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Construction of History

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Нью-Гэ́мпшир или Нью-Хэ́мпшир (англ. New Hampshire) — небольшой штат в регионе Новая Англия на северо-востоке США. Население 1 318 194 (2011 г.).
Неофициальное название — «Гранитный штат». Столица штата — город Конкорд, крупнейший город — Манчестер. Первый штат в стране, провозгласивший независимость от Великобритании. Девиз штата: «Живи свободным или умри»
Провинция Нью-Гэмпшир была основана в 1623 году британским капитаном Джоном Мейсоном. Штат получил своё название в честь английского графства Хэмпшир. Во время войны за независимость Нью-Гэмпшир стал одной из тринадцати колоний, восставших против британского господства, и первым штатом, провозгласившим свою независимость. Столица штата Конкорд в прежнее время была известна под названиями Рамфорд и Пенакук.
Нью-Гэмпшир традиционно включают в историко-культурный регион Новой Англии. На севере штат граничит с канадской провинцией Квебек, на востоке — со штатом Мэн и Атлантическим океаном, на юге — с Массачусетсом, на западе — с Вермонтом
Чем же так заинтересовало место Redstone Quarry, in North Conway ?
Что может быть такого в этих лесах  и что это за камешки лежат около сарая, которые видно со спутника ?

- Здесь на в 19 и 20 веках изготовляли реквизиты истории, в буквальном смысле слова.



Why on television there is no scientifically popular films about this harder work topic? … uarry.html
When and who this this put under ban?








Can be so:

And can be here is so:



I of course whatever, that history as attainable us not will is unknown never, that she was rewritten already a million times. In including our country. But you simply tearing my consciousness)



tipych wrote:

I of course whatever, that history as attainable us not will is unknown never, that she was rewritten already a million times. In including our country. But you simply tearing my consciousness)

Don’t believe, because I not have oratorskim art pereubezhdeniya. Here is for example Kasparov, says very talk and impossible to dispute. In 99 st year he had the right to speak truth, and now not has.
(Here is here he says about same really, about construction)



The subject seriously be revealed

Distortion history - as method governance clear conscience (all 11 parts of) (Alexey Kungurov) [2012, Историческое расследование][видео 720р HD] … _soznaniem



джон wrote:

Misrepresenting history

Looked several rollers, I merely can be. And as always answers we have no, only questions, questions. Far same they truth've relegated theirs (



Answers there is no, but questions very interesting, weird. For example - Petersburg (construction about 1,700-1730 year, technology processing stone without powerful vysokooborotistykh engines, transportation hundred large columns on horsebacks, fixation columns and joists manually and camping on D.). Is dispensed with in convenient form - video lecture. One can find - at different resources there is discussion, exile.


Time - 1 :00: 00, Ivanov tells:
The road, food, the Kremlin-Lyubertsy-Bronnitsy Urban Okrug-Ryazan.. And food on Czech Republic Kromlin-the next Liberec-the next Brno-and the next Rezan.
On the screen his run their fingers through their catch-Krumlov - Liberec - Brno - Ruzyne Airport. Ostensibly the road coincides and populated clauses on them.

Catch-Krumlov is on really south Czech Republic.
Liberec on really the north Czech Republic.
Brno is on the southeast Czech Republic.
Nor Ruzyne Airport nor Rezany in the Czech Republic there is no at all.
There is Ruzyne Airport stop thinking Prague airport, not settlement or point.
This not one the road, this is chaotically the name.
Conclusions: Ivanov is deluding and is misleading listeners.
Of course, that in Europe full of the Slavic names, not only in the Czech Republic, but and in Poland, in Slovakia, in Germany and camping on D., but this not one the road and not matrix. Under the basis village points, people well could borrow name other, for example where come from, where came, or coincidentally on language, on one roots words (than 10 minutes - "been dragged through", Novgorod - "a new city", Halych - "prove a jackdaw", Pereslavl - "Obey your in of increasing" and camping on Afghan, but this not Matrix and not the road. Ivanov bends her.



Our time for standing pat - 1 :00: 00, Ivanov tells:

I Vladimir know personally and often toured seminars and conference project)

The findings of this: Ivanov is deluding and is misleading listeners.

He likes to make a splash. And pro Infoboga at all espoused theme) At television "mysteries. There is no "there is decent materials.

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Eugeny wrote:

Wu Holmes-Stoleshnikova there is a long information about underway:
I at all personally confused what about the underway now.
For example the Yiddish origins Russias:

There is one study, where present more-less sane causality could La the link historical events without "passionarnostey", "torso forces" and other things voodoo doll:
separable hypervigilant history Russia



tuareg wrote:

Poslushal uncle. Suddenly sparkled - lot of terraforming now.
Imagine, that little planet Belarusian jersey in Estonia advanced race at all. For life need to slightly help characteristics. Slowly (with our perspective) but has invariably led is changing composition atmosphere, temperatures and anything right.

So you discussed, from bombings nuclear or B.S. any, from unechtozhennykh forests the atmosphere has changed, became cold appears. After "invention" nuclear weapons was trapped very many bombings ostensibly for tests, but on fact again order to prolong period faint nuclear winters on the planet. Recent mass nuclear explosions implemented haven’t update, here is and composition atmosphere and klimat on the sly is returning to source.

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tuareg wrote:

This as during gorodit fabulous on stilts.

Here is precisely.
Before, as was activated "Polish theme" and went a Pogrom "gorozhanskikh" blogs with myselfjust a in other affairs, I routinely received proposal support stuff pro nuclear war 1812 of the year with able to it theme "Tartar." Not became, because hell is that more small.

Theme long discussed on Forum "Radosvet" (who closed).

At not weathered the simplest verification facts.
In Russia there are hundreds of trees older "war" in appropriate registries regions, fully proved. On Altai there is Cedrus species in 31 2 years (he and bears grapes on peak of through century two), there is kick still nestarye, on which lie can be in growth, them even more.
On any old a graveyard of in Siberia there is placard older "war" with-Nordic heraldic tradition Russian Empire without curiously tartariy.
Lake Siberia-Urals remotely not calderas, on Semipalatinskom Landfill for 20 years VSE calderas razgladilis, except one, which entirely in rock promontory the basis (though there water erosion in two scale less), for 200 years from them a trace not will remain.
In soils on, nor in what, there is no remotely like on the burnt ones tier.
And camping on D., and camping on D. All proillyustrirovalos photo and files.
Then same and there same I was laid photo with construction Stonehenge. Forum have blocked out (think, all same from-for Stonehenge; several resources with him was in an instant closed, and where "down a citizen" failed, leave only this theme)



aligator wrote:

Nu pro the as thoughts remains ready stones move, even such a version of there is

Nudak I, sobsno, pro this and write

But he former effort tevtonskoy thought.
Photograph 1898 year. German archeologists "'re digging out" which is included sands time Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek

At all since the "discoveries" the Yasukuni organic has changed a.
Here his still not dootkryli slightly

And here already all as need to!



This OK how many resources need to, to build these historical forgery.
And as has ever managed increasingly hide, after all this hundreds of workers?



Славянец wrote:

This is OK how many resources need to, to build these historical forgery.
And as has ever managed increasingly hide, after all this hundreds of workers?

Ah in principle resources "their" not strongly is disturbing to, because all resources belong "them." And rabovchikh already long there is no in survivors, because, as these forgery not yesterday charging and not grand to my name years ago. So that narratives eyewitnesses already no one not hear it.



Aleksandrovskaya convoy and Grom-stumbling, too, from bricks villagers?
With concrete - many run version of, much explains. Except the most interesting things - precise pokomponentnogo the composition entogo bricks and opportunities repeat motion (a longer technological process). Stumbling in flour flavored pomolot and with slime mix - sounds someone can convincingly, and me - podozritelnovato as something. :dontknow:
Even from cement M-500 do qualitative concrete not so something simply, and here though some kind, stone flour. Wishing to themselves mixing similar - velkam, skloubeni-with come up ;)

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