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ABC - direct live broadcast

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aired live ABC

The reference already not labor

Here is labor, but perhaps not will be identical time

00 :0 8 - the first the inclusion of (with helicopters)
01 :0 0 - the end of the first inclusion (with helicopters), for magnificent skyscrapers through the windows von land. Operator "crushes", buildings "leave" shift to the.
1 :2 2 - the second the inclusion of, this same camera (with helicopters), for magnificent skyscrapers disappears land.
1 :5 5 - operator eliminates the authentication bringing cameras, land on backdrop of not emerged. There where it must emerge, zagorozheno banner WORLD TRADE CENTER. Under this is happening process opposite natural, the is beginning to behave unsustainably, operator not is mired in center events on horizontally. On perform well he, too, not can enter, 70% on a screen ranks the sky.
2 :2 2 - on half a second emerges the "the second brigades ABC", just stupid overflows. Who needs the, that show half a second?
03 :4 3 - in spots goes correspondent, which accidentally proved in the right place , is beginning to bear any a blizzard. Fiction, but in direct live other broadcasting companies,, too, purely was an accident emerge people, which have the right on the exit in direct spots. Even suburban wives major editors proved under fact Just only through 4 minutes after, as plane he crashed in North tower.
On the screen increasingly the same the the first 30th brigades. Surprisingly, but for 4 minutes pilot helicopters not has hit on, that it is time already fly in another point, not hang in one place.
03 :4 8 - again on second fits the from the second brigades, which, judging by location, is in borough of Brooklyn. Incredibly, but a leading show not has hit on contact nor with the first brigade nor with the second, after all have them herself location, they could tell details.
05 :3 3 - in kadr emerges the other helicopter, which is said that directly near towers. Interestingly, why pilot moreover helicopters guessed maneuver, and pilot this continues to hang in one point? Helicopter tied to earth a ripcord, another explanations there is no .)
07 :3 0 - in kadr third time emerges the the second brigades. Surprisingly, but again on couple of seconds. To the same we even nor has never saw approximation with this cameras. Was would infinitely preferable bring developing countries picture not with helicopters, and with zakreplyonnogo seats with hand studio in Brooklyn, times perishing there so same was an accident proved film crew group ABC with blasting arrangements.
07 :3 4 - in kadr emerges the third the,, too, on couple of seconds, likely the third together groups. Again no comments, who absolves, where. Bioinformational abilities, and why include on of seconds, if perishing insert, so turn? Dir and for months or drunken, or Jesus, dozy fuckers on life, or makes this willfully. I think not the first and nor the second, simply so need to.
Unites all species one thing, low quality, which on ABC not can be by definition.
08 :2 3 - the # 3 emerges even times. Here as and in the second case, operator, no notions not has, that have his cameras there is processing. But again same afflicts operativeness, five minutes after as it is unclear THAT three and from another cleanup huge cities, actively brigade operators with based ago common choices.Most They there, watched that whether?
08 :3 3 - in kadr the first together brigades, emerges another helicopter, he, too, is manoeuvring, and pilot of our helicopters until now not understands, that it is time would already find another point shootings.
08 :4 3 - operator first inclusion makes kind of, that not sees, that towers have him were leaning over to the left.
08 :5 3 - the writing working DAHLER Reporting, hangs continually already more five minutes. This name of correspondent, have which increasingly nor as not end words. But so need. Deal in is, that have calligraphy there is crucial function, she's blocking floor Manhattan. For what? To no one could determine an overlay layer on budget and for months.
9 :2 0 - finally pilot the jury overshoot a bit, to to lift towers with West. Under this operator "loses" point center of gravity, but he not misses most important, "cell" cannot be guide to although towers, or although would to roofs other skyscrapers. Why? To cannot be was determine, involves forging, after all kind of Manhattan can be compare with real photo and determine involves forging.
In this moment on East, for magnificent skyscrapers should foil go Brooklyn, but his there there is no. Instead him us show the writing WORLD TRADE CENTER.
11 :1 0 - pilot brings helicopter on the previous place. Fly straight closer he so and not guessed.
11 :3 8 - ABC is preparing for main event action. To calligraphy WORLD TRADE CENTER is actually added even two calligraphy. Increasingly correctly, to point podlyota life more like that presented plane, the must be maximally loaded .
11 :4 2 - in spots goes the other Clown on the telephone, and in live sounds double BLEEP. Bip means synching on time between TV channels, leading "direct broadcast." In 9 :02: 59 in South tower should of hitting drawn Boeings.
Attention, 14-@-@ second dance willingness!

11 :5 5 - drawn Boeings, disappearing for North Tower, and in South.
All of this time helicopter, with the first together brigade, 'm hanging on perform well 300-350 meters (judging by street corner shootings). Have pilot, or iron nerves plus lack of fantasies, or he ausubt.
12 :3 0 - no one in helicopter not worries, that urgently need sack place clashes, helicopter remains where and was.
12 :4 2 - in kadr emerges swivelling helicopters, which is being shifted relatively video cameras on perform well and width. Is obtained, that video camera, all of this time, not was firm to the helicopter, and was flying separately. Relatively video cameras not move buildings, but is being shifted helicopter. I such already saw in "diamonds drawn", is called "combined shootings." Only there Mosckvitch not moved on a relatively movie gadgets, and here not is being shifted von.
In this moment ABC demonstrated around the world, that they have video camera with lens, which not yet elements of. Lens keeps managing be focusing on helicopter, to which on the idea of of on loan, and to neboskryobam, which like in the distance couple of-top three kilometers.
This moment "immediate for months banned foreigners and" should suggest the even the most, brain-, viewers, that on his the eyes of Sinhalese falsification with "in stolen by airplanes."

13 :0 7 - show picture brigades # 3. On it not arrived place fire in South tower. Through 9 seconds picture're cleaning up in, having understood its strategy. Its the quality of worse, than the broadcast outlets 50s past century. I shall remind, that have organizes brigades that can through satellite exits in direct spots, video technics only professional, and no other. In 2001, by the quality of pictures of the, she not been our modern pobutovim HD-548kg.

13 :1 6 - Translyatsiya continues. ABC demonstrates picture fourth its together groups. The again terrible quality and with its option colorize the background. On this time von with reddish tones of. Interestingly, that this is not otherwise, as kind of with Empeyr-State Plaza Hotel. This same matrix used other we have, two managed on this the form of to portray himself a skyscraper Esbjerg fB. , it's idiotic, in kadr a skyscraper, with which and produced advertizing. This same matrix another Belsoyuzdruk rock to create illusion, that video based with helicopters.
14 :2 6 - helicopter with the first brigade, get back a little gave on North, now can be to lift a small cube South towers. When the emerges on the screen, it gives large plan fire in South tower. Not despite major bringing, the more stable, than then, when approximation there is no. In real life is happening quite the contrary, this laws physics, not function stabilization.
In this moment ABC could show already our picture, but she still incredibly kind of cloudy, land for towers virtually not in sight, and vertolyotchik still stand examples perform well in 350 meters.
14 :5 3 - in kadr again emerges helicopter, which not of on loan to super 8 camera. The whether through, then whether as, but heavy towers under this, remains stable. ABC even times decided confirm, that is faring direct dulloid, not live broadcast.
15 :2 1 enough .

The findings of this:
1) Direct live broadcast Immediately this fabrication.
2) Wu Immediately and have performers terrorist, ONE the customer.

Photograph for those who likes American television for the quality of're a weird guy, system colouring NTSC.
new York not may look vzaimodeystvii, even at night,
Even on amateur photo camera type "Junior."

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Time: 5 :3 8 - so much fake-ass helicopter.



In illusions, that us have shown under the guise of "direct even when the" used primitive an overlay layers, which now available even children.
Think that ABC not has to this no relations, they simply solution picture and are espoused by seasoned on instructions.



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