukha fell in an ambush. Noble boily (aristocrats) and personal protection river on the way enemy before Khan, to protect his. But in 1970s turn into some battle they were visited from hands khazarov, in including and himself han Asparuh. Podospevshie teams already failed to nothing help to his ruler. Likely on next day they burned the bodies and committed rite of passage solemn landfills. In mass grave discovered treasures, Bulgarian direct swords and leave parts of belts with Bulgarian symbols of, which were - rear admiral showing military rank human, which they belonged. Much of things line up with connections All found links in grave of khan Rate Kubrat.

Miracle bird and the writing:



Семьянин wrote:

Type eagle not is a

cache guglya until housedA on expense desiccated 700i year-old oak notorious.



A curious Gapchinskaya on the wall the room transcripts UN Security Council.
The entire matrix in ordinary imagery.

Fallacy of composition the elementary, on the principle of "two side", described in "sacral secret", sakralschina all latitudes and since the.

central axis, that vayayut peoples world together - from rezannogo "korkodila" (on-ground level of, material, Chromosomal) until flying boy, odarivayuschego fruits of "the tree of sound knowledge" (level of ideals). He PAD human pairs and children.

Upper level of- ideals (have ezoterikov might be names, choose your any).
The ceiling on in mid-- visionaries, the architects, figures arts believe in worshiping, spiritually support this axis-path. The ceiling on on the edges of the - financiers with bread-gold, engaged meritelnymi manipulation, and science.

's the middle of the(worldly wisdom, define). The ceiling on have axis - happy peoples world've sprained their "(all encircling ribbons in sakralnosti - lines DNA, much detail was in it`s DNR). Sbrodnyy content, race-nation mixture, children by themselves, adults themselves - this "socializing" Institute family.
Long drives the ceiling on - middle of. From Left - people gain itself place and happiness in financial manipulation. Right - hold-ukroschayut "horse the pale figure of." The most famous Internet from, "from apocalypse" from denverskikh symbols, vbroshennyy in really mass scale.

The bottoms aren(material level of, "low vibration", physical the world)
Long drives the ceiling on - in this happiness grebutsya-scratching-crawling up peoples from war - from Left, from slavery - right.



Сергей wrote:

We wish we would to know have down a citizen, that threatens to local residents potential center upyryatiny?

This deklarirovannoe intention. Without success just "general arrangement design apocalyptic bar thing. Intent and will remain.
Far nastier mass contagion genodryanyu with sources, which going to get grifted and suppose some other kid pulls, and with him irritation, crime, cancer. But pro this no one and know not will.
"Korkodil" an interesting!
In sakralnosti - this very, in the basis, and there is

"Tradition" there is. "Sich" - still the kind potroshilnya, pro that IZ-TORiki traits-those-that told them a



A bit an engaging numerology.
Yesterday was day birth have Putin’s, of habit figured, well that there on ciphers is obtained: Was born 07.10 - 8, in this year marks 62 year - again 8. Year birth 1952 - in end again 8.
Something too many in this year eights.

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Personally zaskrinil with Forum "office will and yachts."

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And ??? using the snake means involvement in the sakralschine or coincidence?


Recalled that in one of those about Ukraine featured one of my favorite serials. Here is accidentally observed in the new season one of variations dvuglavogo, which still neverand nowherenot saw. And if about the pinnacle of treuglnika down and "zverosolnyshke" all so clear, then why triangle black-and white and why in red ovale.

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Ювеналий Балабас wrote:

the city dweller

Свернутый текст

The pictures with brick masonwork within doctoral - the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with quite shop. Can there within pyramids realistically assemble the bricks - than traits not be kidding, but slice of Wall on picture allows muddling through faring poorly see seats implantation Alternatively to the available stones with erosion.
The commercial with agkhorami, too, a mock (to accompany late on a cremation adopted barefoot, not in pair of sneakers; the fire to body can bring only by untouchables, because they and by untouchables, but raze not members family and friends; shivait-agkhora not wears mark Rebellion - dozvolitelno only natiratsya by ash with seats burial and hair or, too, cannot be). Were chunky pink complexion that comes an ogre, vypendrivayuschiysya about corpse, clearly familiar with toilet soap and a loofa. Yes and who him here is so forces routinely will give Chest? But let for point of reference will this the commercial, the more, that real agkhorov figs give many - just being deliberately silly clean off and being shit, this is the, sometimes for stingy affairs svezhevysratym, even in local passers-by, if those close suited. But in a whole the commercial reality-??? reflects. But sense there not in is, that organism except fried any human flesh to eat nothing not accepts, and in brought own s operating system. Programs say, suppose, that walk without acute, applying ointments shit and by ash, an eye the remnants of obgorelykh broken bones this even worse, than be untouchable and better immediately die, than so. But program this simply program. And they its vast iai?i. First, however, permitted get drunk as should - and the not tickles through taboos step over. And then they at all cease to be human creatures (program something vast) and can already be themselves itself programmers. In India their consider holy.

Октава wrote:

Anton, I have long realized, that on uncomfortable questions you either not become, either become appropriate or not

Setting so setting.
And this let will the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Ask "the search for on the picture" - full of the will this fotoshopu.
Speech not only about zhrane. 're chewing not all sect, this is so. But everyday an Indian-'s Hindu owes with a swim-prosvetlitsya-disperse ashes in the Ganges, deliberately zatvarennom in first part of. And also here from five species "sacred food" under temple (camping on BC Nayvedya), if an Indian strongly is poor for, to ensure with a swim or disperse.
As and Muslim - concern the stone, a southern - the viaticum.

But importantly not this. Parts of aaoiiaeo indeed desirable and warranted this can kick out, dialogues with them priori not lead to common opinion. So I and not dispute: Whom need to - priobschaytes, prichaschaytes and prosvetlyaytes, simply the rest of the people need to know, THAT THAT SUCH on fact.

"The Microsoft Dynamics CRM doctoral" - this skriny from movie the most same Sklyarova (making big the film about the "great pratsivilizatsii" on Egyptian material, idiots not noticed this frame). Exile now there is no, somewhere in "Lai", long seek. Hit this - dam.
"Erosion of stones doctoral" - this to Oktave, she its not sees why something



горожанин wrote:

A this let will the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Is clear want it now - the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The drowned adopted to catch poles, because they drowning and the 1949 days through three only. And this not simply] swims, and even and a rag the entire a whole. Judging by buildings this all Pashupatinath temple, that can be conditional support, on level hip it up and posyaschaemosti, Elevate them to the Church Christ of the Savior. There burn how this perhaps, otherwise for day so much corpses will in water, that more already and fling have nowhere will - clear cutting gruel. Believers dreaming, to their cremated precisely there, the most are now fucked-up on old age years harvest your pin and. There to live in a hotel, waiting, that is about many people will die and here something their and sure they cremate on envy enemies. If EVERY hurl the entire nesgorevshey body in water, there in the heat all immediately rancid,. Because together wood drag and are burning on how many tickles.

Trend come in contact with "expressive architectural style" materially, orthodoxal - this indeed has place be. If borrow for point of reference, that I - this body, then manipulation with body have sense, but if considered, that I - this consciousness, then what is happening with body deal an incidental and do come on semes not worth. Perishing wrote pro paramartkhiku and vvakhariku.
Zatvarivanie I admit. Only believe, that it goes not through material carriers, and through emotionally perceived the intel. And on strength impact most large evil - Internet. How many times noticing - is worth ambush on couple of weeks quarantine - as as if a with heads destabilized, very differently soobrazhesh. And you here is pro staff-impact nothing at all not write, as if his and there is no at all. And it there is.


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