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Their mores.

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Nu obtuse, these Americans (a bit humor)
In the US 50 man obvarilis), unsuccessfully echoing experiment novosibirtsa. Simple exercises guy showed the simplest experiment
It seemed would ah that here complex? Repeat can any.Americans decided do the same and.
As reported American publication British newspapers The Independent, in the United States America’s at least 50 man obvarilis), unsuccessfully attempting to his to freeze in I might go. To this dikovinnomu experiment Americans have called TV, which demonstrated stunts in live, to show country, skovannuyu so-called infections more to.
- "Everyone, that you need to do, this to wrap that up, obtain boiling hot water and dismiss his in negative temperatures and watch, that happening." Said journalist in Capetown North ashamed of.
In the time his colleague from of Minneapolis wrote: "Deserted pot boiling water in air. Children thought, that this was breathtakingly. Do this, people. "
Trusting people Americans decided repeat experiment journalists, but committed mistake, trying to air is so limpid) against wind.
In end, as writes The Independent, referring on portrayed Angeles Times, at least 50 people in social networks told the, that obvarili themselves or their friends).
One of of tweets users - "I simply made water boiling, accidentally splashed the) against wind and Wonders themselves."
The other wrote: "I deserted) in air, wind ea and he landed back me on its head. I now in path in hospital with of romances the third extent. "



all Lithuanian networks supermarket “Herman ” work in pampers

all Herman sit for ticket windows in pampers, because their not issue in toilet. This today acknowledged shareholder Trade networks and rape-crisis the manager the Ignas Staskevicius in direct live acceptance Baltic Canal.
According to Stashkyavichyusa, if not impose tough conditions for personnel, then attitude workers converge to such a level, that all will telling endless outs of in toilet, us take smoke breaks and coffee-pause and stop in good faith hard.
As confirmed Ignas Staskevicius, first time recognition pro pampers from managers Trade networks hit still with dozen years ago in debate on Lithuanian host TV3. Then representative Herman Zhilvinus Marcinkevicius in conversation with television indeed declared, that all in pampers should be grateful an employer, for otherwise these women-all worked would were prostitutes. Truth, according to Stashkyavichyusa, Marcinkevicius more not works in trade networks.





They say that, that if American is indecent looks at woman in the US, then he risks of Anti on trial. This in the US. And abroad, American can to do increasingly that anywhere, because was accustomed, that him always increasingly are getting away with hands for any crime against non-Americans.
Ah here is, in Russia, this bastard decided to whack on little bum cheeks unfamiliar against Russian woman, thought that here this, too, gonna fly. Neprokatilo, here same received on khlebalu. I even wonder, why Russian the guy his consumed everything except.



Latvian mayor demanded an apology from NATO

Mayor Latvian port city Ventspils Aivars Lembergs demanded an apology from Secretary-General of NATO there were Foga Rasmussen for is an obscene behavior sailors countries alliance, participating in military exercises Open Spirit 2014. About this reports, 2010.
According to publications, Lembergs sent a letter Rasmussen, in which told, that seamen have on the straight and narrow in blows with residents Ventspils. ““ in attention behavior military NATO, impossible to forecast, what threats they bear residents cities. Is unknown, on that they are capable, as a in such a strong alcohol field making him feel drunk and possessing on a ship so powerful military hardware and weaponry ”, — said in the Summit.
Similar letters Lembergs sent the head Latvian Ministry of Foreign affairs Edgar Rinkevichu and Minister Defense Raimonds Veyonisu.
As is handing ITAR-TASS, previously Lembergs claimed, that seamen have NATO in Ventspils behave “on-jerk, eh. ”
“They in a drunken the form of peed on in public places and on window-dressing, their Holy, they were addicted intergenerational accounts in public places, that have us not permitted to. Also they were tearing flowers with flower bed or two, to provide the prostitutes promptly,. They waged themselves as invaders, which not recognize sovereignty Latvia and its laws”, — argued he.

?? on days became known about several incidents of in Ventspils, in which military personnel NATO situations involving in as a affected. In particular, in a bar Easy obscure thrashed sailor, which received fractures nose and bruised. Moreover, in hospital was flown 21-year-old the unidentified soldier from the Netherlands. Have him have diagnosed heavy trauma heads, fractured poluchilos broken bones and edema brain. A man until now not came in consciousness.










10 … killed.php
In capital state Oregon, city of Seleme (155 thousand Inhabitants), police kills citizens with pereodichnostyu 1 times in week.
(Always believed this state one of the most silent)

(Salem) - appropriate police in the capital Oregon Act killed people during execution office responsibilities, two times in for two weeks. Last week Police victim of became man with syndrome film, which received killing-permanent happen to have a taser.
25-Anniversary Jacklynn Rashaun Ford, was fired officer police ez Salem was reportedly, a.m. you named Trevor Morrison, which also was boss on police-lover. Presumably, dogs it turned out not enough, to appease woman during stop movement, for this it took several armored.





I have friends were in France and saw here is such the whether afishy, then whether advertising, but not understood the crux of the these posters, but then found in Internets here.

you pass on exiled, look at piece of the, which represented children. If our children now THAT is what wreaking havoc, they, what will when such "exhibition" from "civilized" Europe arrives to us in Russia? •

This need not simply stop, but and to punish those who carring all of this madness to us. Rigidly to punish. So as they like. To little accurately not it looked. Of "occupational therapy" their will save.

Pornovystavka TO ALL ShKOL of Paris
16 October 2014 parents France beat alarm. All schools were obliged to visit exhibition "Polovoy a member of", that low-profile approach now in town science in Paris.
On this the exhibition children from 8 years is offered be in bed together with mannequins in human growth, to put on the running headphones and listen to the narrative masturbating a sodomite moving, click on various pedals and pull the strings. And all, only to zanuritisya in "nedetskie" the details from perverts.
In article on exiled you can watch photos nedetskikh specimens.
Previously, in 2007, parents managed close this exhibition. However now in France, as in country warlord New Deal the World Gender-of the Procedure for, parents already there is no rights voices. Seksvospitaniem rising generation now Hypnotizes new gender-class perverts in France.


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When Tuesday in some educational institutions Lithuania will begin has a lifetime strike, which can last until two weeks … 2014205500

When Tuesday in some educational institutions Lithuania will begin has a lifetime strike, which can last until two weeks

Term - two weeks, so strike has a lifetime. :D :D :D :D :D

Participants strikes require increase basket student, reduce the number of pupils in schools, improve social guarantees teachers.

As to cut the number of pupils in schools? - to shoot their need to :D :D :D :D :D



money lacked General

Ex-the deputy chief USA command of the US Tim Giardina (singer) foreman produced rubber-stamp sham jetton for game in poker, for that was removed both from office. The details affairs published AP on the basis Law about freedom information. Previously circumstances incident the Pentagon not steal.

The first information about scandal with Gaming Authority player, who was downgraded to in status as and transferred on another place services, emerged in 2013 Now same became known, that he remade one-dollar blue in 500-dollar and used their in casino.
Is supposed to, that Giardina (singer) scarred addiction from gambling games and pursued a in casino not less 15 hours in week.
Currently Giardina (singer) is under consequence of on trial about illegal conducting gambling games.



Maggie de Block has noted


может он не доверяет современным телефонам?



"Никогда такого не было, и вот опять."В.Ч. В «райских офшорах» нашли фирмы британской королевы и бизнесменов России

Из документов юридической фирмы Appleby выяснилось, что деньги британской королевы инвестировались в офшоры, Рекс Тиллерсон владел компанией на Бермудах, а ВТБ и структура «Газпрома» вложились в фонды Юрия Мильнера … 77b9939f84



Мгновенная карма: в США женщина травмировала ногу, пытаясь украсть чужие посылки с крыльца

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Мгновенная карма: в США женщина травмировала ногу, пытаясь украсть чужие посылки с крыльца

youtube мгновенная карма ограбления



#p144450,Dmitry" wrote:

женщина травмировала ногу, пытаясь украсть чужие посылки с крыльца

Всё думал, будут ли доводить "дело" до конца.
Молодец мужик, не зря его спутница пострадала


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