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The junta

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джон wrote:

For example, on the streets captured in Kyiv buildings an ideal purity.

Views buildings?

People clearly allow to rebel.

We clearly to ban, then increasingly will change.:)
About and incineration not bore a hotel "Ukraine," which incidentally, belongs yanukovskoy gang membership.
The building is used for forced cameras direct even when the.
The hotel serves place shelter Western and their journalists.
On misuse oftwo days on line are currently running the commercial, in which show Almon B. Strowger hospital, urge the in this building. Such the commercial's been patched, that after his viewing want Yanukovych attract on the Hague tribunal and kill as Milosevic.
An underestimate the number of killed policemen and increase appliance prices due the number of killed benderovtsev (13 against 75-and). Pee wees not call were far bad word, but give a microphone themselves bandyukam and they there is reviled power, greets democracy. No of stones rhyme in militia, no the burning policemen, no launcher. firing benderovtsev, that needless,, then in spots not is mired.
Television can form a any opinion crowds right strange host.



джон wrote:

Dmitri, I such same patriot his country, as and you. Me painful for look on what is happening.

ok John !!

tell that us, why in the US parent parts of missiles removed and are put on storage, couple days - and all "reduced" missiles in authoritarianism. And our slit on the pieces missiles and all leading mines.
Tell us, who and when realistically carried out START-2.
And as in the US took our reserves-weapons nuclear materials.

In 1991 occurred largest geopolitical disaster. The USSR was defeated in the war. Kontributsiya amounted to millions of human lives, full plunder of national countries, unilateral disarmament, kabalnye treaties.
From the ashes, on the sly is rebounding modicum something. I in 90’s and to think forgot, that on fighter someone will give kerosene and they will be able rise in the sky modicum one more time.
Who reclaims oboronku, people, or can be people? Yes was taking a shit people on increasingly and even times shits, and even times jettisons, sake of wide and the cookies.
What your the following question?

spellchecked, that happened with our best in world the Bank "Great Satan."

Production now impossible, remained outside borders Russia. This not constantly updating assortment, this build a architecturally sophisticated product, demanding cooperation tens of regime factories, if a no one in World.
Part of open, for chrissakes in including have us on our special factory near station Surovatikha (have us there village not far). Americans gave money on construction a plant, Borya Nemtsov controlling his rapid construction of. Remaining units of will be approaching death its got term exploitation, which already long released. Maidan here with?



Maidan here with?

Sorry, tried to answer your the commercial: look until the end of)

Dmitri, in paper presented video shown, how are weak the US, so as their nuclear shield long is a rotten mess, kritikuyutsya all modern amp; D arms. States, what an appalling corruption wide in on its military sphere. All nuclear missiles 70-80's in the US ostensibly already incapable might soar, nothing new they have no.

You nothing not reminds?
By default is obtained, that in Russia all nuclear weapons the newest, there is no corruption in Ministry Defense. Our Mr. Serdyukov an ideal chief, and day and night with its as an g-zhoy Vasilieva escapade itself has ever happened exclusively about increase oboronnosposobnosti the Motherland.

In late rollers goes advertisements our submarine boats and missiles.

So my rhetorical questions were directed to you, as to person voskhischayuschemusya actions of our current chief. Knowing your ability to to messier analysis political situations, given criticism moreover, that’re producing in our country the power organs, is unclear your political views.

PS. No personal grievances, simply a slight misunderstanding



Are typical the sniper - are shooting on all. And no one this not surprises.

Man dressed up in form of of a soldier spetspodrozdeleniya Berkut, the shooter from gun with rooftop one of buildings on Maidan Independence, first in protesters, and then and in law enforcement found in Kyiv. About this told popular MP faction Impact Viktor Chumak with stand parliament in Friday.

It seems the main concert by over. Signed by papers. Now, caramel on Mykhailo Serhiyovych Hrushevsky will reassure all.

And that will in regions? So here is simply Zapadentsi calm down and intends weapons?



Interestingly, as they in the rough and tumble their differentiate?





zakarpatskie chukhontsy.



There is faring on plan, Werewolves,



Over crisis on Ukraine closely follows British journalist Neill Clarke. In his view, protesters use as pawns in game, aimed at change power in country.
“This is simply troubling! -’t share impressions journalist. - the US fund participants these turmoil, pay them, support their, dirizhiruyut all process and egging their firelog Kyiv and try to to seize power. In parallel with this they taught to question me power Ukraine: “you in no way case not you can respond blow on blow and thus repair order. ”
“But this fascism, - am confident Clarke. - Let us to call things their names. If would in Washington began such unrest, and their participants began to would burned government buildings, cangaco political parties or, to example, unions – think, American power killed would thousands of people. Recall, with what cruelty were broken up camp peace movement Occupy Wall street. And after all this was peace protest. Hypocrisy here simply glaring.
I have no no doubt: Participants turmoil lends boldness realization, that their support the US and the EU. They not denounce manifestations of violence participants turmoil – they denounce only backlash governments. I believe, that precisely the West stokes this situation, and his hands in blood. After all because that participants turmoil know about support from the US and the EU, have them lack boldness increase scope their action and attempt to implement public coup ”



Yanukovych signed with Klitschko, Tyahnybok and Yatsenyuk paper about an armistice.
Document Iranian on English language, which they even not know.
Lukin the only refused sign in as a recently peace treaty.
On this document, of course all one Italian with big bell tower, Klitschko came on Maidan and said an armistice agreement, so his slightly from the scene not the ones who dropped, but deal even not in this.
Not despite its blatant stupidity, document nevertheless, is different hole in the back of. Ukraine - not an independent country, and a fucking blue-and yellow a rag.



pindosy opupeli in the root of the, many on cheap things)
The Russian its feet here not will, here will the American leg.



Simply people otupeli



Couple words about Orthopedic shoes and talented actors' performances game.
With problems irreparable boots on SUCH heels and on of the required platform? Yes not every healthy and the Young woman in such shoes long passes. (With)



Yesterday in in the pure.



There is, over than think.

P.S. Nor rebut, nor confirm nothing with which. Even relatives there is no on Ukraine.



In Crimea thrashed “Bandera men ” 22.02.2014



That so need detect. For 2.5 year until.

In case victory Party regions on the upcoming parliamentary election, most likely, Americans will automatically launched scenario coup. His successful implementation of should lead to of the removal of the from power President Viktor Yanukovych and political the ascension opposition with the consequent tuition on Ukraine radical antirusskogo / antirossiyskogo regime, directly controlled the United States
14 October 2012 Andrei ?



Сколько мужества у Царёва... В любой момент могут приехать майданутые и пострелять из пулемётов, при этом им за это ничего не будет...

Добкин тоже полез на амбразуру.

На Украине патриотов русской Цивилизации мало осталось, сейчас их начнут убивать.

«Молода́я гва́рдия» — антифашистская комсомольская подпольная организация молодых юношей и девушек, действовавшая в годы Великой Отечественной войны, в основном в городе Краснодоне Луганской (Ворошиловградской) области (Украинская ССР). Самому младшему участнику подполья было 14 лет.
Организация была создана вскоре после начала немецкой оккупации Краснодона (оккупация началась 20 июля 1942 года). «Молодая гвардия» насчитывала около 110 участников — юношей и девушек. Memberов организации называют молодогвардейцы. Лишь восемь членов «Молодой гвардии» пережили Великую Отечественную войну.



On youtube’saw as evrobandity lot were attacking berkutovtsev, supporters whom the one, then a firm his (in its lair, why? - to regain the his form of and telling subsequently provocations). Such zaboi berkutovtsev with goal channel form of repeated several times.

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Dmitry" wrote:

Klitschko someone on Maidan battlegroups psikhostimulyatory army the US … -ssha.html

Have maydanovtsev began mass the drug crash from "grass tea."

Take a look this video. This only me it looked, that doctor describes postnarkoticheskuyu through withdrawal before? He like even hinting. In recent days began mental intensifies have maydanovtsev. Not only have Wounded - have ALL! Stopped want your drugs in "herbal the cup of tea"? Note, that maydanovtsy lose memory) after two hours conversation. People armed and tend to to suicide. And all whether turned on another moment? Doctor as if has hit on or knows, that deal in drugs / juice anymore, but not can call this openly. He gives inklings and several times says about one and same, as if fearing that his not figure. He as if in of shock from what such at all could happen. Spying on clause: Doctor'RE scared those, about fix say not can directly!

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