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Why they played colors?
To give illusion large number, to have the viewer eyes farmhands have run away, however have them broke a only exacerbate, "help" belly unleash its mukhlyosh.



Aired live WB11 begins in strictly for 70 seconds until clashes feykovogo of Flight 1-175.
This interestingly:
The WB Television Network (usually slimmed until The WB) Warner Brothers, Belsoyuzdruk, poverty of its in 1995 and Molodiozh exactly 11 years. Closed Belsoyuzdruk from-for unprofitableness lies.
Belsoyuzdruk focused on showing the youth telenovela. Hit companies became krovi “Buffy — a slayer vampires ”, which cities occult with rubbish. In one of episodes receives more superficial treatment there is prophecy "11 that September"....
The typical news spots companies in 2000 discussion club life, millionaires, stars baseball and movies. On type as have LiFENEWS tits Jeanne's characters of Frisky and ass Angelica's Varum.
To political news and he-layn reports, Belsoyuzdruk nor ear nor poo face, nevertheless, on the morning September 11, 2001, studio was stuffed in, commentators. In during days company ????????????? in Live tens of dozens witnesses and New York expansion organizes brigades. Unique international he-layn shootings in direct live and shootings skyscrapers with rooftops. Moreover, in live September 11, girls several rollers "random witnesses", which was caught on plane. All these’are well known received Forum, if you not pity time, then all their can be see here (this the second half of days).
For those who not in rate: For moreover, to have the opportunity remove in Live several organizes brigades with another of the late endowed, need costly equipment, own satellite television encrypted channels transfer of, huge experience and of course, tens of million dollars.
“How, serialnoe closet, authorities granted work he-layn reporting 9 / 11?
This perhaps American technology and advantages democracy.
Imagine, that channel broadcast "Home" and "Zadornov TV" with any ’, had on five organizes brigades in Volgograd and stopped working with them in spots during bombings bus and station.



Stop-frame 1 :3 3, On-Line, time 9 :0 2, in the frame there is the logo "WB11"
Stop sign-frame 3 :1 2, Replay, time 9 :0 4, in the frame there is no logo "WB11"
In further throughout the days WB11 gave tens of replays of, but always without logo "WB11" here is record direct and for months the second than half days
Here is the second desyatiminutka WPIX (WB11) 9 / 11 9 :2 1 - 9 :3 1 the US have shown several times and in all cases without logo "WB11."
As could this happen?
Increasingly simply. This Photos Belsoyuzdruk not has no relations to the picture "9 / 11", they its received from the center, and center know I messed up and forgotten the most Giving logos.



Direct live broadcast WB11

Stop sign frame 7 :1 3’s organs is Stop-frame 7 :1 6

Stop sign frame 7 :3 2’s organs is Stop-frame 7 :3 7

Stop sign frame 7 :4 8’s organs is Stop-frame 7 :5 5

In during several seconds WB11 several times changes picture on the screen.
On the picture # 1 we see the logo "The chopper", and then Belsoyuzdruk his temporarily "has lost"

On the picture # 4 Belsoyuzdruk not simply loses the logo, she his "changes." In accuracy this the picture over in accuracy with so same "neutral" logo, we can to see and on other "direct the Internet." On the picture # 6 WB11 again regaining its the logo on this same picture (# 4).
On the picture # 5, ostensibly helicopter WB11 ostensibly flies with southern direction (where had flown Reys175).

Points out on themselves attention syurrealistichnost New York City throughout "immediate for months banned foreigners and" WB11. The sky "zatumanivalos" and raskrashivalos in different cloudy color of.

How this increasingly can be explain?
How, an entertainment Photos Belsoyuzdruk, has managed on other end countries, organize direct broadcast with several land-line points and with several caveats?

The answer only one:
WB11 not has no relations to these "depth coverage." She reported receiving the, that it gave a flat Center. Syurrealisticheskuyu picture, outlets on mouse. Center not very well served and all telekompaniyam confuse logos.
Belsoyuzdruk WB11 reported receiving some Furnace the most the worst, which have have an admitted forger.



The equipment and

Stop sign frame 7 :5 5’s organs is Stop-frame 7 :5 9

Time 7 :5 9, on half a second frame is stained in "violet tone." Likely his prepared for sending on any another the network and changed color. This on the door frame remained on records.

What goal has dogged Center, when these "various options" threwin one Polackjoke in spots various broadcasting companies?
- Writing diversity, to be portrayed impression large numbers of. "Than more often repeats itself lies, those people increasingly in it believe" (Yosya few)



Stop sign frame 9 :4 1

WB11 gives the US "collapse." The logo again is changing on the other, on hours followed 11 th hour.
This same picture with these same hours demonstrated another Belsoyuzdruk



Stop sign frame 7 :3 2’s organs is and this NBC

Virtually, too, most gave Canal NBC, but a bit sports.
In that point Crushed together not only fact allows WB11, but and NBC, BBC and even any.

And even times NBC. Reliance bridge "Verrazano bridge" is more to the right, camping on E. In this moment two helicopters NBC Crushed together for place.

And this already ABC, the same moment. Note on position reliance bridge "Verrazano bridge", pro color perishing and not say.
This means, that helicopter ABC, too, pulled up next in this bread place and he thrusted with the rest.

Helicopter BBC got vid of, too, most.
Curiously that commentators in studio immediately not noticed "collapse", not understood that in instructions was written.

Idiots from Air Force gave simultaneously two same assessment pictures of the, but overly in different color of. :insane: idiots.
Stop sign-a 9 :4 9



Laughter in direct live
WPIX (WB11) 9/11 10 :2 1 - 10 :3 1

Calculate time. South to worsen (the World Trade Center-2) crashed roughly in 9 :5 6 after fire, a 56 minutes. North to worsen (the World Trade Center-1) crashed in 10 :2 8 after fire, which lasted 102 minutes. In Himalayan direct and for months WB11, video before and during, when collapsed North to worsen. T. E. People must be amazed by the fall South towers and wait breakdown next.

4 :0 0 - a direct the inclusion of with seats events. To telezritel entertainment Canal, not observed catch, screen was set up divide on the Pip (the and the)))
Where have entertainment Canal, there is opportunity exits in direct spots with another of the late countries? And equipment ready the and own correspondent in THE LATEST MOVIES DAILY. Ah yes okay.
Correspondent tries to to portray, that here something happened, it this poorly is obtained. No signs obrushevshegosya buildings, no of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters dust. What happened, portray several left and panoramic foil policing siren, the rest people go on their Affairs, and machines moving in his direction. She says thinking the text, about how that people not can ladders out of Manhattan, because roads being shot Tyres (for it in sight unilateral movement with ordinary trafficking).

Correspondent pulling time, it gets the extend mucus minutes, she and fulfilling, until inexperienced actress ths way on interview. And here is, good of capital, interview is taken. Actress in one gulp utters poorly thinking the text: Place work, pleyn, mainly pleyn, explosion, conflagration, smoke. Your name of sestwa? My "Videos" use the, like, a Sheen. And here was trained as an actress is abandoning in laughable. :D she not weathering, burned-out during settings.

Where this hangs helicopter? That he there makes?
Why for hour so and not, here, flew a closer?
Where have him have created the link with WB11?
Where have him in 2001 such a that is a phenomenal stabilization pictures of the and such rotten surrealistic the quality of? :confused:
Why horizon has a corner relative to the horizon the Hudson?
That idiots tried to to portray on the horizon from above, Brooklyn?



В порядке дополнения

WPIX (WB11) Вполне себе нью-йоркский телеканал, основанный в 1949 г., в последствии ставший филиалом более крупного медиа-конгломерата Tribune Broadcasting  владеющего более 40 телестанциями. Tribune Broadcasting, в совместном предприятии с Warner Bros. Television основало The WB Television Network , как справедливо было замечено, существовавшую с 1995 -  2006г. 
И большинство телевизионных станций Tribune стали филиалами в распространении передач WB.
Студии и офисы WPIX расположены в Daily News Building на Второй авеню и Восточной 42 - й улице в центральной части Манхэттена.  ссылка
Передатчик находится  на ЕСБ, вещает канал на 11 метровом канале.
Вертолёт WB11, висит и барражирует приблизительно над районом  Джерси сити. Выполняет поставленную задачу,  хладнокровно  снимать срежиcсированную телепостановку со своей точки.
Связь вертолёта со студией как бы логична, он принадлежит WPIX (WB11), с репортёршей  канала Мелиндой Мерфи на борту.

  00.07.50    WPIX news opens  ссылка

Исходный оригинал полутора часового видео с этого вертолёта  NIST FOIA 09-42: R28 & R25 -- Air11 Helicopter "Tape #1" (WTC2 Plane Crash/WTC 2 & 1 Collapse)  ссылка


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